Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’ – Hour 4

In the fourth hour of Dragon Age: Origins, I win a small battle but TOTALLY LOSE, and then I get a party and then OH MY GOD. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to play Dragon Age: Origins.

Hour Four

Honestly, I have never played a stat-based RPG like this in my life, and now that I’m figuring out what to do (with no help from the game whatsoever, which isn’t a problem, surprisingly), Dragon Age: Origins is really getting fun. I didn’t advance all that far during this hour because I spent so much time in the Select menu organizing my characters, trashing stuff I didn’t need, and making sure Roslin had the best things at her disposal. While I am familiar with this sort of thing from games like Fallout 3/New Vegas and Borderlands, this is not a button masher game or a first-person shooter. I’ve had to re-examine how I approach everything. Like I said last week, I can’t just run into a room full of Hurlock and aim my weapon at each of them. I have to constantly keep track of my party so I can give members a health poultice if they need it. I have to figure out how to approach Hurlocks or draw some away from the main party. It feels way more realistic than I’m used to for a game with so much fighting in it.

I guess this is something I didn’t expect to have happen for this project. I’m basically learning how to play a type of game. That’s… really awesome? Like, when I went into Dragon Age: Origins, I just thought I’d spend most of my reviews talking about the story. And while I do think that’s the best part of this game, I’m really satisfied that I’m learning something new in the process.

Seriously, though, the story in this segment of the game is ridiculous. I spent all this time ascending to the top of the Tower of Ishal, I fought an ogre (which one of the Tower Guards killed by STABBING IT IN THE FACE), I lit the beacon, and then fucking LOGHAIN RETREATS AND LEAVES US ALL THERE TO DIE. What the fuck is his deal??? What is he doing? This is NOT AT ALL WHAT I THOUGHT WOULD HAPPEN! I had just completed a portion of the game and expected victory. This is not what I was given. So now I’ve got this rogue asshole trying to take control for some unknown reason, and he left me to die, and if wasn’t for Flemeth, Alistair and I would have died. I can’t wait to kill him. Duncan’s dead, the king was crushed like a bag of chips, and the darkspawn have overrun Ostagar. EVERYTHING’S FUCKED UP.

And that’s when Dragon Age: Origins goes from being an entertaining game to being UTTERLY FANTASTIC. First of all, Flemeth saved me and Alistair BY TURNING INTO A GIANT BIRD AND PICKING US UP IN HER TALONS. I like that Morrigan tells me this, I never actually see it myself, and I’m just left to assume it’s real. Bless. But being reunited with Morrigan and Flemeth is extremely important. The Witch of the Wilds imparts the severity of this new twist on me, and then explains that there are archdemons in Ostagar. It’s a very Lovecraftian element to the story. Old Gods raised by the darkspawn and tainted by their blood? There is nothing about this that I don’t like. I assume that thing that crushed King Cailan was one of them, right? DON’T TELL ME IF IT’S NOT.

This is how little I knew about this game: when Flemeth finally explains that I need to head out and gather and army and then the game assigns me a bunch of quests that all pertain to gathering an army, I just started laughing out of pure joy. THIS WAS REALLY HAPPENING. I have to go visit so many people to get the mages, the dwarves, and some humans on my side. Even if I didn’t play those other origin stories, some of those races will be in my army. DO YOU REALIZE HOW EXCITING THIS IS TO ME? I imagine I’ll have to fight some darkspawn along the way and use my cunning skills, good looks, and persuasive brilliance to convince all these beings to fight with me.

You have no idea how cool this is to me.

I also truly believe that Flemeth is the sassiest character in the whole game. She’s my Elder Sass, giving away her daughter as a gift and telling her, “Do try to have fun, dear.” Oh god, when Morrigan is saying goodbye and makes a joke about stew burning the house down, Flemeth replies with a vicious barb about how darkspawn will probably do it instead, and I just laughed so fucking hard. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. Why can’t she come along???

My Mabari dog saved the day and is following me around. I named him Adama. Shut up, it’s perfect. Also, fuck Twilight for ruining the word “imprint” forever. But many props to Adama, who ate up all the dead Hurlock gore when I asked him to. Man’s best friend, right?

The only other new feature I discovered was the traveling map, which is AWESOME. There are so many places I need to go! Oh god, I LOVE THIS.

My Character Stats

Strength: 20
Dexterity: 18
Willpower: 15
Magic: 13
Cunning: 16
Constitution: 13

Heroic Stats

Kills: 40
Damage Dealt: 4651
Friendly-fire damage dealt: 0
Greatest damage dealt: 32
Contribution to party damage: 53
Hit Rate: 80
Most powerful foe slain: Hurlock Alpha
Injuries: 0

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80 Responses to Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’ – Hour 4

  1. misterbernie says:

    Stabbing the shit out of ogres is the best hagvy gurl orpbzr fb pbzzba gung lbh whfg jnvg sbe orvat noyr gb qb fuvg ntnva.

