Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 31

In the thirty-first hour of Dragon Age: Origins, Bhelen’s followers are still, like, totally obsessed with me, camp is awesome, Shayle believes I am a superior being, and Adama needs a bath. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to play Dragon Age: Origins.

Hour Thirty-One

After getting so much done in hour thirty, I was a bit frustrated by one aspect of this game that prevented me from doing much:


I suppose I’m used to the way maps work in the Fallout games, or perhaps how fast-travel works in Borderlands. This game? It doesn’t really have either. So unless you magically get all the right quests in the correct order and are ready to complete them as you enter into certain parts of the game, the game can lag because you have to walk to so many places. You can only access the World Map at certain locations, so once I decided to complete An Admirable Topsider, I had to walk to the entrance of the Deep Roads, then travel to Ortan Thaig, then walk to the Dead Trenches to get the last piece, then walk back to Ortan Thaig OR go through the Anvil of the Void to find a World Map trigger and travel back to Ortan Thaig, and this sentence is way too far long. But you get the point. I wanted to have more to report back to y’all, but all this walking seriously sucked away my time.

Still, I had fun regardless. I got the Topsider’s Honor, which I’ll get to later when I talk about camp. I had two interesting interactions within Ortan Thaig and the Dead Trenches because I actually missed two small areas where there were a ton of darkspawn. Both spots had at least one emissary, and I don’t know if they level up relevant to me, but I died once in each area. Jesus, I forgot how difficult it was to fight them!

Then, once I headed back to the Commons, more of Bhelen’s fanatics attacked me. Like ten of them! Dudes, your shitty king lost, and then I killed him. Get over it. I’ll just keep killing y’all and looting your corpses. I feel no remorse for doing this.

I also returned the tome that was stolen from Milldrate AND HE DIDN’T GIVE ME SHIT FOR IT. Look, I know that I’m a wonderful ~hero~ to these people, but I operate under the expectation that you’ll give me something for murdering people by request. Seriously, I killed like twenty dudes for you, Milldrate. Give me a fucking cupcake or something!

Also, I just need to note that when I finally left Orzammar, Oghren was initially overwhelmed by coming topside, but then said it was less bewildering than discovering his wife liked women. Thanks. Thanks for that, Oghren.

So let’s talk about camp! I’d been anxious to head back as soon as possible because I needed some ENCHANTING to do. Plus, I missed Alistair. I DID. I AM NOT AFRAID TO ADMIT THIS. So, I swapped out Roslin’s weapons with the following:

Topsider’s Honor with 3 enchantments (+4 electricity, +5 electricity, +4 damage to undead)

Dead Thaig Shanker with 2 enchantments (+3 fire damage, chance to reduce movement speed)

I wasn’t planning to use two runes that caused electricity damage, but they were both fairly high, and I wanted to hopefully find or buy a better rune at a later date. THIS IS A GOOD PLAN.

Morrigan had no new conversation options, but I’m not too torn up about this because her approval rating of me literally could not be any higher. I CAN ONLY LOSE WITH HER. Shayle, on the other hand, still has a bit of room to grow, but she’s pretty much in love with me. It’s lovely. She proposed this extensive theory that I am the result of “fleshy” beings consciously trying to improve their breeding. Shayle, I will accept your theory and your compliments. Plus, now she’s become a human-hater with me. YEAH, LET’S HATE OUR OPPRESSORS. I APPROVE.

After this, I spoke to Adama, and Wynne informed me that Adama smelled. Well, yeah, he’s a dog! But I allowed her to give him a bath, which is the funniest image in the world. Wynne is giving Adama a bath. PUT A BOW ON HIS HEAD. DO IT, WYNNE.

At this point, I had only 15 minutes left to play, so I only got to accomplish two things. I traveled back to the Circle Tower to find Godwin. I was shocked to run into Dagna there. I mean, I know she said she was going to come here, but I didn’t think she meant it! I unfortunately had to tell her that the Circle of Mages didn’t exist anymore, and it basically broke her heart. However, ever the optimist, she was sure she could offer up skills of her own to help rebuild the place, which is pretty damn awesome for someone so young!

