Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 34

In the thirty-fourth hour of Dragon Age: Origins, I dominate in getting nearly all of my side quests done, and WHAT THE FUCK THAT’S A BEAR. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to play Dragon Age: Origins.

Hour Thirty-Four

Oh, hell, it’s so exciting that TOMORROW I WILL START THE LANDSMEET. Well, tomorrow for you, but I do write all my Mark Plays posts in the same day, so for me, it’ll be in like 45 minutes. HAHAHA, MY LIFE RULES.

Heads up as well, and I’ll remind y’all in the next two posts: Mark Plays (and this site ONLY) will be taking Thursday, November 22 and Friday, November 23rd off from posting. Given that I write my posts in advance, I’m honoring Thanksgiving because I need to write the following week’s posts now because I’ll be in Los Angeles for five days, and I’ll be nowhere near my Playstation 3. BINGE WRITING IS IN EFFECT. Again, this is only for this site. Mark Watches and Mark Reads will have normal posts going up since I can still do writing away from home.

Anyway, onwards! Here are the lovely, lovely missions/quests that I finished in this hour:

Caravan Down

God, you bigots. I got stopped (the first of FOUR TIMES) on my way to the spot on my map marked for the caravan to find out what happened to these folks. Some assholes named “Tricksters” got all double mage-y on me, and killed everyone but Shale before I was able to put them down. FUCK YOU. Who are you? How come I’ve never seen them before?

Anyway, after this, I found out the caravan was annihilated by me. Well, technically, that is, since something I conjured in the Circle of Mages got out and destroyed them. OH. WELL. OKAY. That sucks!

Brothers and Sons

Then I went to go check on a Battlefield marked on my map, and all those people were dead, too! Was this also my fault? LOOK, I’M TRYING TO SAVE FERELDEN, CAN’T SOMEONE ELSE HELP OUT SOMETIMES? I mean, seriously, look at all these bodies!

I have never seen such corpse density in this game before! As I started to explore, I was attacked by a couple wolves. Then five wolves. THEN TEN WOLVES AT ONCE. THEN A FUCKING BROWN BEAR SHOWED UP. Oh, so the brothers and sons were annihilated by wildlife? Well, at least that’s not my fault!

Flemeth’s Grimoire

Haha, I took me a visit to realize that I couldn’t go to Flemeth’s Hut with Morrigan in tow, so I had to visit camp to drop her off before Flemeth would show up. When she did, we began to verbally spar about her super evil plans to take over Morrigan’s body. Initially, I thought it would be worth it to just kill Flemeth since I would probably get something awesome from her corpse. So I initiated a fight by being extremely mean and murderous in my conversation choices.

And then she disappeared.

And then I was confused.

And then half my party was on fire?

And then –


Oh, right, Flemeth can shapeshift SO SHE JUST TURNS INTO THE BIGGEST DRAGON I HAVE EVER SEEN. No big deal, I’ll just use Shale to distract her and OH FUCK MY ENTIRE PARTY IS DEAD. In a matter of seconds, she decimated everyone. I could not believe it. When I reloaded my save outside her hut, I tried to get in position so that Shale would be the aggressor she’d go after, and BAM. DEAD. DEAD IN TEN SECONDS.

Okay, nope. Nope. I can’t. NOPE. So, on my third attempt, I took the Grimoire and said I’d lie to Morrigan. My Coercion was the highest possible, so I figured that she’d trust what I said. I got the Grimoire and the Robes of Possession for Morrigan. That would help, right?

I returned to camp, a bit nervous that this would backfire on me, but Morrigan approved +13! Then when I spoke to her, she pretty much admitted that she loves me, that it’s hard for her to make friends, and that she’s quite thankful to have me in her life. Well, I’m getting all choked up here! She said she didn’t expect to “find in you a friend… Perhaps even a sister.” Okay, I like you, Morrigan. And now you like me +3, too! I’m pretty sure it’s impossible for my approval rating to be any higher for Morrigan. Wynne, however, lost 5 approval points because she didn’t like my lies. :( :( :(


The last batch of missions I had all centered around Denerim. I turned in Thy Brother’s Killer, got my drakeskin armor from Wade and immediately gave it to Alistair, and turned in Sign of Safe Passage to the barman at the Gnawed Noble Tavern. All that was left?

Grease the Wheels

Unfortunately, I was only able to find one hooded courier in Denerim before my hour was up. I think this will be a little more challenging because the characters for this mission don’t have those mission markers above their heads. I’ll just have to visit the various locations in Denerim to see if I can find them. THEN IT’S TIME FOR THE LANDSMEET, OH MY GOD. Bring it on!