    <img src="; width="400/">

    I am also fond of (minor spoiler for the noble origin, namely, gur cerfrapr bs Qbt) this image because how chill everyone in the background is while I do all the face stabbing.

    Also Flemeth <3
    I hope you took time to have a nice chat with her.

    • snapsnzips says:

      On my first play through I lived in terror of Ogre's reanimating if you didn't fire them after killing them.

  2. Randomcheeses says:

    Flemeth is the SASSIEST OF THEM ALL!!

    Also, off-topic but mentioning it here anyway. Tamora Pierce mentioned Mark Reads on her public Livejournal!

  3. Tahaneira says:

    Ah yes, TEYRN LOGHAIN. Evil son of a bitch. Lbh’yy or frrvat n ovg zber bs uvz.

    I had to laugh when you said that you spent most of your time managing your inventory and giving out upgrades. That is another staple of BioWare games; you’ll be spending a significant portion of gameplay staring at menu screens, either deciding what upgrades to give to who, or comparing equipment on your party members. Naq vg ybbxf yvxr ur fgvyy unfa’g svtherq bhg ubj gb hfr gur gnpgvpf flfgrz lrg. Nalbar jnag gb gnxr orgf ba jurgure be abg ur’yy qvfpbire vg orsber gur svtug jvgu gur Nepuqrzba?

    Duncan. Sad to see him go. But, he had to die, otherwise there wouldn’t be much point of being the main character, yes? You would have been just another flunky, running around doing minor tasks while Duncan took care of all the diplomacy. Still, sadness. At least he went out like a badass.

    Can’t wait for you to get further.

    Quote of the Day:
    Alistair: Just so you know, if the king ever asks me to put on a dress and dance the Remigold, I’m drawing the line. Darkspawn or no.

    • misterbernie says:

      I converted a sentence in your first paragraph to rot13. Lrf, vg'f boivbhf gung jr'yy frr zber bs Ybtunva, ohg vg fgvyy snyyf haqre gur fcbvyre ehyr.

      Also, please don't use slurs like 'bitch' on this site.

  4. cogsandcurls says:

    After Friday's post I had already pegged this post as "The one where DUNCAN DIES ;_____;" So. Moment of silence for Duncan. He was so unbelievably awesome, I wish the Warden had got to spend more time with him.

    And hooray for Adama! My last Warden got a little overexcited during the build-up to the Joining and despite venturing out into the Wilds and successfully retrieving the flower for Dog's handler, she forgot to actually go back and give it to him and so the poor animal probably died when the camp got overrun. I feel pretty guilty about that tbh.

  5. Peter says:

    First Time Gameplay

    My Mabari dog saved the day and is following me around. I named him Adama. Shut up, it’s perfect.

    Yeahhh, shit just got real, huh?
    Loghain betrayed everyone OHHHH SHIT. I mean, like you Mark, I clearly expected Cailan to die initially, but once I was in the Tower of Ishal, I'd changed my mind. The Grey Wardens could manage the Darkspawn for a short time, and if you and Alistair succeeded, Loghain and his men would come in and reinforce everyone. It would totally work, right? RIGHT? WRONG BECAUSE LOGHAIN HAS OTHER PLANS. What a great way to do something that makes total sense but in a completely unexpected way!

    And then there's Flemeth! She's so awesome. I just love how snarky all of the characters are in this game. Alistair, Morrigan, Flemeth – they're all so funny.

    And now we're off to the great wide world!

  6. kartikeya200 says:

    Flemeth is one of my favorite video game characters. Kate Mulgrew does an amazing job, and the writers made her just so fun to talk to. You really don't know how she's going to react to anything. It's never clear just what her angle is. She'll only give you a straight answer when she feels like (which is generally never), and if you don't like that TOUGH COOKIES. She switches from possibly genuine to total troll mode in an eyeblink. It's delightful.

    Poor Cailan. You kind've knew he was doomed from the beginning, but reckless or not, the man was genuinely decent and brave enough that he stuck himself in the thick of the action and then didn't even try to run away when things went horribly south. Not the smartest king or best strategist, but hey, look what the actual war hero just did.

