Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Awakening’: Hour 13

In the thirteenth hour of Dragon Age: Awakening, I get shit done. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to play Dragon Age.

Hour Thirteen

For real, so much stuff got done, y’all. Remember when I had thirty-four quests at once? I’ve whittled it down to seven. I AM AWESOME.

  • Oh god, am I going to be able to romance Justice at some point? Once I entered the throne room at Vigil’s Keep, a cutscene was triggered where Justice reminisced about how weird it was to be in a human body, and how confusing humanity was. Ultimately, though, he was thankful for the Lyrium Ring I gave him because THERE IS NO MUSIC IN THE FADE. Well, that is heartbreaking. My approval with him is already fairly high, and he’s only been a part of my party for a couple hours.
  • Velenna also expressed appreciation that I gave her that blank journal. She wants to start recording her own history to help rebuild the tradition of storytelling in the Dalish clan. That’s awesome! Except I got no approval points from here. Please stop hating me, please.
  • I gifted a toy pony to Oghren, and he haphazardly approved of it because he once said he wanted a pony??? Oghren, you are so drunk all the time, I swear.
  • All right, Amaranthine! I sort of missed you. Aiden still won’t talk to me, though there’s a quest arrow above his head all the time. Can I kill him just to get this over with?
  • Steafan, that dude I rescued in Kal’Hirol, was also here! He was so happy to see me again, until I asked whether he was infected by the taint. Wow, he disappeared rather quickly after I brought that up.
  • I earned 30 sovereigns from Mervis for taking care of the merchants in the Wending Wood! HUZZAH!
  • And that’s when I realized I’d forgotten to complete THREE quests in the Wending Wood. I left Ines behind, I had more statue rubbings to complete, and I’d never gotten the sylvanwood samples for the Chantry. WHOOPS. I’ll get on it, I swear!
  • Ah, the Dark Wolf is here!!! TIME TO FIND OUT WHO MY CONSPIRATORS ARE!

  • Except I don’t. The dude couldn’t determine their identities. I gave you fifty sovereigns, you fool. You better give me their birthdates and the exact dirt road they live off of in Ferelden.
  • Oh, I have to go back to Old Stark’s Farm? Butts.
  • I went up to the Chantry in the hopes that Aura was there. She was! This quest was very easy to take care of, and I earned +10 points approval from Justice. It’s just my luck that I’m going to romance the one character who is a spirit existing in someone else’s body. WHATEVER.
  • While I’m glad I completed them, the three remaining quests in the Wending Wood weren’t that exciting. I COULD NOT FIND THE EIGHTH STATUE FOR SO LONG. I wish I’d remembered to do this all at once.
  • That finished, I traveled to Old Stark’s Farm to discover my group of traitors!

  • It wasn’t until they died that I got a good look at who they were. Ser Timothy, Lady Liza Packton, and LORD GUY. I knew my suspicions about his name were correct!!! WELL, NOW YOU’RE ALL DEAD and holy shit, I got a lot of sovereigns from your bodies.

I get the sense that I am rapidly approaching the end of this DLC. I am frightened.

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