Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 2

In the second hour of Dragon Age: Origins, I avenge people, and then I explore, and then Alastair gets sassy with me. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to play Dragon Age: Origins.

Hour Two

YEAH, THIS IS REALLY GREAT. And it’s not as hard as I thought it would be! Yet, that is.

My only complaint at this point is that my limited battle options are really, really frustrating. I can stun someone, then hope I get enough ahead of their attacks that I kill them first. To my advantage, I’m big on constantly checking every chest in every room to get items, so I managed to have enough health potion thingies to survive the attacks on Vaughn’s guards. (I promise I’ll learn the correct names of things, I swear.) I absolutely do not understand how to block anything yet, and I don’t even know if it’s possible. I give ONE OF YOU permission to spoil that for me. Please don’t repeat the answer 40 thousand times in the comments, haha.

I’ll talk more about the gameplay once I get to the part about Ostagar. The first half hour of my gameplay or so involved my escape from Vaughn’s men. It took me two deaths to figure out a better technique of attacking groups of enemies. I’ve noticed that this isn’t like most fighting games I’ve played. You can’t just run into a group and hack people to pieces. You’ve got to develop a strategy to it and utilize your companion as best as you can. I found that drawing away one or two men from Solis made it easy for the two of us to survive each onslaught, and I generally would stun one of them and focus on that guy immediately. Is there a technique to not missing? It seems totally random. Actually, I bet it’s related to one of the skills, and I just need to level up faster.

I keep finding random shit in this game that makes me laugh. First of all, THERE’S A CONVERSATION HISTORY IN THE SELECT MENU. Why didn’t I know about this? That’s so helpful! Am I destined to discover things by accident all of the time? Then I had to kill a war dog, and that might have been really sad, but he kind of looked like a shrunken polar bear, so I just laughed while I stabbed him with my broadsword. That probably makes me sound like a terrible person. It’s a game NO JUDGING ALLOWED.

I do wish that these enemies would drop more weapons. I need some badass shit, okay? Still, I’m picking up everything I can find. I don’t know what 90% of it does, but I’m working under the assumption that it will all become useful later. So I just set out to murder as many bigots as possible, which included brutally slaying Vaughn himself after consistently teasing him about everything he said. I don’t know if choosing to make Roslin sassy as fuck will affect her story, but everyone seems to want to fight her within sixty seconds of meeting her, so I’m going to assume this is a good path. I was a bit disappointed that leveling up to level 3 did not give me any skill points to spend, but maybe it’s only every other level that you get something.

After rescuing everyone and heading back to the Alienage, it’s clear that what I’ve done has had far-reaching implications for my village, considering that a bunch of human guards come to town immediately. I, of course, admitted to being the one who killed all their faves, and I do not regret it. They’re misogynist rapists, and I’d do it again! And drink their blood! LET ME BE A VAMPIRE. Oh wait, this isn’t Skyrim. Oh shit, I can’t wait to actually play that game through for the first time I WANT TO BE A GODDAMN WEREWOLF.

Anyway, that beautiful hunk of a man Duncan saves me from imminent death by conscripting me into the Grey Wardens. I love that as soon as this happens and I’m supposed to go say goodbye to everyone, the entire Alienage just starts telling me what an awesome thing this is for my life as I pass by them. I like that the random people in this city can talk to me and say shit, and it made me laugh that they universally supported me. You’re damn right this is going to be awesome!

Also, one of the human guards started to say, “Son of a tied down–” AND THEN NEVER FINISHED. What the hell is that phrase???

OSTAGAR IS PRETTY AWESOME, Y’ALL. This giant stone fortress is where I did some choice exploration after Duncan told me my ultimate goal is to speak with Alastair. I’m glad I chose the Rogue class because that allows me to persuade people really easily. I got the king’s guard to talk some major shit on King Cailan, who is overconfident and will be annihilated by the darkspawn in the next hour of the game. That’s my prediction. There’s no way he’s going to survive! But I think my favorite part about exploring Ostagar was engaging in conversations that continued to build this fictional world for me. It’s no surprise that I’m a big fan of worldbuilding, and I figured out a lot of stuff about Ostagar from the people around the camp.

  • The Tranquil are HORRIFYING. I found one of them immediately (after trying to break into his chest WHOOPS), and learned that they are STRIPPED OF EMOTIONS AND TALENT TO AVOID BEING POSSESSED AND USED AS A WEAPON. Are you shitting me??? Yeah, I DON’T WANT TO HANG OUT WITH THEM. Wait, give me your power to turn objects into money, but otherwise, STAY AWAY FROM ME.
  • The blood of the darkspawn is poisonous. That’s… that’s bad, right? Like, how am I supposed to kill them if I can’t get their blood on me? Or perhaps I can’t ingest it. Oh, well. There go my fantasies of wanting to be a vampire against bigotry.
  • THE PRISONER WHO POOPED A KEY IS MY FAVORITE! I immediately set out to get him food, and I cannot wait to find the wizard’s chest and get the GOOD SHIT.
  • Duncan does not have a lot of confidence in King Cailan. At all. Cailan is dead soon, I KNOW IT.

And then there’s Alastair, who out-sassed Roslin in thirty seconds. Bravo, sir, we are going to be good friends. So he’s a mage-hunter? This is very fascinating. I don’t quite understand the Chantry yet, but I get the sense that they’re a church or a religious organization of some sort. I think? Oh god, I don’t get it yet. But my hour ended right when I was supposed to go somewhere with him. I am SO EXCITED to see where this is going. GONNA GO SEE DUNCAN AND THEN FUCK SHIT UP.

My Character Stats

Strength: 11
Dexterity: 17
Willpower: 14
Magic: 13
Cunning: 16
Constitution: 11

Heroic Stats

Kills: 21
Damage dealt: 2100
Friendly-fire damage dealt: 0
Greatest damage dealt: 18
Contribution to party damage: 100
Hit rate: 79
Most powerful foe slain: Bodyguard
Injuries: 0


1:36:26 – Achievement – Conscripted
1:36:58 – On King Cailan of Ferelden
1:36:58 – Loghain was born a farmer
1:36:58 – On Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir.
1:56:53 – On Alistair


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152 Responses to Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 2

  1. snapsnzips says:

    I have played almost exclusively dual wielding rogues in this game because I think they are the most fun. Most types get skill points after every 3 levels. Because, as a rogue, there are so many things you need to do, you get skill points after every other level.

    And yes, you are doomed to find things out by accident unless you let us tell you stuff. Let me start:
    The tab key highlights all actionable items in a room.
    F5 is your quick save. I didn't know I had one of those for the first week I played the game.
    I have also used the lure one or two bad guys away from the group and run away to kill them. It's nice when you're figuring out how to most effectively kill stuff.
    As a rogue, learn to use your sneaky stuff.

    It's possible that Alastair alone caused me to come back to the game over and over because he is just that awesome.

    • megotelek says:

      The tab key highlights all actionable items in a room.
      F5 is your quick save.

      <img src="; width="400" />

    • misterbernie says:

      I think I play Dragon Age with one finger permanently on NUM-0 (which is what I reassigned usable object highlighting to, I grew up on using arrow keys and just cannot with WASD).

      And yes, dual wielding rogues because DUAL WIELDING and PICKING LOCKS <3
      I hate lost forever chests

      • Plactus says:

        V ungr ybfg sberire purfgf

        V xabj. Vg gnxrf sne, sne gbb ybat gb trg fbzrbar jub pna cvpx ybpxf vs lbh'er abg n ebthr. Rira gur erqfuveg ebthr jub qvrf qhevat gur Wbvavat qbrfa'g unir ybpxcvpxvat*, naq gura qhevat gur gbjre lbh trg… gjb rkgen jneevbef**? Pbhagvat Nyvfgnve, guerr jneevbef? Frevbhfyl?

        Rira vs Yryvnan jrera'g n frkl erqurnq oneq, fur'q fgvyy cebonoyl or zl snibevgr punenpgre gb trg orpnhfr svanyyl V pna cvpx ybpxf naq bcra purfgf.

        * Hayrff lbh unir gur enira erfcrp zbq.
        ** Be n jneevbe naq n zntr vs lbh'er n jneevbe. Fgvyy, ab ebthr.

    • Drugar says:

      Basic rogue tip that'll help you oodles (though you may have figured it already)

      Attack from behind. The back part of the circle under an enemy is his 'backside' where he can't block/dodge/parry and you have a greater chance of critting. Make good use of this (and a certain talent related to it) and your rogueing will be a lot easier.

      More general tips (no spoilers included but still Rott13'd in case you want to find out some more advanced rogue stuff on your own):
      -Lbhe phaavat nssrpgf lbhe ybpxcvpxvat fxvyy. Jvgu gur Yrgunyvgl fxvyy ercynpvat Fgeratgu jvgu Phaavat, lbh fubhyq cebonoyl obbfg lbhe phaavat ol gur ohpxrgybnq. Lbh gura bayl arrq gb vairfg 1-2 cbvagf va Ybpxcvpxvat gb bcra rirel ybpx va gur tnzr. Phaavat nyfb vzcebirf lbhe Crefhnfvba (jurer Fgeratgu vzcebirf Vagvzvqngr).
      -Cbvfba trarenyyl ynfgf bayl n zvahgr ohg nccyvrf va n frpbaq naq rfcrpvnyyl gur fgha cbvfbaf pna znxr be oernx n svtug, pbafvqrevat lbh nggnpx irel snfg (naq guhf nccyl vg zber bsgra) fb unir fbzrbar vairfg fbzr cbvagf va cbvfbaznxvat.
      -Gur yrff nezbhe lbh jrne, gur zber rarzvrf jvyy vtaber lbh. Vg qbrfa'g znxr frafr ybtvpyl, ohg gung'f ubj gur tnzr jbexf. Urnivre nezbhe nyfb znxrf lbhe novyvgvrf pbfg zber fgnzvan. Fgvpx gb yrnguref.
      -Yvpx Nyvfgnvef rneybor sbe zr. Frkl punagel onfgneq. *pbhtu*

  2. Lrnu fgvyy fgvpxvat jvgu Znex ebznapvat Nyvfgnve uru.

    So King Cailan is so frustrating. What is with foolhardy good guys? It's ok to be confident but be somewhat realistic. And listen to Duncan. ALWAYS.

