Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’ – Hour 6

In the sixth hour of Dragon Age: Origins, HELP, THIS PLOTLINE IS OVERWHELMING ME WITH AWESOME. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to play Dragon Age: Origins.

Hour Six

Y’all, I am making all the right decisions (I think?!?!?), and it is making my game THE BEST EVER. I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN here are the things I am having fun with

  • I HAVE MY OWN GODDAMN CAMP. Life will never be the same again. I wish I could decorate it. I would put unicorn posters on everything just to annoy Alistair. Actually, I’m at a point where all I do is side with Morrigan on everything so that we can get Alistair mad. It’s probably going to bite me in the ass later, so I keep giving him really girly gifts like gemstones and necklaces to keep him on my side. This is a brilliant plan. Alistair’s irritation is my life force.
  • You meet so many characters in this game! In this hour, I must have spoken to 20 different people. What’s so entertaining to me is that I just scream shit at these people while I’m playing, and then I have Roslin be sassy and mean to anyone I don’t like. I was a little shit to Levi when I found him in my camp, but I did agree to do his mission. See, I am a very ~distant~ elf who plays ~hard to get~ but deep down my soul is ~kind~.
  • Oh god, I made Alistair mad every ten minutes. It was amazing.
  • YOU GET TO CHOOSE YOUR PARTY EVERY TIME YOU LEAVE CAMP. oh my GOD. That means you can customize a party for a specific mission. THIS IS BRILLIANT.
  • Every time Zathrian spoke, I mocked whatever he said. He has no sense of humor, and I plan on exploiting that as much as I can.
  • WEREWOLVES OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. I made that comment last week about wanting to be a werewolf in Skyrim AND I HAD NO IDEA THERE WERE WEREWOLVES IN THIS UNIVERSE. Holy shit, they are so HIDEOUS and they can TALK and it is the best thing.
  • Witherfang. I can’t help but laugh every time someone says his name. It’s terrible. I bet he was bullied by the other werewolves for it.
  • There are things in the wood more terrible than werewolves? Sweet baby elves, you can’t be serious.
  • CAMMEN. COME ON. Does Roslin have to woo every girl for you? I mean, I still agreed to get him a werewolf pelt, but I’ll do so begrudgingly while insulting him.
  • MABARI DOMINANCE IS THE FUNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN A VIDEO GAME. Adama pees on things to claim them and get boosts. I cannot believe I have never seen a game with this feature. BLESS YOU, BIOWARE, YOU GODDAMN GENIUSES.
  • Playing Roslin while dual wielding daggers is life affirming. This is what I’ve always lived for.
  • There is so much sass built into the game, I swear. The Dalish elves all found a way to tell Roslin that they were glad she was there despite that she lost the Old Ways. Haha, you DICKS. I see what you are doing.
  • I couldn’t save the Halla. :(
  • When that first werewolf started talking, I laughed because I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening in the game.
  • WILD SYLVANS NOPE NOPE NOPE. The first time I awoke one of those things, I screamed. NO THEY ARE HUGE AND CREEPY AND OH MY GOD. They are impervious to stunning! Those cheaters.
  • THE GRAND OAK. OH SHIT. He was the first character that I did not sass once. I love him deeply already. Of course, he reminds me of the Ents. A lot of this world is borrowed from traditional fantasy mythology and Lord of the Rings, and it’s done so well!
  • Here’s why I do side missions: Danyla. I found her, and my persuasion was high enough that I convinced her to keep talking while she died. Okay, kind of a dick move on my part, but I wanted to know more about Witherfang! (LOL.) Then she said that “It’s not what you think.” Wait, what? How can this not be what I think? Werewolves are constantly trying to eat me. It’s pretty clear what’s going on. And then she reveals that some of the werewolves have overcome the curse. AND THEN SHE DIED IMMEDIATELY AFTER THAT. What the hell? IS SHE TELLING THE TRUTH? WHAT IS GOING ON?

I am nowhere near the main plot, and I am having the time of my life. My one-hour time cliffhanger’d me at the exact moment after Danyla died, so I already hate my arbitrary, self-imposed rules. I JUST WANT TO PLAY THIS FOR 24 HOURS STRAIGHT.

God, I am so oppressed.

