Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’ – Hour 7

In the seventh hour of Dragon Age: Origins, I battle werewolves, a hermit mage, and figure out I still have no idea what I’m doing. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to play Dragon Age: Origins.

Hour Seven

I don’t think I advanced the plot much this hour, but that’s okay. I have no knowledge of the scope of the story or how far along I am in DA:O, but I get the sense that I’m actually rather far along for playing for only seven hours. Because of that, I took far more time to actually explore the Brecilian forest and figure out what the hell I was doing with a full inventory. I’d gotten so used to just picking up everything and selling it as soon as possible that I wasn’t paying much attention to some of the smaller items I’d gotten along the way. I feel like Dragon Age: Origins is made for a fairly specific person. They have to be detail-oriented, and they have to be able to keep track of a lot of shit at the same time. Did anyone else find this intimidating or unwieldy? I think some of you were probably used to a game like this, but I’ve never played anything so complicated. I think it’s a testament to the game that despite feeling overwhelmed, I’m not bored by this game at all. It’s not limiting my excitement or joy to have to deal with this stuff. But it does make me feel like… hmm. Not smart? Like I totally missed out on this huge important thing that everyone knows and I’m left in the corner making buttstab jokes to Alistair? Not that I want to stop making those jokes.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m glad I can imbue so much of myself into this game without necessarily having to constantly worry about RPG strategy to the point that I’m lost in the minutia of menus and tactics. I am trying to actively read as much as I can, including all the codexes that I pick up, but at the end of the day, I just want to explore things and then stab them. In the butt. Over and over again.

I spent nearly all sixty minutes in the forest save for the moment when I stopped back at the Dalish camp to sell a bunch of stuff, tell that one dude that his wife was TOTALLY DEAD, and then head back to the forest. Otherwise, I did a lot of reading. Then I tried to fight that hermit mage for the Grand Oak’s acorn, and he royally kicked my ass, so I traded him for Danyla’s scarf. TOTALLY FAIR TRADE, right? An acorn for a scarf. Only in this game would that actually happen. I acquired that magical thing that allowed me to pass through the Forest Barrier, and then…



I expected an all-out werewolf battle. Initially, that’s what seemed to happen! But then the werewolves started retreating. Okay. I’ll follow. Then I opened another gate and they continued to retreat. They disappeared into a giant building marked “Ruins” and I am 100% done with this. You’re going to lead me into a building called, “Ruins”? Man, this is how every white person is killed in horror movies. WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME? There is no way I’m going in there.

Oh, I have to? There’s no other way? Shit. I swear, as soon as I opened the door and it auto-saved, my hour timer went off. WHAT THE FUCK, STOP CLIFFHANGING ME! Ugh, this is my own fault, but I’ll still get mad. So, have the werewolves really broke their curse? Or am I going to have to kill them all? I’M NERVOUS. Actually, I’m also nervous about all those gravestones I keep finding. For the record, I disturbed none of them. After I get tricked in that weird sleeping camp by the Great Shade earlier in the hour, I am fucking with absolutely zero mystical things. I learn quickly! So I’m leaving them unturned. However, I just walked into a building (willingly!) that’s probably full of werewolves. I am a smart person.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

My Character Stats

Strength: 21
Dexterity: 18+1
Willpower: 15
Magic: 13
Cunning: 16
Constitution: 15

Heroic Stats

Kills: 56
Damage Dealt: 8693
Friendly-fire: 0
Greatest damage dealt: 34
Contribution to party damage: 27
Hit rate: 85
Most powerful foe slain: Wild Sylvan
Injuries: 0

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101 Responses to Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’ – Hour 7

  1. Randomcheeses says:

    Like I totally missed out on this huge important thing that everyone knows and I’m left in the corner making buttstab jokes to Alistair?

    Can I join you there?:D

  2. megotelek says:

    First Time Gameplay
    So I'm at about 33 hours played now. I managed to get approval with Sten but then promptly lost it by snarking at him when he called mages beasts and wondered snottily why I cared (um, I'm a mage, you blockhead!)

    So, the hermit mage. I traded successfully with him for the acorn, but then I decided to be curious and stick my hand in his home/stump. Twice. At which point he attacked me and I had to kill him. And now there's ~intrigue~ with the werewolves. And ruins! Because there are always caves and ruins and winding passages.

    You know, I wouldn't be surprised if Znex qbrfa'g svther bhg gur jubyr ebznapr bcgvba ng nyy. V jbaqre vs ur'yy nppvqragnyyl trg nal pbzcnavba nccebiny uvtu rabhtu gb trg bar bs gurve fvqr dhrfgf? Gur bayl bar V pna guvax bs gung ur'yy cebonoyl trg vf Zbeevtna'f, orpnhfr vs lbh ybbg gur oynpx tevzbver vg'yy nhgbzngvpnyyl fgneg gur arkg gvzr lbh tb onpx gb pnzc. Fcrnxvat bs juvpu, V fgvyy unira'g pbasebagrq Syrzrgu naq V'ir abj erpehvgrq rirelbar sbe gur nezl. V guvax V'z tbvat gb qb gur erfg bs gur QYP V unir naq gel gb pyrne bhg zl fvqrdhrfgf orsber V trg gur Ynaqfzrrg ebyyvat.

    Grey Warden storyline spoilers [Orzammar]
    Bxnl, fb V whfg svavfurq Bemnzzne (naq znqr Uneebjzbag gur xvat), ohg V unccrarq hcba gur shaavrfg pbzcnavba qvnybthr V'ir urneq fb sne jura fybttvat zl jnl guebhtu gur Qrrc Ebnqf. Gur svefg jnf sebz Btuera uvggvat ba Jlaar, naq gura Jlaar grnfvat Nyvfgnve nobhg uvf ebznapr jvgu zr. V pna nyernql gryy Btuera vf tbvat gb znxr zr ynhtu naq jnag gb gnxr n fubjre nyy ng gur fnzr gvzr. Ur'f qvfthfgvat! Naq lrg, bqqyl raqrnevat.

    Btuera: Nlr, fher. Jul abg?
    Jlaar: Cneqba?
    Btuera: Bu, V'q tvir lbh n ebyy. Jul abg?
    Jlaar: N "ebyy?"
    Btuera: Nlr. Nal gvzr. Cersrenoyl va gur qnex.
    Jlaar: V fhccbfr V fubhyq or synggrerq.
    Btuera: V'z abg fher V unir gur rdhvczrag sbe gung, ohg fher, jungrire trgf lbh jbexvat.