    So not much else to say at this point except ALISTAIR!

    • Andie says:

      Lrnu fgvyy fgvpxvat jvgu Znex ebznapvat Nyvfgnve uru.

      To be honest, I sort of assumed this would happen too. How can it NOT?

      • misterbernie says:

        I wouldn't be surprised. Uryy, vg gbbx zr hagvy zl sbhegu be fb cynlguebhtu gb ABG ebznapr Nyvfgnve.

        • Andie says:

          Ubarfgyl, vg'f tbggra gb gur cbvag jurer vs V jnag gb qb n cynlguebhtu jurer V qba'g ebznapr Nyvfgnve, V UNIR gb cynl nf n znyr.

          • misterbernie says:

            Znlor V fubhyq cynl nf n thl naq havafgnyy gur Rdhny Ybir zbq, znlor gung'q znxr vg rnfvre… be raq hc jvgu n pryvongr Ureb bs Sreryqra >_>

  3. misterbernie says:

    How to block shit spoiler: as a rogue, you can't. Your dexterity stat determines your chance to evade hits, plus any talents that add a defense bonus.
    (Warriors can specialise in Weapon and Shield, which also ups your defense and so simulates blocking, but as a rogue you rely on dexterity and I-don't-know-offhand-but-I-think-some-specialisations-add-defense-bonuses. Both Dual Weapons or Archery have a talent that adds a defense bonus, so drop the shield and either get a bow or a dagger for your off-hand.)

    How to hit shit spoiler: again, dexterity determines your chance to hit. So you need to level your stats, and again, also spend talent points as you get them.

  4. BornIn1142 says:

    According to the game's head writer, Alastair's character was inspired by Xander Harris and Malcolm Reynolds. I can definitely see the former, but not so much the latter. His style of quipping is very similar to Xander's.

    Also, the creators of this game apparently don't know what a "poultice" is…

  5. megotelek says:

    First Time Playthrough

    I love Alastair, he's so snarky. I can't help it, I have a thing for the snark. Since this is a Bioware game, I assume there are romance options? So calling dibs on Alastair if so. So I started over yesterday and made a female human mage. Here's Desdemona:

    <img src="; />

    I'm loving her SO MUCH MORE than my warrior elf. The mage origin is definitely interesting, took longer than I thought it would, and had multiple storylines!.

    [Mage origin story spoilers] Gur Snqr vf gehyl perrcl, ohg vg tnvaf 100000 cbvagf ol yrggvat zr npghnyyl cynl gur evqqyr tnzr jvgu gur Fybgu Qrzba. EVQQYRF SGJ! Naq nf fbba nf "Zbhfr" fnvq ur whfg arrqrq n "yvggyr sbbgubyq", V jnf yvxr V NZ BA GB LBHE GEVPXF ZVFGRE. Wbjna vf nqbenoyr (ng svefg), gur Genadhvy ernyyl ner UBEEVSLVAT (bzt Bjnva), naq gur jubyr gvzr jr jrer oernxvat vagb gur ercbfvgbel V jnf rkcrpgvat fbzrguvat ubeevoyr gb unccra. Nyfb, V unir arire whzcrq fb uvtu nf jura V jnf pyrnevat bhg gur fcvqref sbe gur fravbe rapunagre naq bar nccrnerq EVTUG BIRE ZL URNQ NAQ UVFFRQ. AB. ABG BXNL.

    [Grey Warden storyline spoilers through Erqpyvssr Pnfgyr] V unq tbggra gb gur cneg jurer lbh svaq Wbjna va Erqpyvssr Pnfgyr ba zl jneevbe, fb V nyernql xarj ur jnf n oybbq zntr, ohg V jnf cynlvat zl punenpgre nf n erfgyrff svtugvat-nhgubevgl fbeg, fb V yvxrq gur pbafcvenpl gb qrfgebl uvf culynpgrel. V whfg pna'g trg rabhtu bs ubj V pna fgnaq onpx naq serrmr naq mnc naq ohea rirelguvat juvyr zl jneevbe cnyf tb va naq fbnx hc gur zryrr. Vg'f fb irel irel njrfbzr.

    Moral of the story for me: always be a caster. ALWAYS. 100% better play experience for me.

    • I'm trying to decide whether I'm doing Rogue or Mage next play through. It's such a struggle but I'm leaning Mage.

    • »Paula« says:

      I think mages are good for first time players… you can always do ranged attacks and don't get surrounded by evil people that want to kill you so quickly. Also, magic in general! <3

      • megotelek says:

        Yeah, I really don't know what I was thinking with my first pick. I always play crowd-control/ranged characters. When I briefly played WoW I played hunters and warlocks, I played controllers and masterminds in City of Heroes nearly exclusively, and my favorite SWTOR character is my smuggler.

        Edited: it really helped when I started thinking of my companions/party members as controllable pets. There may also have been evil laughter.

        • misterbernie says:

          I gotta admit I got a bit bored of masterminds in CoH. Just standing back and sipping tea while letting my minions kill everything for me… though it was fun coming up with themed names for them.

          Then again, I started with a scrapper and my second 50 was a dual wiedling tank (I LIKE STABBY POINTY THINGS), which made gameplay hilarious when I made a corrupter and my friend kept telling me to stand back and not die so goddamn much (sorry but my big endurance depleting attack was point blank range I NEED TO GET INTO THE MIDDLE OF THINGS).

          …oh yeah, I have CoX feelings, too.

          • megotelek says:

            That's why I always picked active secondaries with my masterminds. (Traps! Traaaaps.) I will admit to liking my widow, but that's cuz she was scrappery but had all sorts of buff/debuff/crowd control going on. And dual builds!

            My all time favorite, though, was Flora Fatale, my plant/kin controller. Fulcrum Shift + Carrion Creepers = <3.

            I really really hope the efforts to either save the game or get NCSoft to sell the IP are successful, because that was my first MMO and I would hate to see it go away forever!

          • misterbernie says:

            My favourite part was RPing my toons with a good friend with whom I used to play a lot (I haven't in over a year :/) … I was actually good at actual RPing bastards there. Led to some interesting RP clashes between my Mad Scientist corrupter and his antiheroic brute boyfriend over, uh, scientific ethics. I also had a particular fondness for Rouge Angle, daughter of bad spellers and satanists, even though I didn't do much with her. BUT THE CONCEPT

            Also dammit what? I haven't kept up with news since I stopped playing, but I wouldn't want that either D:

          • megotelek says:

            Yeah, apparently there was an out of the blue announcement that it would be shut down as of November 30 this year, all of Paragon Studios was laid off, and it just made no sense at all. The game was still profitable, etc.

            Here's a good roundup of what's happening:,134

            Mercedes Lackey (who has played for years) actually wrote NCSoft a letter offering to do free publicity for all NCSoft games for 5-10 years FOR FREE if they would just not shut down CoX.

            Here's the petition (with over 20k signatures so far):

          • misterbernie says:

            o_o the hell


      • cat says:

        God I love mage ranged attacks. I know it's not the most efficient way to play, but there's something so deeply satisfying about bottlenecking your enemies through a doorway and just dropping a fireball on them.

        • »Paula« says:

          Haha, yes! This is totally what I do… or I freeze them next door and just watch as their health drops. To bad you can't be rogue AND mage… I'd totally use invisibility ALL THE TIME! xD

        • megotelek says:

          I am having WAY too much fun with the fire cone attack. I got into trouble though, once I realized it would also set my party members on fire. WHOOPS. Also (since I had just torched my tank), RUN AWAY.

          Lightning is a close runner up though. ZAP! Love it.

          • Animaniac says:

            I know what you mean. Over like 12 characters, I have a total 'Friendly Fire Damage' of 2798 hp
            My single mage (my main) owns 2739 of that… Sorry guys!

  6. accidentalbeard says:

    Alistair is a pretty fantastic sassy-pants for sure! =D

    I think other people have mentioned this, but while you get a decent amount of information about the Chantry from in-game conversations, eventually you'll unlock a LOT of detail in your codex, if you want to know more.

    And yes, you only get a skill point every other level. Warriors and mages get one every three, which I forgot before starting this mage playthrough… I felt like my skills were coming too slowly, and now that I double-checked I know why!

  7. Andie says:

    Be creuncf V pna’g vatrfg vg.

    omfg the nuns

  8. knut_knut says:

    he kind of looked like a shrunken polar bear, so I just laughed while I stabbed him with my broadsword

    (the image of you laughing while stabbing baby polar bears is kind of ridiculous)

    • »Paula« says:

      Jbj, V svefg gubhtug ur unq fgnoorq GUR jneqbt naq jnf srryvat fb onq sbe Znex univat zvffrq n terng pbzcnavba (bx, rfcrpvnyyl terng fvapr gurer'f n zbq gung yrg'f lbh nyjnlf gnxr qbt jvgu lbh nf n svsgu'f zrzore)… ohg gura V unccvyl ernyvfrq gung ur unqa'g cebterffrq gung sne lrg.