My Character Stats

Strength: 21
Dexterity: 18
Willpower: 15
Magic: 13
Cunning: 16
Constitution: 15

Heroic Stats

Kills: 53
Damage Dealt: 7829
Friendly-fire: 0
Greatest damage dealt: 34
Contribution to party damage: 34
Hit rate: 84
Most powerful foe slain: Wild Sylvan
Injuries: 0

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115 Responses to Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’ – Hour 6

  1. OMG. Mark didn't get Leliana. Oh dear.

    And in my first playthrough I also did everything I could to irritate Alistair and please Morrigan. These days I just try to keep both happy because I love them so dearly.

    • enigmaticagentscully says:



      I don't know why I'm being Judgey McJudgerson, I totally missed her on my first playthrough too. But she's so adorable and she's my GF for life and I'm not sure if this is spoilery since Mark's already missed her in Lothering?

      I actually went back to a previous save to get Leliana my first time through because I didn't want to miss any companions.

      • Mark said we could tell him the alternate outcomes so I'm thinking Leliana's existence and companionship is officially not a spoiler.

        I'm guessing maybe he missed the inn entirely? That's the only way to not meet her as far as I know.

        • SpaceElves says:

          I almost posted last time. telling him to go to the inn, but i didnt because it would have been spoilery, and i was sure that he would go there annyway. although it is really fun to watch him make mistakes like this.

    • cogsandcurls says:

      I didn't want to be the first to mention this since V oryvrir vs Znex npghnyyl jrag onpx gb Ybgurevat ORSBER svavfuvat gur jrerjbys dhrfg gura fur'q fgvyy or gurer jnvgvat – Ybgurevat bayl trgf qrpvzngrq bapr lbh'ir svavfurq n znva dhrfg.

      But since I think that's rather unlikely I shall join in the sadness. Leliana! ;_;

    • Imarevenant says:

      I am eternally sad for Mark, I love Leliana.

      • enigmaticagentscully says:

        Naq abj ab punapr sbe qvegl qvegl tnl frk jvgu Yryv :(

        • BornIn1142 says:

          V trg gung Yryvnan'f rkvfgrapr vf snve tnzr abj, ohg qbrfa'g guvf fgngrzrag fcbvy gung lbh pna unir n tnl ebznapr jvgu ure?

          • enigmaticagentscully says:

            L…rnu…V'z abg fher, orpnhfr ur'f abj zvffrq ure ragveryl, fb V qba'g guvax vg'f n fcbvyre? V qryvorengryl qvqa'g whfg fnl 'ab punapr sbe tnl frk' crevbq, orpnhfr V qba'g jnag gb fcbvy gung fur'f gur bayl srznyr punenpgre lbh pna unir frk jvgu nf n jbzna. Ohg fvapr ur'f abg tbaan or noyr ebznapr ure rvgure jnl, V qba'g guvax vg'f n fcbvyre gb fnl gung ur jbhyq unir orra noyr gb, unq ur cvpxrq ure hc.

            Nalbar ryfr guvax vg'f n fcbvyre? V pbhyq ebg13 vg, V fhccbfr. Jung qb crbcyr guvax?

          • cogsandcurls says:

            V'q ebg13 vg whfg gb or fnsr gou. V qba'g guvax ur npghnyyl xabjf nobhg gur novyvgl gb ebznapr lrg???

          • Jryy V guvax gung lbh pna unir frk va guvf tnzr zvtug or n fcbvyre.

          • psyberwraith says:

            Gur novyvgl gb unir frk ng nyy jbhyq or n fcbvyre V guvax.

        • V fb jvfu Zbeevtna unq orra n ebznapr bcgvba sbe srznyrf. Bu jryy.

          • Shiyiya says:

            Rdhny ybir zbq, uryy lrf! V unira'g qbar vg lrg, ohg V'z tbvat gb ebznapr Zbeevtna jvgu fbzrbar, naq V ershfr gb cynl n znyr punenpgre.

    • mreeb says:

      I WAS SO WORRIED THIS WOULD HAPPEN. I know everyone was hopeful because he seemed to be exploring and talking to everyone, but the inn you meet her in is kind of in a weird little out of the way corner that I totally missed my first time too. Zl fvfgre abgvprq naq znqr zr tb onpx orsber V'q pbzcyrgrq n znwbe dhrfg, gubhtu, fb V qvq raq hc univat ure va zl cnegl. Naq Fgra, fvapr V ershfrq gb guerngra gur Erirerq Zbgure jvgu zl svefg punenpgre, ohg lbh qba'g arrq gb qb gung vs lbh unir Yryvnan.

