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Oh gosh, I can’t believe this is actually happening. I mean… HOLY SHIT. What was once an idea I toyed with over a year ago (and was pestered about for a LONG time before that) is now a reality. The third site in the Mark Does Stuff Internet empire is here:


Like my other sites, I will be playing games and chronicling my totally unprepared journey through them. This site will NOT be confined to just video games, either; I’ll also play board games, card games, tabletop games, and anything else playable. WHY NOT??? They’re still games, right???

As of today, I don’t quite know what the first full game/series is that I’ll be tackling first, especially since I have so many to choose from. (I do actually know what the first review will be about, and it is goddamn ridiculous, and I can’t not do it because it’s such an amazing idea.) I have already set up my Suggestions page so that y’all can suggest/pitch games to me, as well as check out what I’ve already agreed to play and what I’ve played before. Oh gosh, THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT.

In case you’re new to my site and never been to Mark Reads or Mark Watches, please read the Site Rules/Spoiler Policy and the FAQ before you comment, tweet me, email me, or send me an Ask on Tumblr. READ IT READ IT READ IT. I try to have a more civil and safe space than most sites, so my rules are more strict than you’re probably used to.

A little bit about the format and logistics of Mark Plays! Unlike a book or a television show, games are not always easily split up for posts. Because of this, I will be using the Master Schedule RIGOROUSLY to denote how my posts will be split up, especially since there will be games I play where I will manually have to decide what to cover. All posts for this site will go up at 10:00am PST/PDT!

I plan on making these reviews more media-heavy than anything before. Lots of images, screenshots, videos, etc. I will do my best to make sure that they are all accessible, including captions for the images so screenreaders can read them for those who are sight-impaired and blind. Additionally, I’m hoping to use a new service in the coming weeks that will provide an audio file/podcast style audio clip that reads EVERY review for those who need help. If you have any suggestions for programs or apps to help me record games on my PS3, Steam on my Mac, my iPhone, etc., please let me know!

I will launch this site within the next week or so; until then, posts will be sporadic until I get logistics set up on my end, choose the first game to do, and determine how posts formats are going to work. I have a lot of ideas, but I imagine things might be a little chaotic the first couple weeks until I figure things out. But I promise to keep y’all updated on what’s going on!

Once I announce my first game, anyone want to make a banner? I am shit at design.

I’m very excited to do this. I know I’m going to have a blast, and I hope you do, too. Let others know as well so that we can start this with a bang. I hope to have my first review completed MONDAY MORNING. oh my god THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING.

Thank you for supporting me all this time. Thank you to rickdakurb on Tumblr, whose Ask inspired me to buy this domain and set this all up. I hope the future of Mark Does Stuff brings joy and insight to many of you, and rockets me to superstardom so I can sell out and betray all of you in my mansion while I’m filthy rich. MUAHAHAHA THIS IS MY TRUE PLAN.

Seriously, though, y’all mean the world to me. Let’s do this.

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