I can’t say the same for Godwin. I didn’t quite remember who he was, so I actually searched my own blog for mention of him, discovering that he was the dude in the closet on the second floor. Sweet! However, aside from two chests I couldn’t unlock the first time I came through this place, I found nothing. Godwin was nowhere to be found. Confused, I went back to Dust Town to tell Rogek, and he was, understandably, a bit upset by this. He never factored in the possibility that the Circle of Mages would be destroyed. So what does he do? Fight me. Yeah, that’s not going to go over well. I did manage to get 20 gold back from him, but BOOOOOOOO I wanted to make more money! BIGOTRY!

Okay, I think I’ll be paying a visit to the Brecilian Forest for a couple missions in the next hour. Then? It’s time for the landsmeet. OH GOD, SO CLOSE!

My Character Stats

Strength: 27+6
Dexterity: 25+12
Willpower: 22+2
Magic: 14+2
Cunning: 22+7
Constitution: 26+2

Heroic Stats

Kills: 586
Damage dealt: 130828
Friendly fire: 0
Greatest damage dealt: 90
Contribution to party damage: 29
Hit rate: 87
Most powerful foe slain: Revenant
Injuries: 20

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31 Responses to Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 31

  1. Yeah we were worried you might get a bit frustrated when it came time for back tracking :(. But it's not too bad. I've played RPGs where you have to spend seriously massive chunks of time back tracking.

  2. adaptation says:

    I think you should get to turn your timer off when you're staring at the map waiting for those silly little track marks to take you where you want to go. It clearly doesn't count as playing!

  3. snapsnzips says:

    Another awesome PC mod: Anytime World Map -> Access the map whenever you want. Allows stupid people to be stupid. As a test, I saved my game, went into the mages tower and let them close the door on me. I then left via the map and of course, couldn't get back in or anything else. However, it's super nice if you're once again tracking something down in a remote Thaig and then want to LEAVE and same goes for Brecilian Forest.

  4. BornIn1142 says:

    I think it's time we had a serious discussion… about Baldur's Gate.

    How many of you Dragon Age fans have played Baldur's Gate? And if you haven't, do you even realize how much you're missing?

    From the beginning on, DAO was described as a spiritual sequel to the Baldur's Gate series – an earlier D&D-based RPG co-developed by Bioware. That doesn't really do justice to its influence though. I don't think it would be wrong to say that this series created the mold that most of the subsequent Bioware games have been cast from. There's even a few references in DAO to its older brother. ("Would you like to gather your party and venture forth?")

    When people talk about the Baldur's Gate series, they usually refer to Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn and Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal, released in 1998, 2000 and 2001 respectively. The games use good old isometric perspective, and the graphics are really not very impressive from a modern perspective. The quality of dialogue and NPC characterization though? That holds up exceptionally well to this day. I really can't say that I prefer Morrigan to Viconia, or Oghren to Minsc, or… okay, I do prefer Alistair to Anomen.

    BG2 is usually considered one of the finest role-playing games ever programmed. It has a villain voiced by David Warner and a giant miniature space hamster. You (meaning you whoever is reading this) should play it.

    • I've never played it. But picking up both games and expansions seems fairly cheap so I might consider it at some piont.

      • BornIn1142 says:

        There's actually a company working on remastering both games right now as well as adding some new content. They're planning on releasing the first one this year and the second in 2013. Look up Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.

        • Yeah I just read about that. I'm a big fan of remakes of games with upgraded graphics.

          • cckerberos says:

            The "enhanced" edition isn't so much a remake as it is a port. Some UI improvements, etc., but the graphics are the same.

          • Hmm. Based on the pictures the graphics do look somewhat better. Not exactly current but just a slight upgrade to make it not look terrible at higher resolution.

          • Drugar says:

            The game now runs in resolutions up to 2000x1500ish, has a scalable UI, the full BG2 engine in BG1 (allowing kits and sorcerers and such in BG1), three new NPC's, no loading/saving times, pretty much all bugs removed and can be played on Apple and Android tablets, as well as PC and Mac.

            It's pretty snazzy, all in all. The graphics are good enough that they don't bother me even without an actual upgrade.
            Baldur's Gate 1 is in the making, Baldur's Gate 2 should be done in 2013.

          • Yeah I'll wait till that comes out. If it doesn't cost say… more than 20 dollars and gets good reviews then I might check it out. If not then I'll just get the current collection some time.


