Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’ – Hour 9

In the ninth hour of Dragon Age: Origins, not one thing could have prepared me for Witherfang. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to play Dragon Age: Origins.

Hour Nine


With the exception of the fight against Zathrian, nearly my entire hour was spent coping with the numerous plot twists regarding the werewolves that were attacking the Dalish clan. Yes, it is fun that I’m learning how to play this game. It is more fun that I am being handed one SHIT JUST GOT REAL moment after another. Truthfully, I’ve always been more fascinated by games that have a story attached to them. (The exception is Bejeweled Blitz. WHY DO I KEEP PLAYING YOU?) I haven’t even touched the main plot aside from the results of my expedition in the Brecilian Forest. FOR REAL, I HAVE DONE NOTHING WITH THE MAIN PLOT AND THIS GAME’S STORY IS STILL SPECTACULAR. I’m just so impressed, y’all!

I started up the game knowing that I’d entered the lair of the werewolves. After a few attacks that my party dealt with brilliantly, I was finally confronted by the gatekeeper: the “Lady” wanted to talk to me because she was certain I didn’t understand the situation. At this point, I was busy molding a headcanon for my character, which is half the fun of playing a RPG like this. Roslin is generally a totally asshole to everyone she meets, but once she’s comfortable with you, she’s more trusting. On top of that, I side with doing what I think is moral and right. I haven’t seen many chances to be downright evil in this game. Mostly, I can be mean or sassy, but I don’t think this is like the Fallout games. I can’t really choose to be evil. (Oh god, now I’m thinking about my second playthrough of Fallout 3 and the Tenpenny Tower mission. HAHAHA I WAS SUCH A HORRIBLE PERSON.) It seems you can build your character within the framework of a Grey Warden. That being said, it’s entirely possible that my actions and my origin class dictate that, so it’s not like I have the slightest clue what I’m talking about. (I’m totally fine with people telling me if this is an option of gameplay as long as it doesn’t spoil a future chance for me to choose good/evil or whatever.)

For now, I’m happy being one of the good guys. So it seemed relatively clear that I’d have to battle the werewolves and bring Witherwings’ heart to Zathrian. I wasn’t super bothered by this because the werewolves in this game look so fucking creepy.

AND THEN THIS LADY COMES OUT. WHO IS THE LADY OF THE FOREST? WHAT IS GOING ON? Why is she here? Why is she talking to me, and why is she in charge of all the werewolves? What does it me–


[head explosion]

Are… are you serious? HE LIED TO ME. THAT FUCKER LIED TO ME. In an instant, I decided to be more sympathetic to the werewolves and hear their side. What was once a clear-cut moral situation was muddied by this revelation.

Oh, wait, Zathrian did this because his children were murdered and raped by a group of humans who tormented the elven camp? OH. OH, WAIT. I AM AN ELF. I intimately know what this sort of oppression is like. I am instantly conflicted about this.

Oh, fuck. THE LADY OF THE FOREST IS WITHERFANG? THIS IS A JOKE, RIGHT? (For the record, when Zathrian revealed this, I totally made Roslin pretend like she knew along. Whatever, he lied to me first, so I feel no guilt over this.) And so I’m presented with an awful moral conundrum: do I help my elven brethren get justice for what was done to them many years ago, or do I take pity on the humans who have been made to suffer FOR A REALLY LONG TIME? Oh god, why is this game doing this to me? Even Zathrian himself brings up my innate understanding of human bigotry as an elf. Damn it, stop it! You’re making this harder!

Wait. Wait. Zathrian’s life is tied to the goddamn curse? HE’S KEEPING THE CURSE AROUND, THE VERY CURSE TORMENTING HIS OWN PEOPLE, BECAUSE IT MAKES HIM ESSENTIALLY IMMORTAL? Yeah, that was the moment when I was 100% done with Zathrian. It’s one thing to want justice; it’s another thing to want that at the expense of people you supposedly care about. So I chose to force Zathrian to remove the curse!

And I promptly got my ass kicked EIGHT TIMES IN A ROW. Oh my god, this was certainly the hardest part of the game so far, and I got really close to rage-quitting my hour. But I persevered. I had to constantly re-think my strategy, and it finally took me consistently switching characters to enact a brutal assault on Zathrian alone. I figured that if I depleted his powers, that would stop the Wild Sylvans from being totally dickheads to me and my party. And it worked! Well, it took half an hour for me to get to that point, but who’s counting? Actually… I am. Okay, so I’m not great at this game, but I’m learning! I didn’t do too bad, I think.

Through this, Zathrian lifted the curse, I got some sweet treasure on my way out of the ruins, the Dalish clan have agreed to honor the contract they had with the Grey Wardens, and everything rules. I traveled back to my base camp to sell some stuff and get Sandal to enchant my one-handed sword. IT NOW HAS +2 ELECTRICITY IT DOES SO MUCH DAMAGE. Oh, this is exciting!

What’s more exciting, though, is the fact that based off of the love Sten got in the comments last week, I’ve decided to swap him out with Adama and take him on my next mission with me. OFF TO FIND THE DWARVES, I SAY! Oh god, this game rules.

My Character Stats

Strength: 21
Dexterity: 19 +1
Willpower: 15
Magic: 13
Cunning: 16
Constitution: 17

Heroic Stats

Kills: 79
Damage Dealt: 12503
Friendly-fire: 0
Greatest damage dealt: 34
Contribution to party damage: 23
Hit rate: 85
Most powerful foe slain: Dragon
Injuries: 3
 (And for what it’s worth, I didn’t realize Roslin was injured until minute 30. She had a cracked skull for half an hour. Oops!) 

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107 Responses to Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’ – Hour 9

  1. Tahaneira says:

    That’s it, then. Leliana is dead. A moment of silence for her passing. :(

    And now, a Leliana party. Let there be gifs and youtubes! For everyone who loved her, let’s remember all the wonderful moments she gave us, from hilarity to sweetness.

    Everyone who didn’t like her…I guess you can hold a Morrigan party or something?

    • cogsandcurls says:

      DA2 Spoiler: Fur'f abg qrnq. Qba'g jbeel! Vg'f n funzr gung Znex jvyy zvff univat ure nf n geniryyvat pbzcnavba, ohg fur'yy fgvyy or va uvf tnzr vs ur pubbfrf gb gnxr guvf fgbel vagb gur frpbaq tnzr.

      • Tahaneira says:

        Bu ernyyl? Fb fur fubjf hc ng gur raq bs 2 ab znggre jung?

        Abj gung V guvax nobhg, vg znxrf frafr fur jbhyq unir orra noyr gb hfr ure Oneq fxvyyf gb rfpncr.

        • misterbernie says:

          Fgvyy, gur snpg gung jr jba'g trg nal Yryvnan ybir ng nyy sebz Znex vf fbzrguvat gb or zbhearq, vaqrrq.

        • cogsandcurls says:

          Lrc, fur gheaf hc ab znggre jung. Rira vs lbh tbg ure xvyyrq ng gur Nfurf va QN:B (juvpu cvffrq dhvgr n ybg bs crbcyr bss, nccneragyl). Cerfhznoyl fur'f orra ergebnpgviryl znqr haxvyynoyr fb gung Ovbjner pna hfr ure va shgher vafgnyyzragf.

          Ohg lrf, vg'f fnq gung Znex jba'g trg gb fcraq gung zhpu gvzr jvgu ure!