      V whfg ubcr ur'yy uryc qbt naq abg xvyy uvz bss gbb!

    • monkeybutter says:

      This is shocking. hdu Mark.

  9. Andie says:

    Also, I’m going to go ahead and take this opportunity to let all of you know that Alistair is the love of my life, and I will fight you for him.

    “keep calm” meme for Alistair

  10. Tahaneira says:

    (Mod note: character spoilers) BU NYVFGNVE. Qba’g jbeel, Znex, lbh unir bayl whfg ortha gb gnc vagb uvf jbaqreshyyl qrrc jryy bs fanex naq fnepnfz. Ur’f cebonoyl gur zbfg fnepnfgvp cnegl zrzore va gur tnzr, sbyybjrq by Fgra naq Zbeevtna. Ohg fanex vfa’g uvf bayl punenpgre genvg; ur unf na npghny crefbanyvgl naq vffhrf, engure guna oyvaqyl lhxxvat uvf jnl guebhtu yvsr jvgubhg n pner va gur jbeyq rkprcg sbe jung uvf arkg wbxr jvyy or. Tbq V ybir OvbJner’f jevgvat.

    And since the rest of this post concerns future stuff:

    V jbaqre vs ur gnyxrq gb Jlaar? V guvax fur’f gur bar jub svefg ynlf bhg gur angher bs gur Snqr naq vgf eryngvba gb zntvp. V pna’g jnvg gb frr uvf ernpgvba bapr ur svaqf bhg gung crbcyr va guvf havirefr qba’g unir qernzf. Jryy, gurer’f gur Terl Jneqraf’ ivfvbaf, ohg V guvax gubfr ner zber yvxr fyrrcvat unyyhpvangvbaf guna npghny qernzf.

    Nyfb, V jbaqre ubj ybat vg jvyy gnxr uvz gb svther bhg gur gnpgvpf flfgrz. Vg znqr zl yvsr fb zhpu rnfvre jura V svtherq vg bhg.

    Naq abj, sbe gur shgher vzcyvpngvbaf ernpgvba gvzr.

    Bu Tbq, ercrephffvbaf sbe gur Qrarevz Nyvrantr.

    Bu Tbq, Bfgntne.

    Bu Tbq, Pnvyna!



  11. Sybylla says:

    Someone in the comments yesterday mentioned meeting David Gaider. I am incredibly envious, because I've considered the man a poster child for "getting it right" ever since I read his smackdown of majority privilege and entitlement in the BioWare forums.

    This has the mildest of expectation spoilers for DA2 gameplay; I've rot13ed it to be on the safe side, but I'm not sure it was necessary.

    Someone in the forums was repeatedly complaining that the ebznapr bcgvbaf jrer abg qrfvenoyr gb gur "fgenvtug znyr tnzre," jub guvf zna pynvzrq znqr hc gur infg znwbevgl bs tnzref. Tnvqre'f erfcbafr jnf (zbfgyl) n guvat bs ornhgl. V'ir rkprecgrq sebz vg urer:

    "Gur ebznaprf va gur tnzr ner abg sbe 'gur fgenvtug znyr tnzre'. Gurl'er sbe rirelbar. Jr unir n ybg bs snaf, znal bs jubz ner arvgure fgenvtug abe znyr, naq gurl qrfreir ab yrff nggragvba. Jr unir tbbq ahzoref, nsgre nyy, ba gur ahzore bs crbcyr jub npghnyyl hfrq fvzvyne fbegf bs pbagrag va QNB naq guhf qba'g arrq gb erfbeg gb narpqbgny rivqrapr gb fhccbeg bhe vqrn gung gurve ahzoref ner abg vafvtavsvpnag… naq gung'f vtabevat gur vqrn gung gurl qba'g unir whfg nf zhpu evtug gb cynl gur xvaq bs tnzr gurl jvfu nf nalbar ryfr. Gur 'evtugf' bs nalbar jvgu ertneqf gb n tnzr ner zhexl ng orfg, ohg nalbar jub gnxrf gung fgnapr zhfg nccyl vg rdhnyyl gb obgu gur zvabevgl nf jryy nf gur znwbevgl. Gur znwbevgl unf ab vaurerag 'evtug' gb trg zber bcgvbaf guna nalbar ryfr.

    "Zber guna gung, V jbhyq dhrfgvba nalbar qrpvqvat gurl fcrnx sbe 'gur fgenvtug znyr tnzre' whfg nf zhpu nf fbzrbar pynvzvat gurl fcrnx sbe 'nyy ECT snaf', 'nyy srznyr snaf' be rira 'nyy tnl snaf'. Lbh qba'g. Vs lbh jvfu gb rkcerff lbhe crefbany qrfverf, gura qb fb. V unir ab qbhog gung nal bcvavba rkcerffrq ba gurfr sbehzf vf funerq ol znal bguref, ohg fvapr abar bs gurz unir ryrpgrq n fcbxrfcrefba lbh'er orggre bss abg gelvat gb or bar. Vs lbhe nggrzcg vf gb pbaivapr OvbJner qrirybcref, V pna gryy lbh gung lbh qb va snpg znxr lbhe bcvavba yrff pbaivapvat ol qbvat fb.

    "Naq vs gurer vf nal qbhog jul fhpu na bcvavba zvtug or zrg jvgu ubfgvyvgl, vg unf gb qb jvgu cevivyrtr. Lbh pna jevgr vg bss nf 'cbyvgvpny pbeerpgarff' vs lbh jvfu, ohg gur gehgu vf gung cevivyrtr nyjnlf yvrf jvgu gur znwbevgl. Gurl'er fb hfrq gb orvat pngrerq gb gung gurl frr gur ynpx bs pngrevat nf na vzonynapr. Gurl qba'g frr nalguvat jebat jvgu univat guvatf frg hc gb fhvg gurz, jung'f rirelbar'f shff nyy nobhg? Gung'f gur jnl vg fubhyq or, nal rirelbar ryfr fubhyq or hfrq gb abg trggvat jung gurl jnag."

    • misterbernie says:

      That is a thing of beauty. I think I've read it some time ago, but it's awesome seeing it again.

      (Mass Effect meta-spoiler) Naq gur jevgref trarenyyl frrzvat gb /trg/ vg zber vf bar bs gur ernfbaf jul gelvat Qentba Ntr gbbx cerprqrapr bire Znff Rssrpg.

      • Peter says:

        That is such an awesome response!

        re Mass Effect meta-spoiler – whfg phevbhf zvfgreoreavr, jura lbh fnvq "gelvat" Qentba Ntr orsber Znff Rssrpg, jrer lbh ersreevat gb lbh, be gb Znex? Nyfb, V gbgnyyl nterr. V qba'g guvax Znff Rssrpg snvyf gb nqqerff cevivyrtr (gurer'f npghnyyl na vagrerfgvat negvpyr fbzrjurer nobhg gung juvpu V jvyy svaq naq cbfg jura Znex cynlf Znff Rssrpg), ohg vg pregnvayl qbrfa'g qb vg va gur jnl Qentba Ntr qbrf – naq V'z whfg fgnegvat QN:B!

        • misterbernie says:

          Bu, V jnf ersreevat gb zlfrys. Onfvpnyyl, V ernq gur Tnl Bcgvba cntr ba GIGebcrf bar qnl naq fnj obgu Znff Rssrpg naq Qentba Ntr zragvbarq; jura shegure vairfgvtngvba jvryqrq gur "jr qba'g frr Furcneq nf znyr naq tnl" erfcbafr sebz gur jevgref (jura V nyfb xarj gung lbh pbhyq, l'xabj, cvpx Furcneq'f cnfg naq qrpvqr ba uvf crefbanyvgl naq fhpu) V cnffrq vg bire va snibhe bs gelvat QN. Naq gura sryy va ybir jvgu vg.
          V qvq yngre ba gel ZR, ohg V jnfa'g zhpu bs n sna bs gur tnzrcynl (fbeel, ab fubbgref sbe zr) naq vg jnf uryyn ohttl, fb V fgvyy unira'g svavfurq vg.

          • BornIn1142 says:

            I hope you know that Furcneq pna or znyr naq tnl va gur guveq tnzr…

          • misterbernie says:

            Yep, I do. Qbrfa'g punatr gur snpg gung lbh pbhyqa'g va gur svefg gjb, naq gung gjb tnl ebznaprf tbg npghnyyl fgnegrq ohg gura erzbirq sebz ZR1.

      • Sybylla says:

        Tbq, lrf! QN:B jnf gur svefg OvbJner tnzr V'q cynlrq fvapr AJA, naq V jnf bire gur zbba jvgu ubj *tbbq* vg jnf ng fbpvny pevgvpvfz naq vapyhfvivgl. V jnf tvivat gur pbzcnal nyy xvaqf bs perqvg…naq gura V cynlrq ZR2 naq tbg n gnoyr qnapr sebz na nfnev. (Cyhf gurer jnf Zvenaqn'f naq Wnpx'f pbfghzrf, rgp.) Vg'f fvyyl, ohg V sryg fb *orgenlrq*.

        • Peter says:

          Lbh'er fb evtug. Nf bs evtug abj, gur Znff Rssrpg gevybtl nf n jubyr vf fgvyy zl snibevgr tnzvat rkcrevrapr, ohg gung znl punatr jura V svavfu QN:B, Njnxravat, naq QN:2. Znff Rssrpg unq fb zhpu cbgragvny gung jnf whfg fnpevsvprq va ZR2 naq ZR3.

