Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 23

In the twenty-third hour of Dragon Age: Origins, I win a Bully trophy, become an assassin, yell at a bigot, win a Lord’s favor, and basically rule everything. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to play Dragon Age: Origins.

Hour Twenty-Three

You know, I don’t know that I have all that much to relay to you aside from a list of my stunning accomplishments. After all the frustrations I’d been having with difficult bosses, fighting my own party, confronting evil cultists, and generally getting my ass kicked, this entire hour in Orzammar was shockingly easy. Perhaps I should have come here first! Wait, let me finish every mission here before I say that. Something else could totally destroy me with awfulness, so perhaps I should embarrass myself in advance.

Regardless, I had a great time with the following:

  • Because I gave Morrigan that mirror piece, she gave me a special skill point, which I decided to use for the Assassin Skill Tree. THIS POWER IS ALREADY INCREDIBLE. I cannot wait to build it up more.
  • So, I was tasked with getting both Baizyl and Gwiddon to agree to fight in the Proving for Lord Harrowmont. In Gwiddon’s case, I had to either convince Myaja not to blackmail him or get his love letters back. She clearly wasn’t going to budge, so I used my stellar lock picking skills to simply go into her room and steal the letters. Interestingly enough, no one in my party objected. Oh, now you’re all cool with being illegal and immoral. F U ALL.
  • Gwiddon was super easy to convince. I lied to him about something Lord Harrowmont said, AND I WAS AWARDED THE BULLY TROPHY IN THE PS3 SYSTEM. Look, how am I bullying him at all? I will bully you, trophy system.
  • So, with Gwiddon and Baizyl on my side, I was prepared to fight in the Proving! Things started off well when the Proving Master told me that my elven name was “too difficult to say,” so he’d just be calling me Roslin. You fucking bigot, it’s two syllables. I WILL NEVER LEARN YOUR NAME JUST TO SPITE YOU. Actually, even worse, I’ll just constantly call you the wrong name. How are things going today, Steve? Are you ready to start the Proving, Cristopher? What did you have for breakfast, Heather? How does it feel now?
  • Wow, I utterly DESTROYED at the Proving. Like, I was shocked at how easy it was to massacre everything thrown at me. And when my whole party got to fight, we annihilated Bhelen’s men. TAKE THAT. I don’t even know that much about Bhelen, and I already don’t like him.
  • Lord Harrowmont, your beard is majestic. I’m jealous. Me, I mean, not Roslin. She doesn’t care. She’s busy trying to romance Wynne.
  • Okay, now I really hate Bhelen. His “fanatics” tried to murder me in the Commons! Oh, I am 100% done with you, and I will support Harrowmont solely on the basis that his followers didn’t try to massacre me and my friends. Also, his beard. Sweet hell, did you see that thing?
  • Dust Town. Y’all barely tried when naming this part of Orzammar, didn’t you? Why didn’t you just name it “We Hate Poor People and Think They’re Worth Nothing”?
  • That being said, I’m kind of in love with the way this place is designed. Bravo, Bioware.
  • Nadezda, thank you for basically telling me how to find Jarvia. You rule. I love that I also confronted some of Jarvia’s followers and they wanted mercy, so I killed them. Wynne approved +3 because apparently she’s totally into murdering criminals? Awesome.
  • I didn’t get very far in Jarvia’s ~secret lair~, but I did use Stealth to trick the few guards hanging out behind the tripwire traps. Stealth is SO MUCH FUN.

Thankfully, I wasn’t cliffhanger’d this time. That has happened to me a lot in this game, but such is to be expected when I set a timer for an hour and force myself to stop. I’m eager to kill Jarvia. Oh, and I need to go find Rogek’s contact at the Circle of Mages so I can make a sweet profit off of lyrium. Onwards, I go!

My Character Stats

Strength: 26+2
Dexterity: 25+6
Willpower: 20
Magic: 14
Cunning: 18
Constitution: 24

Heroic Stats

Kills: 391
Damage dealt: 77316
Friendly fire: 0
Greatest damage dealt: 90
Contribution to party damage: 35
Hit rate: 84
Most powerful foe slain: Piotin
Injuries: 8

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117 Responses to Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 23

  1. Fajen says:

    Did you ever turn the difficulty level back up after the mirror fight?

    • Mark Does Stuff says:

      Oh, yes!!! I should have said that. I generally have a perfectly fine time on Normal.

      What are other folks' experience with the harder difficulty settings?

      • cat says:

        After playing this game roughly a jillion times, for me it depends on the character type. With my rogue I play on hard, sometimes even switching down to "normal" if I'm trying for something tricky. On the other hand, if I'm not playing on nightmare as either a mage or a dual-wielding warrior, I tear through enemies like wet tissue paper. Class plays a big role, especially after the first, say, nine or ten levels (so about when your mage turns from 'glass canon' to 'glass nuclear weapon'.

        • Mark Does Stuff says:

          What differs in hard and nightmare? Is it just an issue of how much damage an enemy can take?

          • affableevil says:

            one of those is where you have to start worrying about friendly fire, I think probably Nightmare

            I wouldn't know, I generally play on Casual. I'm here for the story!

          • TrampyMcBitca says:

            Friendly fire does more damage
            Healing decreases
            You take more damage
            Enemies have increased resistances

            I think? :)

          • cat says:

            Pretty much, plus the enemy's AI gets smarter as you go up the ladder supposedly. Though I only really noticed the difference with enemy mages, which go from "yeah sure hit me with lightning again it really hurts LOL" to "HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT IT'S RAINING FIREBALLS". Friendly fire hits your party as hard as it would an enemy in Nightmare as opposed to half in normal, not 100% sure if it does that in Hard as well or if there's a "3/4 damage" middle ground.

          • biblioteknician says:

            Actually, I'm pretty sure there isn't friendly fire on normal, either. The half comes into play on Hard. But yeah, when mages get smarter with magic, everything is terrifying.

