Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Awakening’: Hour 13

In the thirteenth hour of Dragon Age: Awakening, I get shit done. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to play Dragon Age.

Hour Thirteen

For real, so much stuff got done, y’all. Remember when I had thirty-four quests at once? I’ve whittled it down to seven. I AM AWESOME.

  • Oh god, am I going to be able to romance Justice at some point? Once I entered the throne room at Vigil’s Keep, a cutscene was triggered where Justice reminisced about how weird it was to be in a human body, and how confusing humanity was. Ultimately, though, he was thankful for the Lyrium Ring I gave him because THERE IS NO MUSIC IN THE FADE. Well, that is heartbreaking. My approval with him is already fairly high, and he’s only been a part of my party for a couple hours.
  • Velenna also expressed appreciation that I gave her that blank journal. She wants to start recording her own history to help rebuild the tradition of storytelling in the Dalish clan. That’s awesome! Except I got no approval points from here. Please stop hating me, please.
  • I gifted a toy pony to Oghren, and he haphazardly approved of it because he once said he wanted a pony??? Oghren, you are so drunk all the time, I swear.
  • All right, Amaranthine! I sort of missed you. Aiden still won’t talk to me, though there’s a quest arrow above his head all the time. Can I kill him just to get this over with?
  • Steafan, that dude I rescued in Kal’Hirol, was also here! He was so happy to see me again, until I asked whether he was infected by the taint. Wow, he disappeared rather quickly after I brought that up.
  • I earned 30 sovereigns from Mervis for taking care of the merchants in the Wending Wood! HUZZAH!
  • And that’s when I realized I’d forgotten to complete THREE quests in the Wending Wood. I left Ines behind, I had more statue rubbings to complete, and I’d never gotten the sylvanwood samples for the Chantry. WHOOPS. I’ll get on it, I swear!
  • Ah, the Dark Wolf is here!!! TIME TO FIND OUT WHO MY CONSPIRATORS ARE!

  • Except I don’t. The dude couldn’t determine their identities. I gave you fifty sovereigns, you fool. You better give me their birthdates and the exact dirt road they live off of in Ferelden.
  • Oh, I have to go back to Old Stark’s Farm? Butts.
  • I went up to the Chantry in the hopes that Aura was there. She was! This quest was very easy to take care of, and I earned +10 points approval from Justice. It’s just my luck that I’m going to romance the one character who is a spirit existing in someone else’s body. WHATEVER.
  • While I’m glad I completed them, the three remaining quests in the Wending Wood weren’t that exciting. I COULD NOT FIND THE EIGHTH STATUE FOR SO LONG. I wish I’d remembered to do this all at once.
  • That finished, I traveled to Old Stark’s Farm to discover my group of traitors!

  • It wasn’t until they died that I got a good look at who they were. Ser Timothy, Lady Liza Packton, and LORD GUY. I knew my suspicions about his name were correct!!! WELL, NOW YOU’RE ALL DEAD and holy shit, I got a lot of sovereigns from your bodies.

I get the sense that I am rapidly approaching the end of this DLC. I am frightened.

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19 Responses to Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Awakening’: Hour 13

  1. snapsnzips says:

    Should we tell him ur ybfg nyy uvf punaprf ng ebznapr jura ur svavfurq QNB?

  2. Sydney says:

    Justice: "…did I fall asleep?"

  3. Ryan Lohner says:

    And so we reach the major problem people tend to have with Awakening: for all that you're swamped with those dozens of sidequests, it's actually a surprisingly short experience, of which this is about the average time of completion. Which of course brings up the question of whether it was worth selling on its own at almost the price of Origins itself rather than just being a DLC. I haven't played it myself so I can't really say, but that's the issue that exists.

    • My first playthrough of origins: about 70 hours
      My first playthrough of awakening: about 15 hours.

      If I would've played awakening and bought it at full price when it came out I would've been enraged.
      10 Dollars would've been a reasonable price. At $40 dollars that's more or less robbery imo.

  4. SpaceElves says:

    if you didnt get any approvel points for giveing valenna it probobly means her approvel is maxed out

    • Mark Does Stuff says:

      Which is weird, since she's barely past the halfway point.

      • Enigmaticrose4 says:

        Hm, if something like that happens again go back to a previous save and try again. Something was bugged.