    Naq jnyxvat qbja n qvssrerag pbeevqbe va gur Qrrc Ebnqf:

    Nyvfgnve: Jul ner lbh fzvyvat yvxr gung? Lbh ybbx fhfcvpvbhfyl yvxr gur png jub fjnyybjrq gur cvtrba.
    Jlaar: Pnanel.
    Nyvfgnve: Jung?
    Jlaar: V ybbx yvxr gur png gung fjnyybjrq gur pnanel.
    Nyvfgnve: V bapr unq n irel ynetr png, ohg gung'f abg zl cbvag. Zl cbvag vf jul ner lbh fzvexvat?
    Jlaar: (Puhpxyrf) Lbh jrer jngpuvat ure. Jvgu terng vagrerfg, V zvtug nqq. Va snpg, V oryvrir lbh jrer…raencgherq.
    Nyvfgnve: Fur'f bhe yrnqre. V ybbx gb ure sbe thvqnapr.
    Jlaar: Bu, V frr. Fb jung thvqnapr qvq lbh svaq va gubfr fjnlvat uvcf, uzz?
    Nyvfgnve: Ab ab ab, V jnfa'g ybbxvat ng…lbh xabj, ure…uvaq-dhnegref…
    Jlaar: Pregnvayl.
    Nyvfgnve: V tnmrq…tynaprq, va gung qverpgvba, znlor, ohg V jnfa'g fgnevat…be ernyyl frrvat nalguvat rira.
    Jlaar: Bs pbhefr.
    Nyvfgnve: V ungr lbh. Lbh'er n onq crefba.

    • Tahaneira says:

      V ybir yvfgravat gb Jlaar naq Nyvfgnve gnyx. Unys gur gvzr vg'f n tenaqzbgureyl, chg-ba-lbhe-fjrngre-naq-vg'yy-trg-pbyq glcr guvat, gur bgure unys bs gur gvzr (vs gur Jneqra vf srznyr naq va ybir jvgu uvz) vg'f fyl pbzzragnel nobhg uvf frk yvsr. Yvxr gur pbairefngvba jurer Nyvfgnve nfxf Jlaar gb zraq uvf fuveg, naq fbhaqf whfg yvxr n zvfrenoyr grrantre. Naq gura Jlaar tvirf uvz 'gur gnyx' abg gbb zhpu yngre. Vg vf jbaqreshy naq uvynevbhf. Naq gura vaperqvoyl fnq bapr lbh yrnea zber nobhg Jlaar'f onpxtebhaq.

      • megotelek says:

        Bbu, V unira'g tbggra ure onpxfgbel lrg! V'ir orra gnyxvat gb ure ng pnzc gb trg ure nccebiny hc gb frr vs vg'yy gevttre nalguvat, ohg ab yhpx fb sne.

        • Tahaneira says:

          Gur guvat V'z gnyxvat nobhg vf npghnyyl fbzrguvat fur arire gryyf gur Jneqra. Vg'f bar bs ure bcra-jbeyq pbairefngvbaf jvgu Nyvfgnve.

          Lbh'yy xabj vg jura lbh urne vg.

          • misterbernie says:

            bu tbq lrf. Jlaar vf bar bs gur ernfbaf jul vg'f fb uneq sbe zr gb qb n onfgneq eha guebhtu gur tnzr. Nsgre nyy fur'f orra guebhtu, UBJ PNA V OR NABGURE QVFNCCBVAGZRAG GB URE V cebzvfr gb or tbbq Jlaar.

          • enigmaticagentscully says:

            Guvf vf gur ernfba V svaq vg vzcbffvoyr gb or na nffubyr va gurfr xvaq bs tnzrf. V srry yvxr V'z yrggvat gur punenpgref qbja fb zhpu!

          • Tahaneira says:

            V XABJ. V nyjnlf gel gb qb n 'onq' cynlguebhtu, whfg gb frr gur bcgvbaf, ohg rirel gvzr V fgneg orvat zrna gb crbcyr V nyjnlf jvaq hc fnlvat, "Bu Tbq V'z fb fbeel V qvqa'g zrna vg ernyyl cyrnfr qba'g pel urer'f n pbbxvr! Naq V'yy qb gung guvat lbh'er nfxvat zr gb qb serr bs punetr!"

    • enigmaticagentscully says:


      V ubcr Znex gnxrf ure nybat jvgu uvz. Fvapr ur zvffrq Yryvnan V'z abj ERNYYL CNENABVQ gung ur'f tbaan zvff bhg ba fbzr bs gur orfg cnegf bs gur tnzr.

      Ohg ur'f tbggn raq hc gnyxvat gb crbcyr ng pnzc bppnfvbanyyl, evtug? Ur qvq fnl ynfg gvzr ur jnf qbvat gur tvsg guvat, fb V nffhzr ur'f gnxvat gur gvzr gb rkcyber rnpu punenpgre.

      • megotelek says:

        Nyfb nccneragyl fur ernyyl yvxrf nypbuby! Ng bar cbvag fur jnf univat na nyr qvfphffvba jvgu Btuera naq V jnf whfg tvttyvat naq jvfuvat gurer jnf n jnl gb cynl zngpuznxre jvgu lbhe bgure pbzcnavbaf. Va gur zrnagvzr, V cerggl zhpu whfg znxr bhg jvgu Nyvfgnve va pbeevqbef nyy bire Sreryqra.

        V qvq trg Yryvnan'f dhrfg gb tb genpx qbja ure byq zragbe (Znewbenvar? V qba'g erzrzore ubj vg'f fcryyrq) naq jr raqrq hc xvyyvat ure. V thrff jr unir gb jnvg sbe pbasvezngvba gung Znex'f svavfurq jvgu gur ryirf orsber jr pna gnyx nobhg nalguvat Yryvnan-eryngrq, evtug?

        • enigmaticagentscully says:

          V graq gb fjvgpu orgjrra Nyvfgnve naq Yryvnan ba cynlguebhtuf, ebznapr-jvfr. Fbzrgvzrf obgu ;C

          V ybir gurz obgu fb zhpu!

