Mark Finishes ‘Dragon Age: Awakening’: Hour 15

In the fifteenth and final hour of Awakening, I discover where the Mother came from, and it is the biggest pile of NOPE this game has even served me. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to finish Dragon Age: Awakening.

Hour Fifteen

Oh my fucking god, this game, y’all. HOW. HOW???

  • Total. Chaos. Much like the end sequence of Origins, Awakening goes straight for the absurd. Wave after wave after wave of enemies. God, it was so fun with all my enchanted gear and weaponry, too! MY PARTY WAS EXCELLENT! Not even these fools could stop us:

  • They melted underneath our power. My group pushed our way through the inn, and I was so excited that I would finally be able to go in that trap door in the floor of that back room. SMUGGLER’S COVE WOULD BE MINE.

  • LOOK HOW COOL THIS PLACE IS. THERE IS A GODDAMN PIRATE SHIP. Well, that’s my headcanon for that thing. Shush. And then I found this thing down there, too:

  • What the hell? Why is this here? It’s never explained. Flemeth. You are secretly everywhere, and I should have killed you. Now I can kill a high dragon with ease. Come back! I’ll annihilate you!

  • Fighting this new boss ogre sucks. Nathaniel decided to Feign Death within the first thirty seconds of the fight, so it was just Anders and yours truly the whole time. Since Anders is a mage, that meant I had to fight him by myself with the occasional assistance from Anders. NATHANIEL. WAKE UP. I KNOW YOU’RE NOT DEAD. STOP IT.
  • It was a little repetitious, but I finally killed the Ogre, clearing out the darkspawn from Amaranthine. Victory! Except then my victory is short-lived for two reasons. A messenger arrives with information about the Architect: the Architect needs me to go to The Mother’s Lair because he wants to kill her, too.
  • but
  • wha
  • but the
  • But he took all my stuff! He did mean things to me! He can’t be on my side!
  • Okay, well, I’ll head to the Lair after I go take care of Vigil’s Keep.

  • OH, FUCK. FUCK!!! Damn it, it was an either/or situation! Save Amaranthine or save Vigil’s Keep! UGH THIS ISN’T FAIR. What about all my companions I left behind? Or those awesome merchants??? Or the seneschal? WHY AM I SO UPSET ABOUT THIS?
  • oh
  • oh shit
  • Y’ALL
  • IT’S THE DRAGONBONE WASTES. It’s the same place where Witch Hunt ended!!! THIS IS SO COOL TO ME.
  • Can we talk about the codex? It’s a genius idea that seriously need some work in terms of UI. I was lucky enough that when I picked up a codex note titled “Drake’s Fall,” I remembered the name of it. There is no easy way to view a new codex addition or an update without knowing the name of it. Often, I’ll get a new update, but I won’t catch/recall the name of it, and then I can’t find it. There needs to be an easier way to read this! Anyway, I did read this one, and learned that this place was where DRAGONS WENT TO DIE. Which explains everything.


  • HOW ARE THERE SO MANY RED DOTS ON THE SCREEN. This is evil, I swear. Thankfully, this wasn’t too hard! The only challenging foe was this:

  • And I discovered that if you took out the Children mutations first, your whole party could focus on the Disciples and taken them down extremely quickly.

  • I didn’t understand these things, but by gods, I was going to do anything that would give me an advantage against the Mother. I kept this in mind when the Architect finally showed up. He had a proposal for me. All right, I admit that I was curious. Why wasn’t he trying to kill me?
  • What? You need Grey Warden blood for what?
  • 1 trillion percent done with EVERYTHING. I never in a million years expected Awakening to re-contextualize THE ENTIRE STORY IN ORIGINS. This is incredible. INCREDIBLE.
  • The Architect made the Mother. DONE. Done.
  • So what do I do??? The Architect is sure that this is the way to permanently end the Blight, at least on a mass scale. If I help him, then that means the darkspawn can at least have a choice. Plus, do I really want to fight this guy? As much as Sigrun and Anders disagreed with me, I had to do something. How would others treat me if they knew I had the chance to end the Blights of the future but refused to take it?