          • cat says:

            Hmm, I'm almost positive that you can hurt your party in Normal because I remember when I first started playing with mages it took me ages to figure out that Morrigan was the one setting my allies on fire and they weren't just spontaneously combusting. Maybe it's just restricted to fewer abilities?

            And yeah, there are no words for how much I now hate curse of mortality. Unless I'm the one casting it, in which case, there are no words for how much I love curse of mortality.

          • biblioteknician says:

            Ah! I just checked the wiki. Are you playing on PC? Because friendly fire starts on Normal on PC, and Hard on PS3/Xbox. What a strange difference.

            I have been trying to figure out- can your Templars dispell Curse of Mortality? I know it's gotten rid of Stinging Swarm for me, but I either forget to try/don't notice I've been cursed until it's too late with CoM.

          • Mark Does Stuff says:

            I was gonna say, I definitely have 0 friendly-fire damage during my playthrough. Weird that it's different for a PC!

          • MisterBernie says:

            Would it surprise you to learn that this is one of the points of contention in the console vs PC flamewars?

          • snapsnzips says:

            wat? yes? wat?

          • Remaix says:

            The whole difficulty level is sort of different on PC and console, from what I understand? Like, Normal on the console is Casual on the PC, Hard on the console is Normal on the PC, etc.

            I've never played the console versions, so I'm not sure, but that's how it was explained to me!

          • xyliane27 says:

            It should! It saved my behind a lot. A templar just can't use it on themself. It saved my rear with Crushing Prison on higher difficulties. CoM is the worst.

          • cat says:

            I am indeed! I just looked, and I don't have a setting marked "casual" either… assuming that's not just another name for the easy setting, I guess that means it's just scaled easier for the console? Which actually does make sense, because from what I see in Mark's videos it's much harder to manage tactics from the pause screen than it is on PC (where scrolling way out to see the battlefield is pretty easy), so they're probably trying to compensate for that.

            And yes! You can dispell Curse of Mortality. That's my no. 1 reason for having Alistair in a party, tbh, with swarm as no. 2 (no idea why that spell always kills me so much, but man! it does.)

      • adaptation says:

        I'm like you, I typically do fine on Normal and then get mad when I get killed 700 times in a row and turn it down to Casual for the really hard fights.

      • celestineangel1 says:

        Because I am terrible, my first playthrough I played on normal until… uh… going into the Korcari Wilds with Daveth and Ser Jory. ^_^** I had to turn it to easy to get out of there, and never turned it back. Well, I never turned it back. A couple of times, during a particularly hellacious battle, I would check and find it had turned itself back to normal. MY GAME IS POSSESSED.

      • xyliane27 says:

        I play DAO on Hard for the most part. I played the whole game on Nightmare once, and I don't think I'll be doing Orzammar like that ever again. Oh man the fights…

        That being said, I'm playing DA2, and I can't figure out how to play at anything higher than Normal. It's a freaking slaughterhouse against me.

        • biblioteknician says:

          Oh god, I don't know what they did to the battle system in 2 to make it so much harder, but I feel you. (… ab, jnvg, V QB xabj. Gurl qba'g fubj lbh nyy gur rarzvrf sebz gur trg-tb, fb whfg jura lbh guvax lbh'ir tbg vg haqre pbageby YBY FHPXRE UNIR NABGURE JNIR BS RARZVRF. JUB UNIR ORGGRE FGHSS.)

          That said, I am about to finish my first Hard playthrough. And I just feel like Niryvar: "Uneq jba naq QRFREIRQ." (Ba gung abgr, vf vg whfg zr, be vf Genadhvyvgl…. gur zbfg evqvphybhfyl qvssvphyg svtug va guvf tnzr? Fvzcyl orpnhfr lbh trarenyyl unira'g unq gur punapr gb ohvyq lbhe yriry hc gb n cynpr jurer orvat YBBXRQ NG ol Grzcynef fynhtugref lbh.)

          • xyliane27 says:

            I'm scared to read the rot13 because I'm only halfway through Act 2 right now. I only just got DA2 when Origin and EA did their "here's $20 for a game!" thing a few weeks ago, and Frankenstorm means no school for a week. Are those DA2 or DAO?

            I can't get the hang of the strategy required, and the game won't let me zoom out enough to properly plan attacks. It's most disconcerting. At least the combat animations are fascinating?

          • biblioteknician says:

            Um, they're DA2, but it's only spoilers through Act 1 and party banter when you win a fight. :)

        • celestineangel1 says:

          Uuuuuuh, I could barely beat Orzammar on easy… o.o I salute anyone who can get through it on anything higher, and quake with fear in the presence of any who can get through it on nightmare.

          • biblioteknician says:

            Well…. I've played this game um. *cougheighttimescoughdon'tjudgemecough* So I had to put it on Nightmare just so I wouldn't get bored. DLC Spoilers: V qba'g rira erzrzore juvpu QYP tvirf vg gb lbh, ohg bapr lbh trg gung phqtry gung'f jbegu 300+ tbyq, naq gur tnzr tvirf vg gb lbh ng gur fgneg sberire nsgre, vg vf zhpu rnfvre gb fheivir. Whfg fryy gung guvat naq ohl NYY GUR UREONYVFZ VATERQVRAGF. (Gur ahzore bs cbgrag ylevhz cbgvbaf V oevat vagb gur svany onggyr vf nofheq)

          • celestineangel1 says:

            O.O! I WANT IT.

          • biblioteknician says:

            I just looked it up, and you acquire it from Golems of Amgarrak. The bright side: They give it to you at the start of every game forever, once you acquire it. The less bright side? That DLC is HARD. LikeWOAH.

          • Gillyweed says:

            I HATED doing Golems of Amgarrak! For some reason my Ireth went form level 25 to 20, and I had the worst party! Fur'f qhny-jvryqvat jneevbe, lbh unir bar ebthr bar jneevbe naq bar Tbyrz, ab zntvp be enatrq cbjre jungfbrire. Vg gbbx ntrf gb xvyy nalguvat. I left it for three months and picked it up again just because of Mark plays.