          Naq V'z npghnyyl ABG n Znff Rssrpg 3 ungr gebyy, ohg vg fnqqraf zr gb frr jurer gur frevrf jrag nfgenl ba fbpvny vffhrf.

          • BornIn1142 says:

            Jryy… Gung zvtug nyfb abg punatr jura lbh svavfu Qentba Ntr 2.

            Jung fbpvny vffhrf rknpgyl qb lbh srry Znff Rssrpg jrag nfgenl jvgu? V xabj lbh pna'g or ersreevat gb n srj nff-fubgf naq evqvphybhf gvgvyngvat bhgsvgf. Gurfr ner naablnaprf gung qrfreir gb or nqqerffrq naq pevgvpvmrq, ohg gurl'er uneqyl zber guna avgcvpxf va gur tenaq fpurzr bs guvatf, naq V qba'g frr ubj gur frevrf'f gerngzrag bs srznyr punenpgref pbhyq or jevggra bss onfrq ba whfg gung.

          • Peter says:

            I apologize in advance for the rant :D!

            (Mass Effect spoilers, general and specific!)
            V jnfa'g ernyyl gnyxvat nobhg traqre vffhrf, rira gubhtu gung'f jurer guvf guernq fgnegrq (fb gung'f zl snhyg – V fubhyq'ir znqr vg pyrnere V jnfa'g gnyxvat whfg nobhg jbzra va Znff Rssrpg). Naq vg qvqa'g arprffnevyl tb "nfgenl," ohg vg qvq snvy gb rkcyber shyy cbgragvny.

            Zbfgyl V'z gnyxvat nobhg cevivyrtr naq gur uvrenepul bs enprf. V srry gung gur pbzcyrkvgl bs gur Znff Rssrpg havirefr jnf erqhprq bire gvzr. Yvxr V fnvq, V npghnyyl qba'g ungr gur raqvat be gur cybg bs Znff Rssrpg 3, ohg V qb unir ybgf bs avgcvpxf gung jura gnxra gbtrgure ernyyl qb obgure zr. Fcrpvsvpnyyl, gur fgeratgu bs gur uhznaf nf pbzcnerq gb bgure enprf yvxr gur ghevnaf va gur jne nffrg oernxqbja. Gur uhzna punenpgref pbafvfgragyl pynvz Rnegu jnf uneqre uvg guna Cnynira be nal bgure jbeyq rkprcg gur Ongnevnaf' cynargf, naq V fnirq gur Qrfgval Nfprafvba va ZR1, ohg zl Nyyvnapr jne nffrgf (V guvax) qbhoyrq zl ghevna nffrgf. V xabj guvf vf n avgcvpx, ohg gur snpg vf, uhzna fgeratgu pnzr sebz abjurer. Gurl jrera'g guvf fgebat vf Znff Rssrpg, naq gurl tbg jrnxre (va zl irefvba) nsgre gur raqvat bs gur svefg tnzr. Ohg fbzrubj gurl orpnzr gur cerrzvarag enpr, whfg yvxr gurl ner va Fgne Jnef, va Fgne Gerx, naq bgure jryy-rfgnoyvfurq fpv-sv traerf. Gur rkgraqrq phg znxrf vg pyrne gung sbe Pbageby naq Qrfgehpgvba, gur arj fgnghf dhb unf uhznaf ba gbc. Gur bayl rkcynangvba vf gung "uhznaf ner fcrpvny."

            JUL? Jul qb gur uhznaf unir gb or ba gbc, be fcrpvny? Znff Rssrpg 1 frg hc fbzr cbgragvny gb rkcyber cevivyrtr va gur pbagrkg bs uhznaf orvat bccerffrq ol bgure enprf yvxr gur ghevnaf, be rira gur nfnev, ohg vg fuvrq njnl sebz gung, rira jvguva gur raq bs gur svefg tnzr, jura gur Nyyvnapr gevhzcunagyl fnirf gur qnl!!!

            Shegurezber, gur Znff Rssrpg pbqrk gryyf hf bs vagrafr vardhnyvgl ba Rnegu. Zbfg angvbaf gung jbhyq or pnyyrq qrirybcvat gbqnl fgvyy unir 20gu/rneyl 21fg praghel grpuabybtl va gur lrnef va juvpu Znff Rssrpg gnxrf cynpr. Guvf unq gur cbgragvny gb or rkcyberq – gb fubj ubj uhzna rkcnafvba vagb gur fgnef qbrfa'g arprffnevyl fbyir nyy bhe fbpvny ceboyrzf gur jnl vg qvq va Fgne Gerx, naq gung vardhnyvgl naq bccerffvba arrq gb or sbhtug pbafgnagyl. Vafgrnq vg jnf arire nqqerffrq. Jr ivfvgrq Ybaqba vafgrnq bs Yvzn (V'yy tvir gurz Inapbhire, orpnhfr gurl fnvq gurl jnagrq gb cnl gevohgr gb n Pnanqvna pvgl).

            V thrff V'z whfg gverq bs uhznaf (juvpu, yrg'f or erny, hfhnyyl zrnaf fgenvtug juvgr znyrf) orvat "cnentbaf." Fb V nyfb jnag gb cbvag bhg gung V'z abg onfuvat Znff Rssrpg – gur snpg gung gur cebgntbavfg pna or tnl, n jbzna, n crefba bs pbybe, be nyy guerr, vf njrfbzr, NAQ lbhe punenpgre pna or ercerurafvoyr vs lbh pubbfr, naq nyy punenpgref ner fb zhpu orggre jevggra guna gurl jbhyq or va nyzbfg nal bgure ivqrb tnzr – ohg V qb srry gung gurer jnf n ybg bs cbgragvny juvpu jnf arire rkcyberq.

            Znlor vg'f hasnve gb pevgvpvmr Znff Rssrpg sbe fbzrguvat vg pbhyq unir qbar ohg qvqa'g qb. Vg qvqa'g CEBZBGR bccerffvba – vg whfg snvyrq gb nqqerff gurfr vffhrf va nf zhpu qrcgu nf vg pbhyq. Ohg V qb unir gurfr gubhtugf abj. Naq gung'f npghnyyl n xrl cneg bs vg – V'ir bayl unq gurfr gubhtugf ABJ gung V'z cynlvat Qentba Ntr: Bevtvaf. V *abgvprq* gur ceboyrzf jvgu Znff Rssrpg lrnef ntb, ohg gurl qvqa'g ernyyl obgure zr gung zhpu hagvy V fnj gung gur fnzr pbzcnal (npghnyyl gur fnzr Rqzbagba fghqvb) unq qbar fb zhpu orggre ba gur gbcvp bs cevivyrtr va QN:B guna gurl unq jvgu Znff Rssrpg.

            Also this was the article that I mentioned earlier (which is very relevant to the comment I'm posting now). It should be taken with many grains of salt, but that's a discussion I hope to have during Mark Plays Mass Effect!

          • Sybylla says:

            General ME worldbuilding spoilers:

            Fcrnxvat sbe zlfrys, gur pbfghzvat vf zhpu zber gb zr guna n avgcvpx, naq vg qrfreirf abg gb or qvfzvffrq nf fhpu; vg vf cnaqrevat gb gur znyr tnmr. Gurer vf na vzcyvpvg nffhzcgvba nobhg jung cynlref jnag gb ybbx ng, naq gung pneevrf bire – va gur svefg gjb tnzrf, naljnl – gb gur ebznapr bcgvbaf. OebFurc pna bayl unir na bccbfvgr-frk ybir vagrerfg, juvyr SrzFurc pna nyfb trg vaibyirq jvgu Yvnen, jub vf grpuavpnyyl abg srznyr, ohg vf – yvxr nyy nfnev – ivfhnyyl pbqrq nf fhpu; pbzovarq jvgu gur gbgny nofrapr bs tnl punenpgref va gur svefg gjb tnzrf, gung ernqf abg nf n gbxra nggrzcg ng vapyhfvivgl, ohg nf vaqhytvat gur fgrerbglcvpny jngpu-gjb-tveyf-trggvat-vg-ba snagnfl, jvgubhg gur guerng bs vapyhqvat nal npghny yrfovnaf.

            Va nqqvgvba, lbh'ir tbg gur evqvphybhf frkhnyvmngvba bs gur nfnev nf n fcrpvrf, naq gur gbgny ynpx bs srznyrf va gur zbfg zvyvgnevfgvp fcrpvrf, gur ghevnaf, orpnhfr gur qrirybcref pbhyqa'g svther bhg ubj gb ercerfrag gurz jvgubhg fgvpxvat ba oernfgf – sbe n enpr onfrq ba *oveqf*, sbe tbqfnxrf. (Naq gung'f gnxra sebz na vagreivrj jvgu bar bs gur qrirybcref.)

          • accidentalbeard says:

            Nobhg srznyr ghevnaf: V yvxr gb vzntvar n fpranevb va juvpu Furcneq svanyyl nfxf Tneehf "jul unira'g V frra nal srznyr ghevnaf?" naq trgf n qrnqcna "V nz srznyr, qvqa'g lbh xabj?" be svaqf bhg gung unys gur ghevnaf fur'f frra unir orra srznyr, orpnhfr gur qvfgvapgvba vf va znaqvoyr natyrf be fhounezbavp cvgpu be fhogyrgvrf va snpvny znexvatf be fbzrguvat gung'f *pbzcyrgryl boivbhf* gb ghevnaf ohg uneq sbe uhznaf gb qrgrezvar. V guvax vg'f zl urnqpnaba gung cbbe boyvivbhf Furcneq vf fheebhaqrq ol srznyr ghevnaf naq whfg pna'g gryy.