      V'z zbfgyl fnq ur zvffrq ure orpnhfr V jnagrq gb frr uvz trg avawnznaprq naq gura ernyvmr gurer ner tnl bcgvbaf, juvpu V rkcrpg jbhyq'ir orra zntvpny gb orubyq.

  2. baruchan says:

    HE MISSED LELIANA!!! *tears at clothes, pours ashes over hair, etc.*

    • Enigmaticrose4 says:

      He can still go back! Go back Mark! You missed some story elements! Visit all of the buildings before it's too late!!!!!

      Trust us!!!!

  3. Andie says:

    Dude, did you not see the Story slider on the banner? I warned you.

  4. enigmaticagentscully says:


    There is something really quite disturbing about seeing you with hair, I'm not sure why.

  5. @ElieStav says:

    First time Playing

    So Mark's doing the elves first eh? Makes sense since he's an elf, but the game seemed to hint that Redcliffe was the one you should do first, so that's where I went. I have no idea what half of what Mark is talking about here, and I'm not sure I should keep reading from here on out.

    Though I'm going to make an educated guess that the comments will be full of people Screaming in Rot13 that LBH ZVFFRQ YRVYNAN! UBJ QVQ LBH ZVFF YRVYNAN! ZNXREF OERNGU, V ENA VAGB URE OL NPPVQRAG! UBJ QVQ LBH ZVFF URE?

    • Ryan Lohner says:

      So, how far did you get in Redcliffe, so we know what we can say here?

      • @ElieStav says:

        Does this count as spoilers? I'm not sure. Cypering just in case.
        This is technically my 2nd playthrough. First time I went to the mages circle, got maybe halfway though, and then started over so I could get rid of my face tattoos, as I was the only human who had them, and it looked ridiculous. (also combat tactics is useless on the main character).

        This time I jrag sbe gur Funyr QYP, orpnhfr arj pbzcnavbaf ner njrfbzr, naq vg gheaf bhg Funyr vf n snagnfl…punenpgre sebz n qvssrerag Ovbjner tnzr guvf vf ba gur pbasvezrq yvfg? UBJ QBRF BAR QBHOYR FCBVYRE? Jryy fur'f n ybg zber nzovinyrag guna rivy, jvgu gur rkprcgvba bs oveqf. Qhpxf ner nyernql rivy gubhtu, naq vg'f abg fhecevfvat gung gurve eryngvbaf ner fvzvyne.

        Whfg orng gur mbzovr Ubeqr va Erqpyvssr. Jrag gubhtu nyy gur qvnybthr gerrf sbe gur pbzcnavbaf. Va n dhnfv eryngvbafuvc jvgu Nyvfgnve. Zbeevtna pbagvahrf gb or n ungrshy fuerj.

  6. cogsandcurls says:

    So THIS IS WHY THIS GAME IS AMAZING. I have played this game THREE TIME and you are already experiencing things I never have,

    – I've NEVER gone to the Brecilian Forest as the first quest after Lothering.
    – I've never ever offered to help Cammen by faking a hunting trophy, although once I did just talk him up to Gheyna instead.
    – Never used Mabari Dominance
    – Always mercy-killed Danyla.
    – Generally got on well with Alistair in most playthroughs.
    – Naq V unir arire abg unq Yryvnan!

    We are playing the same game in a completely different way, and it's BRILLIANT.

    • I've played through six times and every time I find new things I missed before.

      • Shiyiya says:

        I know, right? HOW IS THERE SO MUCH STUFF. Zl svefg SBHE cynlguebhtuf V arire fnj Jlaar'f pbzcnavba dhrfg. V fgvyy unira'g tbggra Btuera'f. Naq V'ir lrg gb cynl n punenpgre jub jbhyq erpehvg Fgra be Funyr, fb V qba'g xabj nalguvat sebz gurz! GURER VF FB SEVTTVAT ZHPU FGHSS.