          • biblioteknician says:

            Naq GUNG vf gur ernfba V cynlrq vg bapr nf n zntr, naq gura ARIRE NTNVA.

          • celestineangel1 says:

            O.O Eeeeeeep.

            I should have that DLC… I DLed the Ultimate edition that supposedly has all the DLCs. It's just a question how how to make it happen. What activates it?

          • baruchan says:

            Go to "Other Campaigns" on the main menu, and it should show up there :)

          • celestineangel1 says:

            Right, but I mean how to trigger it in gameplay. Unless it works differently from DLCs like "The Stone Golem" and "Erghea gb Bfgntne"?

          • baruchan says:

            AFAIK, you can't trigger it in-game. Of course, I could be wrong. (I can't verify it right now because I'm not using a PC with DAO installed.)

          • celestineangel1 says:

            biblioteknician says the same. So I will wait. SIGH. Thanks!

          • biblioteknician says:

            What Baruchan said. It's a post-campaign DLC that you can import a character into from Origins or Awakening. (the same way you would import a character from Origins into Awakening)

          • celestineangel1 says:

            Ooooooh, okay. Huh. Well. Gonna have to wait on that, considering V fnpevsvprq zl bevtvany Jneqra gb gur terngre tbbq. V unir ab cynaf gb fnpevsvpr Xvreana, fb V pna vzcbeg uvz jura V'z qbar jvgu guvf cynlguebhtu. :Q

          • biblioteknician says:

            V qvq gung jvgu zl svefg Jneqra, gbb, naq jnf sberire fnq gung V pbhyqa'g vzcbeg gung cynlguebhtu, jvgu uvf qrngu, vagb na Njnxravat jvgu gur Beyrfvna Jneqra-Pbzznaqre. JUL OVBJNER. JUL.

            …. Qvq lbh pel yvxr n puvyq jura lbhe Jneqra qvrq, be jnf gung whfg zr orvat gbb nggnpurq?

          • celestineangel1 says:

            V qvq abg pel, ohg vg unf abguvat gb qb jvgu lbh orvat gbb nggnpurq. Zreryl gur snpg gung V nz rivy naq urnegyrff naq rawbl qbvat gurfr guvatf. V xvaq bs jnagrq gb frr Nyvfgnve'f ernpgvba, ohg nynf, ur jnf abg ng gur shareny. Cebonoyl pbhyqa'g fgnaq gb or gurer. Nccneragyl, ur qbrf qvfnccrne nsgre n srj zber lrnef jvgu gur Terl Jneqraf, gubhtu. Fb gurer'f gung.

          • biblioteknician says:

            Bu. V'q znqr Nyvfgnve Xvat, orpnhfr Naben orgenlrq zr (juvpu jnf npghnyyl zl bja snhyg, fur gbyq zr gb pbzr gnyx gb ure naq gura V jrag gb orq naq jura V pnzr onpx gb gur tnzr V SBETBG GB GNYX GB URE JUBBCF) fb ur cerfvqrq bire zl shareny. Naq lrnu, V pevrq. N ybg.

            Human Noble spoiler: Rfcrpvnyyl jura Srethf pnzr sbejneq. Xrvena unq fcrag gur RAGVER TNZR guvaxvat nobhg uvf oebgure naq V'q tvira hc ba uvz rira orvat nyvir, naq gura URNEGOERNX SBERIRE.

          • celestineangel1 says:

            YBY, bxnl, shaal fgbel gung vf eryngrq gb Naben. Fb zl sevraq pnzr bire gb uryc zr qrsrng Ney Ubjr orpnhfr V jnf fghpx, evtug? Naq fur fubjrq zr ubj gb trg gur purng pbafbyr frg hc naq nyy gur jbaqreshy fghss. Naq gura fur fng onpx naq jngpurq zr znxr GREEVOYR QRPVFVBAF. Yvxr… Pryrfgvar jnf gehgushy gb n snhyg. Fb jura jr erfphrq Naben, naq gur thneqf fgbccrq gur cnegl naq npphfrq hf bs xvqanccvat gur dhrra, V (naq Pryrfgvar ol qrsnhyg) gevrq gb or gehgushy naq fnl "Ohg fur'f evtug urer!" Ng juvpu cbvag, bs pbhefr, Naben fgrcf sbejneq naq fnlf, "V nz urer, gunax lbh fb zhpu sbe erfphvat sebz gurfr oevtnaqf!" zrnavat hf, naq V jnf yvxr "BU LBH SHPXRE" naq npghnyyl pubfr gur "Lbh onpx-fgnoovat [qryrgrq]!" bcgvbaf orpnhfr EVTUG. Naq gura cebprrqrq gb or fynhtugrerq ol gur crbcyr.

            Fb V erybnqrq gur ynfg fnir naq tnir zlfrys hc vafgrnq. Ohg orpnhfr V xarj Naben jbhyq orgenl zr ng gur qebc bs n ung, tvira gur punapr, V znqr ure dhrra. Yvxr, frevbhfyl, V arrqrq ure uryc ntnvafg Ybtunva naq qvq abg gehfg ure bar vbgn gb uryc hayrff fur tbg jung fur jnagrq.

            Urapr, Pryrfgvar'f qrnq, Naben'f dhrra, naq Nyvfgnve vf bss tbqf xabj jurer qbvat tbqf xabj jung.

            V fubhyq gbgnyyl qb nabgure cynlguebhtu jurer V ebznapr Nyvfgnve, znxr uvz xvat, naq znxr gur fnpevsvpr….

            Lbh'er wfhg tvivat zr rivy vqrnf, lbh xabj. :Q

          • biblioteknician says:

            Gung svtug vf qrfvtarq sbe lbh gb ybfr. Lbh jnxr hc va Sbeg Qenxba, ab jbeevrf. (Gubhtu gur svefg gvzr V qvq vg, V jnf cynlvat ba rnfl naq npghnyyl znantrq gb JVA. Fb jura V ybfg ba abezny V jnf FB ZNQ naq gura JUNG VF TBVAT BA GUVF QVQA'G UNCCRA YNFG GVZR. Tbbq gvzrf.)