          • Sybylla says:

            I like your headcanon!

          • accidentalbeard says:

            Thanks! =D
            I am more of a story-imaginer than a fic-writer, but I've gone over that hilariously awkward conversation enough times in my head that I should really try to write it out some time.

          • Peter says:

            General ME worldbuilding spoilers:
            ovbybtl areq urer: jbhyqa'g vg unir orra njrfbzr vs znyr ghevnaf unq orra rkgerzryl pbybeshy naq unq yvxr, qrpbengvir cyhzrf be fbzrguvat? Orpnhfr yvxr lbh fnvq, GURL'ER ONFRQ BA OVEQF! Vg jbhyq'ir orra n terng jnl gb qvfgvathvfu orgjrra znyrf naq srznyrf!

            Also, Sybylla, this!:

          • Sybylla says:

            That is a great link; thank you for sharing it. Also, I just want to tell you that I really liked your "rant" above. It brings out an aspect of the games that always struck me as unsatisfactory, but that I could never quite evoke on my own.

          • Sybylla says:

            :) Vg'f fnq gung vapyhqvat gur qvfpynvzre nobhg ZR3 vf arprffnel, ohg gur snaqbz ernyyl qvq eryrnfr gur
            Xenxra nobhg gubfr raqvatf, qvqa'g vg? V yvxrq gur ZR frevrf n ybg, ohg fubbgref ner qrsvavgryl bhgfvqr zl jurryubhfr, naq vg qvq jvaq hc oybjvat vg ba gur fbpvny nfcrpgf. QN2 jnf nyfb cerggl qvivfvir va gur snaqbz orpnhfr bs fbzr tnzrcynl ryrzragf, ohg vg ernyyl fuvarf va (zbfg bs) gung nern. (Npghnyyl, gur Obeqre Ubhfr oybt anzrq vg gurve tnzr bs gur lrne sbe gung ernfba.)

  12. »Paula« says:

    Wow, I don't think I got this far in just two hours! I think the mage origin is longer, but even my second playthrough with city elves took at least three hours before I came to Ostagar.

    Mark, didn't see it yet: which difficulty setting are you playing on? I took the easiest, as I don't really enjoy the fighting and am only interested in the storyline.

    Alistair I don't care about too much, but Duncan, awww, adore!!

    PS: This is puzzlestuecke who finally figured out how to stay logged in, yeah! :)

    • megotelek says:

      The mage origin story definitely feels longer to me, I mean you basically have two self-contained stories: Gur Uneebjvat, naq gura gur culynpgrel cneg. Cyhf lbh unir gb pyrne bhg gur fcvqref sbe gur fravbe rapunagre, naq gurer ner fb znal EBBZF va gur gbjre gb rkcyber.

      I know Mark didn't say we needed to rot13 origin stories, but this one in particular (because of Wbjna) feels like it should be spoilered. True?

    • Mark Does Stuff says:

      I am playing Normal difficulty!

  13. Passing by says:

    Mark, there's no reliable way to ensure you hitting an enemy/prevent them hitting you, aside form skill use. Dragon Age origins is very much a stat-based RPG: the succes of an action is determined by opposing stats and (hidden) dice rolls, but in a real-time frame, rather than turn-based. The trick to combat, as you said, is to use all your companions' abilities in the best possible way (also, ensure there's good synergy between your party members' abilities) to turn the fight in your favour. Other than that, the only way to hit more reliably, is to find ways to increase your attack rate.

    Also, companion spoilers: Zl snibhevgr cnegl ybnq-bhg jnf Zbeevtna, Funyr naq Nyvfgnve. V bapr fnj n cvrpr bs QN:B sna neg srnghevat gur guerr bs gurz. Vg jnf anzrq "Grnz Fnepnfz".

    • Grnz Fnepnfz :Q Fb gehr. Zl snibhevgr cnegl vf [jubrire V'z ebznapvat], [zl orfgrfg sevraq] [gur orfg fgngvfgvpny svg sbe zl pynff zvkrq jvgu gur bgure gjb]. Onfvpnyyl nal gvzr V cynl QN V gel gb unir 2 jneevbef (bar gnax, bar qcf) n ebthr (qcf naq purfg bcravat) naq n zntr (urnyvat) ohg gur bayl barf gung ner ernyyl arprffnel ner n gnax naq fbzrbar jub pna bcra purfgf. Ba zl srznyr Nvqhpna jneevbe guvf zrnag [Nyvfgnve], [Yvyvnan] & [Jlaar].

      [DA2 spoilers] Ba zl QN2 zntr guvf zrnag [Naqref], [Ineevp & Niryvar] (obgu zl orfgrfg sevraqf).

      • Passing by says:

        Zl cnegl npghnyyl unq n shaal yvggyr gnpgvp gb vg, gubhtu vg znl unir pnhfrq zr gb orpbzr fbzrjung gnpgvpnyyl fghagrq. Funyr jbhyq perngr na nern fybjvat rarzvrf, naq Zbeevtna jbhyq cynpr n yvtugavat fgbez bire vg, gb pbagvahbhfyl qnzntr nccebnpuvat sbrf, hfvat obggyrarpxf va gur raivebazrag gb shaary gur rarzvrf guebhtu gung nern. Nsgre gung, vf jnf whfg n pnfr bs gelvat gb qvfu bhg nf zhpu qnzntr nf cbffvoyr. Zl punenpgre jnf n qhny-jvryqvat ebthr, jvgu Nyvfgnve nf uvf synaxvat ohqql.

        Bs pbhefr, ng gvzrf V jnf hanoyr gb hfr guvf gnpgvp, V tbg nofbyhgryl fynhtugrerq.

        • Gung fbhaqf yvxr n cerggl onqnff gnpgvp. V cynl nyy tnzrf ba gur rnfvrfg bs rnfl frggvatf naq V xrrc bire 100 onfvp urnyvat cbgvbaf gung V znxr purncyl ba zr ng nyy gvzrf naq fcnz jura V'z trggvat va gebhoyr fb V qba'g trg fynhtugrerq gbb bsgra. Zl znva gnpgvp jvgu zbfg cnegvrf vf cerggl onfvp. Vg'f gnax unf nyy gur nteb chyyvat naq qrsrafr obbfgvat gnyragf cbffvoyr, V unir nf znal ntteb erqvfgevohgvat gnyragf nf cbffvoyr nybat jvgu zl qcf gnyragf, zntr unf bayl urnyvat fcryyf npgvingrq sbe nhgb pnfg naq vf frg gb nhgb urny pbzcnavbaf orybj 25% naq zr orybj 50% nf jryy nf univat tebhc urny naq erfheerpg ba gurve dhvpxone & QCF unf nf znal jrnxravat, cbvfravat naq fybjvat gnyragf nf cbffvoyr.

          • Passing by says:

            Onq-nff gubhtu vg znl fbhaq, vg jnfa'g irel cenpgvpny. Vg bayl ernyyl jbexrq va aneebj pbeevqbef. V riraghnyyl oenapurq bhg n ovg zber, yvxr hfvat Zbeevtna'f Pbar bs Pbyq gb serrmr rarzvrf, naq gura hfr Nyvfgne'f fuvryq onfu-yvxr nggnpxf, naq Funyr'f pehfuvat oybjf gb funggre gurz, thnenagrrvat na vafgn-xvyy, ohg V jnf fgvyy fheivivat zbfg pbzongf ol gur fxva bs zl grrgu. V jnf nyjnlf ybj ba cbgvbaf/cbhygvprf, znan cbgvbaf naq vawhel xvgf. Nyfb, Zbeevtna graqrq gb ohea guebhtu ure znan va gur svefg zvahgr bs onggyr, naq erznvarq zbfgyl hfryrff nsgrejneqf.

            V arire ernyyl tbg gur unat bs gur gnpgvpf zrah, naq gur snpg gung lbh arrq gb vairfg fxvyy cbvagf gb bcra zber gnpgvpf fybgf frrzf n ovg qrgevzragny gb zl grnz'f cresbeznapr. V npghnyyl cersre Xavtugf bs gur Byq Erchoyvp'f pbzznaq flfgrz: lbh pna'g ernyyl fpevcg lbhe nyyvrf' pbzong orunivbe, ohg lbh pna dhrhr hc gb guerr npgvbaf, znxvat cynaavat naq erfcbaqvat n ybg rnfvre.

          • V zbfgyl hfrq gur qrsnhyg frgf va gur gnpgvpf zrah jvgu zvabe gjrnxf yvxr gryyvat zl gnax gb nggnpx be hfr na ntteb tenoovat novyvgl ba nalguvat gung zryr'q gur ebthr be gur zntr, naq gheavat bss nyy bs gur urnyre zntr'f bssrafvir fcryyf fb gung gurl unq rabhtu znan jurarire gurl arrqrq gb urny. V arire ernyyl tbg gur unat bs pbzobvat gnyragf yvxr serrmr/funggre gubhtu, naq zbfg bs gur gvzr zl cnegl jrer fgvyy cerggl nirentr gb hfryrff, zbfg bs gur npghny jbex pbzvat sebz zl senagvp fcnzzvat bs urnygu cbgvbaf naq obzof naq zl gnyragf. Nyfb, jura vg pnzr gb QN1 cynlvat nalguvat bgure guna n jneevbe vf fgvyy ernyyl uneq sbe zr orpnhfr gur frggvat hc n gnax gb teno ntteb bss rirelbar gnpgvp oneryl jbexrq yvxr vg fubhyq bs fb V jbhyq trg nggnpxrq n ybg naq vs V jnf gbb fdhvful V'q qvr.