  • It’s so great that this is the same location as the end of Witch Hunt. I imagine that if I’d done this in the correct order, it would have been just as mind-blowing. Also, look, there’s the mother! Oh god, how hard is this fight going to be??

  • why why why why WHY WHY WHY WHY. Fighting the Mother proved to be REALLY FUCKING HARD. Thankfully, all those weird crystal-activated circles I messed around with? They gave me this:

  • YESSSS, I CAN CALL ON TEVINTER ASSISTANCE. This rules!!! I ended up using two of them: the Fire Blast and the one that stunned creatures in a specific area. That allowed me to take out all of the tentacles rather quickly so I could focus on the Mother herself. Without all her tentacles, she wasn’t so difficult to beat.

  • LOOK AT THAT MAJESTIC ARC. God, Roslin rules so much.
  • This immediately cut to a scene where the Mother bemoaned her inevitable death, but not before she dropped a bombshell: the creature I assisted, the Architect, was responsible for the appearance of the archdemon in Origins. Great. GREAT! Why don’t you make me feel even worse about my decision? THANKS FOR THAT.
  • The end of this game did have a huge cut sequence. Instead, it was just images of various places and characters with summary bubbles.
  • The Architect kept his word! Amaranthine was restored after a year, Vigil’s Keep after five!
  • Voldrik’s work on the walls of Vigil’s Keep actually helped! Of course it took Voldrik years to finally approve of a human built wall, though.
  • Anders left the Grey Wardens. :(
  • Where did Velenna go???? I hope she’s in Dragon Age II.
  • Justice died :( :(
  • Sigrun left me :( :(
  • Oghren took on TWO OGRES AT ONCE. YES. But he was a total dick to his child and Felsi. BOOO.
  • And then the story ends with my disappearance. No one knows where I went! How ~mysterious~.

Bless Awakening. What a fantastic DLC! So, next I’ll tackle the remaining DLC, and then we’ll do a week of Mark Plays The Walking Dead (!!!!!!!), and then MARK PLAYS MASS EFFECT STARTS!!!! Oh god, I can’t wait!

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18 Responses to Mark Finishes ‘Dragon Age: Awakening’: Hour 15

  1. BornIn1142 says:

    There is no easy way to view a new codex addition or an update without knowing the name of it.

    I assume the interface is quite a bit easier to navigate on the PC version. There, you could just click on the new codex entry pop-up and go directly to it – same with quest updates.

    And then the story ends with my disappearance. No one knows where I went! How ~mysterious~.

    My story ended with my Warden disappearing into the sunset with her lover Alistair. This was quite perplexing to me, since Alistair had earlier died sacrificing himself to kill the Archdemon. Odd, that.

    • On 360 you can hit the back button when a new entry pops up but it's really easy to miss them and if you didn't catch the name… well good luck figuring out what it was.

    • Passing by says:

      Alistair has become a zombie, or another form of undead? Someone figured out resurrection magic?

    • ensignkt says:

      "I assume the interface is quite a bit easier to navigate on the PC version. There, you could just click on the new codex entry pop-up and go directly to it – same with quest updates."

      I…don't think I ever knew this. I'll have to try it!

    • mreeb says:

      DA2 spoilers: Er: Nyvfgnve abg orvat qrnq – Fnzr guvat unccrarq va Qentba Ntr VV jura V ebznaprq Naqref. V raqrq hc xvyyvat uvz va gur raq…naq gura Ineevp fnvq Naqref jnf gur bayl bar gb arire yrnir zl fvqr.

  2. Hexe says:

    Jurer qvq Iryraan tb???? V ubcr fur’f va Qentba Ntr VV.