            Vs lbh ebznapr Nyvfgnve, lbh unir gb yrnir uvz oruvaq be ur jvyy abg yrg lbh znxr gur fnpevsvpr. Ur tvirf hc uvf yvsr gb fnir lbh, rira vs lbh znxr uvz Xvat, naq urnegoernx vf rireljurer. V'z nffhzvat vs lbh yrnir uvz oruvaq, lbh oernx uvf urneg vagb gval cvrprf.

            Va bgure jbeqf, unir sha! Pubbfvat gur rivy raqvatf pna or qryvtugshy.

          • celestineangel1 says:

            Lrnu, V yrnearq yngre gung lbh qba'g qvr rira vs lbh ybfr va gung onggyr. Fb V'yy cebonoyl whfg cynl vg bhg arkg gvzr. Jryy. Nffhzvat V pubbfr gb gel gb gryy gur gehgu. YBY.

            Naq V nyfb svtherq bhg nobhg Nyvfgnve gung svefg gvzr. Naq orpnhfr V zrffrq hc zl fnirf, va beqre gb svk vg gur jnl V jnagrq, V unq gb tb NYY GUR JNL ONPX GB ORSBER GUR YNAQFZRRG whfg gb cynl onpx hc gb gur cbvag fb V pbhyq pubbfr gb yrnir uvz oruvaq. >.< Naq frr, jung trgf zr vf gung V jnf haqre gur vzcerffvba gung gur tnzr jbhyq tvir lbh gur bcgvba gb xabpx uvz bhg naq gnxr gur fnpevsvpr. V qvqa'g xabj lbh unq gb yrnir uvz oruvaq. Onu!

            BU JRYY V SVKRQ VG.

          • Remaix says:

            Same here. I think it was even worse for me, because I decided to go in with an all melee party. So no mage to heal.

            By the time I was back above ground ready to do Redcliffe, I had used around, and I'm not even kidding, 60 health poultices. No, really. It was kind of ridiculous.

          • snapsnzips says:

            It helps to understand how the game weights personal stats and things. Also, I never play anyone with two handed weapons which always seemed to really suck. Understanding good combinations for different classes: momentum for dual wielding is awesome, for example; DA rewards dexterity more than constitution as well. Getting out of the way is better than having lots of hit points. Things you want as a mage: mana clash is a big one; also I really like glyph of repulsion for protecting mages.

            The first time I played I could barely survive the attack at nightfall and so I went out and read a long treatise on the web on how rogues and two handed skills work, which is also where I learned about mods and immediately acquired a few that balanced combat better and fixed a few bugs that Bioware handn't (although I think thy've been patched since).

            With big fights, it helps to hide everyone in a passage, send a rogue up cloaked and send in a few arrows. A few will run out and chase you and you can pick them off a few at a time and then go in and get at the harder guys when their henchmen are all dead.

            DA:O tactics in a nutshell :)

          • celestineangel1 says:

            Really? My current rogue I play two-handed and he kicks ass. Good to know that momentum is essential, I will be working towards that goal from now on. Also good to know about the dexterity thing.

            I've already discovered the joys of hiding everyone else and sending my rogue in under stealth. *_* Stealth is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

            Mods make me nervous. I've broken my game enough using the developer console (and only one cheat). I have a lovely screencap of Leliana floating nobir gur fgrcf yrnqvat qbja gb gur oevqtr qhevat "Erghea gb Bfgntne."

          • snapsnzips says:

            I've only used the developer console once to run a fix for a mod bug. If you work with the ones that are most highly endorsed, you will find there is a set of about 10-20 that are fantastic and don't break you and really add a lot to gameplay.

          • celestineangel1 says:

            Yeah, I don't use it a lot. Only one cheat, and only when I absolutely have to (LOVE YOU "KILLALLHOSTILES"). Haven't had to use it at all yet this playthrough!

            The only mods I think I actually would want would be expansions to hair options for characters. There are so few that come with the game, and I don't like many of them. :/

          • elenuial says:

            There are good hair mods! But you have to be careful. There are a lot of "Hey, look, I can make my Warden NEKKID WITH ANIME BOOBS" mods, too.

            But I would also recommend (at a minimum):

            Storage chest in camp
            Restored content mods (i.e. stuff the devs started making and didn't finish, but kept in the data files, which modders came in and cleaned up and released)

            I mean, you don't *have* to use these things. But I've found they've made the game much more playable.

          • celestineangel1 says:

            Ooooo, a storage chest in camp would be useful….

            Any suggestions for good hair mods? Names or where to look for them?

      • Cleo says:

        It depends on how you want to play, I play on normal because I just want to play my character, I don't like pausing and micro managing which is what I would get if I upped the difficulty. So I play on normal, program the AI to actually work well on its own and go off shooting things with merry abandon. I think it flows better when I'm not controlling the others.

      • snapsnzips says:

        I use a bunch of mods that change the combat balancing and add extra difficulty, spawn extra bad guys and allow them to equip special items and be a bit more clever about their tactics, but also generate more special drops and things. I play on hard and that works for me most of the time. Now that I've played the game a few times, I'll drop down to normal or easy if I end up with too many extra hard things that have spawned.

      • stumpoman says:

        I tend to play on nightmare. after playing it a lot you kind of have to in order to keep it interesting.
        DLC spoilers
        gur avtug pncgnva naq jrncba znfgre va yryvnan'f fbat naq gur uneirfgre va gur tbyrzf bs nztneenx oebxr zr gubhtu

  2. adaptation says:

    Oh, man, Bhelen. I HATE THAT GUY.

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

    • TrampyMcBitca says:

      That is the best thing ever.