  7. megotelek says:

    First Time Gameplay

    So the Tower of Ishal was SO FRUSTRATING to me until I figured out that I had to be strategic and not just wade in and start mashing buttons. Seriously, the second level, where the whole room ends up being on fire and there's a fireball trap on top of it? I died SO MUCH. Then, I figured out that I should actually try to pull (seriously, I play MMOs, I should know this) and things went much smoother. I'm loving my mage so far, especially in fights like the one with the ogre. I can send my warrior meatshields in to distract the big bad while I debuff and freeze and rain down destruction from across the room. So awesome. Except for that whole 'friendly fire' thing which I keep forgetting (I have Fireball now, and…yeah.)

    And Flemeth! And she sends Morrigan with you! In my case, we're the terrible magic twosome, and it's fantastic. I did kind of give a double take when I woke up in Flemeth's hut in my…strapless lacy bra, apparently? Oh…kay. And we have a plan to go recruit the mages and dwarves, and Arl Eamon! What order are you doing them in, Mark? I decided to start with Arl Eamon and Redcliffe (because Alistair said so. I'm not refusing his pretty face.)

    Grey Warden storyline spoilers [covers the Arl Eamon/Redcliffe storyline as well as the Circle of Magi]
    Fb V svavfurq gur Erqpyvssr fgbelyvar, tbg gur nfurf sebz gur Hea (naq frevbhfyl? Unira vf jnl perrcl) naq pherq Ney Rnzba. Ur cebzvfrq zr fhccbeg naq nterrq gb pnyy gur Ynaqfzrrg gb ubcrshyyl trg evq bs Ybtunva. V'z tbvat gb nffhzr gung jba'g tb nf cynaarq, ohg va gur zrnagvzr V unir gb pbagvahr erpehvgvat sbe zl nezl. Fb V urnqrq bire gb gur Ynxr Pnyraunq qbpxf naq tbg gur grzcyne ba qhgl gb sreel zr npebff (Fgra jnf va zl cnegl, tbg sehfgengrq jvgu uvz naq tnir uvz pbbxvrf. Vg jnf ulfgrevpny.) bayl gb svaq bhg gung gur gbjre unf orra gnxra bire ol oybbq zntrf naq nobzvangvbaf. Naq V unir gb svaq Veivat. Naq V trg Jlaar va zl cnegl! Lnl! Zna, fur'f n snagnfgvp urnyre, V jvyy gnxr ure RIRELJURER. V'yy gnyx zber fcrpvsvpf jura Znex trgf gurer, ohg SHPX LBH FYBGU QRZBA. Gung jubyr guvat va gur Snqr jnf njshy. V zrna, vg tbg orggre jura V svtherq bhg jung V jnf fhccbfrq gb or qbvat, ohg orvat ol zlfrys orsber V unq tbggra nyy bs gur sbezf jnf whfg oehgny. Fb abj V unir gb qrpvqr jurer gb tb sebz urer. V unir n zrgevp gba bs Oynpxfgbar Veerthynef/Zntr'f Pbyyrpgvir/~funql qrny~ dhrfgf, fb V guvax V'yy urnq gb gur sberfg naq pyrne fbzr bs gung bhg orsber V urnq gb frr gur qjneirf.

    Oh! And I came across this random easter egg cutscene when I was traveling from one place to another (don't remember where. I don't think it's spoilery – it doesn't seem to have any impact on the storyline. It did make me laugh out loud!)

    • misterbernie says:

      Vaqrrq. V qba'g xabj nal CP cynlre jub qbrfa'g hfr gur Fxvc Gur Snqr zbq (V nz fher gurl ner bhg gurer, V whfg qba'g xabj 'rz).

      • megotelek says:

        Jnvg jnvg jnvg qbrf gung qb jung vg fbhaqf yvxr? V zrna, V'z tynq V qvq vg bapr ohg V ARIRE JNAG GB NTNVA.

        And I keep hearing about mods – are they like cheats or like mods in WoW where they'll help with targeting or inventory management? And if the latter, any recommendations on which ones are best?

        • misterbernie says:

          Lrc. Vg znxrf lbh bayl erfbyir lbhe bja genc, gura serr nyy lbhe pbzcnavbaf, gura genafcbegf lbh gb gur svany pbasebagngvba. Lbh trg nyy gur nggevohgr cbvagf naq nyy gur pbqrk ragevrf lbh'q'ir tbggra va gur snqr, gbb.

          (spoilers are safe for you) There's a large number of mods out there, the biggest repository being (afaik) Dragon Age Nexus. And there are a wide variety of mods – cheat mods (bar znxrf gur zvyvgvn va Erqpyvssr fgebatre fb gur svtug qbrfa'g gnxr fb ybat naq vg'f rnfvre gb fnir rirelbar), bug fixing mods (gurer'f bar sbe Njnxravat gung arire tbg svkrq va n cngpu naq gung pna shpx hc lbhe tnzr), story mods (sbe rknzcyr, nf V'ir zragvbarq ercrngrqyl, V hfr bar gung yrgf lbh ebznapr Nyvfgnve nf n thl), graphic mods (for example, to turn the effects of some of the buff spells off so the characters don't sparkle in cut scenes), hairstyle mods, mods that change your companions' appearance, and of course, nude mods.