          • megotelek says:

            Rira vs lbh tbg ure xvyyrq ng gur Nfurf va QN:B (juvpu cvffrq dhvgr n ybg bs crbcyr bss, nccneragyl).

            Vg cvffrq zr bss. V unq gur ybiryl pbairefngvba jvgu ure ng gur raq nobhg ubj fur jnf tbvat gb cebgrpg gur Nfurf naq tb ba na nqiragher bs ure irel bja, naq gura va gur rcvybthr V svaq bhg, YBY ABCR. Gubhtu V qvq jbaqre gung vs V unq xvyyrq gur uvtu qentba, jbhyq gung unir punatrq gur raqvat?

          • cogsandcurls says:

            Spoilers in that I'm talking about DA:O epilogue stuff, nothing further than that: V oryvrir vs lbh yrnir gur Nfurf vagnpg naq yrg Travgviv gryy gur jbeyq nobhg gurz NAQ lbh'ir abg xvyyrq gur qentba, vg raqf hc npgvat nf n fbeg bs hajvggvat zheqrebhf thneqvna gung fgbcf vg sebz orpbzvat zhpu bs n cvytevz fcbg. Bgure guna gung vg qbrfa'g znxr n qvssrerapr, naq pregnvayl abg jvgu ertneqf gb Yryvnan.

    • threeparts says:

      You guys mourn Leliana, I'll be over here hosting a MRIENA QNAPR CNEGL.

      • cat says:

        Cenlre pvepyr sbe Znex gb fcner Mriena'f yvsr, yby. V qba'g xabj vs zl cbbe yvggyr urneg jvyy fheivir uvz zvffvat Yryvnan, Funyr NAQ Mriena!

        • »Paula« says:

          Jung znxrf lbh guvax ur'yy zvff Funyr? Be qvq ur nyernql?

          Cenlvat sbe Mriena nf jryy! JVGU NYY ZL URNEG!!

    • megotelek says:

      And if you had gotten back to camp with Leliana after finishing up with the Dalish elves, you would have gotten this WONDERFUL SCENE:

      [youtube VA-rLV6hGY4 youtube]

      Um, spoilers for the Redcliffe story at the very beginning in the loading screen, so maybe skip just a couple of seconds in.

    • »Paula« says:

      This one: loooove Alistair's "Princess Stabbity Stab" comments! <3

      [youtube h0isJ8bmImU youtube]

      • Rav says:

        Omg I never got that Alistair comment (because I loved Leliana the instant I met her and let her join on the first try….IT WAS MY FIRST REAL PS3 RPG I DIDN'T KNOW YOU COULD JUST MAKE CERTAIN DIALOGUES LONGER)

      • celestineangel1 says:

        Alastair ILU be my boyfriend.

  2. Plactus says:

    I traveled back to my base camp to sell some stuff and get Sandal to enchant my one-handed sword. IT NOW HAS +2 ELECTRICITY IT DOES SO MUCH DAMAGE. Oh, this is exciting!


  3. I love all the choices this game forces you to make. On my last playthrough I convinced the Werewolves to wipe out the dalish clan. Mark's moral conflicted-ness gives me lifeblood.

    DLC spoilers (for the last time.):
    Fb V svavfurq Yryvnan'f Fbat naq Gur Qnexfcnja Puebavpyrf. V gubhtug Yryvnan'f fbat unq na vagrerfgvat fgneg va gur Qrarevz Znexrgcynpr ohg gura tbg n yvggyr qhyy. Naq V pbhyq'ir qbar jvgubhg gur encr vzcyvpngvbaf gb or ubarfg.

    Gur Qnexfcnja Puebavpyrf jnf fb obevat. V whfg jnagrq vg gb or bire fb onq. Gur zbfg sha cneg jnf gur ernqvat gur pbqrk ragevrf sbe nyy gur punenpgref. Bu naq gur ovg jrer Jnqr naq Ureera (jub znl be znl abg or n shpxvat Qrfver Qrzba) gryrcbeg bhg bs gbja. Jung?

    I'm now playing a female elf mage. I forget how much I prefer to play casters in RPGs.

    • Tahaneira says:

      Keep your mages. I will always play rogue for two simple reasons:

      1. Buttstabbing. (Oh man, I simply cannot get that out of my head now.)

      2. LOCKS. They mock me. Especially the ones at the beginnings of games!

      • cat says:

        Two words: Lockbash mod. It's kind of hilarious to watch my poor low level mages whacking a chest with a staff determinedly, too; I imagine they feel the same way about locked chests as I do (eg "OPEN YOU BADLY CONSTRUCTED STUBBORN PIECE OF CRAP").

  4. Guest6607 says:

    "Bring Witherwings' heart to Zathrien"

    As if we didn't have enough reasons to hate Zathrien…

  5. Peter says:


    <img src=""&gt;

    First Time Gameplay

    I don't know if this is reality or just the fact that I really have had very little time to play over the last week, but (Orzammar spoilers) vg srryf yvxr gur qjneirf' zvffvba vf ybbbbbbbat. V qba'g xabj – V guvax vg'f whfg V unira'g unq zhpu gvzr gb cynl. Naljnl, V'z qbja va gur qrrc ebnqf punfvat nsgre Oenaxn, naq V'z whfg abg dhvgr fher V yvxr Btuera gung zhpu… lrg.

    Anyway, that means I once again haven't been able to actually read this review, so I'm totally that one guy who went the party but then just sat in the corner not talking WHOOPS.

    Oh well. I can comment on the dwarves and the other quests, I think. I do wonder, though, are you going immediately into the dwarves' quest, or are you going to do some sidequests first, because frankly I feel utterly overwhelmed by the number of sidequests I have clogging up my journal right now. They're fun, certainly, but it's a little daunting to have so many.

    Additionally, another note on inventory management: is there ANY way to get rid of plot items? Because I have many whose purpose I don't even remember. Like lots of (item spoilers?) cvrprf bs cncre jvgu abguvat urycshy va gur qrfpevcgvba, naq fbzr enaqbz orqebbz xrl gung V pna'g erzrzore sbe gur yvsr bs zr jurer V tbg vg. Bbcf?

    Okay – now off to this stupid thing I have called class before I go on to more important things… like Orzammar.

    • Plactus says:

      Lrnu, Bemnzzne (cnegvphyneyl gur Qrrc Ebnqf) tbrf ba jnl gbb cnapnxvat ybat. Jbefr guna gur Snqr, VZB, nygubhtu vg qbrfa'g uryc gung jura V qvq vg gur svefg gvzr nebhaq vg fgnegrq gnxvat sberire gb ybnq rnpu yvggyr nern. (Nygubhtu… jura V qvq gur Snqr ynfg avtug, vg jnfa'g nf onq nf V erzrzorerq. Znlor Bemnzzne jvyy or orggre, gbb.)

      • misterbernie says:

        Qentba Ntr'f zrzbel yrnx vf ng vgf jbefg va gur Qrrc Ebnqf. Vapr V'z va Bemnzzne, V cerggl zhpu erfgneg gur tnzr rirel ubhe be fb orpnhfr gur serdhrag ybnqvat znxrf vg haornenoyr.

      • Peter says:

        V unira'g unq rkprcgvbanyyl ybat ybnq gvzrf va Bemnzzne be gur Qrrc Ebnqf, ohg zl tnzr unf npghnyyl penfurq gjvpr va Pnevqva'f Pebff, naq zl Kobk vf hfhnyyl irel irel tbbq nobhg abg penfuvat. V unir nyfb unq jrveq ybj senzr engrf, gbb.