  14. guest_age says:

    Gur oybbq bs gur qnexfcnja vf cbvfbabhf. Gung’f… gung’f onq, evtug? Yvxr, ubj nz V fhccbfrq gb xvyy gurz vs V pna’g trg gurve oybbq ba zr? Be creuncf V pna’g vatrfg vg. Bu, jryy. Gurer tb zl snagnfvrf bs jnagvat gb or n inzcver ntnvafg ovtbgel.


    In other news, I love Alistair that is all.

  15. kartikeya200 says:

    Reposting from yesterday's thread, with relevant edits. Specific trigger warnings RE: rape for those who are going through this game for the first time/thinking about going through it.

    SPOILER WARNING: Plot spoilers are alluded to when necessary below.

    – Nf zragvbarq, gur Srznyr Pvgl Rys bevtva qrnyf urnivyl jvgu guvf. N punenpgre (abg gur cynlre'f) vf cerggl pyrneyl va gur nsgrezngu bs univat orra ivbyngrq, rira vs abguvat tencuvp vf fubja. Znyr Pvgl Rys unf gur fnzr fgbel, ohg gur cynlre vf abg xvqanccrq. N punenpgre vf fgvyy nggnpxrq.

    – N znwbe cybg erirny va gur ynggre Bemnzzne frpgvba bs gur znva dhrfg vaibyirf n perrcl fvat-fbat cbrz gung vapyhqrf zragvba bs tnat encr.

    – Va gur Qnyvfu Rys frpgvba bs gur znva dhrfg, gurer vf zragvba bs n oehgny encr univat orra pbzzvggrq va gur cnfg.

    – Vg'f urnivyl vzcyvrq gung n cnegl zrzore jnf encrq juvyr va cevfba (bhgevtug pbasvezrq va gur eryrinag QYP).

    Thanks, and I hope this helps anyone who might need/appreciate it.

  16. Ryan Lohner says:

    First Time Gameplay

    So, I played through the game up until getting inducted into the Grey Wardens yesterday, and then imagine my surprise when I read Mark's post and discovered we had created exactly the same character. A female rogue City Elf, who's endlessly sassy about being stuck in an arranged marriage but nice about everything else. Also, she's distrustful of humans but not totally biased against them; once they've earned her trust they have it. At least we don't look the same; I gave her a very uncanny valley look, figuring why should elf standards of beauty match the human ones?

    The story really has me excited; it's satisfying as hell to kick ass and take names against the racist assholes who interrupted your wedding. Especially good is when it looks like your cousin is going to be a big hero…and then he slides his sword to you, to which the guards can only say "Oh sod." I also stepped up to take sole responsibility for Vaughn's death. I look forward to what comes next, and how open ended it might be.

    My one big complaint: I don't get this game's combat system. Like, at all. Did I somehow miss the tutorial about this, or is this what all RPG combat is like now, and I'm just stuck in the past? I figured it was a good idea to position your party members on either side of an enemy so he can only fight one of you, and I equipped what seemed like the best weapons and armor, but otherwise I've got nothing. The only way I could get past the fight with Vaughn was to switch to easy mode and make do with button mashing. Is there actually a way to make this easier?

    • BornIn1142 says:

      General Game Mechanic Advice Spoilers (I guess? I don't think this is worth rot13-ing, but correct me if I'm wrong.)

      The thing to remember about combat in this game is to make liberal use of pausing. It's especially important with the more difficult encounters with multiple enemies (or bosses). This gives you extra time to figure out tactics, give placement or attack orders and to use abilities or magical items.

      And you're right to flank enemies. There's a bonus to attack damage from the rear (this is pretty much the bread and butter of Rogues that don't specialize in archery). Aside from that, it's always a good idea to micromanage your party, retreating a character from combat as necessary and taking a health poultice while another character soaks up damage, and then switching them out. Try to keep control of who's taking the most damage in your party.

      • cat says:

        Further game spoiler

        Yes, all of this, plus- don't forget that you can tweak your party members' AI. If you're a rogue you'll probably be controlling your main a lot of the time to get around the sides and backs of your enemies, so tweaking your party members (once you have some again) will save you some pain. Each has a number of slots that you can use to give them commands, like "if your health falls below 20%, use a poultice automatically" or "if an enemy is firing on me long-range, drop what you're doing and take them out". They usually come with OK presets, but if someone keeps dying when you're looking the other way, mess with their 'tactics'.

        • misterbernie says:

          Further tactics talk

          IME, mages need the most tweaking to their presets, and are also the most horrible to tweak because ALL THE OPTIONS.
          But I need Haste like I need cigarettes.

  17. kartikeya200 says:

    Alistair is pretty much one of my favorites, that is all.

    No wait, that is not all, because your review fills me with COMPLETE JOY. Oh, man, this is going to be a fun ride.

    Oh wait, this isn’t Skyrim. Oh shit, I can’t wait to actually play that game through for the first time I WANT TO BE A GODDAMN WEREWOLF.

    PRETTY MUCH MY THOUGHTS prior to Skyrim's release.

  18. Peter says:

    First Time Gameplay

    Ostagar! AND ALISTAIR!!!! Ugh, Alistair is so hilarious! His snark is delicious and he kind of reminds me of Xander at his funniest.

    I feel like when I got to Ostagar, I really started to fall in love with this game. Mark, have you started reading the codex entries yet? Because I didn't really read them during my origin story (human noble warrior dude), but once I got to Ostagar, I started it up. THEY'RE GREAT – SOMETIMES I STOP PLAYING THIS GAME AND JUST READ THEM FOR LIKE 45 MINUTES. I'm loving the backstory of the world of Thedas (is this spoilery, since I read about it at Ostagar but I'm not sure if Mark has read it yet? Help me, mods?), like the parallels between Ferelden and England, Orlais and France and the Tevinter Imperium and the Roman Empire are REALLY COOL AND I LIKE IT. That's also why I like the Wheel of Time books so much.

    The combat is definitely more strategic than I thought it would be, and that's good – it's fun and keeps it interesting. I know I'll get better at it as I go, but I am kind of regretting playing on the Xbox, since apparently handling strategy is a lot easier when you have a real keyboard! It definitely seems just a tiny bit clumsy having to manage the abilities of the whole party with the limited capabilities of the controller. I guess it just takes practice.

    Ugh, and then there's Alistair. I know I mentioned him at the beginning, but he's so great! Who's the voice actor (I'm going to avoid the Dragon Age wiki but I do like to know my voice actors – the only one I've recognized so far is Xngr Zhyterj nf Syrzrgu)? I have him in my party basically all the time (Redcliffe spoilers: nygubhtu V'z svaqvat bhg gung gung'f abg fhpu n tbbq guvat… Nyvfgnve'f nccebiny bs zr qebccrq n ybg nsgre Erqpyvssr orpnhfr V jnf yvxr "OYBBQ ZNTVP, PBBY!" naq ur'f yvxr, "hz, V'z na rk-grzcyne.") because he brings the snark. Also, I can't wait for Mark to get Zbeevtna orpnhfr abguvat rire vf orggre guna Nyvfgnve i. Zbeevtna.


    • megotelek says:

      Voice actor/very general character spoilers: V erpbtavmrq Pynhqvn Oynpx nf Zbeevtna evtug njnl. Naq V XARJ gung jnf Xngr Zhyterj! Gung vf bar xvpxnff snzvyl, V zhfg fnl.

      • Peter says:



        • megotelek says:

          Haha, Zbeevtna is almost as good as Wbanguna.

          To be fair, I had just mainlined a lot of [confirmed Mark Watches show] Snefpncr rcvfbqrf ba Argsyvk Vafgnag, fb gung pbhyq or jul V erpbtavmrq ure fb dhvpxyl.

    • Plactus says:

      Alistair's voice actor is Steve Valentine (OMG, Nigel from Crossing Jordan! I had no idea.)

    • Andie says:

      I love that Thedas is actually an acronym the developers used — THE Dragon Age Setting

  19. BradSmith5 says:

    Whoa, whoa, you can't just tell me that a character is snarky and then give ZERO examples! What does this Alistair dude say? I know you guys love your quotes––hook me up!

    • affableevil says:

      Well, in his introduction scene he's snarking full throttle at someone else and the person starts getting snippy and he says "Here I thought we were getting along so well. I was going to name one of my children after you! The grumpy one."

      • BradSmith5 says:

        Ha,ha,ha. Now I'm regretting not playing far enough to see this guy. This game is moving from "I'm never playing that garbage" to "I'll check for it during the next Steam sale. Maybe." ;)

        Do you mind if I ask you what you thought of Guild Wars 2? Now that you've played it, that is.

        • affableevil says:

          I really love the game itself! It's actually pretty much everything I hoped it would be.

          Unfortunately it seems like every time I log in, none of my friends are on and I end up logging back out pretty quickly. I've already hit max level and mastered two crafts, so I'd have to drop one to start another profession. I could run around and do events or WvW but I personally don't like doing them alone, and I can't run instances without a group (and I HATE pugging) so I've kind of run out of content that I find satisfying to do solo. I think I'd like the endgame a lot more if I had active friends, though.

          The obvious solution to all of this is to log in and make new friends but that's just so much work.

          ps I think you'd like another character even more than Alistair. If you ever give the game another try, let us know!

          • BradSmith5 says:

            Well if I ever get the game and log on I'll let you know. Then you can dazzle me with your sweet loots and show me where towns are and FUN FUN! :)

          • affableevil says:

            It's a deal!

            I'm playing on Fort Aspenwood server, btw.

          • BradSmith5 says:

            Okay. Great. I will write it down.