    • Rens says:

      The interesting thing is that Qrfcvgr orvat n pbaavivat cbjre-uhatel onfgneq, ur'f npghnyyl gur zber yvoreny bs gur gjb naq vafgvghgrf fjrrcvat ersbezf gung yrnq gb na nobyvfuzrag bs gur pnfgr flfgrz — jurernf Uneebjzbag vf n whfg naq snve ehyre, ohg fb hygenpbafreingvir gung gur qjneirf nyy ohg nonaqba gur fhesnpr jbeyq pbzcyrgryl…

      … Fb lrnu, lbh'er tbvat gb or haunccl jvgu gur erfhyg rvgure jnl.

      • adaptation says:

        Right? It makes me so mad jura V srry yvxr V unir gb cvpx gur pbafreingvir thl whfg orpnhfr gur yvoreny vf n qbhpur. Be cvpx gur qbhpur whfg orpnhfr gur avpr thl vf fhcre pbafreingvir. EHQR.

        • cat says:

          V srry yvxr vg jnf n fzneg zbir birenyy gubhtu, nf sehfgengvat nf vg vf, orpnhfr vg qbrf npghnyyl znxr gur pubvpr orgjrra gur gjb srry qvssvphyg rirel gvzr lbh cynl gur tnzr. Vs bar jnf avpr naq unq tbbq cbyvpvrf naq bar jnf n wrex jvgu greevoyr cbyvpvrf, bapr lbh sreergrq bhg juvpu jnf juvpu va lbhe svefg cynlguebhtu, lbh'q xabj vafgnagyl jub gb cvpx rirel gvzr lbh cynlrq guebhtu ntnva naq vg jbhyq or rira gbhture abg gb zrgntnzr.

      • Remaix says:

        Na rfcrpvnyyl qvssvphyg pnyy gb znxr vs lbhe jneqra'f n qjneira aboyr. Ba gur bar unaq V srry yvxr FHPU na nffubyr vs V cvpx Ouryra, ohg ba gur bgure unaq V qb ernyyl jnag jung'f orfg sbe gur qjneirf.

        Naq nsgre cynlvat gur qjneira pbzzbare ebhgr V pna'g cvpx Uneebjzbag nalzber. V whfg pna'g qb gung gb Evpn. ;-;

        • accidentalbeard says:

          Bu, rknpgyl. Zl svefg cynlguebhtu jnf jvgu n Qjneira Pbzzbare naq V jnf onfvpnyyl guvaxvat "shpx lbh, Ouryra!!" hagvy V ernyvmrq fhccbegvat uvz jbhyq or orfg sbe Evpn.

          • V cynlrq n Qjnes Pbzzbare svefg naq fgvyy jrag sbe Uneebjzbag…V qba'g ernyyl xabj jurgure V whfg pybfrq zl rnef naq rlrf gb Evpn be jung…

          • The_Real_Lee says:

            Jura V jnf n qjnes pbzzbare V pubfr Ouryra orpnhfr Uneebzbag unq zr neerfgrq, lrg V fbzrubj raqrq hc va gur Pnegn'f pryy.

            Also, love that Disney gif thing.

        • elenuial says:

          Nf n Pbzzbare, V tb jvgu Ouryra orpnhfr Evpn. Nf n Aboyr (jub jnf xvaq bs n qbhpur uvzfrys), V tb jvgu Uneebjzbag, orpnhfr SHPX OURYRA SBERIRE V NPGHNYYL QVQA'G RIRA XVYY ZL OEBGURE FB ZL OVGGRE IRATRSHY UNGR XABJF AB OBHAQF. V jnf n yvggyr znq ur znqr zr xvyy uvz, gubhtu. V ernyyl jnagrq n fprar jurer V pbhyq zbpx uvz va uvf cevfba pryy.

          Bhgfvqr bs gung, V graq gb ebyrcynl vg bhg. Jung'f zber vzcbegnag gb zl Jneqra? Genqvgvba? Rdhnyvgl? Crbcyr jub ner avpr? Fcvgvat nffubyrf?

    • Nsgre cynlvat nf n qjnes eblny, V ERNYYL ungr Ouryra!!! Ur vf n gbgny wrex. :(

  3. Bookman230 says:

    V fhccbegrq Uneebjzbag ng svefg gbb, orpnhfr ur jnf avpr, unq n svar orneq, naq jnf ibvprq ol Rguna Enlar, naq Ouryra jnf glenavpny , haqreunaqrq, naq whfg zrna. Ohg guvf vf Qentba Ntr. Vg'f abg nf fvzcyr nf avpr ubabe thl naq zrna glenag thl. Ouryra frrzf gb or zber jvyyvat gb punatr gur qjneira'f qbjauvyy, fgntanag fcveny, gnxr onpx tebhaq, tvir gur Pnfgryrff fbzr evtugf. Naq Uneebjzbag frrzf gb or pbagrag jvgu gur pheerag vfbyngvbavfg flfgrz. Vg'f n qrny jvgu gur qrivy, ohg Ouryra'f cbgragvny gb vaibxr punatr, ab znggre uvf vagragvbaf be uvf zrgubqf, hfhnyyl znxrf zr fvqr jvgu uvz.

    • Eliestav says:

      And I'd be totally happy with that if there was anything other than the epilogue to suggest that. The one noble who seems to support the rights of casteless supports Harrowmont and has to be tricked into supporting Bhelen with the fake paperwork.

      If this is something he tells you in ihs meeting, then I'd like to know, because nothing I found whilst playing made me inclined to give him teh time of day.

      As is, the only way to guess is that he cares at all about the casteless is that he sleeping with one. So I'm somewhat bitter about the whole thing.

      • Tahaneira says:

        V xvaqn svtherq vg bhg (fbegn, inthryl) orpnhfr zbfg bs gur qjneirf gnyxrq nobhg ubj ubabenoyr naq genqvgvbanyvfg Uneebjzbag vf. Naq zl oenva qerj n yvar orgjrra Uneebjzbag naq pheerag qjneira genqvgvbaf naq frag hc n ovt erq synt. Fb V qrpvqrq gb tb naq frr Ouryra gb urne jung ur gubhtug.

      • elenuial says:

        I find this to remarkably close to my experience of politics in general, and so this managed to make me both delighted and cynical at the same time.