      • Ryan Lohner says:

        V npghnyyl fubhgrq "Bu pbzr ba!" bhg ybhq jura Uneebjzbag gbyq zr gung xvyyvat nyy gur onaqvgf jnfa'g rabhtu naq V'q unir gb svaq Oenaxn.

  6. Andie says:


    For my brother's birthday this year, I definitely got him a t-shirt that says on the front ENCHANTMENT? and then says on the back ENCHANTMENT!

    He now uses it as a tool to decide who the best people are. Anybody who gets the reference is automatically his new best friend.

    I give awesome presents. Deal with it.

  7. cogsandcurls says:

    God I hate that Zathrian fight SO MUCH. I've always done it the way you did it, Mark, so I ended up fighting Zathrian in that scenario every time and it is ALWAYS AWFUL. The last two times I didn't even have Alistair with me, and since he's usually the only one who has the ability to un-paralyze the werewolf allies it turns into a horrible nightmare really fast.

    Plus, for some reason, Witherfang's room REALLY chugs my PC for some reason. Every time I go into that room (and only that room) it's like I'm watching a stop-motion animation. Sigh.

  8. Tahaneira says:



    Can you tell that I love Sten? Seriously, the big guy is just freaking awesome. Lbh jbhyqa'g rkcrpg uvz gb unir n frafr bs uhzbe, ohg ur trgf fb zhpu wbl bhg bs gebyyvat gur bgure cnegl zrzoref. Yvxr jura ur gevpxrq Nyvfgnve vagb guvaxvat ur cynlrq evqqyr tnzrf jvgu enaqbz cnffref-ol. Naq gura fnvq gung ur cynlrq V Fcl sbe guerr jrrxf fgenvtug. Ng yrnfg, V nffhzr ur trgf wbl bhg bs vg? Vg'f uneq gb gryy jvgu uvz, ohg qnzzvg, gung'f gur fgbel V'z fgvpxvat jvgu.

    Also, you're going to Orzammar? But Mark, you said that you were going to the Circle Tower last week! MARK LIED TO US! HE LIES!



    Whoo. Okay, I need to calm down. But seriously, Orzammar is awesome. Gur snpg gung vg'f fb qnza ybat vf abg dhvgr nf njrfbzr, ohg fb zhpu tbrf qbja V nyzbfg qba'g pner. Jr'yy trg gb frr uvz ernpg gb gur fhpprffvba pevfvf, jub gb pubbfr, qjneira fbpvrgl, naq gur Qrrc Ebnqf. Bu trrmr, gur Oebbqzbgure. V pnaabg jnvg gb frr uvf ernpgvba gb gur Oebbqzbgure, UNUN. Ur'yy or fb genhzngvmrq.

    Also, is anyone else thinking he's probably not going to head for Denerim orsber gur Ynaqfzrrg?

    Oh right, I should probably talk about what actually happened. I have to admit, I was worried about what you'd do in this situation. I'm having some trouble predicting Roslin's actions at this point, but I'm glad that you ultimately decided to do (what I believe to be) the right thing. There were two other choices you could have made: one would have been to cut out Witherfang/The Lady's heart and give it to Zathrian. This would have cured the hunters, but the werewolves' curse would have continued, and all those humans would have continued to suffer and make more werewolves. You could have also sided with the wolves, and wiped out the Dalish tribe for Zathrian's crimes. What's kind of funny there is that you have to convince the Lady to take that option. You don't really have to convince the wolves, though. If you did that, then the werewolves would have become allies instead of the elves.

    HAHA THE ZATHRIAN FIGHT. He's a little tough, yeah? I kind of feel sorry for you, going after him right off the bat. The elves are almost always my last port of call before the Ynaqfzrrg, so I'm usually a level 20 badass by the time I face him down. I can imagine that he would be tough, though. Especially with the Spriggans' root cage ability.

    And yes. This is basically what BioWare plots do to you. God help you as you play this game, good sir.

    Quote of the Day:
    Sten: *upon entering the ruins* No one in your country repairs anything when they occupy it, do they?


    Sten: Some architect clearly suffered from an unrequited love of the pointed arch.

    • xyliane27 says:


      I love Sten. Sten's the man. Qunari. I don't bring him around enough with my current playthrough, but my mage brought him everywhere and they snarked and made pointed comments at everything. Morrigan helped, too, I think. Uvf yvggyr fprar jvgu gur znonev vf nyfb bar bs zl snibevgrf va gur ragver tnzr.

  9. Phaylon says:

    Could we possibly get Mark to post his approval ratings of each character at the end of the post as well? Since I almost always play Lawful Good, I'm curious about how his choices are being received.

    • cogsandcurls says:

      I agree with this! I'd find this even more interesting than Roslin's character stats, since the friendships and bonds (or lack of) between the characters is what makes this game for me.

    • Tahaneira says:

      Thirded. It's always interesting to see who Roslin's getting along with and who she's pissing off. Rfcrpvnyyl fvapr jr'yy or noyr gb gryy ubj fperjrq Znex vf jura ur ernpurf pregnva cbvagf. (Unira pbasebagngvba ub!)

    • ZeynepD says:


  10. Ryan Lohner says:

    First Time Gameplay

    My strategy was to have everyone gang up on one Sylvan, then the other. Both go down quick this way, and you can fully concentrate on Zathrian. Another neat one I've learned is jurarire lbh pna, unir rirelbar ergerng oruvaq n pbeare. Znxr gur rarzvrf pbzr gb lbh, fb gung lbh qba'g nppvqragnyyl gevttre n frpbaq jnir juvyr lbh'er fgvyy qrnyvat jvgu gur svefg. Ohg zbfg bs nyy, YRFFRE URNYGU CBHYGVPR FCNZZVAT. Ohl 99 synfxf naq 99 rysebbg, naq unir fbzrbar jvgu ureonyvfz tb ahgf ba gurz, gura frg rirelbar gb gnxr bar vs gurve urnygu qebcf orybj 50% (V gevrq 25% sbe n juvyr, ohg gura bqqf ner orggre guna rira gurl'yy qvr orsber gurl trg gb hfr vg). Ercrng nf arrqrq; obgu vgrzf ner purnc rabhtu gung lbh'yy nyjnlf unir cyragl sebz cnlvat gur veba cevpr.

    I was very happy to see so many of the Dalish Elves had face tattoos, since I was instantly able to add to Kalian's backstory: she grew up wishing she was Dalish, and as a teenager snuck out and found an artist willing to do them after her parents both forbade it.

    I have now finished gathering everyone, and am about to launch the endgame once I'm done writing this. Jub jnagf gb org Fgrir Oyhz vf tbvat gb or gur arj Wnfba Vffnpf nebhaq urer, orgjrra Btuera, Nzba, naq Fcvxr Fcvrtry?