        • cogsandcurls says:

          DA:O actually came with a toolkit, which means that there's a HUGE range of mods available and they provide almost anything you could imagine. Some are cheat-type things, yes, but there are lots of others. The ones I'd really reccomend would be the various Restoration patches which do all sorts of things – a lot of the characters have bits of dialogue which are MEANT to fire in the game but don't for whatever reason – these patches fix that, plus a some of them restore certain options and scenes which were cut from the final game. If you're on PC I'd REALLY reccomend them. The ones I'm using are as follows (Spoilers for future companions and MAJOR plot spoilers in the descriptions if you decide to look them up!): MQS qvnybthr svk, Zbeevtna erfgbengvba cngpu naq Nyvfgnve Qvnybthr cngpu.

          All of these are available at the Dragon Age Nexus, which is the go-to place for all mods for this game, really. I'm not too familiar with combat/inventory altering mods but if they're available, you'll find them there. I should warn you that it's a potentially spoilery place to explore if you've never finished the game, though!

      • cogsandcurls says:

        Hey, I don't! V xabj vg'f hacbchyne ohg V fbeg bs yvxr gur Snqr. Pbhyq unir orra rkrphgrq orggre, fher, ohg V'ir arire fxvccrq vg. V guvax V whfg yvxr gur Avtugznerf (naq gur rkgen fxvyy cbvagf!) gbb zhpu gb fxvc.

    • affableevil says:

      Mod Note: I'd still consider it a spoiler as easter eggs are something we're letting Mark and other first time players find for themselves, and it's ahead of where Mark is now.

      • megotelek says:

        I guess that's fair. But as a first time player myself, does that mean I can't talk about any easter eggs I find unless Mark also happens to have found them? Or do I just have to save them for when he's done with the game?

        • affableevil says:

          I would say if he goes past the point where he could find them and he didn't, i.e. a dungeon or something, then it's fair game.

          • megotelek says:

            Okay, thanks! I guess this one will have to wait until he's done then, because as far as I can tell it can happen anytime and anywhere when you're traveling. If at all.

    • Re the easter egg: That's only there if you have a certain DLC and I think Mark is playing the standard game without any DLC? If he is he's not going to come across it, but I think it should still be considered a spoiler until he confirms if he's going to get the DLC or not at some point in the future.

  8. OMG. You named your dog Adama. That is perfection.

    Sooo I got my copy of Dragon Age II this weekend but I'm not playing it for awhile because: (Awakenings spoilers)
    Qrfcvgr univat orngra gur tnzr 5 gvzrf nobhg 3 lrnef ntb V'z whfg abj cynlvat Njnxravatf naq nyy gur QYP (zvahf gur dhrfg sbe Funyr juvpu pnzr jvgu gur abezny tnzr.)

    Fb V'z nobhg 5 ubhef vagb Njnxravatf naq V'z nznmrq gung vg'f zhpu orggre guna V rkcrpgrq. Naq Angunavny Ubjr nf n pbzcnavba. Guvf V qvq abg rkcrpg.

    Birenyy V'z rawblvat zlfrys ohg V fgvyy unir yvxr zbfg bs vg yrsg (V nffhzr onfrq ba crbcyr fnlvat vg gnxrf yvxr 20-30 ubhef gb orng.)

    Spoilers for Awakenings end. Now just general spoilers:
    Vf nalbar ryfr jbeevrq gung Znex jvyy fxvc bire Ybgurevat. V zrna V xabj jr gnyxrq nobhg guvf orsber ohg abj gung jr'yy svaq bhg gbzbeebj… Vg jbhyq or cerggl gentvp vs ur arire zrg Yryvnan be Fgra. Ohg V guvax ur jba'g fxvc vg. Ur frrzf gb or qbvat snveyl jryy guhf sne. Ohg fgvyy pna'g uryc orvat n yvggyr areibhf.

    • megotelek says:

      Fgra vf frevbhfyl fgnegvat gb cvff zr bss. V tbg gb Unira naq ur punyyratrq zr sbe pbzznaq EVTUG NSGRE V unq rapunagrq uvf fjbeq naq hctenqrq uvf nezbe. ABG SNVE. Abj gung V unir Jlaar, V whfg oevat ure, Nyvfgnve naq Yryvnan jvgu zr rireljurer.