          • megotelek says:

            Jnvg, lbh pna qb OBGU? Ubj qbrf gung jbex? V zrna, V pna'g vzntvar Nyvfgnve orvat bxnl jvgu funevat, fb qb lbh ebznapr Yryvnan svefg naq gura uvz?

          • enigmaticagentscully says:

            Jryy, lbh'er abg nyybjrq n guerrfbzr, ohg lbh pna fbeg bs fgevat gurz obgu nybat sbe n juvyr hagvy gurl trg cvffrq bss naq gryy lbh gb znxr n pubvpr.

          • megotelek says:


            Ohg V unir gb svavfu cynlvat vg bapr svefg!

      • Andie says:

        Feastday Gifts DLC pack spoilers??? sort of

        Ur'f nyfb tbg Hygvzngr Rqvgvba, evtug? Fb gung fubhyq tvir uvz npprff gb gur Srnfgqnl tvsg cnpxf, naq nf ybat nf ur qbrfa'g hfr gur tnt tvsgf, gubfr jvyy fubbg uvf nccebiny engvatf guebhtu gur ebbs.

    • Andie says:

      V ybir Btuera jvgu rirel svoer bs zl orvat. Naq ebznaprq!Nyvfgnve vf fb qnza nqbenoyr.

      V'yy or fnq vs Znex zvffrf bhg ba gur ebznapr fghss naq pbzcnavba dhrfgf. V whfg jnag uvz gb rkcrevrapr nyy gur tnzr unf gb bssre!

      • Hasbeghangryl vg'f ybbxvat yvxr Znex'f birenyy birejuryzrqarff (gung'f gung abg n jbeq) zvtug pnhfr uvz gb zvff n ybg bs guvatf. Ohg V'z tynq ur'f rawblvat uvzfrys. V jbaqre vs ur'yy svther bhg gur jubyr tvsg flfgrz. Gung jnf bar bs gur guvatf gung nyyhqrq zr va zl svefg cynlguebhtu hagvy nobhg unysjnl guebhtu gur tnzr be fb. V pbhyqa'g svther bhg ubj gur uryy gb tvir gurz gur tvsgf yby

      • megotelek says:

        Naq ebznaprq!Nyvfgnve vf fb qnza nqbenoyr.

        Ur fb vf! V whfg znxr bhg jvgu uvz nyy gur gvzr. Svefg gvzr V qvq gung jvgu Btuera va gur cnegl naq ur (Btuera) fnvq fbzrguvat yvxr "Qba'g zvaq zr, V yvxr gb jngpu!" naq V xvaq bs fuhqqrerq n ovg.

  3. Tahaneira says:

    Oh God, whfg jnvg hagvy ur trgf gb gur Pvepyr Gbjre. ZLFGVPNY GUVATF TNYBER, GRR URR.

    NAQ UR VF NYZBFG GB GUR YNQL, UBYL FUVG. V guvax jr fubhyq ubyq gur 'jung qvq lbh qb, jub qvq lbh fhccbeg' qvfphffvbaf hagvy nsgrejneqf, fb Znex pna ernq gurz gbb. Ohg V pna'g jnvg gb frr jub ur'yy fhccbeg.

    Yeah, not much else to say right now. Other than to lament that Yrvynan vf nyzbfg qrnq. Abbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb! :(

    Quote of the Day:
    Crazy Old Hermit: No fair bringing a mage to a guessing game!

    (Honestly, I could have picked any of the crazy shit he said, it's so hilarious, but that's the one that stuck out for me.)

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      Zna V jbhyq ungr gb cynl guvf tnzr jvgubhg Yryvnan naq ure ybiryl npprag naq ure ornhgvshy fvatvat ibvpr naq…V'z n yvggyr vasnghngrq jvgu Yryvnan, pna lbh gryy?

      Zl ryira Ebthr vf ebznapvat gur uryy bhg bs ure guvf cynlguebhtu.

      • megotelek says:

        V guvax nsgre V svavfu guvf svefg cynlguebhtu, V'yy tb guebhtu naq ebznapr ure (fur'f fb njrfbzr). V'z abg fher V'yy rire jnag gb ebznapr Mriena, ohg vg pbhyq or cbgragvnyyl uvynevbhf.

        • enigmaticagentscully says:

          Hetu, Mriena ernyyl gheaf zr bss. Nsgre zl svefg cynlguebhtu V whfg qba'g xrrc uvz nf n pbzcnavba.

          • megotelek says:

            Lrnu, V'z guvaxvat V'yy cebonoyl whfg xvyy uvz arkg gvzr. V gubhtug vg zvtug or unaql gb unir nabgure ebthr nybat, ohg V'ir tbg Yryvnan naq fur qbrf whfg svar! Ure naq Jlaar naq Nyvfgnve ner zl tb-gb gevb, jvgu zr nf gur oybbq zntr envavat qbja qrfgehpgvba sebz nsne.

          • Tahaneira says:

            V qvqa'g zvaq Mriena bapr V tbg zber vagb uvf onpxfgbel. V thrffrq gung V svtherq vs V pbhyq unat nebhaq naq nccerpvngr UX-47, jryy, jung evtug qvq V unir gb pbaqrza fbzrbar jub unq nf yvggyr pubvpr va jung ur qvq va yvsr? Ng yrnfg Mriena punatrq; UX erznvaf n oybbqguvefgl clfpubcngu naq V ybir uvz nyy gur zber sbe vg.

            Nyfb, V unir gb nterr gung V pbhyq arire ebznapr nalbar ohg Yryvnan. Jryy, rkprcg sbe Nyvfgnve.

          • enigmaticagentscully says:

            Jlaar, Nyvfgnve naq Yryvnan ner zl tb-gb gevb nf jryy! UVTU SVIR.

      • misterbernie says:

        Vs V jnf whfg n ovg ov, V'q unir gur ovttrfg vasnghngvba jvgu Yryvnan, gbb. Nf vg vf, V fgvyy nccebir bs ure rirelguvat zhpuyl.

      • snapsnzips says:

        I feel like we need to beg to be allowed to stage an intervention over Yryvnan.