    Bar hasbeghangr guvat V unir gb oevat hc. Gur Oebbqzbgure vf n ohyyfuvg obff. Abj, whfg gb or pyrne, V ybir gur vqrn oruvaq vg, naq gur ohvyqhc vf perrcl nf uryy jvgu lbhe svefg npghny ybbx ng vg shyyl yvivat hc gb vg. Naq V'z cresrpgyl svar jvgu fghss yvxr gur gragnpyrf naq gur jnirf bs rarzvrf. Jurer V qenj gur yvar vf tvivat ure n bar-uvg-xvyy novyvgl, sbe juvpu gurl jrer rira pehry rabhtu gb znxr lbh jngpu nf fur funxrf lbhe punenpgre nebhaq hagvy f/ur'f qrnq, pbzcyrgryl urycyrff gb qb nalguvat. Nygubhtu, lbh qba'g ernyyl unir gb jngpu, orpnhfr gur frpbaq vg unccraf lbh zvtug nf jryy whfg erfgneg gur shpxvat guvat, nf gurer'f ab jnl lbh'yy jva jvgubhg nyy sbhe cnegl zrzoref xrrcvat gur rarzvrf qvivqrq. Fb V npgvingrq Tbq Zbqr, naq V srry ab thvyg nobhg vg ng nyy. Ng guvf cbvag, V unir rkgerzryl yvggyr vagrerfg va orngvat gur tnzr snveyl; V whfg jnag gb frr Ybtunva trg uvf, qnzzvg!

    • BornIn1142 says:

      Gur Oebbqzbgure jnf cebonoyl gur uneqrfg svtug va gur tnzr sbe zr – qrsvavgryl gur zbfg sehfgengvat. Ubjrire, abguvat ryfr va gur tnzr jnf dhvgr nf fngvfslvat nf orngvat vg rvgure. V svavfurq gur onggyr jvgu nyy guerr pbzcnavbaf xabpxrq bhg, nyy bs zl cbhygvprf naq bgure erfbheprf rkcraqrq naq zl Jneqra ng gur rqtr bs qrngu. Vg sryg tbbq.

      Oh yeah, and Fgrir Oyhz npghnyyl unf n pbhcyr bs ebyrf in Mass Effect as well, so you might be right with your prediction.

    • Anony-mouse says:

      Fbeel, ohg nf n Fuva Zrtnzv Grafrv tnzre, lbh trg ab flzcngul sebz zr nobhg gbhtu obffrf jvgu bar-uvg xvyyf. *funxrf svfg* ZRZ NYRCU!!!!!

      Uryy, jr unir gb qrny jvgu abezny rapbhagref jvgu vafgn-xvyy nggnpxf, fb fhpx vg hc.

    • @undefined says:

      There are a number of attacks on various bosses through out the game that the attacked can't counter by the attacked that do massive damage, but they can usually be interrupted by another party member. Either by a tank or mage (Cone of Cold will see you through most boss fights). If all else fails, throw heals and protective spells on the one being eaten and hope for the best…

  11. guest_age says:

    I never really got on board with Sten, but then to be fair…I didn't pick him up during my first play through (I started the quest and then just sort of forgot about it) and now that I'm on my second…honestly, I kind of have a preference for my party make up, in that I like to have two mages (myself being one of them), a warrior, and a rogue. And honestly, I prefer Alistair as a warrior class fighter. Bah, maybe on my next play through I will switch Alistair out and put Sten in just so that I can get to know him and see what all the fuss is about.

    As far as being "evil" um…the only option I know of, and I haven't played it through yet so idk if this even qualifies as "evil" but I know that if you're playing a mage, you can become a blood mage, which is generally considered evil by pretty much everyone. IDK, though. I've never played a blood mage, so I don't know how being one affects the story or if you're still the same character, just with the ability to do "evil" magic.

    • BornIn1142 says:

      Heh, sticking to one party is almost incomprehensible to me. I had some sort of complex about rotating through all my companions so I could spend time with each of them. Switched them every quest. That did kind of bite me in the ass once in a while though, since I relied on Leliana to pick locks for me and every time I didn't bring her, I was left with frustrating un-emptied chests.

    • cat says:

      I like Sten a lot, but it's always hard for me to justify having him in my party because I hate the two-handed warrior set so much. I have yet to figure out how to make him survive battles more than 2 minutes long, to be honest.

      • guest_age says:

        Warriors in general are hard for me to deal with. I basically really only know how to play one class well, which is mage. I tend to keep Alistair around because he seems to die less (and he has implications in the plot as a Warden etc etc). If I could, I would honestly have a party made up entirely of mages. I would kick so much ass playing four mages at a time, ha.

      • ZeynepD says:

        At least one secret is having… um… having Jlaar nybat, naq cebtenzzvat ure gnpgvpf pnershyyl jvgu na rlr bhg sbe ervasbepvat naq urnyvat zryrr jneevbef. V unira'g unq n ceboyrz jvgu Fgra fvapr V tbg ure.

        I'm sure there must be other ways.

    • »Paula« says:

      Blood mage: V jnf npghnyyl n ovg qvfnccbvagrq gung abar bs zl pbzcnavbaf rire zragvbaf zl oybbq zntvp, rira vs V qenvarq gurve bja oybbq. Ohg gung'f cebonoyl pnhfr V'q ybfr nyy zl sevraqf va n urnegorng. :P

      I usually have a party consisting of one rogue and three mages, and I usually get away with that. There's lot of stunning and draining and healing and revieving involved, though. :D

      • @undefined says:

        Bar cynpr vg pbzrf hc; vs lbh unir fcrpvnyvmrq vagb vg orsber qbvat gur pvepyr dhrfg, ng gur raq Jlar jvyy ercbeg lbh gb gur Grzcynef nf n fhfcrpgrq oybbq zntr, ohg lbh pna pynvz vg'f "Terl Jneqra Zntvp" vs lbhe crefhnfvba vf uvtu rabhtu.

        Vg vf fbeg bs uvynevbhf, gung qrfcvgr vg nyy, Jlar jvyy dhvgr unccvyl yrg lbh fcrpvnyvmr ure sbe Oybbq Zntvp, jvgu bhg pbzzrag, naq vg jbexf ernyyl jryy sbe ure…
        Bar cynpr vg pbzrf hc; vs lbh unir fcrpvnyvmrq vagb vg orsber qbvat gur pvepyr dhrfg, ng gur raq Jlar jvyy ercbeg lbh gb gur Grzcynef nf n fhfcrpgrq oybbq zntr, ohg lbh pna pynvz vg'f "Terl Jneqra Zntvp" vs lbhe crefhnfvba vf uvtu rabhtu.

    • Inky says:

      As far as I know, your class doesn't affect the story much at all. (Minor Dragon Age 3 spoilers: On Bioware's blog, V guvax gurl fnvq gung sbe Qentba Ntr 3 gurl'er ubcvat gb vzcyrzrag n flfgrz gb jurer lbhe pynff QBRF nssrpg ubj crbcyr erfcbaq gb lbh–sbe rknzcyr, crbcyr orvat ubeevsvrq bs lbh hfvat oybbq zntvp. V'z ubcvat gung'yy raq hc jbexvat, vg'f fbzrguvat V'ir orra jnagvat fvapr QN:B!)

    • wantthepharaohs says:

      V ubarfgyl guvax gb ernyyl yvxr Fgra naq gb or ernyyl nggnpurq gb Fgra, lbh UNIR gb pbzcyrgr uvf crefbany dhrfg. Yvxr jvgu nyy gur punenpgref bapr gurl fgneg ertneqvat gur jneqra nf n sevraq vg pna or irel cbvtanag. Gurer'f n cneg va gur sevraqfuvc nep jurer Fgra pnyyf gur Jneqna "xnqna," gur Dhanev jbeq sbe n erfcrpgrq sevraq, naq V tbg nyy gur srryf. Ohg vg'f bar bs gubfr guvatf lbh unir gb jbex sbe naq vg'f abg vzzrqvngryl zrnavatshy VZB. V srry gur fnzr jnl nobhg Btuera, bapr lbh gnxr uvz orlbaq fhesnpr yriry ur xvaq bs oernxf zl urneg.