  9. Ryan Lohner says:

    First Time Playthrough

    Okay, I made some serious progress over the weekend, which means I'm now in the awkward position of rot13ing a game I'm playing for the first time myself. And I actually figured out the number keys let me do those special moves I rack up when I gain levels, like it says right in that bar on the lower left! Things got a lot easier after that.

    I named my mabari Woola. How's that for an obscure reference? Well, I just got done on a sci-fi and fantasy class on Coursera, and one of the books we read was A Princess of Mars.

    And now onto the spoiler stuff. V unir abj fnirq Erqpyvssr, naq yrg Vfbyqr or xvyyrq orpnhfr fperj ure, naq nz abj fghpx va gur Snqr ol gur fybgu qrzba ng gur Pvepyr bs Zntrf. Urr urr, V'z n zbhfr!

    Vg gbbx na rzoneenffvatyl ybat gvzr gb svther bhg V unq gb yrg gur bgure thlf va gb gnxr pner bs gur Erinanag va gur Erqpyvssr Pnfgyr pbheglneq. Uryy, gurl gbyq zr rknpgyl jung gb qb naq rirelguvat!

    • megotelek says:

      V whfg svavfurq gur Snqr cneg jvgu gur fybgu qrzba! Naq V qvq rawbl zbhfr sbez, rfcrpvnyyl tbvat onpx naq oenttvat nobhg vg gb Avnyy. Abg univat zl cnegl zrzoref gubhtu, HTU.

      V srry ernyyl fghcvq abj, V qvqa'g ernyvmr lbh pbhyq envfr gur tngr orsber qrsrngvat gur eriranag. Rirel gvzr V gbbx n fgrc vagb gur pbheglneq V jbhyq or va pbzong naq V svtherq gur tnzr jbhyqa'g yrg lbh vagrenpg jvgu bowrpgf juvyr va pbzong – V raqrq hc gheavat gur qvssvphygl qbja gb rnfl (juvpu vf fgvyy punyyratvat sbe zr, juvpu znxrf zr srry fghcvqre).

      • Ryan Lohner says:

        Uryy, V'z nznmrq lbh pbhyq npghnyyl orng gur guvat ba lbhe bja. V unq vg ba rnfl gbb, naq jnf fghpx hagvy V sbhaq gur yrire.

        • BornIn1142 says:

          Jnvg, jung yrire…? V qba'g erzrzore n yrire.

          V whfg gevrq naq snvyrq hagvy V riraghnyyl orng gur qnza guvat.

        • megotelek says:

          Vg jnf n cnva, naq fgvyy cerggl pybfr. V chyyrq nyy bs gur zvavbaf/nepuref nebhaq gur fvqr bs gur pnfgyr fgnvef hagvy V whfg unq gur eriranag yrsg, naq gura V frag Nyvfgnve gb orng ba uvz juvyr V qrohssrq/sebmr yvxr znq naq unq Yryvnan qbvat nyy bs gur nepurel qrohssf gb erqhpr uvf qrsrafr. V nyfb cnhfrq nccebkvzngryl rvtug mvyyvba gvzrf gb dhrhr hc fcrpvsvp nggnpxf/qrohssf.

      • cat says:

        Ba gur oevtug fvqr, guvax bs nyy gur KC lbh'ir rnearq! V unir n onq graqrapl zlfrys gb ertneq ACP svtugref nf guvrirf bs zl evtugshy KC cbvagf naq gel gb genc gurz njnl sebz onggyr naljnlf, gou.

      • lorbby says:

        Qba'g srry onq, V'ir cynlrq gur tnzr frireny gvzrf naq V unir arire envfrq gur tngr yby bbcf zl onq!

  10. Passing by says:

    I must quote Penny Arcade here.

    "[…]Until then, I'll be fighting Darkspawn. With my dog, Barkspawn."
    rot13'd link, because of NPC spoilers: uggc://craal-nepnqr.pbz/pbzvp/2009/11/06

    I think someone already asked this, but do you have the "Stone Prisoner" DLC?
    It is amazing! I''m not sure how much I can say without spoiling it, but, at least it'll give you a whole new sassy (thoug I prefer the term "snarky") party member.

    • Andie says:


      Funyr vf gur tbqqnza ybir bs zl yvsr.

    • cogsandcurls says:

      Stone Prisoner is the BEST. I honestly don't see the game as complete without it (although that might be because V YBIR FUNYR FB ZHPU naq fur'f bar bs zl snibhevgr cnegl zrzoref bs nyy gvzr. V pna'g vzntvar gur tnzr jvgubhg ure!)

  11. theduck says:

    I remember the first time I played this game, I thought the ogre battle at the top of the tower was the hardest thing ever. I think it took me seven or eight tries to beat it. (I was fifteen, okay, don't judge me.) On my last try, three of my party members were down and one of the guards managed to finish off the ogre with, like, barely any health left. It was intense.