        • Tahaneira says:

          V guvax vg'f gbb yngr ng guvf cbvag, ur'f cebonoyl nyernql cynlrq naq erpbeqrq gur fubjqbja jvgu Mnguevna naq gur Ynql. Juvpu zrnaf fur'f qrnq sbe tbbq. :( Jura ur ernpurf gur raq V'yy cebonoyl gel gb ubfg n Yryvnan zrzbevny va gur pbzzragf.

    • misterbernie says:

      Please don't use the word 'crazy' on this site, as it's ableist.

      • Tahaneira says:

        DANGIT. I keep thinking I have a handle on things and then I do something else stupid and insensitive. >< And apparently I can't edit my post now. Sorry!

  4. Andie says:

    This is the greatest picture of all time and I will post it everywhere it is even remotely relevant.

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

  5. enigmaticagentscully says:

    Man, it is SO WEIRD to me that you're doing the Elven quest first, I swear. I'm now playing along at about a rate of an hour a day just for the lulz and I'm just doing completely different things.

    Except for the buttstabbing. Because I've actually never been a Rogue before because I always go for either Warrior or Mage so this time I thought I'd go Rogue because you made it sound like fun.

    And now I just want to spend the rest of my life sneaking up behind things and stabbing them in the butt. Is that so wrong?

    Nyfb, Znex guvaxf ur'f dhvgr sne nybat va gur fgbel. NUNUNUNUNUNUNUNUNUN.

    • megotelek says:

      Jryy, guvf cnegvphyne cneg bs gur fgbel, znlor…

    • Lrnu V'z abg fher ubj Znex tbg gung vzcerffvba. AB ZNEX. LBH NER ABG ERZBGRYL SNE VAGB GUR FGBEL. V zrna orvat jurer ur vf ng 7 ubhef vf abg onq sbe uvf rkcrevrapr yriry ohg vg'f abg ernyyl snfg rvgure.

    • Tahaneira says:

      V xabj, vg'f xvaq bs uvynevbhf gung ur pubfr gb tb gb gur ryirf svefg, jura bhg bs nyy bs gur nyyvrf, gur ryirf naq gurve cyvtug unir gur yrnfg gb qb jvgu gur birenyy cybg. Abguvat nobhg gur qnexfcnja be Ybtunva, abg rira na bevtva gb gvr gurz va. Whfg fbeg bs, "Uv! Jr'er urer, jr'er zvfgehfgshy, neebtnag nffubyrf, rkprcg sbe n srj avpr crbcyr. Uryc hf? Cyrnfr?"

      • enigmaticagentscully says:

        Ba gur bgure unaq, V thrff ur'f tbggra vg bhg bs gur jnl svefg. Fb vg'f fbeg bs yvxr cenpgvpr, naq abj rirelguvat ur qbrf sebz guvf cbvag jvyy nyy or gvrq vagb gur znva cybg. Fb gung'f fbeg bs arng?

      • Gur Qnyvfu cneg bs gur tnzr vf… zl yrnfg snibevgr ba gur jubyr. Rira gur Qnyvfu bevtva vf xvaq bs n ober. Gur tbbq arjf guvf whfg zrnaf Znex vf va sbe n jubyr ybg bs fhecevfrf fvapr ur'f trggvat gur (nethnoyl) qhyy cneg bhg bs gur jnl.

    • Andie says:

      Nyfb, Znex guvaxf ur'f dhvgr sne nybat va gur fgbel. NUNUNUNUNUNUNUNUNUN.

      I laughed really hard at that line too.

  6. Even for an experienced RPG gamer sometimes it can all seem a bit overwhelming. Luckily I'm pretty sure you'll get used to it.

    In the meantime I finished Awakenings so spoilers here (also DLC spoilers possibly):

    Fb V svavfurq Njnxravatf vf fbzrguvat yvxr 15 ubhef? Gung sryg… fubeg. Rfcrpvnyyl urnevat crbcyr fnl 20-30 ubhef gb pbzcyrgr. Ohg znlor gurl jrer whfg jebat. V'z irel tynq V qvqa'g fcraq $45 ba vg jura vg pnzr bhg. Abg gung vg jnf onq. V zbfgyl rawblrq vg naq gubhtug gur arj pbzcnavbaf jrer vagrerfgvat. V xvaq bs jvfu nyy gur fghss gurl nqqrq unq whfg orra cneg bs gur znva pnzcnvta. V srry yvxr V oneryl unq rabhtu gb trg hfrq gb jung gurl nqqrq orsber vg jnf bire. Bu naq vs nalbar vf jbaqrevat V qvq nyy gur fvqr dhrfgf zvahf n srj "tb tngure nyy guvf fghss sbe zr" barf. Njnxravatf nyfb sryg n ovg gbb rnfl pbzcnerq gb gur znva pnzcnvta. V qba'g guvax V qvrq (nf gur jubyr cnegl qlvat) gur ragver gvzr.

    V nyfb whfg svavfurq Tbyrzf bs Nztneenx… naq gung V qvqa'g pner sbe ng nyy. Pbzcyrgr jnfgr bs na ubhe bs zl yvsr. Ohg abj V'z fgnegvat Jvgpu Uhag naq V nz rkpvgr. V'z fnivat Yryvnan'f Fbat naq Gur Qnexfcnja Puebavpyrf sbe ynfg gura V'yy fgneg zl arkg cynlguebhtu juvpu V'z nobhg 90% fher jvyy or n srznyr rys zntr.

    • Gillyweed says:

      V whfg fgnegrq Njnxravat sbe gur svefg gvzr. Jung V ybir vf unatvat bhg jvgu Btuera ntnva naq orvat n wrex gbjneqf Naqref, V veengvbanyyl ungr Naqref. Ohg fb sne, vg'f whfg bx.
      Gur Tbyrzf bs Nztneenx jnf gur jbefg sbe zr, V unq n jneevbe naq jvgu gubfr cnegl zrzoref vg gbbx ntrf whfg gb xvyy n fvatyr tbyrz,, nyfb sbe fbzr ernfba V jrag sebz yriry 25 gb 20. Naq gur fgbel jnf pbzcyrgryl zru. V unir bayl Jvgpu Uhag yrsg, pna'g jnvg sbe gung bar :)

  7. misterbernie says:

    V yrnea dhvpxyl! Fb V’z yrnivat gurz haghearq.
    Lbh yrnea gur jebat guvatf sbe na ECT *fravbe tnzre rlrebyy*

  8. Peter says:

    First Time Gameplay

    OH GOD SUCH A CRISIS. I haven’t played the elves yet and what do I doooooooo?
    Ugh. I was already horribly spoiled during yesterday’s review before realizing it must have been the Dalish Elves quest… so oops? I don’t want to be spoiled anymore so I guess I’m checking out until Mark gets to one of the other quests that I’ve done… pheeragyl qbvat Bemnzzne, nyernql svavfurq Erqpyvssr, Pvepyr bs Zntv, gur fybgu qrzba naq gur Snqr (V fjrne guvf vf ybat rabhtu gb pbhag nf n znva dhrfg, fb V jvyy qb fb qba’g whqtr zr), naq V fgvyy unir gb qb gur Oerpvyvna Sberfg (yby lrc, gur bar Znex vf qbvat SVEFG bs gur bevtvany znva dhrfgf, V fnirq sbe YNFG.) naq gur Fnperq Nfurf.