        • misterbernie says:

          V graq abg gb trg nebhaq gb Btuera'f, rvgure, orpnhfr vg'f hfhnyyl evtug gb gur Ynaqfzrrg nsgre Bemnzzne, juvpu fb sne V'ir nyjnlf fnirq sbe ynfg. Gura ntnva, V'z bar bs gur srj jub qba'g yvxr Btuera, fb V graq gb abg gnyx gb uvz naq whfg qhzc gur obbmr V'ir pbyyrpgrq ba uvz.

          • Shiyiya says:

            Lrnu, V qba'g zhpu yvxr uvz rvgure, naq V cerggl zhpu qba'g vagrenpg jvgu uvz be nalguvat, juvpu vf jul V unira'g tbggra vg. (Ur vf cerggl qnza ragregnvavat va Njnxravat, gubhtu, va n cnegl jvgu Naqref.) V unira'g qbar n Oebfpn be na Nrqhpna lrg, gubhtu. Zl inthryl cynaarq shgher Oebfpn cynlguebhtu pna orsevraq uvz.

  7. Tahaneira says:

    AGH NO LELIANA. Sorrow. Unending sorrow. T_T V pbhyq arire ebznapr nalbar va guvf tnzr rkprcg ure. Jryy, bppnfvbanyyl Nyvfgnve.

    Okay, give me a second to recover.

    You see what I mean about the Dalish elves? They have been subject to such discrimination and bigotry, but all this has really done is to make them into reverse bigots, people who are bigoted against people who may or may not be bigots themselves. I get their issues? But they still annoy the crap out of me. The only Dalish I can say I really like are the few who make their judgements about the individual based on the individual, not their culture or race. Yvxr Znergunev. Naq Zreevyy. Jryy, ng yrnfg vs lbh'er avpr gb ure. Vs fur trgf ernyyl znq ng lbh, bhg pbzrf gur whqtrzrag.

    Fcrnxvat bs Znergunev, gung tbg zr guvaxvat. Vs Znex vf univat fb zhpu sha jvgu gur fanexvat evtug abj, whfg jnvg hagvy ur fgnegf cynlvat gur frpbaq bar naq yrneaf gung Unjxr unf na RAGVER CREFBANYVGL ohvyg nebhaq gnxvat abguvat frevbhfyl. Ur'yy cebonoyl gnxr ab bgure bcgvbaf guna gubfr.

    Oh man, Witherfang. I CANNOT WAIT.

    Quote of the Day:
    Warden: Alistair, she's one Archdemon short of a blight.
    Alistair: Yes, but she seems more… "Ooh, pretty colors!" than "Muahaha! I am Princess Stabbity! Stab, kill, kill!"
    Warden: Don't make me stab-kill you.
    T_T T_T T_T

  8. enigmaticagentscully says:

    Sbe gur erpbeq, gur svefg pbhcyr bs gvzr V cynlrq V qvq gur Erqpyvssr dhrfg svefg (orpnhfr Nyvfgnve cerggl zhpu gryyf lbh gb naq V jnagrq gb xrrc uvz unccl, hayvxr Znex) ohg gurfr qnlf V nyjnlf tb gb gur Zntr Gbjre svefg orpnhfr V jnag Jlaar NFNC.

    V qvr jnnnnnl gbb zhpu jvgubhg n urnyre va zl cnegl…

    • Tahaneira says:

      V XABJ, EVTUG? Jurarire V cynl, zl svefg fgbcf ner nyjnlf gur Pvepyr Gbjre, Fgbar Cevfbare, naq Bfgntne. Va gung beqre. V ybir Jlaar qrneyl, tenaqzbgureyl fanexre gung fur vf, naq gur tnzr pnaabg or gehyl pbzcyrgr jvgubhg qehaxrayl enagvat orefrexre zvqtrgf, abj pna vg?

    • V whfg znxr Zbeevtna urny. Naq V'ir bayl rire tbg Jlaar bapr.

    • Andie says:

      Ohg vs lbh tb gb gur Pvepyr Gbjre svefg, qbrfa'g gung gnxr njnl gur novyvgl gb tb gurer unysjnl guebhtu Erqpyvssr fb lbh pna fnir obgu Pbaabe naq Vfbyqr?

      • Tahaneira says:

        Ab, npghnyyl, vg znxrf vg rnfvre. Ng yrnfg, fb ybat nf lbh qvqa'g chetr gur Pvepyr. Vs lbh qvqa'g, Veivat onfvpnyyl fnlf, "Jryy, frrvat nf lbh fnirq bhe yvirf, ubj pna V fnl ab? Yrg'f tb!"