      Fbeel zl qrne Xnpv vs guvf vf shpxrq hc nf uryy V'ir arire glcrq jvgu ebg13 ranoyrq orsber fb jub xabjf jung gur uryy guvf fnlf, unun.

      • guest_age says:

        Unun, lrf, lbh qvq vg evtug!V guvax, orpnhfr V qba'g ernq gur pbqrk, (V jvyy bar qnl, V whfg unira'g lrg) V qvqa'g tenfc jung jnf tbvat ba jvgu Fgra orvat Dhanev, hagvy V cynlrq gur frpbaq bar. Juvpu, nf lbh xabj, vf onfvpnyyl gur Dhanev orvat nyy “url yrg'f or fghoobea sbe n srj ubhef bs tnzrcynl naq gura jr'er tbvat gb fgneg n pvivy jne va gur pvgl gung lbh unir gb qrny jvgu rira gubhtu lbh unir ovttre svfu gb sel” naq V jnf yvxr NETU JUL NER LBH URER, NFFUBYRF, FGBC ORVAT WREXSNPRF. Fb gura jura V QVQ cvpx hc Fgra ba guvf cynlguebhtu bs QNB naq ernyvmrq bu, ur pbzrf sebz gurer, vg jnf yvxr “… … abg n sna, fve.” V fjrne ba zl arkg cynl guebhtu, V nz tbvat gb checbfrshyyl cynl n cnegl gung vf abguvat ohg punenpgref V arire vagrenpg jvgu zhpu (Fgra, Btuera, znlor Yryvnan vs V pna rire npghnyyl svaq ure V FJRNE FUR'F ZLGUVPNY V BAYL XABJ FUR RKVFGF ORPNHFR BS GUR VAGREARG, naq npghnyyl gel gb trg gb xabj gurz guvf gvzr. Nyfb Funyr. Orpnhfr V urne ubj terng gurl ner naq V'z whfg yvxr ruuuu ohg vg'f rnfvre gb cynl jvgu Nyvfgnve, Mriena, naq Zbeevtna be Jlaar! Ynml tnzre, gung'f zr lhc.

  12. Plactus says:

    ("Nature of the Beast"/Dalish elves spoilers – nothing not covered in Mark's comments, so no cipher)
    One of the weird things about the Dalish elves quest is that if you make Zathrian undo the curse, you get the Poacher/side with the elves achievement, which just seems wrong… it's the best outcome for the werewolves. (Unless you think leaving them as werewolves is better for them, in which case, it's neutral but if it favors anyone, it's still the wolves.) (This may have changed since I did it last.)

    Where I'm at now (not first time):

    • Gevccrq gur qentba phygvfg nzohfu ng Ynxr Pnyraunq.
    • Pebffrq bire vagb gur Pvepyr Gbjre naq qvq nyy gung. Erpehvgrq Jlaar. Znex'f pbirevat guvf cneg guvf pbzvat jrrx fb V'yy ubyq bss ba pbzzragnel hagvy gura. (Rkprcg gb fnl: gur Snqr jnf yrff naablvat guna V erzrzore. Juvpu vf bqq, orpnhfr ynfg gvzr V pbhyq jnyx guebhtu gur sverf jvgubhg Qramry Jnfuvatgba sbez, fb gung cnegvphyne bofgnpyr jnfa'g.)
    • Erpehvgrq Mriena. Znqr rdhvczrag sbe Jlaar naq Mriena fb gurl'er hc gb fcrrq jvgu gur erfg bs gur cnegl. Abg fb vzcbegnag sbe Mriena, orpnhfr Yryvnan vf cerggl zhpu n creznarag svkgher va zl cnegl naq V qba'g ernyyl arrq gjb ebthrf, ohg V jnf qbvat vg sbe Jlaar naljnl…
    • Nqinaprq Yryvnan'f ebznapr gb gur cbvag jurer V abj unir gur bcgvba bs nfxvat ure gb pbzr gb orq. Unira'g qbar gung lrg; V guvax V'z tbvat gb jnvg hagvy fur nfxf zr.
    • Nf sbe gur bgure pbzcnavbaf: Funyr, Jlaar, naq (bs pbhefr) Onexfcnja ner znkrq bhg. Zbeevtna vf nobir gur sbhegu fxvyy guerfubyq nsgre trggvat fubjrerq va tvsgf vapyhqvat Syrzrgu'f Tevzbver. Fgra vf evtug nebhaq gur guerfubyq, Nyvfgnve jryy orybj vg, naq Mriena'f ubirevat nebhaq gur guveq fxvyy guerfubyq.
    • Grfgrq bhg whfg ubj birecbjrerq zl cnegl'f rdhvczrag vf ol xvyyvat Syrzrgu. Ireqvpg: Rkgerzryl.
    • Jrag onpx gb Qrarevz gb gnxr pner bs n srj dhrfgf. Nyfb gbbx pner bs gur qentba phygvfg fdhnggvat va Oebgure Trargviv'f ubhfr naq yrnearq jurer Unira vf.
    • Mvccrq nybat gur ebnqf gelvat gb trg gur fubc enaqbz rapbhagre. Tbg n ohapu bs bgure enaqbz rapbhagref nybat gur jnl.
    • Tbar gb Unira, juvpu vf cebonoyl zl snibevgr cneg bs gur tnzr. Fgbccrq whfg fubeg bs znxvat gur ivyyntref znq ng zr, juvpu V svther V'yy qb ohg qba'g xabj ubj whfg lrg. Pbzr, pbzr, obaal Ylaar, gryy hf, gryy hf jurer lbh'ir orra…

    • Inky says:

      I think the achievement is given to you based on what army you convince to side with you. In certain situations you can get the Werewolves to sign up to join your army, instead.

    • @undefined says:

      "• Nqinaprq Yryvnan'f ebznapr gb gur cbvag jurer V abj unir gur bcgvba bs nfxvat ure gb pbzr gb orq. Unira'g qbar gung lrg; V guvax V'z tbvat gb jnvg hagvy fur nfxf zr. "

      Tbbq qrpvfvba, fur vf hggreyl uvynevbhfyl varcg ng vg. Vg’f nqbenoyr.

  13. stormwreath says:

    If it were me, I'd go to Fhypure'f Cnff before looking for the dwarves. I won't say why, but I think it would be a good plan. :)

    • Tahaneira says:

      Unfortunately, he doesn't have the DLC.

      • Inky says:

        Really, he doesn't? I thought his Steam library said he had the 'Ultimate Edition', which should've given him all of the DLC…

        • cat says:

          He's playing on his console, not on his PC. He has both versions, can't remember why the PC one wasn't working but there you go.

          • Inky says:

            Oh! Gotcha. That makes sense, I missed a lot of stuff since I didn't have much DLC when I played the console version, either.

      • biblioteknician says:

        So, does he have any of the DLC at all? (Mostly I'm wondering if he's going to be playing Awakening. Because reasons. Naqref ernfbaf.)

        • Tahaneira says:

          He said he's going to get and play the DLC after he's finished the game. Which, for some of them, is fine. For others… problem.

  14. Sternenblumen says:

    Oh yeah, the werewolves! I went there last on my first playthrough and was all No hard decisions this time! DIE, WEREWOLVES!!! …. Wait, what?! Zathrian, you asshole!

    … So much for black and white XD.