    I wish I could remember what I named my mabari on my first playthrough. In pretty much every playthrough after that I named it after a fictional character, but I seriously can't remember what I called my first one. That's going to bother me forever now.

  12. baruchan says:

    I remember when I first met Flemeth, I just about fell off my seat, because HEY GUYS IT'S CAPTAIN KATHRYN JANEWAY! The dynamic between Morrigan and her mother is fantastic, I wish we could include her in the party just so I could listen to them snark at each other and the world all day. :D

    Character build stuff; no game spoilers, but rot13'd anyway to be safe:
    V qba'g xabj vs V'z gur svefg crefba gb fnl guvf, ohg V ernyyl, ernyyl jnag gb gryy Znex gb rdhvc uvf punenpgre jvgu n qnttre ba uvf bss-unaq naq svyy hc uvf qhny jrncba fxvyyf naq vapernfr uvf Qrkgrevgl naq Phaavat fgngf orpnhfr vg'f qevivat zr ahgf gb frr gung rzcgl jrncba fybg! Naq n ybg bs gur pynff fxvyyf sbe ebthrf arrq uvtu Phaavat fgngf, fb frrvat gung uvf Fgeratgu fgngf ner uvture guna Phaavat znxrf zr jnag gb jrrc.

    Vg znl be znl abg or vagrerfgvat gb abgr gung bs gur ~friragl ubhef bs tnzrcynl ba zl svefg eha-guebhtu, nebhaq svsgrra ubhef jrer fcrag svyyvat hc zl fgngf naq qvgurevat nobhg jurgure gb rdhvc zl cnegl zrzoref cnegvphyne nezbef naq jrncbaf be abg.

  13. BornIn1142 says:

    So who else named their mabari "Sirius?" I know he's brown, but what the hell…

  14. enigmaticagentscully says:

    OK, so…less than a week. That's how long my 'no playing Dragon Age Origins' plan lasted after Mark Plays started


    Curse you Mark! I hope you're happy.

    I named my Mabari 'Mr Woofles', for the record.

  15. monkeybutter says:

    My Mabari dog saved the day and is following me around. I named him Adama. Shut up, it’s perfect.

    Haters to the airlock.

  16. Andie says:

    But many props to Adama, who ate up all the dead Hurlock gore when I asked him to. Man’s best friend, right?


    God this is so exciting.

    I always name my mabari T-1000.

  17. enigmaticagentscully says:

    In other news…MORRIGAN. I adore Morrigan almost as much as Alistair and my goodness that is saying a lot. I'm so glad she's a party member and all. THE SASS LEVELS HAVE HIT THE ROOF.

    Sbe gur erpbeq, V fgvyy svaq n ybg bs jung fur fnlf naq ure nggvghqr ernyyl hacyrnfnag. V whfg ernyyl yvxr ure nf n punenpgre, orpnhfr fur'f nyy nobhg gur zbenyyl terl fuvg naq V ybir gung. Ohg fgvyy, FGBC QVFNCCEBIVAT BS RIRELGUVAT V QB.

    There was a brief period of time when I drew nothing but Morrigan, but alas I can now only find one picture off hand…

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

    So I guess that’s my requisite fanart for the day!

    • cat says:

      Morrigan appreciation life! V unir fhpu n tvnag fbsg fcbg sbe zbenyyl terl punenpgref gung fgvyy sbez obaqf bs sevraqfuvc… Zbeevtna'f jubyr sevraqfuvc/ebznapr yvar jura lbh pbml hc gb ure trgf zr rirel gvzr. Jub xabjf ubj zhpu bs vg vf znavchyngvba, vg'f fgvyy sernxvat nqbenoyr. V'z fgvyy inthryl hcfrg gung V pna'g ebznapr ure jura V'z cynlvat nf n tvey gubhtu- ure ebznapr fgbelyvar jvgu znyr punenpgref uvgf fbzr aneengvir fdhvpxf bs zvar gung jbhyqa'g rkvfg vs gur traqref jrer erirefrq, be vs obgu punenpgref jrer srznyrf. (Bu jryy, gurer'f nyjnlf Mriena! :c)

      • baruchan says:

        Vs lbh trg gur Rdhny Ybir zbq bire ng Qentba Ntr Arkhf, lbh pna ebznapr Zbeevtna nf n tvey!