  9. megotelek says:

    I fixed my face! Hurrah! It only involved creating a new character, and copying and pasting using the developer toolkit…man, they need a tailor/beauty salon in this game so badly.

    <img src="; width="600">

    I can't help it, the green-eyed redhead is who I always want to be. Plus, moar hairstyles ftw.

    I saw on Mark's twitter that he was doing the elves' forest so that's where I went next. And oh goodness, I'm playing this so differently! I talked Cammen up to Gheyna and got her to agree that since she loves him she should support him in the hunt. And I mercy-killed Danyla and gave her scarf to Athras.

    And NOOO, LELIANA! Though fvapr Znex'f n ebthr, ur jba'g arprffnevyl or fubeg nal pevgvpny fxvyyfrgf, ohg fur vf fb njrfbzr naq V whfg tbg gb gur cneg jurer fur fvatf ure fbat va pnzc naq swqnxy;snv;snxysqnsuqx fb njrfbzr.

    Brecilian Forest spoilers
    V svavfurq guvf fgbel guvf zbeavat, naq V jnf cyrnfnagyl fhecevfrq ng gur gjvfgf. V tbg Mnguevna gb gnyx gb gur Ynql naq nsgre V orng uvz qbja bapr, tbg uvz gb nterr gb yvsg gur phefr naq frag gur uhznaf ba gurve jnl.

    I love all of the different options and the control you have over how your individual story plays out! I am doing the exact opposite with Alistair so far, Morrigan grudgingly likes me, I think, and I finally got approval from Sten for listening to him yammer about Qunari wisdom. Though his utter condescension makes me want to explode his head with magic. Ugh.

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      Njjj Yryvnan'f fbat! V unir gung ba zl vCbq. :)

      • megotelek says:

        Vg'f FB TBETRBHF. V rfcrpvnyyl ybirq gur yvggyr ernpgvba fubgf bs rirelbar ryfr, Zbeevtna funxvat ure urnq naq Fgra nccneragyl ybirq vg orpnhfr V tbg +7 nccebiny sebz uvz jura fur jnf qbar. :)

      • cat says:

        V qb gbb! Vg'f fhpu n ybiryl fbat. V'z abg fher jub ernyyl fnat vg, ohg V ybir gur dhnyvgl bs ure ibvpr.

      • misterbernie says:

        Gur zhfvp va trareny vf fb tbetrbhf. Vaba Mhe bpphcvrf fcbg 6 va zl gbc 10 sbe n ernfba.

    • baruchan says:

      LOL, we used the same hair on our characters! Except mine is a guy:

      <img src="; alt="" title="Hosted by" />

      I named him Bran "DudeLooksLikeaLady" Cousland because he reminds me of Steven Tyler for some reason.

    • Gillyweed says:

      V pna'g oryvrir ur'f tbvat gb zvff gung. V qba'g xabj, gung fbat vf gur zbfg erjneqvat guvat nsgre svavfuvat gur Oerpvyvna sberfg. V whfg ybir gung dhrfg fb zhpu naq ure fbat vf n ovt cneg bs vg.

    • Josh says:

      You're not alone on the red hair green eyes thing.

  10. CaptainBooshi says:

    I only know of one other game where something Mabari Dominance exists, but I can't talk about it because it's on your confirmed list (I don't think this counts as a spoiler, if it does just delete it). Truly underutilized as a game feature, because you never get tired of doing it.

  11. Ryan Lohner says:

    First Time Playthrough

    Hey Bioware, can I get you a ladder so you can stop shoving that stupid line down my throat? Just…damn, they were REALLY proud of that little witticism, weren't they? At this point, I'd gladly take everyone telling me how they took an arrow in the knee. I mean, this has to be a meme, right? If there's not a stupid statement dance mix, I'll lose all faith in the Internet.