    Shaal. Qnivq Tnvqre erpragyl fnvq ba ghzoye gung gurl pbafvqrerq hfvat Irynaan va QN2 sbe n juvyr. Hygvzngryl V'z tynq gung gurl jrag jvgu Naqref (orpnhfr V ybir uvz), ohg Whfgvpr cbffrffrq Irynaan fbhaqf njrfbzr gbb.

  3. Passing by says:

    I think It's pretty clear where Roslin went: she went of chasing Morrigan! Even if this is somewhat out of order, we could interpret is as an extended flashback sequence?

    I don't think calling on Tevinter assistence is a very good thing? 'Cause, ya know, they had one of their slave traders shipping Elves out of the Denerim Alienage?


  4. adaptation says:

    It makes me so happy when people I like love things that I love. That's why I always come away from Mark Plays updates with big smiles. Mark likes Dragon Age, therefore I am awesome and have great taste.

  5. accidentalbeard says:

    If you take Velanna with you on the last mission, she's strongly in favor of helping the Architect, because of his connection with Shianni. I thought this was a nice touch, after I took Sigrun on my first play-through and she was so adamantly opposed to helping him. I appreciate that the companions have such strong opinions of their own; it's sad that Sigrun left but I like that the writers are willing to add that sort of detail in.
    And speaking of sad details – that last revelation about the Architect is indeed pretty intense and upsetting if you helped him. One of my favorite things about the DA/ME games is that the writers aren't afraid to give you terrible choices over and over again. It's agonizing but adds a lot to the gaming experience.

    I'm so excited to read your Mass Effect posts! Hooray! :3

  6. ensignkt says:

    It's always a tough decision at the end of Awakening. Smart darkspawn might be allies or enemies, but they'll at least have a choice…assuming the Architect's successful and you don't end up with more Mothers or Blights. Either way, it makes the expansion feel rightly epic in its own way even after the drama of the Blight in Origins.

    (Major DAII spoilers. Like, end of the the game.) Naq lrg, gur riragf va Njnxravat gung yrnq gb evbgf, jne, naq gur funxvat bs Gurqnf'f sbhaqngvba gb gur pber? (Ng yrnfg, nf jr xabj fb sne.) Erpehvgvat Naqref vagb gur Jneqraf, naq gur Snqr furanavtnaf va gur Oynpxznefu gung yrnq gb Whfgvpr zrrgvat uvz.

    V qba'g zvaq. V yvxr gb frr vg nf fubjvat ubj fznyy guvatf pna yrnq gb zbzragbhf bhgpbzrf.

  7. we’ll do a week of Mark Plays The Walking Dead (!!!!!!!)

  8. rav3style says:

    Wait so what about da2?

    • Passing by says:

      It will be done later. Dragon Age: Origins and accompanying DLC's were meant as a delay until the release of the Mass Effect trilogy on PS3. Mass Effect was originally going first, but it failed to run on Mark's computer.

  9. EmberQuill says:

    and then MARK PLAYS MASS EFFECT STARTS!!!! Oh god, I can’t wait!

    Neither can I!

    • Passing by says:

      I have that for several games in the confirmed list.
      "Ooh! I can't wait 'till he gets to game X! I am curious how he reacts to character Y, and deals with situation Z!"
      All the time…

      • EmberQuill says:

        I just read over the confirmed list for the first time, and my reaction is pretty much the same as yours. And wow, that list is REALLY long. I hope he's stopped taking suggestions for a while, or he may never get through everything.

  10. xyliane27 says:

    Oh, Awakening. You were quite a lot of fun. And a lot of terror. The Mother is terrifying. (DA2) V'z fgvyy ohzzrq gung jr qba'g yrnea n ybg nobhg gur Zbgure be gur Nepuvgrpg va gur frpbaq tnzr, gubhtu. Unjxr'f fgbel jnf vagrerfgvat, ohg V jnag gb xabj zber nobhg gur qnexfcnja. Jryy, jr'yy frr jung unccraf jvgu 3.

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