      • enigmaticagentscully says:

        V nyjnlf cynl nf n tvey fb V'ir arire ebznaprq Zbeevtna, ohg V qb ybir orpbzvat ure sevraq. V zrna, jbexvat gbjneqf trggvat gb xabj nyy gur pbzcnavbaf vf zl snibhevgr cneg bs gur tnzr, ohg rfcrpvnyyl jvgu Zbeevtna vg pna or FHPU na hcuvyy fgehttyr gung lbh ernyyl srry yvxr lbh'ir npuvrirq fbzrguvat jura fur fgnegf gb jnez hc gb lbh.

    • megotelek says:

      Lrnu, ng bar cbvag V unq ure naq Fgra va gur cnegl naq vg jnf EVQVPHYBHF. Fur qvqa'g jnag zr urycvat nalbar, Fgra jnf pbafgnagyl haqrezvavat zl yrnqrefuvc, HTU. Ohg abj V unir Jlaar naq Yryvnan naq V whfg yrnir Zbeevtna naq Fgra ng pnzc. V ubcr V qba'g arrq gurz yngre.

      I'm so bad with reading spoilers. I decode them, and then kind of squint when I read them so if something major comes up, I can close them quickly!

      • enigmaticagentscully says:

        V nqzvg V hfhnyyl whfg yrnir Zbeevtna ng pnzc gbb, orpnhfr vs V gnxr ure jvgu zr fur qvfnterrf jvgu nyy zl pubvprf naq raqf hc ungvat zr. Zl znva cnegl vf nyzbfg NYJNLF Jlaar (GUNAX TBQ SBE URNYREF FREVBHFYL nyfb Jlaar xvpxf nff) Nyvfgnve (zl gnax naq nyfb fanex cebivqre) naq Yryvnan (orpnhfr V arrq fbzrbar gb cvpx gur ybpxf ba fghss sbe zr naq nyfb fur'f hfhnyyl zl tveysevraq orpnhfr V guvax fur'f nqbenoyr)

  18. ZeynepD says:

    First Time Playthrough, about 60 hours in—

    My mabari is called Puppy. Because of course he is.

    Flemeth… yes, Queen of Sass. Apples don't fall far from the tree either.

    Question, Mark—when it gets to be later on in a project, do you ever go back and read earlier posts that comment about characters and plot points? I know you do with your prediction posts in projects like Buffy, that sort of thing. Oh, no reason I'm asking. None whatsoever.

    (Someone keep those nuns quiet.)

    Actually, I have an idea about prediction posts. Now we're post-Ostagar (grrrLoghain, tears for Duncan), you must have a couple of major quests marked in your codex. Maybe it would work if you made, not an entire post for predictions, but a little section of predictions, on the day of the hour when you decide to set out about each particular quest stage? You know, something on what you think will happen during that quest?

  19. xyliane27 says:

    I love the mabari. My dog looks almost exactly like him. He's a boxer-lab-questionable mutt we adopted, and looks and acts almost exactly like the mabari. Well, he attacks rabbits and not darkspawn, but that's besides the point.

    His name is Pooch. Therefore, my mabari is Pooch. (We have the most original pet names in my family.)

  20. ensignkt says:

    My City Elf named her mabari Soris. I figured she was missing her cousin.

  21. baruchan says:

    In case anyone cares, my male human noble named his Mabari SandorClegane, because in my head, Westeros and Thedas exist in the same plane of reality.

  22. Sternenblumen says:

    So, after the fangirly post about Duncan last time, here's the obligatory reaction to the end of Ostagar: NOOOOOOO! DUNCAAAAN!

    Really, Loghain, f*ck you.

    And yes, Flemeth is beyond awesome! Naq va QN 2 fur vf nyfb ubg *snaf frys*.

    After reading your posts, I was burning to play the game again, so I broke it out again and started a new playthrough, this time as a human noble named Valérie (based on one of my DA P&P OCs). Alas, I only got to Ostagar, because today is my birthday, and my two best friends got me DA2! So now I have to decide which to play, and so far the shiny new toy is winning. But I'm sure I'll catch up with Mark soon anyway :).

  23. caysie renee says:

    Sometimes I get my friend involved in my reactions via AIM

    [03:27:58 PM] timaeusTestified: "Naq gung’f jura Qentba Ntr: Bevtvaf tbrf sebz orvat na ragregnvavat tnzr gb orvat HGGREYL SNAGNFGVP. Svefg bs nyy, Syrzrgu fnirq zr naq Nyvfgnve OL GHEAVAT VAGB N TVNAG OVEQ NAQ CVPXVAT HF HC VA URE GNYBAF. V yvxr gung Zbeevtna gryyf zr guvf, V arire npghnyyl frr vg zlfrys, naq V’z whfg yrsg gb nffhzr vg’f erny. Oyrff."
    [03:28:07 PM] timaeusTestified: bu whfg lbh jnvg hagvy fur'f n qentba, znex
    [03:30:14 PM] SHUTUPsheva: LMAO
    [03:30:31 PM] timaeusTestified: v qba'g guvax ur'yy or nyy fzvyrf naq jbaqre gura

    I don't think I can giggle any harder than I am right now because I'm pretty sure that was my initial reaction, too.