    Other than that, I'm still having a grand old time. Unfortunately I haven't gotten to the Daelish Elves yet (and I stopped reading as soon as I realized Mark's path was different than mine), so the rest of this will have to be in spoilers. V'z pheeragyl snpvat bss jvgu Hyqerq. Shpx guvf svtug. Shpx guvf svtug fb zhpu. Jul, bu jul pna'g V ghea vagb n tbyrz nalzber? Naq lrf, V qvq xrrc Jlaar jvgu zr, gubhtu V raqrq hc xvyyvat ure gur svefg gvzr. Nsgre gung V jnf irel pnershy gb nyjnlf pubbfr gur zbfg oyrrqvat urneg yvoreny erfcbafrf, fvapr V gubhtug V jnf reevat ba fcnevat gur zntrf gung svefg gvzr, ohg nccneragyl gur tnzr qvqa'g guvax V znqr zl pnfr jryy rabhtu nf V jnf fbba nethvat jvgu Mrieba bire jul gurl fubhyq qvr.

  12. BornIn1142 says:

    Just for the record – who do you folks think has a more charming accent – Leliana or Gnyv'Mbenu from Mass Effect?

  13. guest_age says:

    oh my god I love the banner.

    I like what you said about playing Roslin being life-affirming. The first time I played this game, I was going through Various and Assorted Shit IRL and so daily playing of Dragon Age became like, the most cathartic of things. I may have been impotent to solve things IRL but in game I could BE THE HERO and KILL BAD GUYS and it was so, so nice to lose myself in that for awhile. It got to the point where I'd start playing on a Saturday morning and then suddenly look up to find that it was dark, I hadn't eaten all day, and hadn't bothered to move from my desk chair. WHOOPS. I have no idea how you manage to stop after only an hour. Your willpower is impressive.

    • Andie says:

      I have no idea how you manage to stop after only an hour. Your willpower is impressive.

      I know that feel, bro. When I did my last playthrough (sometime around last Christmas, I think), I remember turning off my X-Box for the night, and then my Raptr account updated and was like TODAY ANDREA PLAYED 16 HOURS OF DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS and I was like oops >__>

  14. cat says:

    FINALLY got my papers turned in this week and started up a character to play along, though I've not yet caught up to Mark! I started a new Dwarf commoner rogue, Hana (with dog Chewie, har har har.)
    <img src="; alt="" title="Hosted by" />
    I modeled her general appearance on one of my old favorite characters, Dar "still the prettiest" Tabris, whose auto-screenshot folder made me laugh last night for a full two minutes, what the hell Bioware:
    <img src="; alt="" title="Hosted by" />

    I'm looking forward to catching up tonight, though I actually might not make it- I'll be playing on Nightmare for as long as I can stand it, and fighting as a rogue on nightmare is already killing me softly. Gb or ubarfg V'ir arire pbzcyrgrq n tnzr nf n ebthr orsber orpnhfr gur cnegl ebthrf graq gb or zl snibevgr pbzcnavbaf, naq fvapr V'z ernyyl oybbql zvaqrq nobhg qhatrba penjyvat jvgu gur punenpgref V'z zbfg nggnpurq gb, V sbefrr zlfrys svryqvat n gjb- be guerr-ebthr grnz ng fbzr cbvag qhevat guvf cynlguebht which, oh god pray for me.

  15. RadagastWiz says:

    Not directly related to the discussion at hand, but it seems my work just put in a new web filter. It’s blocking Mark Reads and Watches ENTIRELY, and many of the functions even here on Mark Plays (I can’t use myu usual Twitter login, for example). Which means I’ll be stuck to reading reviews for the other sites on my phone and unable to comment until I get home. :(

    I don’t know how long this one will be spared – I guess it’s off the blacklist cuz it’s newer…

  16. jerssica says:

    So now that Mark has discovered he has a camp, I can reveal this embarrassing fun fact about my playthrough: I didn't realize there was a campsite to visit until HALFWAY through the game. So the first time I walked into camp, I was bombarded with every single person coming up to talk to me. It was seriously at least 20 minutes of that and was practically a cut scene.

    I AM REAL GOOD AT GAMES. (I always have one mindnumbingly dumb thing that I do in every game I play. Every single time.)

  17. BradSmith5 says:

    I swear every time you put up that image of your character's items I mouse over the daggers, hoping to see what you have equipped. Please leave your cursor over there someday so that I don't make the same stupid mistake again. :P

    I'm glad you are enjoying the game!

  18. Shiyiya says:

    Tvira gung ur'f fcraqvat nyy uvf gvzr nagntbavmvat Nyvfgnve, lbh pna'g ebznapr Zbeevtna jvgu n srznyr punenpgre, naq ur zvffrq Yryvnan, V'z tbvat gb org ur ebznaprf Mri.