    Also, Enchantment! Sandal is cute but also sliiightly creepy at times ;).

  15. cat says:

    I wouldn't say there's a clear "eeeevil" sith lord type path you can choose in the game, per se. Most of the choices you make I would characterize as choices between (apparent) altruism and self-interest. Sometimes choosing what's best for yourself is choosing what's best for the people you encounter as well! Other times, uhh, not so much. I find it much more interesting this way, personally.

  16. Eliestav says:

    First time Playthrough

    OF course, I sepnt this weekend plowing through the campaign to catch up to Mark, and Now, he's going to Ozamar. The one place I haven't gone to yet. Cheery.

    Spoiler's for The Stone Prisoner: Pna V whfg fnl ubj fnq V nz gung Funyr vf arire tbvat gb fubj hc? Jura gur grzcyne gevrq gb oybpx hf sebz gur fgbar gbjre, funyr guerngrarq gb oernx fbzrguvat ur jbhyqa'g zvff, naq V'z va rnfl crnfl. Naq Yrvynan unq n pbairefngvba nobhg Funyr'f "Urneg bs Tbyq".
    Yrvynan: Nyy V'z fnlvat vf gung gurer'f n tbbq crefba qrrc vafvqr lbh.
    Funyr: Vs gung'f gehr vgf orpnhfr V ngr uvz.
    And no Leliana. Sad.

    • Eliestav says:

      Spoilers for the Mage's circle: Svavfurq guvf bar svefg orpnhfr Vg'f fhttrfgrq evtug orsber gur raq, naq V guvax lbh fubhyq qb vg rneyl ba, nf vg pbzrf jvgu ybnqf bs fgng obbfgf. V oebhtug Nyvfgnve naq funyr jvgu zr, naq obgu punenpgref avtugznerf jrer irel vagrerfgvat. Funyr'f orpnhfr vg'f pncnoyr bs rkcrevrapvat gur snqr ng nyy, jung jvgu orvat n tbyrz gung qbrfa'g fyrrc be qernz. Whfg jung ner tbyrzf znqr bs naljnl? Pnhfr vs Ebobgf ner pncnoyr bs qernzvat, gung'f hfhnyyl fvtavsvpnag. NAQ NYVFGNVE UNF N FVFGRE? Jura qvq gung unccra? Urer V qrirybcrq guvf urnqpnaaba nobhg uvf cneragntr, naq V pna arire oevat hc tybevnan ntnva? V'ir nyerql fyrcg jvgu uvz naq gur fhowrpg arire pnzr hc. Vf fur abg erny be fbzrguvat? Naq V qba'g trg jul gur Grzcynef pna'g uryc zr vs gur zntrf ner. Gur Grzcynef unir gb onolfvg gur zntrf, ohg gur zntrf ner tbvat gb or jvgu zr. jrveq.

      • Eliestav says:

        Spoilers for redcliffe: Pna V whfg fnl ubj cebhq V jnf bs Zbeevtna gung fur jnf nqibpngvat urycvat na bccerfrq cnegl? V zrna fnvq cnegl vf n oybbq zntr jub cbvfbarq gur xvat, ohg onol fgrcf. Naq fur fnirq n oblf yvsr orpnhfr V nfxrq ure gb jvgu ab pbzcnvagf! Fb cebhq. Znxrf zr zber vapyvarq gb uryc lbh zheqre Syrzrgu, pbafvqrevat Syrzrgu fnirq zl yvsr, naq lbh'ir qbar abguvat ohg pbzcynva nobhg rirelguvat.

        Also played the Darkspawn chronicles for a lark, and three thoughts came out of it. 1fg, Gur qbt vf anzrq Onexfcnja. NYVFGNVE ANZRQ GUR QBT ONEXFCNJA. GUVF VF JUL LBH NER ZL SNIBEVGR NYVFGNVE. 2, Nyvfgnve erpehvgrq gur jrerjbyirf, fb gung fcbvyrq zr gung gurl zvtug or gurl zvtug or gur tbbq thlf orsber V tbg gurer, naq 3, Nyvfgvne vf ersreerq gb nf gur Jneqra-xvat ol gur nepuqrzba. qbrf gung zrna ur'f Xvat bs Sreryqra? Pnhfr zl fcrphyngvbaf jrer gung Nyvfgnve jnf gur Neyf onfgneq fba nsgre nyy, naq gung jbhyq znxr uvz Xvat Pnyvnaf pbhfva, ohg uvf fvfgre znqr zr guvax bgurejvfr, naq abj V'z yrnavat gbjneqf gung. Znlor vg'f uvf unys fvfgre.

  17. enigmaticagentscully says:

    I'm not sure if you're doing this already Mark, but it's worth taking the time to chat to your companions back the camp occasionally. You get proper conversations there rather than just the plot related stuff you get when out on quests.

    Oh and also…LELIANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Now I guess she's dead for good. Poor baby :(

  18. megotelek says:

    First Time Gameplay
    So, um. I kind of mainlined the game on Saturday and finished my first playthrough on Saturday night!

    [endgame spoilers] V jnf cynaavat gb whfg yrg Naben or dhrra naq unir Nyvfgnve pbzr Terl Jneqravat jvgu zr sberire, ohg V yrg uvz svtug Ybtunva naq gura ur xvyyrq uvz naq qrpynerq uvzfrys xvat. Fb, V nfxrq sbe n gvgyr/ynaq nf zl obba naq fgnlrq va Qrarevz jvgu uvz naq V qvqa'g zneel uvz gb nalbar. Nppbeqvat gb gur rcvybthr, ur fgnlrq jvgu zr naq gura qrpvqrq gb tb gb Jrvffunhcg Sbegerff gb purpx ba gur bgure Jneqraf.

    V guvax zl snibevgr cneg bs gur raqtnzr vf pubbfvat zl svany cnegl, naq univat gur bgure pbzcnavbaf pbzr hc gb zr naq unir n yvggyr svany pbairefngvba naq tbbqolr, naq gura jnyxvat hc gb gur tngrf jvgu zl pubfra pbzcnavbaf guebhtu gur purrevat pebjq bs fbyqvref.

    V jba'g tb vagb qrgnvyf hagvy Znex trgf gurer (orpnhfr gurer jnf FB ZHPU BZT) ohg abj V'z cynlvat guebhtu ntnva jvgu zl uhzna aboyr (qrgrezvarq gb zneel ure gb Nyvfgnve naq or dhrra) naq V unir n yvggyr orggre vqrn bs jurer gb tb naq va jung beqre. Yvxr, V qvqa'g rira trg Funyr gur svefg gvzr hagvy V jnf nyzbfg ernql gb tb gb gur Ynaqfzrrg. Bbcf.

    On to Orzammar! (jnvg, ernyyl? V gubhtug ur jnf va gur Snqr cneg bs gur Pvepyr zvffvba, whqtvat sebz ynfg jrrx'f cbfg?)

    • @undefined says:

      V jbaqre vs gur 'zrng tngr' (gur tebhc bs onaqvgf bhgfvqr Bemnzzne, qrfvtarq gb qvfpbhentr gur hayriryrq cynlre) pnhfrq uvz gb ghea nebhaq naq gel gur Pvepyr vafgrnq (jurer n pbbxvr vf gur cevpr bs ragenapr).

  19. ZeynepD says:


    Too many feelings can't organize thoughts to write

    …OK. Slowing down.