  9. tethysdust says:

    Haha, I approached one thing completely opposite from how you did, Mark. I disturb everything! I can't even remember all the many times I died to Great Shades and stuff. I was determined that anything in a video game that is killable should die by my hand. Or well, in this case, by my massive amounts of fire (I was a mage). This attitude doesn't serve me especially well in other types of games, where you're supposed to rescue civilians and stuff…

    Now I'm going to go whimper some more about Yrvynan, orpnhfr fur jnf gur ybir bs zl srznyr punenpgre'f yvsr, naq abj Ebfyva pna'g or n yrfovna. ;_;

  10. Ryan Lohner says:

    Still not at the Daelish Elves, so I've got nothing for Mark to see. As for the rest of you, V orng Hyqerq nsgre ybbxvat hc va n jnyxguebhtu ubj gb cebcreyl hfr gung zntvp obbx (orsber V jnf jnfgvat n ybg bs gvzr fcnzzvat vg, guvaxvat vg jbhyq uheg uvz fbzrubj). Naq V'z abj va gur pnireaf gb trg gur Hea bs Fnperq Nfurf, unccvyl nohfvat Jlaar nf zl Juvgr Zntr. Jub arrqf cbhygvprf jura lbh pna pbhag ba ure urnyvat lbh jurarire guvatf trg ebhtu? Bs pbhefr, guvf oevatf vgf bja qvssvphygvrf nf V unir gb znxr fher fur'f fnsr qhevat onggyr, ohg guvatf fhqqrayl tbg zhpu rnfvre jvgu ure nebhaq.

    I'm sure what I said above is frowned on, but to all you people who have been giving me tips, thank you, I'm sure it's all great advice, but I just don't get it, and I'm never going to. I am officially an old man with this thing.

    • misterbernie says:

      Jryy, gung'f jung Jlaar'f sbe.

      • enigmaticagentscully says:

        Naq sbe znxvat njrfbzr fnffl erznexf naq trarenyyl orvat n onqnff.

        • misterbernie says:


          tbq V ubcr Znex ng yrnfg cvpxf ure hc naq unf ure nebhaq juvyr geniryyvat fb ure cybg trgf cebterffrq orpnhfr ubj pna lbh yvir n shyy yvsr jvgubhg Jlaar

          • enigmaticagentscully says:

            V vagraq gb znxr znal znal 'Znqr bs Jlaar' naq 'Rcvp Jlaar' wbxrf jura fur fubjf hc.

            Nf vg'f uvf svefg cynlguebhtu, vg jvyy npghnyyl or fvtavsvpnagyl zber qvssvphyg vs ur qbrfa'g cvpx hc Jlaar gb npg nf urnyre.

          • Ryan Lohner says:

            V'z cerggl fher gur svtug jvgu Hyqerq vf vzcbffvoyr jvgubhg ure.

          • cogsandcurls says:

            V'z fbeg bs jbeevrq Znex'f tbvat gb fnff vg hc naq fvqr jvgu Zbeevtna qhevat gur vavgny zrrgvat jvgu Jlaar – lbh xabj, gur cneg jurer fur jnagf gb yrg nyy gur Pvepyr Zntrf qvr sbe "nyybjvat gurzfryirf gb or pntrq" va gur svefg cynpr. Juvpu jbhyq zrna Jlaar zvtug qvr ng gur svefg uheqyr.

            Ba gur bgure unaq, znlor ur'yy or flzcngurgvp orpnhfr ur'f nyernql zrg ure bapr naq jnf snveyl snfpvangrq jvgu jung fur unq gb fnl?

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      V nyjnlf tb evtug gb gur zntr gbjre svefg gb trg Jlaar, orpnhfr V pbzcyrgryl fhpx jvgubhg n urnyre. :C

    • snapsnzips says:

      V nyjnlf ybbx ng vg nf n gnpgvpny pubvpr. Gnxr Jlaar naq yrnir nyy gur cbgvbaf oruvaq BE gnxr Zbeevtna jub jvyy xvpx rirelbar'f nff ohg gura lbh unir gb or noyr gb hfr gnpgvpf gb qrny jvgu cbgvbaf. Vg'f gnpgvpf rvgure jnl sbe zr gubhtu: rvgure Jlaar urnyf crbcyr jura gurl trg orybj n % be qbrf bgure fcryyf ba gurz, be V unir crbcyr gnxr cbgvbaf onfrq ba %. There is no wrong answer.

      • megotelek says:

        Frr, V unir Jlaar jvgu zr nyy gur gvzr naq V fgvyy ubneq nyy gur cbgvbaf. V ZVTUG ARRQ GURZ. V QBA'G XABJ JURA.

        Gurer jrer n pbhcyr bs gvzrf jura V jnf guerr dhnegref bs gur jnl guebhtu n znva dhrfg jvgu ab fubeg jnl gb fryy naq n shyy vairagbel naq V whfg fgnegrq qrfgeblvat gur ybjrfg dhnyvgl ybbg V unq fb V pbhyq pbagvahr gb ybbg rirelguvat. FB ZNAL FCNEXYVRF.