      (I loved the crap out of Baldur's Gate/Baldur's Gate 2 when I was younger, was playing it around the same time I played the original Diablo.)

    • Canary says:

      I played BG over and over as a kid–I still have the disks somewhere, though they don't work on my current computer. One of the best ever, for sure.

    • Silvasnake says:

      "Would you like to gather your party and venture forth?"

      The first time I played DA:O and saw that ref I was scared, because In Baldur's Gate seeing that message usually meant it was time to swap two disks and wait 5 mins only for a battle to load that killed me.

      Now this makes me laugh.

    • ferafaces says:

      I really need to ask… How do you get a giant miniature space hamster?

      • BornIn1142 says:

        The question is more how you can get rid of it. (You can't.)

        One of your party members has a hamster equipped in his inventory and refuses to let you take it away. He claims it's a miniature giant hamster from space. As far as I know, there's nothing to prove he's wrong about that.

    • kartikeya200 says:

      I've played it. Oooh, I've played it. Mostly I played BG2 over and over, which I think is fair to say not only influenced future Bioware titles, but probably a great many other RPGs as well (but definitely future Bioware titles). Also, I am a total sucker for BG callbacks/injokes in later Bioware games.

      V nyjnlf ohl ZR2'f fcnpr unzfgre. Nyjnlf. V jnf fb fnq vg qvqa'g ernccrne va ZR3. Cyhf, vg qbrfa'g qvr ba zr YVXR NYY GUR FGVAXVAT SVFU. Pbzznaqre Furcneq: fnirf tnynkl zhygvcyr gvzrf, pnaabg fnir ure bja svfu.

    • I'd heard that "Would you like to gather your party and venture forth?" was a reference to [really general/vague spoilers for a game on Mark's confirmed list]: XBGBE jurer lbh unir gb jnvg sbe lbhe cnegl zrzoref gb or jvguva n pregnva qvfgnapr bs lbh orsber vg yrg lbh zbir gb nabgure nern naq jura gurl jrera'g vg fnvq "lbh unir gb tngure lbhe cnegl orsber lbh yrnir" (be fbzrguvat gb gung rssrpg).

  5. Bookman230 says:

    To be fair to Oghren, he had been married to Branka for years, and she apparently never mentioned or gave any indication that she liked the same sex. Having your loved one hide that for years would probably be bewildering. But then, considering Oghren's attitude, he would've been a pig about it and that's probably why Branka didn't tell him. But still.

  6. JackoDaGreat says:

    OMG! Mark's almost at the Landsmeet! I gotta catch up!

    Naq ur unfa'g ebznaprq NALBAR! V ybbx sbejneq gb frrvat Znex ernpg gb nyy gur guvatf ur zvffrq.

  7. Peter says:

    Sidequests!!!! The heart of any good RPG!

    I love Topsider's Honor – after I acquired that sword (I did the dwarves as my third main quest), I used it for ALMOST THE REST OF THE GAME before V cynlrq Jneqraf' Xrrc naq Zvxunry Qelqra znqr zr gur Fgnesnat. I think it was my first ever three-rune sword ~memories~

    Mark, don't forget to pick up sidequests from the Mage's Collective and the Blackstone Irregulars and all that! Also, don't forget to go do Flemeth stuff for Morrigan!

    Unf Znex tbggra nal bs gur bgure punenpgref' fvqrdhrfgf? V guvax V raqrq hc trggvat naq qbvat gur fvqrdhrfgf sbe Nyvfgnve, Yryvnan (boivbhfyl abg sbe Znex), Fgra, naq Mriena. V nyfb gevttrerq Jlaar'f dhrfg nsgre V vavgvngrq gur "raqtnzr" frdhrapr naq pbhyqa'g pbzcyrgr vg. HGGRE FNQARFF.

  8. Passing by says:

    And thus, the Endgame has come in sight.
    Will Roslin come through the Landsmeet unscathed?
    Will Fereleden stand united against the Blight?
    Will Adama tolerate his new, pretty bow?

    All this, next time, on Mark Plays Dragon Age!

  9. klmnumbers says:

    Plus, I missed Alistair. I DID. I AM NOT AFRAID TO ADMIT THIS.

    Understandable, tbh.

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