Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 10

In the tenth hour of Dragon Age: Origins, I change my mind and head for the Circle of Magi, where I learn everything is even more fucked up than I could imagine. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to play Dragon Age: Origins.

Hour Ten

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why do i think i am prepared for this game WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF

  • I initially traveled to Redcliffe. I wanted to confront Loghain, but I changed my mind when I realized it would be way more awesome if I could collect more companions throughout my journey before I beat him down. Before I could turn around and access the World Map, though, Alastair decided to pull me aside to reveal a secret he apparently could not wait to tell me.
  • Oh my god, you better believe that I immediately chose to make fun of Alastair and call him “my prince” at the first opportunity. WOULD YOU EXPECT ANYTHING LESS OF ME?
  • So! I routed my party up to Lake Calanhad so we could go talk to some wizards and shit. Before we even got there, my party got stopped in a narrow valley by a damsel in distress! And of course I offered to help her. I would seriously die in real life if I were in this world.
  • One of my notes says, “WTF, is this a trap?”
  • Guess what?
  • It was a trap.
  • Why the fuck are these elves attacking me? I’m one of you!!!!
  • After we beautifully kicked their asses (STEN’S BATTLE AXE IS SO AMAZING OMG IT STUNS WHEN HE BRINGS IT DOWN), I decided that it might be fun to talk to the one elf who survived and would not shut up. And so I meet Zevran, an assassin from the Antivan Crows hired to kill me, who tries to outsass me, but then I totally got him to be my companion. HOLY SHIT, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT YOU CAN DO THIS. Like, not only can you just pick up new people during your journey, but then the game asks if you want to change who comes with you when you travel to an important location. It happens far more frequently than I expected, and it’s a pleasure to see it happen.
  • I finally made it Lake Calanhad, where I immediately picked up five miscellaneous missions from the Mages Collective. I have so many unfinished missions that it’s ridiculous. I am especially excited about the one where I get to discharge students. I WILL FIRE YOU WITH VIOLENCE. Okay, I probably won’t, considering that they’re apparently “sensitive.” I want whatever secret items they have! I suppose I’ll be nice.
  • All right, time to go talk to the mages. Who are you, and why aren’t you letting me cross in your boat? Carroll? Your name is Carroll? What the hell, did you just try to sass me? Are you doing it again? Oh, you do not fuck with Roslin, she will sass you into another dimension.
  • Actually, all I had to do was intimidate him. That worked!
  • You have no clue how much I laughed when Greagoir was giving that speech about NO ONE SHALL COME ACROSS and THE DOOR SHALL OPEN FOR NO ONE and then here I am, evidence that his totalitarian dictator ways are for naught. I will not follow your extremist modes of travel!
  • On Mark Watches, I often speak of my love for heist stories. I don’t know why the entertain me so much, but they do. Guess what other story trope I love? Extraction stories. Yeah, where you have to enter a ~super dangerous and scary~ place and get someone out. So when Greagoir explained that the darkspawn had taken over the tower, possibly corrupting and killing tons of mages, and that I had to find one (Irving) in order to stop the Annulment, I knew that I was all about this fucking game. Fuck the main plot, I don’t even care about the Archdemon anymore. I want to do this right now. THIS IS EXCELLENT.
  • I totally saw that Templar shake his head in disapproval once he barred the door behind me. THIS IS A NO JUDGE ZONE, YOU COWARD. I don’t see you fighting any darkspawn, do I? Then shut your face, you bigot.
  • I’m basically on a side mission of sorts, and within this side mission, I got two more side missions. First, I found those diary pages about the “Reaching” and something in the basement??? I don’t know what the fuck this is, but I sure as hell am going to find all the missing pages to determine what this dude is talking about.
  • Oh my god ANOTHER AMAZING MORAL CONNUNDRUM. Wynne and many of the other mages were locked in that fucking tower by Greagoir. Morrigan is NOT HAVING ANY OF THEIR BULLSHIT because she is fiercely anti-Chantry / anti-religion. For a second, I thought she might not even come with me if I agreed to follow Wynne and help her out. Ultimately, she did, but I had to gift her some sweet jewelry, and now she’s super happy. I would have left her behind, despite how powerful she is, because I wanted to support these people. Just because I didn’t believe what they did or support the Chantry doesn’t mean I won’t support their right to believe what they want. Also, leaving them behind to die is FUCKED UP. Yeah, Morrigan, 100% not having it with your idea that people who believe differently than you should be left die terrible deaths.
  • I admit that I was nervous as hell while Wynne was opening the magical barrier she created. What sort of things were on the other side.
  • I totally did the Summoning Sciences. I learned things. I expected a better reward, though! Booooo.
  • Right after my hour expired, I met Owain. Oh god, the Tranquil don’t even know when to save themselves. I kind of feel bad for them.