    • cat says:

      Url, abg ng nyy. QN vf n gevpxl tnzr jura vg pbzrf gb fcrpvsvp guvatf gb qb; lbh unir gb cnl irel pybfr nggragvba gb gur vafgehpgvbaf bgure punenpgref tvir lbh nobhg jung gb qb jvgu jungrire, naq ernq n ohapu bs fghss gung vf unys gur gvzr hfryrff naq unys gur gvzr pbzcyrgryl ivgny. V zrna, fbzr bs gur rkcynangvbaf lbh trg bs gur tnzr'f gnpgvpf nccrne bayl ba gur ybnq fperraf orgjrra fprarf, sbe pelvat bhg ybhq. Ab funzr va purpxvat gur vagrearg sbe uryc vs lbh'ir zvffrq fbzrguvat, hayrff lbh'er Znex, va juvpu pnfr lbh'er fperjrq, cbbe thl.

  11. enigmaticagentscully says:

    Vf vg ernyyl rivy bs zr gung V xvaq bs jnag Znex gb ebznapr Nyvfgnve, whfg gb frr uvf ernpgvba jura ur GBGNYYL ERWRPGF LBH NAQ FNLF LBH PNA'G OR DHRRA ORPNHFR LBH'ER NA RYS ng gur raq bs gur tnzr?

    Lrnu. BX, V xabj lbh pna or uvf zvfgerff be jungrire, be lbh pna abg znxr uvz Xvat naq ur fgnlf jvgu lbh, ohg fgvyy. UNEFU.

    • Andie says:

      Evtug? V jnf gbgnyyl ybbxvat sbejneq gb guvf.

    • David says:

      Lbh pna 'uneqra' Nyvfgnve fb gung ur qbrf znxr lbh Dhrra.

      • megotelek says:

        Ohg bayl vs lbh'er n uhzna aboyr, evtug? Zl pheerag cyna (orpnhfr V unir fcbvyrq zlfrys funzryrffyl orpnhfr V qba'g jnag gb znxr gur ~jebat pubvpr~) vf gb znxr uvz Xvat ohg abg zneel uvz gb Naben naq fgnl nf uvf ybire.

        Naq gnyxvat nobhg 'uneqravat' Nyvfgnve nyjnlf whfg znxrf zr guvax qvegl qvegl gubhtugf. Fb gura V tb onpx gb pnzc naq unir frk jvgu uvz. V…zvtug cbffvoyl or cynlvat guvf tnzr gbb zhpu.

        • David says:

          Gur uhzna aboyr pna zneel Nyvfgnve ertneqyrff (jryy, bayl vs lbhe punenpgre vf srznyr).

          'Uneqravat' Nyvfgnve vf gb qb jvgu uvf fvfgre. Nsgre ur'f orra gb frr ure, ur'yy fgneg gnyxvat nobhg ubj rirelbar vf bhg sbe gurzfryirf. Vs lbh nterr naq fnl gung ur fubhyq or zber yvxr vg uvzfrys gura uvf bhgybbx ba yvsr jvyy punatr. Ur'yy ab ybatre pner jung bgure crbcyr guvax naq ur jvyy zneel lbh rira vs lbh'er na rys be qjnes. Ohg V guvax vg fgvyy bayl jbexf vs lbhe punenpgre vf srznyr.

          • megotelek says:

            Lrnu, V nyernql uneqrarq Nyvfgnve'f crefbanyvgl, ohg V thrff V zrnag gung lbh pna'g zneel uvz vs ur orpbzrf xvat. Be ng yrnfg, lbh pna'g or dhrra vs lbh'er abg n uhzna aboyr.

          • mreeb says:

            Lrnu, lbh pna'g or dhrra hayrff lbh'er n uhzna aboyr, rira vs lbh uneqra uvz nsgre gnyxvat gb uvf fvfgre (jnvg…gung fbhaqf…bu, lbh xabj jung V'z gnyxvat nobhg). V'z cerggl fher lbh unir gb uneqra Nyvfgnve rira vs lbh *ner* n uhzna aboyr, cyhf unir rabhtu phaavat naq pbrepvba, bgurejvfr ur jba'g zneel lbh orpnhfr ur arrqf na urve naq lbh obgu unir gur gnvag, znxvat gung gevpxl. Ohg V unira'g svavfurq zl uhzna aboyr cynl guebhtu lrg, fb V qba'g xabj gung sbe fher.

          • Zetal says:

            Zl svefg cynlguebhtu V jnf n uhzna aboyr naq jr jrer evqvphybhfyl va ybir naq zl phaavat fpber jnf… cebonoyl cerggl ybj fvapr V jnf n jneevbe. V qvqa'g uneqra uvz, ohg ur znqr zr dhrra naq jr nterrq gung jr jbhyq whfg unir gb gel ybgf naq ybgf bs gvzrf sbe gur urve. YBGF bs gvzrf.

          • mreeb says:

            "YBGF bs gvzrf." V qba'g xabj jung rzbgvpba rdhnyf n zvfpuvribhf snpr, ohg cergraq V chg vg urer.

            Naljnl, pbby! V'z cerggl qrgrezvarq gung zl uhzna aboyr jvyy or dhrra, ohg fur naq Nyvfgnve ner nyernql va ybir, fb V guvax guvatf ner fbyvq gura, tbbq gb xabj! Gunaxf!

    • klmnumbers says:

      BZT FPHYYL. Gur svefg gvzr V cynlrq guvf tnzr, V qvq vg nf n Qnyvfu rys. V tbg FHCRE NGGNPURQ gb Nyvfgnve naq sbhaq uvz fhcre nqbenoyr. V jnf ernyyl vairfgrq va bhe ~~ebznapr. Gura jura V tbg qhzcrq, V vzzrqvngryl unq eriratr frk jvgu gur fnhpl rys thl. Nccneragyl, vs lbh uneqra Nyvfgnve, lbh pna fgnl ba nf uvf ybire (juvpu jbhyq unir orra svar jvgu zr), ohg V cynlrq zl rys gbb avpr. ENTR.

  12. SpaceElves says:

    Im that person who says, "hmmm, wierd creepy gravestone? lets go and touch it." and then of course i die to the magical undead monsters that appear.

  13. tehrevel says:

    You've played Fallout 3 right Mark? I suspect that was exactly as complicated (in different ways obviously, no party, no class choice at the start, more weird potentially useless items to pick up in Fallout) when you started but you just got used to it and forgot how confusing those early hours were.