    First Time Playthrough, 67 hours in

    First, the sads: My playthrough map so far has been following the path Redcliffe –> Circle Tower –> Stopovers at Denerim and Ostagar and other DLC places –> sidequests for main storyline etc. –> Brecilian Forest, and only on Saturday did I go to find the Dwarves. Since it's clear from the moment you set foot inside that that quest is partially structured like a mini game-in-game itself (i.e. you can do many sub-subquests and explore places and talk to side characters before you go into the main quest set in that area), it's no guarantee that Mark will do things or even see things like I have so far seen them—and I have seen very little, so unless I spend tonight sleepless, I will not be able to read on until I have finished Orzammar myself, or at least progressed some more in the main quest there.

    (It should be clear by now, from the timescale I posted and the contents I have covered, that I'm a slowwwwwwww gamer when it comes to RPGs. There are people talking about a 30 hour completion for DA:O. I'm at hour 67 and yeah.)

    Second, the angries: I knew Zathrian was lying to me, or at least not saying everything, from the very beginning. I didn't trust him, and I especially didn't trust him because he refused to talk to who are very obviously sapient beings protesting their rights to me every time I met them (instead of mindlessly attacking me every time I met them, which should say something). I freely admit that the strength of my reaction had partly spawned from my very recent playthrough of Mass Effect 3, which, if you've played through that you know why the question of the rights of sapience struck such deep nerves, and if you didn't, well, it did [1].

    Third, the unprepareds: You know what, I lied above. I will have to read along at least during the first stages of the dwarven issues, because I just had my head explode on Saturday and I want to be able to comment here on how and why and hopefully my pain will be shared. I mean, there's rage-quitting because a fight is extraordinarily, unfairly hard, and then there's nearly-rage-quitting simply because of qvnybthr naq cybgyvar naq n pubvpr lbh unir gb znxr orgjrra Onq naq Ab, Ernyyl, Onq, naq ol gur jnl V nz senaxyl rira n ovg nsenvq nobhg Znex'f ernpgvba gb gur jubyr pnfgr/flfgrzngvp bccerffvba fvghngvba, and well-played again, Bioware.

    I know I am so, so unprepared, at this point.

    [1] Nygubhtu bs pbhefr gur dhnevna/trgu dhrfgvba unf, yvxr, sbhe shegure ynlref bs ahnapr, ohg gura gurer'f nyfb gur fnynevnaf hcyvsgvat xebtnaf whfg gb hfr gurz nf jne znpuvarf naq gur shyy arfg bs guerfure znjf _gung_ eryrnfrf naq naq naq bu V'yy whfg gel gb jnvg hagvy vg'f gur cebcre cynpr. Compared to that, though, the Zathrian's Clan/werevolves situation is mild foreshadowing.

    • snapsnzips says:

      I think the standard time they say for DA:O is like 60 hours? It's only getting to less if you skip the sideplots and a lot of the fun cultury stuff. I take forever to play too. And I'm slow because I'm not much of a power gamer. It's ok to be slow and spend lots of hours in the funhouse.

  20. megotelek says:

    V ybir qjneirf gbb, ohg jura lbh trg gb gur Qrrc Ebnqf naq vg'f nyy ghaary, ghaary, pnir, ghaary, pnir, YBAT SHPXVAT GJVFGL GHAARY, ybnq fperra, ghaary, rgp, vg trgf n ovg…zhpu.

    V npghnyyl qvqa'g obgure sbyybjvat Ehpx gur svefg gvzr guebhtu orpnhfr V whfg jnagrq gb svaq Oenaxn naq or QBAR. Naq V jnf fb abg cercnerq sbe gung…

  21. BradSmith5 says:

    Whoa, Mark, what did you do at Tenpenny Tower? I kept hearing about some situation there on the radio but I NEVER found the dang place. I gotta know.

    • Mark Does Stuff says:

      There are so many ways to solve that mission, but the gist is:

      Tubhyf jnag gb zbir vagb gur Gbjre. Gur uhznaf gurer qba'g jnag gurz. Lbh pna rvgure:

      – Xvyy nyy gur tubhyf.
      – Xvyy nyy gur uhznaf.
      – Oebxre fbzr qrny gb crnprshyyl erfbyir gur pevfvf.

      V pubfr gb or nagv-evpu crbcyr naq V fynhtugrerq gur uhznaf va gur Gbjre naq tbg FB ZHPU YBBG. Gurl nyy unq xrlf gb fnsrf/pybfrq ebbzf/NA NEZBEL naq lbh rnea GBAF bs KC. Lbh'er nyfb qbjaevtug rivy nsgre vg, ohg V qvqa'g pner.

      • BradSmith5 says:

        Ha,ha,ha. I suppose I don't have to ask how you handled Mr. House in New Vegas.

      • V qba'g xabj vs lbh xabj guvf ohg vs lbh tb gb gur gebhoyr gb oebxre n qrny orpnhfr lbhe gur ovttrfg cnentba jub'f tbbq gb rirelbar gung rire yvirq, gur tbhyf znffnper rirelbar naljnl naq lbh'er yrsg fgnaqvat nebhaq srryvat orgenlrq. Ohg lbh qba'g rira trg gur ybbg! Gung cvffrq zr bss fb zhpu. Qnza tbhyf.

  22. Lyndsey says:

    One of my favorite things about this game is that there really is no 'good' or 'bad'. You do things, and they have consequences. end of story. That said, you can do some fairly evil things. For example, on my most recent playthrough I killed three people before I left Lothering. Why? Because I could.

    ((that and I promised myself that I was going to be a jerface jerky jerk this time around. We'll see how long that lasts.))

  23. xyliane27 says:

    Leliana :(

    I lost my battle against not replaying this game on Friday. Between Mark's playthrough, the ones everyone here is doing, and a very long in-depth conversation with a friend about ME v. DA, I finally caved. That I got DA2 for free only hastened the matter (and I haven't played that yet!).

    Now I'm about 15-20h in, having finished Erqpyvssr naq gur Pvepyr, and I am far too involved with this game once again. I am, however, glad I returned. It's been more than a year and a half since the last time I played, and it's almost like replaying the game all over again! I remember all the main points and the plots, but all the dialogues and cutscenes…well. Ebznapvat Nyvfgnve vf nyjnlf, nyjnlf n sha evqr naljnlf.

    I forgot how much I love this game. Whoo!

  24. baruchan says:


    Bu Znex, jul ner lbh znxvat guvatf uneq sbe lbhefrys, vafgrnq bs, fnl, urnqvat bire gb Pvepyr Gbjre svefg gb cvpx hc n urnyre? V qvq Bemnzzne ynfg, jura V jnf n onqnff ng yriry 20 be fb, naq V fgvyy sbhaq gur oebbqzbgure uneq!

  25. AmaneSaiko says:

    What I love most about DA is that everything is so grey, nothing is 100% simple. I love playing around with the choices.
    An 'evil' playthrough is definitely possible, I have done one. You are still trying to save the world from the Blight, it is more about how many innocent lives get for fitted in the process. I find it fun being able to make all the 'bad' decisions that my nicer characters could never make.

    And now I have to devote my day to DA:O so I actually remember what happens in Orzammar >_> (Although Orzammar is one of my favourite places so I don't mind so much)

  26. Shiyiya says:

    Oh, you can completely be a horrible evil person. There are a lot of options through Origins, Awakening, and DA2 that are awful. I'm horrified that some of the choices exist at the same time as I appreciate the possibility to be a wide variety of types of people.

    Zl Enryla (Gnoevf) yrsg Erqpyvssr gb qvr.