            I'm so glad Mark is doing this. Even if I don't like what he's reviewing at the moment I can still find out who the gamers are. FRIENDSHIP!

    • Tahaneira says:

      (After being chewed out by a fairly arrogant and very irritable mage) You know, one of the good things about the Blight is how it brings people together. It's like a party! We could all stand in a circle and hold hands. THAT would give the darkspawn something to think about.

      It really loses something without his vocal tones, though.

  20. megotelek says:

    So I was researching builds for my baby mage (because I'm like that – I can't just assign points at random, I need a build!) and found the wiki entry for gur oybbq zntr fcrpvnyvmngvba. Npghny erfcbafr sebz zr: bzt V pna or n oybbqoraqre! Qbar.

    Are there respec options in this game if you need to go back and reassign points later?

  21. stumpoman says:

    Vf znxvat n fhttrfgvba nf sne nf fxvyy cbvagf tb n fcbvyre?
    ebg13 gb or fnsr

    • misterbernie says:

      That seems safe to me. Just preface it that it's a suggestion for point distribution and Mark can decide whether he wants to read it or stumble around while we laugh behind his back.

  22. Peter says:


    Qb lbh bayl trg n Znonev jne ubhaq vs lbh'er n uhzna aboyr? Orpnhfr Znex unfa'g zragvbarq n qbttl be nal xvaq bs crg :(

    • misterbernie says:

      Ab, vs lbh'er n aba-uhzna aboyr, gurer'f n dhrfg va Bfgntne gung yrgf n Znonev vzcevag ba lbh (uhzna aboyrf trg gur fnzr dhrfg, gur bar jurer lbh oevat n sybjre gb gur xraary znfgre, whfg ab qbt) naq ur pngpurf hc jura lbh geniry gb Ybgurevat. QBTTVRF SBE RIRELOBQL \b/
      (V whfg ubcr Znex npghnyyl qbrf gung dhrfg)

      • Plactus says:

        V'z abg ragveryl fher, ohg V guvax ur znl unir chg gung qbt qbja engure guna uryc vg.

        V qb xabj gung rira vs lbh snvy gb trg gung Znonev, lbh pna trg n frpbaq punapr ivn "Erghea gb Bfgntne."

    • Tahaneira says:

      Qb lbh erzrzore gur Oyvtugrq znonev dhrfg ng Bfgntne? Onfvpnyyl, vs lbh urny gur fvpx qbtf, nsgre frggvat bss gb Ybgurevat, lbh'yy unir na rapbhagre ba gur ebnq jurer bar bs gurz jvyy pbzr naq uryc lbh svtug bss n qnexfcnja nggnpx. Gura vg jvyy wbva lbhe cnegl!

      Bu V ernyyl ubcr ur qbrf gung fvqrdhrfg.

    • »Paula« says:

      V whfg guvax ur unfa'g cebterffrq gung sne lrg. :)

  23. Tahaneira says:

    AND ANOTHER QUESTION. Clarification, more like.

    Fb, Znex'f bxnl jvgu hf svyyvat uvz va ba gur bgure bevtvaf. Gur jnl V vagrecerg vg, gung zrnaf gung jura ur ehaf npebff fbzrguvat gung ersreraprf vg, jr pna gryy uvz nobhg jung unccrarq va gur bevtva, cebivqrq ur qbrfa'g yrnea nobhg vg fbzr bgure jnl yngre. Pbeerpg?

    Also, can we tell him alternate outcomes of events? Mostly, I'm thinking of talking about hilarious things party members would say if he had said something different, or brought that person along instead of this one. Would that be okay? What about the big choices, telling him what would happen if he supported this group over that one once the dust has settled in his game? Where does the line go?

    Also how do you bold and italicize text in this program?

  24. AmaneSaiko says:

    Oh Mister Sassy Pants Alastair is the best isn't he~ He is my best friend FOREVER, I will sit with him and we will sass at each other until we die! This is my headcanon and it will not change ever.

    The tranquil really really really really creep me out. The whole idea of your emotions being stripped of you is TERRIBLE AND I DO NOT WANT. It really really gets to me because my canon playthrough is as a mage so it is a REAL CONCERN for my character.

    Also Mark, skill points and talent points are two very different things, it is the talent points that get you new moves to do (and passives etc). You get talent points every level. Also, if you look at your talent trees rogues get two major ones to choose from, Bow and Duel Sword, to use any combat talent from those trees you have to be equiped with the corresponding weapons. (Because it makes no sense to try and Rapid Shot when you are holding a sword….) (Personally I recommend Duel Swords cause it's fun XD)

    • Skyweir says:

      The mages are Blessed with Suck in this universe. To be fair gurl qvq rafynir zbfg bs gur jbeyq n ybat gvzr ntb, naq fgvyy qb va fbzr cnegf, ohg fgvyy, lbh onfvpyl ner obea jvgu na vaobea fxvyy gung jvyy znxr lbh n cevfbare naq fynir sbe gur erfg bs lbhe yvsr…be orpbzr n mbzovr. Fher, vg vf n cerggl avpr cevfba naq gur rafynizrag vf oraribyrag gb n qrterr, ohg fgvyy.

      Dragon Age 2 spoilers!

      Guvf orpbzrf zber nccnerag va QN2, bs pbhefr, fvapr Sreryqra vf zber yvoreny gbjneqf gurve zntrf guna zbfg fgngrf. Lbh ernyyl fubhyq pbafvqre lbhe bgure bcgvbaf orsber trggvat chg va gur Pvepyr va Xvexjnyy….

      • AmaneSaiko says:

        V frr vg gung vg jnfa'g zntrf gung rafynirq zbfg bs gur jbeyq ohg Grivagre fcrpvsvpnyyl. Lrnu fher, zntrf unir evfxf gung bguref qb abg unir gb jbeel (nf zhpu) nobhg, ohg V qba'g frr gung nf n tbbq ernfba gb sbeprshyyl cynpr gurz va Gur Pvepyr ntnvafg gurve jvyy. Sreryqra'f pvepyr vfa'g ernyyl onq, rkprcg jura lbh guvax bs nyy gur puvyqera gung trg gnxra njnl sebz gurve snzvyvrf, gung vf jura V fgneg trggvat n ovg hcfrg.

        V qb guvax Gur Punagel vf evtug va gelvat gb znxr fher Nobzvangvbaf qba'g unccra, naq univat fbzrjurer sbe zntrf gb yrnea, ohg V guvax vg trgf gnxra gbb sne. Jul pna'g gurer or n unccl zrqvhz orgjrra gur ybpx gurz hc gb cebgrpg gurzfryirf naq rirelbar ryfr naq zntrf fubhyq eha nebhaq serr naq haerfgenvarq.

        Nyfb, lbh xabj, gur jubyr Genadhvy guvat, V whfg pna'g jvgu vg. Haqre nal pvephzfgnaprf. (nygubhtu vs n zntr erdhrfgf vg V nz n ovg zber bxnl jvgu Gur Evgr orvat qbar, pbafrag naq nyy gung).

        Yrgf abg rira gnyx nobhg gur Pvepyr va Xvexjnyy, vg vf ubeevoyr naq gur Grzcynef va cbjre ner njshy naq V whfg jnag gb tb nebhaq onfuvat gurve urnqf va sbe orvat ubeevoyr crbcyr yby.

  25. AzuraLuna says:

    Plot Spoilers:
    V ernyyl ubcr Znex unfa'g zvffrq uvf punapr gb trg uvf qbttvr. Naq LNL Nyvfgnve!
    Inzcverf naq jrerjbyirf, uhu? Lbh pna or n oybbq zntr be n ernire, ohg Znex znl abg yvxr jrerjbyirf fb zhpu nsgre gur Oerpvyvna Sberfg. Cbbe Qnalyn.

    You're playing on a PS3, right? You can dial down the difficulty in the options menu until you get the hang of combat, but dying lets you figure out what works and what doesn't against the different kinds of enemies. It can get really frustrating, though. Save early and often!

    • »Paula« says:

      Spoiler for storyline concerning Jlaar and ernire achievment:

      Hntu, V ungrq gur snpg gung V ybfg Jlaar nsgre haybpxvat gur ernire npuvrirzrag – rfcrpvnyyl fvapr V bayl tbg gb gnyx gb ure yvxr na ubhe nsgre univat qbar fb (gur gnyx juvpu gura erfhygrq va ure yrnivat). Unq gb erybnq, bs pbhefr (ng yrnfg gur haybpxvat fgnlf sberire), ohg zna, V jbhyq unir orra znwbeyl hcfrg vs V unq svefg qbar gung nufrf dhrfg naq zrg Jlaar yngre, jub jvyy yrnir abarguryrff nsgre urnevat nobhg gur fgbel (ng yrnfg gung'f jung V urneq).

      • AzuraLuna says:

        Nf n tnzre, V yvxr gung fbeg bs guvat. Vg nqqf gb gur punenpgref' qrirybczrag naq fubjf gung zl pubvprf va n tnzr ernyyl qb znggre.
        Juvyr cynlvat vf nabgure fgbel, V tbg ernyyl nggnpurq gb nyy bs zl pbzcnavbaf. Lbh pna zvff, zheqre, be qevir njnl rirelbar naq raq hc tbvat vagb gur svany onggyr nyy ol lbhefrys. Juvpu jbhyq or ubeevoyr sbe zr, V'z whfg abg gung tbbq.

  26. theduck says:

    Oh my gosh, I was in tenth grade when I played DA:O for the first time, and I'm pretty sure I was IN LOVE with Alistair. I so desperately wanted him to be real so I could marry him.