My Character Stats

Strength: 27+6
Dexterity: 27+12
Willpower: 22+2
Magic: 14+2
Cunning: 24+7
Constitution: 27+2

Heroic Stats

Kills: 613
Damage dealt: 140516
Friendly-fire: 0
Greatest damage dealt: 90
Contribution to party damage: 29
Hit rate: 87
Most powerful foe slain: Revenant
Injuries: 23

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36 Responses to Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 34

  1. I'm the biggest cheater in the world, I suppose, but knowing that the fight with Flemeth will be in my future on a playthrough, before I leave the hut location for the very first time, way back at the beginning of the game, I seed that little grassy area with all manner of traps and shit. I will go back from Lothering to do it if I have to. Flemeth, I am on to your wily ways.

    • @Ninjababe says:

      Ooo! I'll have to try that! I've beat her once, and that was because I left it right before the end of the game. And, that was only because I was lucky.

    • Lurker says:

      Mages are the ultimate cheaters, though I never got any updates on the PS3 version so they may've nerfed them by now. I just found a spot she couldn't hit and cast area spells (especially ice) for a half hour till she died. Can also use this for enemies in other rooms, even if you can't see them. Ahh, good times.

  2. BornIn1142 says:

    Roslin is a pretty terrible friend, tbqh.

  3. Araniapriime says:

    Flemeth killed me almost 10 times before I figured out I could lie to her with no repercussions. :D

  4. So true story: I've only ever beaten Flemeth once (on my second playthrough.) It's very very probably the hardest fight in the game. I try to kill Flemeth every playthrough but nope. Despite my best efforts it's always swift decimation. I know on the right playthrough with the right class and skill and group make up I could beat her again but… I honestly just don't care to. It's not really worth it when you can lie. That said I feel for any of the hardcore RPers who refuse to lie (because it would break character.) Or perhaps they are the sort who don't even bother with Flemeth.

    • BornIn1142 says:

      I suppose there's a rather interesting debate in this… I mean, I would consider "hard-core RPing" nothing more than being invested in the story and characters. Not caring seems to indicate that the game hasn't done its job well.

      • Well I've heard some describe choosing to ignore quests and such that their character wouldn't do even though they would like to do it with a different character they just can't with that character.

        I personally can't play like that but I am fascinated by the concept.

        • BornIn1142 says:

          Well, yeah, I do that. For instance, I didn't do the assassination missions in Denerim, and I replayed about an hour's worth of content in Awakening because I accidentally cvffrq bss gur Nznenaguvar pvgl thneq ol urycvat gur fzhttyref.

        • Eliestav says:

          I've refused quests that don't fit with who I've established as my character, but seeing uncompleted quests in my log bother me a lot more, so I will usually complete them, and usually there is some option that fits with what I'm doing.

          Consistent charecterization is important to me. It helps me stay in the story.

        • cogsandcurls says:

          Yeah, I tend to play like this. I can never do it with my first character, though. I'm too much of a completionist. So my first character always defaults to being hugely helpful and willing to please in terms of characterisation!

          That said, I've never done any of the Crows quests and I've never got very far with any of the shady Denerim quests either, because my characters so far have all been too chummy with Zev to want to have anything to do with the Crows / generally don't go out of their way to break the law.

    • Passing by says:

      V unira'g cynlrq QN2, ohg V unir ernq nobhg Syrzrgu'f nccrnenapr gurer. Rira vs lbh xvyy ure va QN1, fur fgvyy pbzrf onpx, fvapr nccneragyl fur unq n pbagvatrapl cyna nyy nybat. Fur'f cenpgvpnyyl n Yvpu: vs lbh qba'g qrfgebl ure culynpgrel, sbe ynpx bs n orggre ghea, fur'yy whfg xrrc ba pbzvat onpx, znxvat nyy gur rssbeg gb xvyy ure pbzcyrgryl cbvagyrff.

  5. biblioteknician says:

    Oh my god, the Flemeth fight! That was when I gave in and set my game to casual, and I STILL barely won. Only Leliana was alive because she was basically hiding behind Flemeth's hut, shooting her with arrows and throwing bombs and shit. It was TERRIFYING.

  6. RSLee says:

    Okay. So, you've lied to one of your closest friends, betrayed her trust, and left her prone to a potential body theft.

    Oh, and in Dragon Age II, you'll get to pybar Syrzrgu naljnlf. Fb fbba gurer jvyy or gjb bs ure ehaavat nebhaq.

    So, yeah. All in all, this may not be the best decision Mark's made.