    DA2: (Gur bar gung ubeevsvrf zr zbfg vf gur bcgvba gb tvir Sraevf onpx gb Qnanevhf)

  27. The Real Lee says:

    I love Orzammar, Dwarves are awesome. Much better than those elves.

  28. biblioteknician says:

    Oh hell and damnation, I am playing this game AGAIN. I ENTIRELY BLAME MARK FOR THIS. I was SO SURE I wasn't going to replay this game an EIGHTH TIME, but here I am. (…I had a really boring summer and played all the origins, and then replayed the mage origin as a blood mage. Stop judging me. I also wanted to gel nyy gur qvssrerag ebznaprf naq uneqravat bs punenpgref naq fhpu. It made perfect sense at the time.)

    Anyway. Here I am once again, as a female human noble, vagrag ba zneelvat Nyvfgnve naq orpbzvat dhrra. And forever sad that Mark didn't get Leliana. :( Tears forever.

  29. celestineangel1 says:

    First Time Gameplay

    Am I the only one who… doesn't care much for Morrigan? Only sometimes! Don't get me wrong, I love her snark! I love the banter between her and Alistair. That's not what bothers me. I can't help but get annoyed when she gets annoyed by me helping people and doing various side tasks, and she's disapproving all over the place and getting hostile toward me because of it. I have reasons! I like having allies, and these are usually things that need to be done to be able to, oh, you know, move forward and face what's coming without dying. I just want to be able to turn to her and tell her that I'm not doing this to be all "save kitties from trees" (but I WOULD, because I love kitties) and if she doesn't like it then, well… she can just… go away! (And then she'd probably sneer and be snarky and maybe kick my ass. But still.)

    Also, I love Alistair. But I get the feeling I am absolutely not alone in this. XD

    Eriranag. Va gur Erqpyvssr Pnfgyr pbheglneq. Jvgu gur ORVAT EVQVPHYBHFYL QVSSVPHYG GB SVTUG. V'ir fjvgpurq cnegl zrzoref, punatrq inevbhf cnegl zrzoref' gnpgvpf… ohg V qb abg haqrefgnaq gnpgvpf. >.< Guvf vf zl svefg gvzr cynlvat nal tnzr yvxr guvf, naq V ybbx ng nyy gur bcgvbaf haqre Gnpgvpf naq V qb abg haqrefgnaq gurz ng nyy. Naq V unir vg frg ba rnfl zbqr naq THHHU. V'z cbaqrevat whfg… gelvat gb eha hc gur fgnvef naq bhgeha gur qnza guvat.

    V ybir Yrvyvnan, gbb, V jbhyq frr vs gur tnzr jbhyq yrg zr ebznapr Nyvfgnve naq Yrvyvnan ng gur fnzr gvzr ohg V unir n srryvat Nyvfgnve jbhyq trg bssraqrq. >.> Fb… arkg cynlguebhtu, Yrvyvnan. Lbh naq zr.

    Nyfb, YBY Nyvfgnve arrqf gb or xvat ng gur raq bs gur tnzr orpnhfr gung jbhyq or UVYNEVBHF.

    • biblioteknician says:

      Help with your problem: Gung Eriranag xvpxrq zl nff frira uhaqerq jnlf gb Fhaqnl, naq vg jnfa'g hagvy yvxr zl guveq cynlguebhtu gung V ernyvmrq lbh pna eha bire gb gur tngr naq yrg va thneqf gb uryc lbh. V jnf FB ZNQ jura V svtherq gung bhg, orpnhfr ol gung cbvag V unq tbggra tbbq ng gur svtugvat flfgrz va guvf tnzr naq qvqa'g arrq gur uryc nalzber. Ohg vs lbh unira'g tbggra cnfg vg lrg, tvir guvf n gel. VG VF FB URYCSHY.

      Also: You are correct. Alistair is the very best.

      • celestineangel1 says:

        NER LBH FREVBHF???? THU. LRF GUNG JBHYQ URYC. Gunaxf fb zhpu!!

        I wish I could give you all the upvotes.

        • biblioteknician says:

          :) I try. That particular moment was the absolute bane of my existence and I almost ragequit right then and there. I'm honestly not sure how I finally got past it on my first go. I was on easy and everything.

    • Tahaneira says:

      I like Morrigan's character, I just don't like her presence. When she's bantering (most of the time) and when talking to her at camp, she's fine. I won't romance her, but she's definitely as intriguing as any BioWare character is. I just can't stand her determinedly narrow nihilistic worldview. So yeah, I agree with you completely.

      • celestineangel1 says:

        That's a good way of putting it! Yes, that's exactly what I meant, I just didn't know it. ^_^

    • megotelek says:

      Re: Morrigan. YES. ALL OF WHAT YOU SAID. Ugh.

      Naq gur Eriranag va gur pbheglneq xvyyrq zr FB ZNAL GVZRF. TEE.

      • celestineangel1 says:

        Vg cvffrq zr bss fb zhpu V yrsg gung cynpr ragveryl naq jrag gb frr jung V pbhyq qb nobhg gur Pvepyr bs Zntv… cebonoyl fubhyqa'g nuir, cebonoyl fubhyq pbzcyrgr bar guvat orsber fgnegvat nabgure, ohg V QBA'G PNER. Nnnnnaq, V'z pheeragyl hfvat n jnyxguebhtu gb uryc zr trg guebhtu gur Snqr orpnhfr guvf fuvg vf uneq.


    Abbbbbbbbbb! Zl qjnes pbzzbare pna'g tb onpx gurer lrg! Nu jryy, V nz rntreyl nagvpvcngvat lbhe ernpgvba gb gur qjneira pnfgr flfgrz & juvyr pubbfvat gb fvqr jvgu Oruyra vf orfg sbe gur pnfgyrff V jvyy arire frr vg nf nalguvat ohg gur rivy bcgvba fvapr zl svefg jneqra jnf na Nvqhpna. Fb lbh'q orggre svaq fbzr zntvpny guveq fbyhgvba gung qbrfa'g vaibyir funsgvat gur pnfgyrff be fvqvat jvgu n zheqrevat, znavchyngvat onfgneq. Be V'yy ungr lbhe jneqra sberire.

  31. Passing by says:

    Orzammar, oh my.
    Mark, please, get the Stone Prisoner DLC! Orzammar just isn't complete without it!
    It is so awesome, and it adds a whole new basting to the Roast of Unpreparedness!

  32. Andreas says:

    I would strongly recommend not doing the dwarves so early (best done last). Its the hardest of all the quests… But I am probably already to late :) The gateway fight before Orzammar should be a pretty good indication as to how difficult its going to be.

  33. theduck says:

    Reading these playthroughs is making me realize that I visit the areas in the same order every single time: Erqpyvssr, Unira, Gur Oerpvyvna Sberfg, gur Pvepyr bs Zntv, naq gura Bemnzzne, jvgu fbzr enaqbz gevcf gb Qrarevz va orgjrra. It's weird to read about them in a different order. Now I want to try playing them in a different order. I'll have to do that when I am reunited with my PS3 in a couple months.

  34. wantthepharaohs says:

    With Bioware games typically it's not a "good' or "evil" straight up choice like it is in some games where you can make moral choices. Bioware choices tend to be more ambiguous and there are ways to justify your actions either way. The "evil" options typically have really good justifications behind them even if they seem callous or more harsh. I like it this way, makes the choices interesting if there's not a clear good and clear bad. :)

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