I am so excited for this part of the game. Why can’t I just sit and play for 40 hours straight???

My Character Stats

Strength: 22
Dexterity: 20+1
Willpower: 15
Magic: 13
Cunning: 16
Constitution: 18

Heroic Stats
Kills: 88
Damage Dealt: 13501
Friendly-fire: 0
Greatest damage dealt: 34
Contribution to party damage: 23
Hit Rate: 85
Most powerful foe slain: Dragon
Injuries: 3

I also saw the conversation yesterday about me sharing more info of my gameplay, like how I get along with other characters in my party. I don’t know what’s interesting to y’all, but feel free to let me know what other information aside from my stats and such that you want to see! I haven’t started next week’s posts yet, so I’ll integrate those requests into the end of the review. Awesome!

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97 Responses to Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 10

  1. wantthepharaohs says:

    Oh yes yes, please do share party member approval/disapproval ratings! :) This is a great section to learn about some very important lore of the Dragon Age world, how the chantry works and what the chantry teaches about mages. Can't wait to see what you think!

  2. ZEVRAN! Oh and Wynne too. She’s okay :P

    So yeah I’ve only ever not killed Wynne once. I just generally don’t play characters nice enough who don’t hate the chantry to help Wynne out. It’s not that I hate her… she’s just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But I think my next playthrough (which will probably be my last for the time being) I’ll play a nice rogue. If that makes any sense. I should’ve made my current mage nice but then I would’ve wanted her to be a healer and I don’t want to play a healer. I want to make shit explode!

  3. Andie says:

    Heyyyyy, Zevran and Wynne! I love Zevran and his sassiness. My Warden always flirts with him hard in a teasing way, like they're the kind of friends who just say dirty things to each other all the time because it's funny.

    I just started a new playthrough a couple of days ago, and I haven't made it very far yet, but when I was chatting with Cailan, it was so obvious that he and Alistair were related. I mean, in retrospect, it's very easy to tell. They used the same face model, Cailan is basically Extra Blonde Alistair.

    Naq url, V gubhtug lbh qvqa'g trg Mriena hagvy lbh'q qbar gjb bs gur znwbe dhrfg yvarf.

    • Gung'f jung V gubhtug. Znlor lbh whfg unir gb tb gb 2 znva dhrfg yvar nernf gb gevttre gur phgfprarf. Vg'f uneq gb gryy orpnhfr Znex qvqa'g zragvba gur phgfprarf ng nyy.

    • wantthepharaohs says:

      Super easy to tell, it's always one of those d'oh moments for EVERYONE. They look so much alike, haha.

    • cogsandcurls says:

      V guvax ur'f GRPUAVPNYYL ninvynoyr nf n enaqbz rapbhagre nf fbba nf gur phgfprar jvgu uvz naq Ubjr unf gevttrerq, naq gung gevttref nsgre lbh svavfu gur svefg znva dhrfg.

      Znex cebonoyl znantrq gb trg uvz orpnhfr svavfuvat gur Qnyvfu dhrfg haybpxrq gur phgfprar, naq gura ur jrag va naq bhg bs Erqpyvssr vafgrnq bs whfg tbvat fgenvtug gb gur gbjre.

    • Plactus says:

      I got Zevran the first time traveling to a non-camp location on the world map after completing the Circle Tower quest, which was my first major quest line. I wasn't expecting it until after the next quest line; I figured the girl was leading me into a trap, but didn't expect it was Zevran.

    • Ryan Lohner says:

      This is my first time, and I was still struggling with the names, so when I first met Allistair I just assumed he was Cailan and wondered when he suddenly got so sassy.

  4. cogsandcurls says:

    YOU GOT ZEVRAN YOU GOT ZEVRAN! I am SO happy you got him! I was convinced you were going to get him killed – after all, Morrigan doesn't really think much of taking him along and we all know how cosy she and Roslin are. I hope you love him. He is amazing.