    • @Ninjababe says:

      V arrq gb ercynl gur tnzr, ohg V gubhtug gur cynlre svaqf bhg va pbairefngvbaf gung Syrzrgu va QN2 jnf gur bayl Syrzrgu. Vs lbh 'xvyyrq' ure va Bevtvaf, fur tbg orggre. Vs lbh qvqa'g, fur whfg jnvgrq va gur jvyqf sbe Unjxr gb hfr gur nzhyrg.

      Bs pbhefr, nf V jebgr gung, V erzrzore n cbffvoyr pbairefngvba jvgu Syrzrgu nobhg ure xabjvat jung nyy gur bgure Syrzrgu'f jrer qbvat. Zhygvcyr Syrzrgu'f jvgu n uvir zvaq… -fuhqqre-

      V'z tbvat gb or fgebat naq pbzcyrgr QN:B naq Njnxravatf orsber V fgneg QN2…

    • Sybylla says:

      Yeah…but even if you actually kill Flemeth, Morrigan fhttrfgf gung fur znl or bayl zbfgyl qrnq, naq rkcrpgf gb unir gb snpr ure ntnva ng fbzr cbvag naljnl. Fb, lrf gb gur ylvat naq orgenlny, ohg znlor abg gb orvat gnxra hanjnerf ol na nggrzcgrq obql gursg? BX, gung'f abg zhpu bs na vzcebirzrag.

  7. Eliestav says:

    Am I the only one who didn't find the Flemeth fight particularly difficult? I mean yeah, it was hard at first, but then I realized she doesn't move and she has a limited range. Leilana and Wynne stand outside of that range, while Alistair takes a flame balm, a health potion everytime death gets close, and takes everything.

    I mean granted, Mark Doesn't have Leliana, so that's not really an option, but my point still stands.

    • xyliane27 says:

      I didn't think it was the worst fight in the game (I haaaaaaaaate the broodmother, and TBBQ TENIL NJNXRAVAT), especially since she doesn't move, but it wasn't easy either. Beating her without a TPK made me very happy. Then again, my normal configuration last playthrough was Alistair/rogue!Cousland/Wynne/Sten, and Wynne spammed heal all over the place. And Alistair killstole from my Cousland, the jerk.

      • Eliestav says:

        I was a rogue cousalnd, and my greatest contribution to that fight was getting kicked in the face repeatedly. So while I don't recall who got the final blow, I wouldn't mind if Alistair got it.

        And my hardest fight was Gur uneirfgre va nztnenx. V raqrq hc hfvat n er-fcrp gbzr gb punatr bar bs gur qjneirf vagb na nepure, naq fcrag unys gur onggyr znahnyyl pbagebyyvat gur ehavp tbyrz Orpnhfr zl bayl zntr VAFVFGRQ BA CHAPUVAT GUVATF.

        • xyliane27 says:

          Only reason I got made at that particular killsteal was that my Cousland survived the entire fight while Sten and Alistair played the Distracting the Dragon and Dying game–Alistair got revived and instantly took Flemeth down. Jerk.

          Gur uneirfgre vf gur JBEFG. V ungr gung guvat fb zhpu. V bayl cynlrq Nztneenx bapr orpnhfr bs vg. V thrff gung'f bar bs gur srj guvatf V ernyyl rawblrq nobhg QN2'f pbzong flfgrz nf n ebthr–vafgnagyl cbccvat sebz bar fvqr bs guvatf gb gur bgure.

        • TheDMG says:

          In my previous game as a Rogue, that was my main contribution to qentba svtugf as well.

          Zl uneqrfg svtug jnf nyfb gur Uneirfgre naq V fgvyy unira'g orngra uvz ba nalguvat uvture guna abezny, nygubhtu gur bayl punenpgre V gbbx gb snpr uvz jnfa'g n tbbq svg (fjbeq naq fuvryq gnax) naq V qvqa'g pbzr cercnerq jvgu erfcrp gbzrf be tbbq jrncbaf sbe zl pbzcnavbaf. Bapr V svavfu guvf cynlguebhtu ba Bevtvaf naq Njnxravat, V'z tbvat onpx jvgu zl pheerag zntr gb tvir vg n orggre fubg.

    • TheDMG says:

      Agreed. I did have some difficulty the first couple times, but now it's not something I even worry about, particularly if I've got a tank with high fire resistance. It took a bit longer on this playthrough because at that point I was essentially tanking with Sten without Jnqr'f Qentbafxva Nezbe and Leliana as my only decent ranged damage dealer, so it took a good long while. Still it was far from the hardest fight in the game because of Flemeth being immobile.