  4. Tahaneira says:

    Lhc, Uneebjzbag. Zhpu nf V xabj Ouryra vf ivbyrag, haqreunaqrq, naq xvaq bs n fyrnmr, V pnaabg va tbbq snvgu fhccbeg Uneebjzbag nf gur xvat bs Bemnzzne. Gur bayl gvzr V rire qb fb vf va rivy cynlguebhtuf. Uneebjzbag gnyxf n tbbq gnyx, ohg vg'f nyy nobhg qjneira ubabe. Naq nsgre gnxvat n tbbq ybbx ng Qhfg Gbja, V qrpvqrq qjneira ubabe pna tb whzc va bar bs gurve ynin cbbyf. FB lrnu, V jvyy nyjnlf fhccbeg Ouryra. Ur znl or na rivy cevpx naq n qvpgngbe, ohg ng yrnfg ur yrtvgvzngryl unf nyy bs uvf fhowrpgf' orfg vagrerfgf ba uvf gb-qb yvfg.

    …yeah, that's pretty much all I have to say right now. New Origin story tomorrow!

    Quote of the Day:
    Leliana: You know, after all this is over, I wouldn't mind getting a job here. I could sing, tell stories, help the king get items from high shelves…

    • celestineangel1 says:

      Agree with all your rot13. Vs V rire qb na rivy cynlguebhtu, V zvtug fhccbeg Uneebjzbag gura. Znlor.

    • biblioteknician says:

      Gung vf fhpu n qvssvphyg pubvpr, orpnhfr sbe nyy gur tbbq Ouryra qbrf, ur nyfb onfvpnyyl cebpynvzf uvzfrys Uvtu Qvpgngbe bs Nyy Qjneirf Rire. Naq vg tbg rira uneqre sbe zr jura V cynlrq obgu qjnes bevtvaf. Boivbhfyl fhccbegvat Ouryra vf tbbq sbe cbbe Evpn, naq zl Pbzzbare jrag gung ebhgr. Ohg gura V cynlrq nf Nrqhpna, naq yrg zr gryy lbh, ol gur gvzr jr pnzr onpx, Vfbory tnir ab shpxf NG NYY nobhg xvyyvat gur URYY bhg bs ure oebgure.


      • Tahaneira says:

        V xabj ur'f na nff, naq gung'f cneg bs jung znxrf zr erterg gur arprffvgl. Ohg va gur raq, gur bayl crbcyr jub ernyyl fhssre haqre uvf ehyr ner gur aboyrf, naq n srj bs gurz ng gung. Ohg Uneebjzbag abg bayl xrrcf tevaqvat gur pnfgryrff vagb gur qhfg, ur onfvpnyyl rafherf gung Bemnzzne jvyy or qrfgeblrq. Fher, gurer'f fgvyy Xny Funebx, ohg V qba'g jnag gb frr n shyy unys bs gur erznvavat qjneirf qrfgeblrq whfg orpnhfr bar thl vf gbb zverq va genqvgvba gb frr jung ur'f qbvat vf jebat.

        Vs V pna jbex jvgu Nevn, V pna jbex jvgu Ouryra.

        • The_Real_Lee says:

          Vg'f jbefr vs lbh yrg Uneebzbag unir gur naivy, ur onfvpnyyl xvyyf bss qhfg gbja. Ur znl or ubabenoyr naq avpr, ohg ur'f n ubeevoyr crefba jub ybbxf ng gur pnfgryrff naq frrf fbzrguvat orybj navznyf.

          • elenuial says:

            Naq gura ur fgnegf fgntvat fhesnpr envqf gb hfr ryira naq uhzna fbhyf, juvpu raqf hc fgnegvat n tvtnagvp jne orgjrra gur Qjneirf naq rirelbar ryfr.

            Vg'f whfg abg gung ur'f n pbafreingvir jub qbrfa'g pner nobhg gur qvfcbffrffrq. Ur vf npgviryl na nffubyr jub jvyy unccvyl zheqre uvf "vasrevbef" sbe tnva. Ouryra vf na qbhpur, ohg fb vf Uneebjzbag va gur raq.

  5. cat says:

    Nsgre nyy gur sehfgengvbaf V’q orra univat jvgu qvssvphyg obffrf, svtugvat zl bja cnegl, pbasebagvat rivy phygvfgf, naq trarenyyl trggvat zl nff xvpxrq, guvf ragver ubhe va Bemnzzne jnf fubpxvatyl rnfl. Creuncf V fubhyq unir pbzr urer svefg!

    <img src="; alt="" title="Hosted by" />

  6. celestineangel1 says:

    Nunununnununununun, Wneivn. Fb zhpu qrnq. Ng yrnfg sbe zr.

  7. Peter says:

    First Time Gameplay

    Hmm… I don't remember Rogek or a contact in the Circle of Magi. DID I MISS A SIDEQUEST? Because that would honestly make me ungodly upset.

    The Orzammar setting is absolutely fantastic. The more you're there, the more you learn about the castes, about dwarven society, and about the oppression that is rampant in this society. Bioware, how are you so good?

    Oh, Jarvia and her cartel. I was honestly a little annoyed that I had to do that after the proving, because REALLY, HARROWMONT? I proved myself to you in the Proving, so do I really need to do this? Can't you just send me off into the Deep Roads already, which is obviously where this is heading?

    I mean, by this point, before I did the Proving, actually, I'd already talked to *everyone* I could in Orzammar, and so I'd already learned about Paragon Branka going off into the Deep Roads. Based upon the fact that that's where the Darkspawn live and that the quest is called "A Paragon of Her Kind," I guessed at that point that I might have to go into the Deep Roads for the quest. Also, did I mention the Home of the Darkspawn thing? So I was definitely a little frustrated with the length of the Orzammar sequence. Naq gung jnf orsber V rira npghnyyl jrag vagb gur Qrrc Ebnqf.

    But enough of that grumbling. Fgbar Cevfbare arkg jrrx!!!

    • SpaceElves says:

      the quest only works if you have enough gold the first time you talk to him. if not he never talks to you again.