    I think if you haven't been playing RPGs since the mid 90s they can be one of the most impenetrable game types out there since so much of the rules crib from Dungeons and Dragons rulesets or whatever and the developers sometimes just forget that any game can be someones first game so you have to teach more than just the games very in depth mechanics.

  14. EmberQuill says:

    V unir ab xabjyrqtr bs gur fpbcr bs gur fgbel be ubj sne nybat V nz va QN:B, ohg V trg gur frafr gung V’z npghnyyl engure sne nybat sbe cynlvat sbe bayl frira ubhef.

    Lbh ner fb irel hacercnerq.

    Vg'f vagrerfgvat gb frr gur crefcrpgvir bs fbzrbar jub pubfr gb qb gur Qnyvfu dhrfg svefg. V hfrq gb qb Erqpyvssr svefg, fvapr Nyvfgnve xrrcf oevatvat vg hc hagvy lbh tb gurer, naq gura bapr lbh qb, lbh pna'g yrnir hayrff lbh qba'g zvaq yrggvat gur jubyr gbja qvr. Fb V qvq gung svefg n srj gvzrf hagvy V qvfpbirerq whfg ubj njrfbzr Jlaar jnf nf n urnyre. Abj V nyjnlf urnq gb gur Pvepyr Gbjre evtug nsgre Ybgurevat.

    Abj V fubhyq trg onpx gb pelvat va n pbeare orpnhfr AB YRYVNANNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! :`(

  15. TCM says:

    The lack of Leliana makes me sad.

    Franchise spoilers ahead, not just DA1:

    (Vg jvyy nyfb znxr Znex VAPERQVOYL PBASHFRQ jura fur pbzrf bhg bs abjurer va Qentba Ntr 2. OVBJNER YBBX JUNG LBHE ERGPBAF UNIR JEBHTUG)

    • mreeb says:

      Gb or snve, vg'f sne zber pbaprvinoyr sbe ure gb unir rfpncrq Ybgurevat guna ure rfpncvat gur Jneqra univat xvyyrq ure…rfcrpvnyyl vs gur svavfuvat zbir lbh unccrarq gb hfr va gur onggyr ntnvafg ure vaibyirq phggvat bss ure urnq, nf unccrarq gb n sevraq bs zvar. Fb. Rez. Lrnu. Arire zvaq. Lbhe cbvag fgvyy fgnaqf. Pneel ba.

  16. Gailim says:

    you DID miss out on a huge important thing. her name was Leliana. you should reload a save from lothering and get her, she makes this game more fun.

  17. Gillyweed says:

    I just love Brecilian Forest, one of my favourite parts of the game. I admire your self restraint, for me it's: if I can click it, I click it, I just can't leave a quest not done.
    nyfb V gnxr fhpu n wbl va xvyyvat Eriranagf, Gurer vf abg na rarzl V ungr nf zhpu nf gurz.
    Also, since most people reached Orzammar: jub qb lbh fhccbeg? V nyjnlf tb jvgu Ouryra, ur'f wrex ohg ur'f zber pbzcrgrag nyy va nyy. Nyfb, V'z fnq Znex jba'g pngpu Fpuzbbcyrf sbe Yryvnan.

    • cat says:

      Ouryra sbe zr gbb. Birenyy V cersre uvf raqvat, naq uvf fhccbeg bs gur ybjre pnfgr vf zber vzcbegnag gb zr guna uvf orvat n znavchyngvir zheqrevat onfgneq. Fbeel, Qjnes Aboyr bevtva, gung'f cbyvgvpf.

      • cat says:

        *naq sbe ybjre pnfgrf V zrnag pnfgryrff, boivbhfyl. Zvff fabbgl freinag pnfgr jvgu gur ynhaqel pna ovgr zr. :c

      • Gillyweed says:

        Fnzr urer, Uneebjzbag vf terng naq V ungr gung ur trgf xvyyrq orpnhfr bs zr, ohg V unir gb guvax jung vf orfg sbe nyy. Naq Ouryra trgf guvatf tbvat, rfcrpvnyyl sbe fhesnpr qjneirf. Nyfb uvf raqvat vs lbh urycrq Oenaxn vf abjurer arne ubeevslvat nf gur bar jvgu Uneebjzbag *fuhqqref* (abg gung V pbhyq rire fvqr jvgu Oenaxn).

    • ShadowLash says:

      Mine, too. I usually save it for after Orzammar because HELLO SWEET SWEET FRESH AIR AND TREES AND NOT BEING STUCK UNDERGROUND FOR HOURS. V pna’g rvgure. V trg veevgngrq ng univat gb genvcfr onpx naq sbegu npebff Sreryqra sbe gur oynpx ivny dhrfg, ohg V whfg. Pna’g. Fgbc. Bapr be gjvpr va inevbhf cynlguebhtuf, V’ir znantrq gb fperj zlfrys bire ba dhrfgf vaibyivat Ybgurevat, naq frrvat gurz haqre vapbzcyrgr/npgvir ba zl yvfg unf znqr zr shzr ng zl bja fghcvqvgl naq qrfcnve gung gur cbffvovyvgl bs svavfuvat gurz vf TBAR SBERIRE *fbo*.

      V fvqr jvgu Ouryra. Bayl bapr qvq V tb jvgu Uneebjzbag, naq pevatrq jura V sbhaq bhg jung unccraf va gung raqvat (v.r., gung Uneebjzbag vf na rabezbhf nffubyr naq gur qjneirf trg shpxrq bire rira zber guna gurl jrer orsber). Rirel bgure gvzr, V’ir fnvq uryym ab gb gung naq fvqrq jvgu Ouryra. N oraribyrag qvpgngbe jub pbzcyrgryl punatrf guvatf ohg znxrf yvsr orggre sbe uvf crbcyr vf znetvanyyl orggre guna n thl jub xrrcf guvatf nf gurl jrer naq pbagvahrf gb bccerff n tebhc bs uvf crbcyr sbe ab ernfba rkprcg gung’f “whfg gur jnl guvatf ner”.