      V'ir tbg gb nqzvg, V'z n ovg jbeevrq nobhg Znex snpvat gur Nepuqrzba nsgre fxvccvat gur Syrzrgu svtug naq zvffvat gur Unira qentba svtug. Jura ur gbbx gur qrny V qrsvavgryl snprcnyzrq – ubcrshyyl vg'yy ghea bhg yvxr uvf rneyl rapbhagre jura ur "yrnearq" abg gb svtug Eriranagf guna yngre jnf tbbq rabhtu gung ur qvqa'g unir ceboyrzf jvgu gurz. Jvgu ab qentba rkcrevrapr jungfbrire, jr zvtug unir frireny hcqngrf ba Znex'f snvyrq nggrzcgf gb orng gur Nepuqrzba.

  8. I did Flemeth's fight last week with my warrior, Shale, the dog and Leliana. Everyone died. Except the dog. Using ONLY my dog and a lot of health potions, I killed her. It was the best feeling ever.

  9. SpaceElves says:

    I always kill flemeth, because, so not lying to morrigan and leaving her open to get body snatched. but its really really hard. the first time i thought i would have to fight her as a powerfull mage and i was lik, "ok, i can do this i just need to— HOLY SHIT, WHY IS SHE A DRAGON!!!!!!!!! and then i died; but if i have ehough potions+ wynn healing everyone, and useing force feild on anyone who is about to die, i can usually beat her.

  10. Bookman230 says:

    Wow. That is surprisingly cold blooded and underhanded of you, Mark, tricking the sheltered girl who was raised by a merciless evil abomination/demon/witch/WHATEVER FLEMETH IS and forced to kill from a young age and who trusts you as her first and only friend. I think all the Whedon shows and Madoka have corrupted you.

    • Mark Does Stuff says:

      or not?

      you know, since i couldn't beat the dragon.

      • Bookman230 says:

        Yes yes, which is eerily similar to how Natry yrnirf Thaa va gung gbegher qvzrafvba orpnhfr gurl pbhyqa'g gnxr ba gur thneqvna. Practicality over morality. RETROACTIVE INFLUENCE.

  11. Passing by says:

    So, yeah, Flemeth's one of the hardest fights in the game. At least she doesn't fly around like the High Dragon in the mountains above Haven.

    A while back I got into a discussion on the composition of the Templars in Dragon Age here. I erronously assumed the Templars where all male, forgetting about Xavtug-Pbzznaqre Zrerqvgu (though I didn't play DA2). Though it is somewhat off-topic (understatement of the year), she reminded me of another character, similar yet also completely different. This character comes from the Berserk manga, and while it's not the Mark Reads list, and I highly doubt it's within the taste of Mark Does Stuff's frequent visitors, I'll rot13 it anyway, due to slight DA2 spoilers, and in case someone here plans to read Berserk anyway…

    Gur punenpgre V fcrnx bs vf Sneanfr qr Inaqvzvba, Pbzznaqre bs gur Ubyl Veba Punvaf, gur zvyvgnel qvivfvba bs gur Ubyl Frr puhepu, gur Orefrex rdhvinyrag bs gur zrqvriny Pngubyvp puhepu. Zrerqvgu naq Sneanfr guhf ner obgu pbzznaqvat bssvpref bs n eryvtvbhf zvyvgnel betnavfngvba. Ubjrire, jurer Zrerqvgu vf na rkcrevraprq pbzongnag jvgu Grzcynef ng ure pbzznaq, Sneanfr vfa'g. Gur pbzznaq bs gur Ubyl Veba Punvaf vf nyjnlf va gur unaqf bs n jbzna sebz gur pyretl, ohg gurl arire ubyq nal npghny cbjre jvguva gur Ubyl Frr'f uvrenepul: gurl zreryl freir nf svtherurnqf naq rknzcyrf bs cvrgl. Gur Ubyl Veba Punvaf vgfrys nyfb vfa'g gung vzcerffvir: gurl zbfgryl freir nf n prerzbavny sbepr naq znvayl pbafvfgvat bs aboyrf' fbaf jub jnag gb or xavtugf, ohg qba'g jnag gb qb nal npghny svtugvat.