    • misterbernie says:

      Hayrff ur fyvgf uvf guebng.

    • Lrc, V'ir orra qbvat n gnyyl bs yvxryl ebznaprf nsgre rirel cbfg, naq ynfg cbfg vg jnf:
      Znex jba'g pner nobhg ebznapr.
      Znex jvyy fperj hc uvf nggrzcgf ng ebznapr.

      Abj, vg'f:
      Znex jvyy fperj hc uvf nggrzcgf ng ebznapr (Uvtuyl yvxryl abj orpnhfr ur'f tbvat gb nyvrangr Nyv dhvgr n ovg jvgu uvf pubvprf naq gurer'f n tbbq punapr ur'yy zvff bhg ba Mri gbb orpnhfr ur'yy xvyy uvz vafgrnq bs erpehvgvat uvz).
      Znex jba'g pner nobhg ebznapr.

      Rirelbar vf pelvat haebg13'q nobhg Znex zvffvat Yvyvnan, ohg gura ebg13'vat gung vg'f abg gbb yngr lrg, fb V qba'g guvax ur'f tbvat gb ernyvfr ur pna tb onpx naq trg ure va gvzr. Naq gung'f gur ornhgl bs jngpuvat uvz cynl guvf fb hacercnerq, ohg vg fgvyy znxrf zr pel.

  19. Langaren says:

    Poor mark won't get any pudding :(

  20. @undefined says:

    The first time I awoke one of those things, I screamed.
    See, now I wish you would have video of you playing because I would have LOVED to see you scream at this! of course, i never played and probably never will, since I don;t have much game playing time due to, like, real life being in the way. The only game I really play is Wizard 101 (shuddup, it;s fun!) and I try to get my kids to play with me but they get too distracted and I am way ahead of them in the game and have to keep stopping to help them, and it gets frustrating because I WANNA DO IT! and.. I'm babbling, sorry…

  21. baruchan says:

    Just a question and I hope someone could help me: How do people take high-res, close-up screenshots of their characters? Because if I scroll too near my character, he disappears! It's so sad :(

  22. ensignkt says:

    I love how everybody has their own spots at the party camp. Can't you just imagine everybody setting up for the night and Morrigan shuffling off to her corner without helping anybody else?

    So I assume giving Alistair sparky jewelry means you figured out how to give gifts, then? Because that's MY embarassing first game mistake. I didn't figure out how until LATE in the game and my game experience didn't work out quite how I wanted as a result (so I replayed the game as a City Elf again later and it did and it was fun! So not so tragic.)

    With all the previous talk of Kate Mulgrew, I didn't see anybody mention our second former Voyager voice actor now (rot13ing just in case): Gvz Ehff (Ghibx) nf Mnguevna.

  23. affableevil says:

    I'm late but joining in on the general wailing over Leliana.

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

  24. Non1 says:

    Re Morrigan and Alistair.

    Vg'f orra n juvyr fvapr V cynlrq guvf frevrf naq V arire svavfurq (tbg pnhtug hc va gur Qjnes'f dhrfg, tbg anexrq naq arire svavfurq. V'z cynlvat nybat abj, cerivbhfyl Vnyjnlf gevrq gb xrrc Nyvfgnve unccl naq nf gur frevrf pbagvahrq V jnf tynq bs gung orpnhfr Zbeevtna'f zbenyvgl qvq fgneg gb obgure zr.

    Naljnl, gb gur fcbvyref. Gb gubfr jub unir svavfurq gur frevrf, vf gurer pbafrdhraprf va gur raq gb gnxvat Zbeevtna'f fvqr? Qbrf/pna Nyvfgnve yrnir? V'z phevbhf.

  25. Oh my God, the new banner is amazeballs. All the Kudos bars to whoever designed it.

  26. celestineangel1 says:

    First Time Playing

    Because I am a dork and have no willpower and cannot resist the pull of fun things.

    I don't have a screencap, but I'm playing a human mage named Celestine (LOL so creative, I know).