      Abg *gbgnyyl* haeryngrq gb gung, V srry ernyyl fvyyl evtug abj. V fjrne, V’ir cynlrq guvf tnzr nobhg fvk gvzrf naq WHFG qvfpbirerq gur rkvfgrapr bs bar bs gur Bemnzzne fvqrdhrfgf (“Rkbgvp Zrgubqf”) naq jurer/ubj gb trg vg. NAQ V UNIR N PBZCYRGR JNYXGUEBHTU CQS. Rcvp snvy.*snprcnyz*

  18. cat says:

    Rirel gvzr V pbzr urer va gur nsgreabba V svefg fpebyy qbja gb purpx Znex'f phaavat fpber naq pel


    Znex j u l

    • Gillyweed says:

      Nyfb uvf fgeratgu/qrkgrevgl znxrf zr jnag gb JRRC.

    • baruchan says:

      GUVF. GUVF GUVF GUVF. V xabj guvf vf uvf svefg gvzr gb cynl na ECT, ohg vg'f fgngrq jurarire lbh ubire bire "Phaavat" juvyr yriryvat hc gung n ybg bs Ebthr gnyragf naq fxvyyf erdhver n uvtu Phaavat fpber. Naq ubj pna bar ohggfgno farnxvyl jvgubhg univat n uvtu Phaavat fpber?!

  19. mreeb says:

    You are smarter than I am. I…I clicked every gravestone. I couldn't help myself.

    I dabbled in gaming during elementary school, but really the most serious game I played was Diablo II. I never got around to finishing it, and once I hit hight school, I didn't play any video games at all. I only really got into gaming over the past couple years, when I hit university. It was Dragon Age that pulled me back in. All I'm saying is, as someone also fairly new to gaming who started that journey with Dragon Age, I totally get the overwhelming thing. You are already doing much better than I did, and that was with my sister coaching me whenever she could (she's also a new gamer, and I introduced her to Dragon Age, but she's apparently a gaming genius because she figured it out and blew past me in like a week) (but seriously y'all should've seen my stats points distribution IT WAS A DISASTER). I missed maaaaaaany side quests. It has made replays awesome, though. I'm always discovering new side plots and characters and even important things I didn't realize I'd missed (uryyb Funyr'f zvffvba va gur Qrrc Ebnqf, guvf vf jung V trg sbe abg vafgnyyvat gur QYP hagvy whfg orsber gur Ynaqfzrrg) the first time, so I wouldn't worry about it. The world of Dragon Age is too big to not miss some things, even important ones. That's part of why I love it more than most things.

    • megotelek says:

      I clicked the gravestones, but the only option I ever got was to leave them alone. So I did. Weird. I wonder if there's a quest you have to have unlocked in order for something to happen.

      • mreeb says:

        Huh. Maybe you have to reach a certain level? I've always done this quest later, and gur onggyr vg gevttref vf ernyyl qvssvphyg.

        • mreeb says:

          Ok, I looked it up, you're right. According to the Dragon Age wiki: "Gb or noyr gb npgvingr guvf dhrfg lbh jvyy (va zbfg pnfrf) arrq gb fgneg jvgu gur Abegurea Napvrag Gbzofgbar va gur Rnfg Oerpvyvna Sberfg, bgurejvfr lbh jvyy abg frr gur "Qvfgheo gur jneqf" bcgvba va lbhe qvnybt."

  20. AmaneSaiko says:

    Oh Mark playing RPGs is like when I try and play FPS. Confusion everywhere and I have no idea what the hell I am doing XD

    I completely sympathise with the inventory woes though. Inventory management is one of the most frustrating and time consuming aspects of RPGs for me. It can especially be annoying when you don't know what everything does yet. (I just went through similar woes when I started playing Mass Effect, WHAT DOES EVERYTHING DO AND WHY IS THERE SO MUCH OF IT)
    I am an eternal completionist, so I run around to get every single item I can, I need all the items and quests and everything. And then I regret it later when I have to go through my inventory and sort everything out, re-equip, etc
    And I completely blame 4 years of playing Final Fantasy X for making me this way (yes you can literally play that game for 4 years…)

  21. »Paula« says:

    Gur bayl guvat gung xvaq bs pbzsbegf zr gung Znex pna'g xabj jung ur'f zvffvat nf ur unf nccneragyl abg rira ZRG Yryvnan. Fgvyy, nyy gur fnqf sbe hf! :,(

  22. cogsandcurls says:

    Inventory management is THE WORST. As much as I love this game, the inventory is so fiddly and time-consuming and ARGH. And it's ALWAYS THIS QUEST where I have the biggest problem. I don't know if it just has more loot than other quests, or if it's just a difference in how often you come across merchants or what, but EVERY time I try and do the Dalish quest I run out of room about halfway through. Doesn't matter how militantly I organise and empty my inventory before I start, it happens EVERY time.

    I'm a completionist. I pick up EVERYTHING, even the useless or worthless stuff. I am the kind of person who spent her brief time in Skyrim trying to pick up all the brooms for no reason. Leaving things un-looted kills me and yet I have yet to work out a way to do this quest that doesn't involve me leaving things behind :(

    • megotelek says:

      Why can I only upvote this once? I swear, inventory management is always the death of me. I always end up three quarters of the way through a main quest destroying the lowest quality things I have so I can pick up more. It's a SICKNESS.

    • misterbernie says:

      Oh god the encumbrance system in the Elder Scrolls game… look, I know why it's there, but you just make me end up fast travelling to and fro each dungeon with 1 pound below the limit and then I just go fuck it and turn god mode on and sell all the ruined books.

    • baruchan says:

      If you buy backpacks from merchants you can add 10 slots to your inventory. But if I remember correctly, the maximum number of slots is 120. So I suggest you sell all the items you don't need anymore whenever you encounter a merchant so you won't fill up your inventory quickly.

      • cogsandcurls says:

        I know, I upgrade whenever I get the chance and this STILL happens to me. It even happened to me the time I svavfurq Jneqra'f Xrrc, fb V jnf noyr gb xrrc nyy gur fghss V jnf xrrcvat sbe yngre yriryf/fragvzragny fghss/tvsgf sbe shgher pbzcnavbaf va gur ubyqvat purfg. I'm just terrible at not looting everthing I guess!

  23. Zequir says:

    At this point you can still return to Lotharing and go to to the tavern. Please, do so!

  24. Okay, sometime soon I will actually get back into that dwarf commoner I was gonna play alongside Mark and post substantial insights (probably all rot13) but for now:


  25. rav3style says:

    I don't know if you are aware but the game lasts about 50 hrs if you rush through it, if you take your time it can be muuuuuuch longer

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