Mark Plays is on a permanent break

Just to reiterate this, in case it’s not clear: I am not updating this site regularly anymore. The workload and emotional weight of adding a third site to my life was too much. If I do find free time to play some games (aside from my current addiction to¬†Borderlands 2), I’ll use this site instead of my Tumblr to put up my thoughts! Because I do like talking about video games!

Anyway, just wanted to clear up any confusion. Thanks, y’all! The archive of posts will always remain, though.

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12 Responses to Mark Plays is on a permanent break

  1. BradSmith5 says:

    I'm so glad you made some time to re-visit Pandora. I would love to hear your thoughts on the game! I bet you can't wait to spend an hour typing them all out for the one person still watching this blog. ;)

  2. Passing By says:

    Here's hoping we'll one day hear of Mark playing D&D/Pathfinder. (or just any tabletop RPG, really… Except FATAL. that stuff's just abhorrent.)

  3. Jojo says:

    I'm sorry to hear that since I was looking forward to your Mass Effect playthrough, but of course your health comes first! Playing video games should never be a chore or something that hurts you. I'll still be watching this space. :)

  4. Enigmaticrose4 says:

    I do hope you go and visit Dragon Age 2 since you enjoyed DA1 so much. Even if we don't get to hear your thoughts on it outside of a broad – 'It was a great game!' or "What in the world did I just play?' or something along those lines.

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  6. Mister Timn says:

    I understand completely. As much as I was looking forward to your Mass Effect playthrough, anybody could see the amount of pressure your other two sites put you in already–no sense in messing with your health by doing a third site for no reason. All the same, though…if you ever do get the urge to upda

    • Mister Timn says:

      …get the urge to update with another let's play, I will still be watching the site, just in case.

      (…bloody laptop mouse is too sensitive, and the site won't let me edit my comments. Sorry for the double post)

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  10. Vale De María says:

    Hey Mark, I am a huge fan of your Works, and if you ever have the time, and wanna try something else, try to play Danganronpa. It's a really cool (but really long) mystery game

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