    And right now my biggest concern is TVNAG FCVQREF. BU TBQF JUNG. V ernyyl ernyyl qvfyvxr fcvqref n YBG naq V unir gb xvyy gurz gb trg guvf fghcvq sbez fvtarq naq V jnf qbvat nyy evtug hagvy gjb bs gurz nggnpxrq ng bapr naq gura zl punenpgre vf pelvat "V nz jbhaqrq greevoyl!" gur jubyr gvzr naq gura V qvrq. Ubeevoyl. V guvax V zvtug unir avtugznerf.



    I will try again tomorrow. >.<

    • megotelek says:

      Bu zl tbq, jura V qvq gung dhrfg naq bar NCCRNERQ VA GUR NVE BIRE ZL URNQ FHQQRAYL NAQ UVFFRQ NG ZR? V guvax V fgbccrq oernguvat sbe n frpbaq, vg jnf fb greevslvat.

      • celestineangel1 says:

        V XABJ EVTUG. Bu zl TBQF. Guvf zbeavat, V npghnyyl fpernzrq n yvggyr naq zl fgrc-qnq pnyyrq bhg sebz gur xvgpura "ner lbh bxnl?" Nyy V pbhyq fnl jnf "Lrf, svar, rkprcg sbe gur tvnag fcvqre!" V'z fgvyy abg fher vs ur gubhtug V zrnag n erny bar, be gung V jnf whfg orvat jrveq.

  27. Ynfg erivrj, V frevbhfyl oryvrirq gurer jnf ab jnl Znex pbhyq zvff Yvyvnan. Ur jnf n pbzcyrgvbarfg, bs pbhefr ur jnf tbvat gb tb vagb gur gnirea. V jnf bayl fyvtugyl jbeevrq ernyyl.
    Gura guvf erivrj pbzrf hc, naq ur'f gnyxvat nobhg gur pnzcfvgr, naq V'z nyy vg'f bxnl, ur whfg unfa'g zragvbarq vg lrg. Ur tbg Yvy, ohg n pnzcsver jnf zber rkpvgvat gb uvz fb ur'f whfg tbaan zragvba vg shegure qbja. Ohg ur qbrfa'g. Gura ur zragvbaf Mnguevna & vg uvgf zr.
    <img src="; title="Hosted by" alt="">
    Znex zvffrq Yvyvnan!
    V pbagvahr gb ernq nobhg jrerjbyirf, perrcl gerr zbafgref, Unyyn naq Qnyvfu Ryirf va fubpx naq ubeebe. Gura V trg gb gur raq, & vg'f bxnl orpnhfr ur unfa'g svavfurq gur sberfg lrg. Ur zvtug tb onpx.
    <img src="; alt="" title="Hosted by">
    Fbzrbar zvtug "nppvqragnyyl" fcbvy uvz naq ur'yy tb onpx naq trg ure. Vg'f abg gbb yngr! Naq gura gur svany, fubpxvat ernyvfngvba uvgf zr. Fbzrgvzrf, Znex fgnpxf hc gurfr erivrjf, cynlvat ovgf naq jevgvat nobhg gurz jryy orsber ur cbfgf gur erivrj. Gurer'f n tbbq punapr ur unf nyernql svavfurq gur sberfg, naq vg vf ernyyl svanyyl, sngnyyl gbb yngr.
    <img src="; title="Hosted by" alt="">
    *Vf pehfurq*

    Guvf vf Yvyvnan>
    <img src="; title="Hosted by" alt="">
    <img src="; title="Hosted by" alt="">
    <& Guvf vf Znex

    • Ha, I just realised how much David Tennant I used in that comment. It's just majority of the gifs I have on my computer came from one day browsing the David Tennant Gifs Tumblr looking for one very specific DT gif but saving them all because they were amazing. I usually try not to advertise that I have so many of him compared to others, but I didn't think about that this time. Whoops :P

      –edit– Whoops, also sorry for the spam comments, apparently that's what happens it glitches and lets you edit a comment that's been replied to. –end edit–

  28. tethysdust says:

    No Leilana ;_;? I am full of sadness. I actually did the elves 2nd I think, in my playthrough. And I don't know what happened with Cammen (probably didn't do his quest at the right time?), but I was able to pick up the quest to help him get the girl, and then neither of them would ever talk to me again. I figured it was his own damn fault that he didn't get the girl, because he wouldn't LISTEN TO ME!

  29. @undefined says:

    I can't believe you missed one of the best characters, Mark. You have to play again! When you're finished and you have no other commitments you need to make a new character and get her. You would love her.

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