      • SorrowsSolace says:

        Be jura lbh pbzr onpx nf gur Qjnes Pbzzbare naq Yrfxr'f jbexvat jvgu Wneivn naq unf cerggl zhpu orgenlrq lbh. N tyvgpu naablrq zr ur erznexf nobhg ubj lbh fpnzcrerq bss jvgu gur Jneqraf evtug njnl rira vs lbh fnvq ntnva naq ntnva gung lbh qvqa'g jnag gb tb.

    • ensignkt says:

      I'm totally with you about the annoyance. Va snpg, vg'f jul V svaq Bemnzzne fb naablvat. Gur Qrrc Ebnqf, ng yrnfg, V pna cbhaq guebhtu va n pbhcyr ubhef naq trg vg qbar jvgu, ohg nyy guvf ehaavat nebhaq orsberunaq unf zber onpxgenpxvat naq nyjnlf frrzf gb gnxr sberire naq vf whfg nf hafxvccnoyr. V ernyyl qvfyvxr guvf cneg bs gur tnzr.

  8. TrampyMcBitca says:

    Dust Town. Y’all barely tried when naming this part of Orzammar, didn’t you? Why didn’t you just name it “We Hate Poor People and Think They’re Worth Nothing”?

    Because the town sign would have cost too much. They charge by the letter, you know!

  9. Eliestav says:

    The dwarves of sust town aren't just poor, they're casteless. The dwarves consider geneology super importnat, and who your parents are determines your caste. At the bottom rung are the casteless, who cannot legally hold prestigious jobs, can't be warriors in the army, and are essentially outcasts.

    Also any dwarf that goes to the surface is considered casteless, but considering they support orzamar's economy, they're not looked down as badly.

    • Mark Does Stuff says:

      Yeah, this is something I figured out later in the game. Which is kind of fascinating that the dwarves AND the elves both have class/caste issues in their societies that are so prominent.

      • Eliestav says:

        It's a medieval fantasy setting. EVERYBODY has class/caste issues in their societies that are prominent.

        • Passing by says:

          Although, The Dwarven caste system is more similar to the Indian caste system than anything from medieval Europe. Not that there wasn't any stratification in medieval Europe, mind you.

  10. TrampyMcBitca says:

    BTW, I keep forgetting to ask how everyone who was affected by Hurricane Sandy was doing. Of course, many still don't have power so probably won't see this.

    • jerssica says:

      I was really lucky to not lose power in Brooklyn at all and went back to work today for the first time this week. The commute is pretty hellish thanks to many subways being flooded and there's still no power anywhere in Manhattan below 34th street. Its really strange to walk through dark shops and restaurants. From updates from friends and family in other areas, I know a majority of New Jersey won't get power back until November 9th. Parts of Rhode Island are getting power back and our local beach is destroyed, along with all of the local businesses there. It's pretty devastating. I will say, I'm impressed with the MTA in NY for what they are doing to help people get to their jobs (completely cutting fare until the end of the day today, creating shuttle buses to get into manhattan, etc.) and all of the volunteer opportunities all over the city. I've seen a lot of random acts of kindness this week. With that said, I can't believe the marathon is happening tomorrow, but that's another rant.

      Thus ends my rambley update! That was way longer than I planned, but thank you for the concern :)

    • Ryan Lohner says:

      I made a video about it.[youtube Uz9l-GuIGCQ youtube]

      • TrampyMcBitca says:

        I live on Long Island. I was one of the lucky few who did not lose power and did not have any damage. Maybe we got a pass this time because Irene destroyed our garage last year. All of my family that live in New Jersey have no power. Thankfully, it doesn't look like they had any damage. The trees that fell didn't hit anything major.

        Right now, it appears that gasoline is a major issue for a lot of people. As of Thursday night, 70% of Long Island's gas stations had no power. It's all everyone is talking about at my job.

        Stay safe, everyone.

  11. adaptation says:

    Oh, I picked up my mage playthrough last night (I went through and played all of the origin stories ages ago, just so I could get the achievements), and I got through Lothering and then did Stone Prisoner orpnhfr gur zber Funyr V unir va zl yvsr, gur orggre.

    My mage is named Cooper. He's kind of weird-looking. He looks sort of like a dark-haired, doped-up version of the kid from Glee with the mouth. Cooper's takes none of your shit. He'll be nice if he can, but, listen, Revered Mother, you're gonna give him the key to Sten's cage, or he's going to fuck you up. Sorry, Alistair.

    Anyway, my point is that I named my Mabari Mark. That's a thing that happened.

    (And yes, for anyone wondering, I totally made a male character just so I wouldn't end up romancing Alistair.)

    • celestineangel1 says:

      Hahaha, yeah, Alistair does not appreciate threatening the Revered Mother, does he? And meanwhile, Morrigan's all "OH HOW FUN!"

      Mark the Mabari = best thing ever.

      • adaptation says:

        Yeah, haha, I'm romancing Morrigan this playthrough, so it's logical to assume that Alistair's going to end up hating me by the end of it. I think I'm just going to not include him in my party for the majority of the game (which has never happened to me, because I'm sort of in love with him). I'm planning on going with Morrigan, Funyr, naq Btuera.

        • Herefox says:

          Romancing Morrigan is the best, in my opinion. Just the sheer implications and situations you end up with at times makes it utterly fascinating.

          Of course I love her dearly, as nasty and awful as she is.

        • celestineangel1 says:

          Ununununun, pbairefngvba orgjrra Yryvnan naq Zbeevtna jurer Yryvnan vf gnyxvat nobhg tbvat fubccvat naq chggvat Zbeevtna va pybgurf gung fubj bss ure… nffrgf… naq Zbeevtna vf ERNYYL sernxrq bhg ol gur jubyr guvat.