        Also, I REALLY wish you were doing DA2 next instead of MA. The story in DA2 is so connected to DAO that I'm worried you'll miss some of the wonderful things in DA2. It makes me sad :(

  5. ThatOneGuy says:

    Grpuavpnyyl, lbh PNA ebznapr Whfgvpr va QN Gjb…Nunununun Znex jvyy or fb raentrq ol gung tnzr…

    • EmberQuill says:

      (DA2 spoilers, of course)

      Bu, V'q ybir gb frr n ivqrb bs Znex'f ernpgvba gb Naqref oybjvat hc gur Punagel. Zvar jnf fbzrguvat nybat gur yvarf bs: "Qnzzvg Naqref jung gur uryy qvq lbh whfg qb?!" naq gura xvyyvat uvz zrepvyrffyl.

  6. Znex jnagf gb ebznapr OBGU Whfgvpr naq Naqref. Bu zl. V jbaqre vs ur'yy rire obgu unir gurz va uvf cnegl. Vg'f ernyyl vagrerfgvat gb yvfgra gb gurve cnegl onagre jura lbh xabj jung unccraf gb gurz yngre. Whfg jnvg gvyy ur cynlf Qentba Ntr 2 vs ur rire qbrf….

    Does anyone know if Mark will be playing Dragon Age 2? Anyway long time lurker, first time poster! I've been lurking around since season 3 of Buffy! 0.0 That seems so long ago now.

    • accidentalbeard says:

      Lrnu, V jbaqre vs nal bs gur riragf bs QN2 jrer xabja be orvat cynaarq jura gur Naqref/Whfgvpr onagre jnf jevggra, be vs gur qrirybcref whfg jebgr gubfr nf n angheny qvfphffvba gubfr gjb jbhyq unir naq gura yngre qrpvqrq gb rkcnaq ba gung.
      He's confirmed DA2, just not immediately after Awakening is done.

      • V qba'g xabj, nppbeqvat gb gur jevgref gurl xrrc n fbeg bs znfgre yvfg bs punenpgref gung gurl oryvrir pna erghea ntnva nf pbzcnavbaf be vzcbegnag punenpgref va nqqvgvba gb gur nyernql ragveryl arj barf gurve qrirybcvat. Naq gurl fnvq gurl whfg ernyvmrq gung Naqref/Whfgvpr jnf whfg gbb cresrpg gb abg unir va Qentba Ntr 2 pbafvqrevat gurve srryvatf ba zntrf naq ubj gurl pbhyq or jbexrq vagb guvf fbeg bs sbvy. Gung'f jul gur tbbq raqvat sbe Naqref va Njnxravat pbagenqvpgf jung ernyyl unccraf. Gurl qrpvqrq shpx gur yber, gurl'er jevgref, naq gurl jnagrq gb hfr gurz ntnva. Fb V guvax gurl jrer jevgvat vg anghenyyl jvgu Qentba Ntr 2 va gur onpx bs gurve urnq. Ohg vg fbeg bs jbexf jbaqreshyyl nf sberfunqbjvat.

        • accidentalbeard says:

          V qba'g erzrzore gur rcvybthr fyvqr V tbg sbe Naqref ba zl svefg cynlguebhtu, ohg ba gur bar V whfg svavfurq V jnf FB FNQ orpnhfr ur tnir n gnyx ng gur Pvepyr naq fgnlrq jvgu gur Jneqraf sbe n juvyr naq frrzrq *fb* unccl! Naq nyy V pbhyq guvax jnf "qhqr, lbh'er tbvat gb unir n qbbzrq ebznapr naq ybfr lbhe frafr bs frys naq oybj fuvg hc va rvtug be gra lrnef." V nz bx jvgu qrirybcref ergpbaavat gur rcvybthr gb erhfr n punenpgre, ohg vg'f fgvyy urnegoernxvat.

          • V XABJ, EVTUG? Vg'f yvxr "urer unir n unccl raqvat, hu ab, arirezvaq, lbh'er yvsr vf fuvg naq lbh jvyy orpbzr gur irel qrsvavgvba bs gentvp ureb juvyr univat n pbzcyrgr zryg qbja." V qba'g zvaq gur ergpba ng nyy. V'z npghnyyl dhvgr syrkvoyr nobhg gubfr guvatf, rfcrpvnyyl va ivqrb tnzrf yvxr guvf.

            V guvax ebznapvat uvz whfg znxrf uvf fgbel rira FNQQRE gbb…

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