    Naq gura V jrag guebhtu gur fnzr guvat jvgu Naqref va QN2 naq vg jnf njshy naq V npghnyyl pevrq jnl gbb zhpu. …I get overly attached to fictional characters.

    • accidentalbeard says:

      Re DA2: V jnf fcbvyrq sbe gur Ovt Naqref Xnobbz, fnqyl, ohg V FGVYY qvqa'g xabj ubj greevoyr vg jbhyq or jura vg unccrarq. V ybirq gung tnzr naq tbg ernyyl qenja vagb vg (naq vagb zl checyr ZUnjxr'f sevraqznapr j/Naqref) naq gung zbzrag whfg oebxr zr. V gbbx uvz jvgu zr naq vzntvarq Unjxr ehaavat bss jvgu Naqref gb xrrc uvz fnsr, ohg fgvyy… V pna'g svaq n jnl gb vzntvar zhpu bs n unccl shgher sbe uvz. =(

  27. Thiamalonee says:

    "I’m picking up everything I can find. I don’t know what 90% of it does, but I’m working under the assumption that it will all become useful later."

    You just gave me a revelation about why I'm terrible at RPGs. The games I played during my formative years were Sierra's King's Quest games, and one of the rules of those games is: "Pick up anything that's not nailed down." Everything is useful and necessary. Now, when I try to play modern RPGs, I find myself quickly overburdened with, like 30 cabbages and 20 rusty daggers, because I can't leave it behind!

    Also, I have a thing where if there isn't a clear plot for me to follow, or too many subquests that are all presented as equally important, I get bored quickly and stop playing. I like games with a well defined plot, so the rise of more sandbox games has led me to be less of a gamer.

  28. ZeynepD says:

    First Time Playthrough, about 60 hours in.

    The tranquil were my first “ooooookay…” [shoulders try to melt into the seat backrest as I edge away] moment.

    Here’s some technical/fight technique advice, which I will ROT13 anyway in case you want to find out everything by yourself. No character or story spoilers whatsoever.

    1. Qb hfr lbhe pbzcnavbaf’ cebtenzznoyr gnpgvpf fybgf. (Vg’f npprffrq guebhtu gur punenpgre furrg fperra sbe rnpu punenpgre, ohg V qba’g xabj jung gur ohggba ba CF3 be CP vf.) Gurer’f n ovg bs n yrneavat pheir nf gb ubj gb cebtenz/hfr gubfr zbfg rssrpgviryl, ohg bapr lbh’ir qbar gung, yvsr trgf fb, fb zhpu rnfvre, rfcrpvnyyl bapr lbhe cnegl tebjf n ovg. V znqr gur zvfgnxr bs abg svthevat bhg ubj gb cebtenz naq hfr gnpgvpf hagvy yngre va gur tnzr, jura V unq znal zber fxvyyf gb pubbfr sebz. Ohvyqvat gurz hc juvyr gur punenpgref jrer fgvyy ybj yriry jbhyq unir orra zhpu orggre.
    V’yy cbfg n pbebyynel gb guvf bapr lbh’er n ovg qrrcre va gur tnzr.
    2. Frg pbzong qvssvphygl ba “pnfhny.” V’z abg rknpgyl n abivpr tnzre (gubhtu V’z abg n uneqpber bar rvgure), ohg V sbhaq “abezny” ba Qentba Ntr gb or npghnyyl qvssvphyg, qvssvphyg rabhtu gung vg uheg zl rawblzrag bs gur fgbel (orpnhfr abguvat gnxrf lbh bhg snfgre guna univat gb svtug rnpu onggyr guerr gvzrf). Nygubhtu V nz gbyq gung gung jnf n cebonoyr fvqr rssrpg bs gur Ernyyl Onq Pbageby Fpurzr ba KObk 360 pbzcnerq gb ba gur CP. V pna’g npghnyyl qral gung gur 360 pbageby fpurzr vf Ernyyl Njxjneq, vs abg Onq cre fr.

  29. eleniel says:

    I'm probably not going to comment too much so I don't accidentally spoil. But I wanted to say that I am so excited that you are playing my very favorite game series. And I think this format is really enjoyable and works perfectly with the sort of game this is.

    Oh, Alistair… this is a game that starts out so serious and grimdark and full of tragedy, and then you meet Alistair, who is hilarious and charming… it's so refreshing! You're pretty much guaranteed to like him.

    Also, I like that you're going to use your poop key to get good shit. XD

  30. ZeynepD says:

    Oh, and the new banner? Awesome.

  31. @barbiejedi says:

    Does concept art count as spoiling? I'm linking the concept art for the City Elf origin, because it (and the short monologue on the wallpaper versions of the art) are what made me decide to play City Elf for my first runthrough, and why the female City Elf origin is still my absolute favorite today.

    "Take another step, human, and I guarantee it shall be your last. My friends are dead and my life is in tatters because of you and your kin. I have nothing to lose, but you still possess your other eye."


  32. ensignkt says:

    I love Ostagar! It's surprisingly large, with lots to explore. And the world of Thedas sinks in here. The atmosphere just feels like a great fantasy with the added awesomeness of getting to play the game and roleplay decisions.

  33. Ahhhhhhhhhhh you met Alistair and you love him and I was so nervous you'd think he was annoying because some people do. I have nothing more to add – just YAY ALISTAIR!!!!!!

    <img src="; title="Hosted by" alt="" />
    <img src="; title="Hosted by" alt="" />

    Bxnl, guvf punatrf zl cerqvpgvbaf sebz ynfg gvzr. Vg vf abj:

    V cerivbhfyl unq Nyvfgnve ng gur obggbz bs gur Znex-zvtug-ebznapr yvfg. Abj V chg uvz nobir Mri orpnhfr bs gur uvtu punapr V guvax gung ur jvyy xvyy Mri ohg vs ur qbrfa'g V guvax Mri jvyy or zber yvxryl guna Nyv fgvyy. Yvyvnan vf ng gur gbc bs zl yvfg orpnhfr fur vf onqnff naq ur jvyy ybir ure naq ure ebznapr vf ernyyl fjrrg. Nygubhtu va zl urnq vg'f zber yvxr:
    1. Znex arire npghnyyl svtherf bhg lbh pna ebznapr fbzrbar.
    2. Znex vfa'g ng nyy vagrerfgrq va ebznapvat nalbar.
    3. Znex unys-ebznaprf fbzrbar ohg trgf qvfgenpgrq naq arire svavfurf vg.
    4. Znex fperjf hc uvf novyvgl gb ebznapr nalbar orpnhfr ur qbrfa'g haqrefgnaq nccebiny be ur syvegf jvgu zber guna bar naq znxrf nyy bs gurz ungr uvz.
    5. Yvyvnan
    6. Nyvfgnve
    7. Mrirena

  34. djinn says:

    Oh Lord. This game sounds just like Skyrim and I'm suddenly so thankful I'm not playing it. I am TERRIBLE at Skyrim/any game remotely like it. Seriously, my first ever attempt at this type of game (Morrowind) I ended up getting arrested 10 mins in because I happened to pick something off a shelf. I just wanted a better look at it, I didn't want to steal it!

  35. curagas says:

    'Sup, Alistair, HOW YOU DOIN'.

    I love the city elf origin! It is one of the most intriguing to me. V znqr zl punenpgre xrrc ure jrqqvat evat rdhvccrq sbe gur erfg bs gur tnzr.

    Nyfb, jub guvaxf Znex'f tbvat gb ybir Zbeevtna?

    • »Paula« says:

      Jryy, ur'q orggre qb! <3 Zbeevtna!! (Unun, V nyernql erpbtavmr ure anzr va ebg13. Qnza vg!)

    • @barbiejedi says:

      bzt, V znqr zl Pvgl Rys qb gung gbb, NAQ fur jber ure oybbq-fcnggrerq jrqqvat qerff nyy gur jnl guebhtu gb gur raq, orpnhfr V jnf fb YBY JUNGRIRE nobhg gur npghny tnzrcynl gung V tnir ure fhcre fgng-obbfgvat npprffbevrf gung znqr pbzong/qerffvat va gur zbfg nqinaprq rdhvczrag n aba-vffhr.

      Ohg lrf, qerff + evat gur jubyr tnzr PVGL RYS SBE CERFVQRAG

      • curagas says:

        LRF fnzr urer! V cynl ba Pnfhny naljnl orpnhfr V'z sne zber vairfgrq va gur fgbel guna gur npghny pbzong. (Nyfb, V nz abg tbbq ng gur pbzong). Ohg Qentba Ntr vf fb terng orpnhfr lbh pna znxr fb znal vaqvivqhny punenpgref! Pvgl Rys gbcf gur yvfg sbe zr.


  36. tchemgrrl says:

    " I cannot wait to find the wizard’s chest and get the GOOD SHIT."

    Which is ironic, considering the source of the key.

    It's funny, I'm not that into video games, but I like watching other people play and talk about them, so I'm having a lot of fun following along here. My husband played a bunch of this game as a dwarf princess, and while it's totally obvious thinking about it for 2 seconds, it's amazing how different the stories are.

  37. Phaylon says:

    In terms of sassy characters, I would be willing to chip in for The Stone Prisoner DLC if he's playing without it because MY GOD Funyr vf gur fnffvrfg punenpgre gb rkvfg. Naq onfvpnyyl gur QN:B irefvba bs UX-47, jub erznvaf bar bs zl snibevgr punenpgref rire. Also, I was irrationally happy about Mark being female, since in my opinion the female romance options are 10x better than the male ones.

  38. LopApofsTog says:

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