          Sbe fbzr ernfba V svaq vg uvynevbhf gung Yryvnan, bs nyy crbcyr, vf gur bar gb sernx bhg Zbeevtna. KQ

  12. tethysdust says:

    I actually supported Bhelen. They both have their down sides, but at least Bhelen qbrfa'g fhccbeg nagvdhngrq vqrnf bs pnfgr, naq jvyy ubcrshyyl qvfznagyr gur nevfgbpenpl. V'z ernyyl whfg abg n sna bs pnfgr flfgrzf. (Above is only a spoiler about Bhelen's politics vs. Harrowmount's.)

    • adaptation says:

      (Dwarf Noble Origin spoilers)

      I'm just biased against Bhelen because he XVYYRQ ZL OEBGURE NAQ SENZRQ ZR SBE VG, GUNG TVNAG QVPX.

      • TrampyMcBitca says:

        Exactly! May the Stone reject you, Bhelen!

        • tethysdust says:

          Wow, that's pretty rough. My character had no personal connection to the dwarves at all, so all I went on was their personalities and politics. I don't think I would have ever supported him if he did something like that in my story!

          • TrampyMcBitca says:


            Abg bayl jnf vg zl oebgure, vg jnf BHE oebgure. Ur xvyyrq uvf byqre oebgure naq senzrq uvf oebgure/fvfgre sbe vg. Uneebjzbag oryvrirq zr jura V fnvq V qvqa'g qb vg naq tnir zr n orggre jrncba gb hfr jura V jnf rkvyrq.

            Abg fubpxvat gung V pubbfr Uneebjzbag. :)

          • The_Real_Lee says:

            Qjnes pbzzbare, nsgre gur Cebivat Uneebzbag neerfgrq zr naq V jbxr hc va gur Pnegn'f cevfba. Uneebzbag vf jbexvat jvgu gur pevzvany ryrzragf va Bemnzzne, naq jura V pbzr onpx ur npgf yvxr abguvat unccrarq.

          • tethysdust says:

            Sounds like you have to be a dwarf to fully appreciate this situation. It was a pretty tough call for me between Harrowmount and Bhelen, as an outsider elf. I put off the actual decision till they forced me to choose, and then I just sided against genqvgvba naq pynffvfz. Now I kinda want to play again as a dwarf, to see how it changes the story :).

        • The Real Lee says:

          Dwarf commoner, Harronmont is a jerk.

      • cogsandcurls says:

        This is EXACTLY why my canon Warden (an Aeducan) sided with Harrowmont without a second thought. Gura V sryg ernyyl thvygl jura V urneq gur nzovrag qvnybthr nobhg Uneebjzbag va QN2, fb V'ir fjnyybjrq zl ungerq naq fvqrq jvgu Ouryra rire fvapr /b\

      • elenuial says:

        V jbhyq ernyyl ybir gb frr Ouryra'f ernpgvba gb n Qjnes Aboyr jneqra fhccbegvat uvz.

  13. Gillyweed says:

    My computer hates me today! I had a long comment written how I absolutely love all the side quests in Orzammar but loathe the main story line cause it's not my job to decide between two guys I don't care about, and it just refreshed the page and I lost it. I have more important issues like Archdemon, darkspawn, Blight, being kicked out of the Alienage, and Loghain basically killing anyone who could help me. I do love helping and talking with everyone else though, especially Dagna, Nug Wrangler, Svyqn (;_; forever!) and my favourite is Zerlinda. I just love dwarven culture and characters so much.
    DA2 spoilers: Gung'f jul vg cvffrf zr bss gung gurer vf abg n FVATYR srznyr qjnes va gur ragver tnzr. Vg'f evqvphybhf! V ybirq nyy gur srznyr qjneirf va Bevtvaf (rkprcg Oenaxn), naq Fvteha vf bar bs zl snibhevgr pbzcnavbaf naq gurl fvzcyl qvqa'g obgure. V ybir Ineevp jvgu nyy zl urneg ohg fbzr ynql qjneirf xvpxvat nff jbhyq or nznmvat.
    OT: but is anyone else having problems loading this page? For some reason it takes forever and sometimes thumb-uping doesn't work.

  14. SpaceElves says:

    mark should totally do the stone prisoner quest next.

    • Passing by says:

      He already did, though his posts haven't reached that point yet. It's in the comments of hour 21, near the bottom of the first page.

  15. Shiyiya says:


    "Lbh xabj, V qba’g xabj gung V unir nyy gung zhpu gb erynl gb lbh nfvqr sebz n yvfg bs zl fghaavat nppbzcyvfuzragf. Nsgre nyy gur sehfgengvbaf V’q orra univat jvgu qvssvphyg obffrf, svtugvat zl bja cnegl, pbasebagvat rivy phygvfgf, naq trarenyyl trggvat zl nff xvpxrq, guvf ragver ubhe va Bemnzzne jnf fubpxvatyl rnfl. Creuncf V fubhyq unir pbzr urer svefg! Jnvg, yrg zr svavfu rirel zvffvba urer orsber V fnl gung. Fbzrguvat ryfr pbhyq gbgnyyl qrfgebl zr jvgu njshyarff, fb creuncf V fubhyq rzoneenff zlfrys va nqinapr."


  16. Jihana says:

    My favorite things in the game are the random conversations between party members, there are a few of those scripted places in all areas where they'll trigger. I spent way too long just changing party members and walking through that bridge in Orzammar and got some amazing dialogue. Also I want to see how you react to Zevran, please use him more.

    • Mark does not use Zevran nearly enough and I am reaching a point where I'm afraid Mriena jvyy qrsrpg ba uvz qhevat gur Ynaqfzrrg orpnhfr Znex unfa'g gnxra gur gvzr gb gnyx guebhtu gur qvnybthr gerrf jvgu rnpu bs uvf pbzcnavbaf ng pnzc. :(

      • cogsandcurls says:

        V'z cerggl fher ur jvyy. :( Zbeevtna frrzf gb or gur bayl bar ur'f tbg rira zvqqyvat nccebiny jvgu – rira uvf pbafgnag cnegl zrzoref yvxr Nyvfgnve ner arhgeny. V guvax cbbe Mri vf n ybfg pnhfr ;_;

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