  24. elie says:

    .First Time Playing. Dragon Age, but know minor character details here and there.

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Didn’t get a chance to play dragon age till the weekend, so Here be my thoughts:
    -I would just like to voice my displeasure that Female Dwarves can’t have beards. Severely disappointed in that regard.
    -Also spent 2 hours on the character screen. IMPORTANT DECISIONS Y’ALL.
    -Decided to be Agatha Cousland, female Human rogue. Gave myself Face tattoos, and now strongly regret it, since none of the other nobles have face tattoos, and no other humans so far have face tattoos. It feels very jarring that a member of the nobility would get tattoos on her face, and I am honestly considering restarting just to be rid of them. I say this despite the fact that I have just started the Magic tower bit. WHAT IS MY BRAIN.
    -Named the dog Rex. He does not like rats.
    -In a related note, I do not like hats. All the headgear in this game looks weird to me, like they have buckets on their heads. and I don't know if I'm happy they disapear during dialogue.

    • Elie says:

      – Allistair is great. Surprising considering the first male party member in a Bioware game tends to be a grey unremarkable pile of sludge.
      -I do not understand Loghains coup. The plan was to light the beacon where the army was so the reinforcements could arrive. It was not expected for their to be any resistance, let alone an ogre. His facial expression indicates that he didn't expect there to be any signal. So did he tell the darkspawn where to go or something? Is he mind controlled by the darkspawn? It's unclear to me.

    • Ryan Lohner says:

      My elf has tattoos too. I like it; it makes her seem less human, which is always an issue with them.

  25. jackiemreuter says:

    Adama. Nice. First time through, I named my mabari Dog. Partly because of Good Omens, but mostly because I accidentally pressed okay before I could give him a different name.

    And just have to say, I love listening to Alastair and Morrigan bicker whenever they're in my party. Such, such fun.

  26. Passing by says:

    All this talk of Dragon Age has convinced me to reinstall, and follow along. I will seriously lag behind though, because of studies and such. I just arrived at Ostagar, ath the one-and-three-quarters oh an hour mark.
    My new character is a Human Female Rogue, which I will plan to build as a Dual-Wield/archer hybrid character.
    This choice was mainly for gameplay than story reasons: I already played through the game as a Human, but rogues just happen to be my favourite class (unless their are possibilities for a Necromancer), and humans have a small advantage, as they start with a bonus to strength, dexterity and cunning, both prime rogue attributes.

  27. Ccb says:

    I know you don't have the equipment to take proper screenshots of console games yet, but I think we could put up with simply taking photos of the TV screen.

  28. guest_age says:

    Awww you named it Adama. That is precious. I’m the least original person ever because I named mine Barkspawn. I LOVE PUNS.

    • Plactus says:

      I named mine Barkspawn as well. I think the first time around I named it "Dog," because… yeah, that's exactly the kind of name I would give a dog.

      Va QN2 V anzrq zl qbt "Nyvfgnve," nsgre bar bs Zbeevtna'f dhbgrf ("Jr abj unir n qbt, naq Nyvfgnve vf fgvyy gur qhzorfg bar gur cnegl."). Znqr sbe fbzr pbashfvba jura V ena vagb gur zna uvzfrys va Xvexjnyy…

  29. celestineangel1 says:

    Okay. I'm loving these posts, and I see a problem.

    If I keep reading Mark Plays….

    I am going to want to play all the games.

  30. AzuraLuna says:

    Awww, Roslin and her Adama. My dogs have been named Kitty, Barkley, Havoc (I wonder if anyone will get this one), and Cerberus.

    Story spoilers: V ubcr Znex unf Erghea gb Bfgntne. Ybtnva vf fgvyy na nffubyr, ohg vg tvirf n ovg bs vafvtug vagb jul ur qvq jung ur qvq. V raqrq hc srryvat onq sbe gur thl, ohg fgvyy xvyyrq uvz rirel gvzr.

  31. tethysdust says:

    Ah, I hated Loghain so much. He got so many perfectly decent people killed! I was really hoping Flemeth would be like, "Loghain sucks, let's all go kill him RIGHT NOW!" but it was not to be. On the other hand, hooray for more Morrigan! She has such a great personality and Claudia Black's voice is perfect.

  32. klmnumbers says:

    The first time I played this, I was so ANGRY when Duncan died. I didn't expect the game to kill off my favs. =(

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