    Obgu Zrerqvgu naq Sneanfr ner obgu irel snangvpny, gur fbhepr bs gurve qribgvba vf qvssrerag. Juvyfg Zrerqvgu'f ungerq sbe zntrf fgrzf sebz puvyqubbq genhznf bs ure fvfgre gheavat vagb na nobzvangvba, Sneanfr'f pbzrf zbfgryl sebz cneragny artyrpg. Fur jnf obea vagb abovyvgl, naq ure cneragf jurer gbb ohfl cneglvat/fbpvnyvmvat gb envfr ure va nal fbeg bs jnl. Gur fdhner va sebag bs ure snzvyl'f rfgngr jnf serdhragyl hfrq sbe jvgpu oheavatf, zrnavat fur jvgarffrq n ybg bs gurfr gevnyf sebz n irel rneyl ntr naq riraghnyl fgnegrq cnegvpvcngvat va gurz. Gur ynpx bs cneragny pbagnpg naq serdhrag jvgpu oheavatf riraghnyyl yrsg ure n engure haonynaprq, jvgu n ynpx bs rzcngul, n qrpvqrqyl clebznavnp/-cuvyvnp fgernx naq n qbfr bs fnqvfz naq rira fbzr znfbpuvfz. Fur jnf riraghnyl frag gb gur pyretl ol ure sngure, nsgre oheavat qbja gur snzvyl rfgngr va erfcbafr gb orvat frg hc va na neenatrq zneevntr.

    Abj, Sneanfr vf irel zhpu njner bs ure cnegvphyne rkpragevpvgvrf, naq vf irel zhpu nfunzrq bs gurz. Guvf pbhcyrq jvgu gur snpg gung fur ubyqf n irel choyvp cbfvgvba va n eryvtvbhf betnavfngvba gung sebjaf hcba nalguvat bgure guna gur zvffvbanel cbfvgvba sbe gur checbfr bs cebperngvba, yrnirf ure nf n ovt onyy bs frys-ybnguvat. Fur nyfb serdhragyl pbaqhpgf frys-syntryyngvba, nf nggbarzrag sbe ure fvaf, ohg fvapr fur unf n ovg bs znfbpuvfz va ure, vg qbrfa'g ernyyl uryc ure.

    • BornIn1142 says:

      There's also a minor female Templar in Awakening, by the way. The one who gevrf gb nzohfu naq xvyy Naqref.

      Also, pretty ironic that (Berserk) Snearfr raqf hc yrneavat zntvp urefrys, isn't it?

      • Passing by says:

        Not to mention, in the company of Thgf, jub, sbe nyy vagragf naq checbfrf, vf gur nagvpuevfg bs ure byq snvgu.

  12. Passing by says:

    Last night, I realised something. It struck me with the force of a brick, thrown by a resentful protestor. The basis of the situation of Flemeth is very similar to that of Jlaar, va gur snpg gung obgu unq gurve yvsr fcna rkgraqrq ol orvatf bs gur Snqr. Gur qvssrerapr bspbhefr orvat gur snpg gung Syrzrgu'f qrzbavp cnpg znqr ure cenpgvpnyyl vzzbegny, jurernf Jlaar jnf erfheerpgrq ol n FCvevg bs Snvgu, naq vf yvivat ba obeebjrq gvzr va gur zbfg yvgreny frafr cbffvoyr.

    An once again, I find a common element between a character from Dragon Age and from Berserk. I just love drawing parallels between characters, and see how they divert. This is about Morrigan, rot13'd for Berserk spoilers.

    V svaq znal shaqnzragny fvzvynevgvrf, ohg nyfb znal qvssreraprf orgjrra Zbeevtna bs Qentba Ntr, naq Fpuvrexr sebz Orefrex. Obgu bs gurz ner jvgpurf, univat yvirq gurve yvirf va vfbyngvba va gur jvyqrearff, fnir sbe gurve zbgure/zvfgerff/zragbe, Syrzrgu naq Syben, erfcrpgviryl, naq obgu wbvaq gur cnegl bs gur cebgntbavfg, nsgre gurve zbgure/zvfgerff/zragbe tnir gur cebgntbavfg n obba (gur Terl Jneqra Gerngvrf, naq gur Orefrex Nezbhe, erfcrpgviryl). Nf n erfhyg, obgu ner fbpvnyyl engure varcg; ohg Zbeevtna jnf envfrqol Syrzrgu gb or frys-eryvnag, frys-freivat naq fur graqf gb or engure rkprffviryl pehry sbe gur fbyr checbfr bs crefbany fheiviny. Fpuvrexr ba gur bgure unaq vf npghnyyl irel avpr, naq ng gur irel yrnfg unf orra gnhtug uhzna rgvdhrggr. Gurl nyfb cresbz zntvp qvssreragyl, ohg guvf zber n zrpunavpny qvssrerapr orgjrra QN naq OR.

  13. EmberQuill says:

    I don't know how, but I actually managed to beat Flemeth on my current playthrough without anybody dying. I just had to constantly switch around to give everybody poultices because Wynne couldn't heal us fast enough.

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