    And Alistair's revelation – oh man, I went to Redcliffe first chance I got on my first playthrough so I found out the "he's actually a prince" thing pretty sharpish, but on my most recent runthrough I deliberately didn't take Alistair to Redcliffe even though he specifically asks you to so he didn't tell her, and as such my Warden did not find out until a moment SIGNIFICANTLY later in the game, and not even from Alistair at that. Fireworks happened. It was amazing.

    What party have you taken into the tower, Mark?

  5. Tahaneira says:

    YAY MARK DID NOT LIE TO US all is right with the world.

    FUCK YEAH WYNNE. Gotta admit, we were worried there for a while. A lot of people thought you might listen to Morrigan and just kill her. But I'm glad you didn't so now you have WYNNE. She is awesome. So much backstory. But then, all BioWare characters have so much backstory, so par for the course. I'm also happy that you don't agree with Morrigan's aggressively nihilistic worldview. Pretty awesome.

    You went to Redcliffe?! Oh God, that was close. Nal shegure naq ur jbhyq unir gevttrerq gur nffnhyg, naq rirelbar jbhyq unir QVRQ. Jul nz V fb jbexrq hc nobhg fbzrguvat gung qvqa'g unccra? But at least you got to find out that Alistair is royalty! It is so WEIRD to see that revealed so early! Redcliffe is one of my last ports of call in my games, so it always seems like a late-game revelation to me. Odd, since there are so many nudges in that direction in Lothering.

    Also, HAHA ZEVRAN. Good to see him in your party! He is hilarious, just like… well, pretty much everyone, really. Even Wynne is hilarious. God I love this game.

    And reading your reactions to the tower is just plain hilarious. This magic IS NOT YOUR HARRY POTTER MAGIC, IS IT? Oh God, can you imagine the trio being brought up in the Circle Tower instead of Hogwarts? They probably would have been imprisoned for life or possessed for their shenanigans.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, Mark, do you remember the cutscene which first showed Zevran being hired? Because if you do, then I have an Origin story for you.

    Quote of the Day
    *trying to get across the lake*
    Sten: Paarshera! Here, munch on these if you like.
    Carroll: OOH COOKIES!
    Sten: I am content to part with them if it saves us from this fool.
    Warden: …Sten, where did you get those?
    Sten: There was a child – a fat, slovenly thing -in the last village we passed. I relieved him of these confections. He did not need more.
    Warden: You stole cookies from a child?!
    Sten: For his own good.

    • Mark Does Stuff says:

      Yes I do remember the scene where Zevran was hired! TELL ME MORE. TELL ME ALL THE THINGS

      • Tahaneira says:

        Alrighty then! :) This is all stuff that's either in your Codex or you only would have found out in the origin.

        Remember the sour-faced man voiced by Tim Curry who introduced Zevran to Loghain? Meet Arl Rendon Howe, Loghain’s right-hand man and the butcher of the Cousland family.

        The Couslands were royalty, one of the more popular royal families, believing that they had a duty to protect their people and not just rule them. So when the king ordered troops assembled at Ostagar to fight the darkspawn, the teyrn and his eldest son assembled the troops to meet him there. The youngest child was to remain home with their mother and watch over their lands, Highever.

        The day that Fergus, the eldest, marched to Ostagar, and the day before Teyrn Bryce followed, Arl Howe came with his men to join them. Bryce and Howe were old friends, having fought together in the rebellion against the Orlesion conquerors years ago. But Howe was jealous of the greater status and power that Bryce had been given. So, that night after most of the Cousland soldiers had left, he attacked the castle. His men killed everyone inside, soldiers, civilians, and children alike, and the teyrn, teyrna, and their youngest child were cornered by an escape tunnel they could not all escape through.

        Now, Duncan had considered visiting Highever. One of the army captains there was renowned for his skill, and Duncan wanted to see if he was good enough to be a Warden. Had he been there, he would have been very impressed with the youngest Cousland’s skills. Had he been there, he would have aided the teyrn and teyrna in convincing their child to escape with him, while the couple stayed behind and delayed Howe’s men. Unfortunately for them, Duncan decided to visit an old friend in the Denerim alienage instead, and the young noble stayed with their parents. Howe’s men caught up with them, and the Couslands' deaths were quick and painful.

        So ends the story of the Human Noble, the Warden who would have been.

  6. biblioteknician says:

    Oh thank goodness, I was honestly afraid you might kill Zevran just because. And then I would cry ETERNAL TEARS. But I suppose sassy elves gotta stick together, right? Right!

    Morrigan is an eternal bigot. It's lucky she can be appeased with pretty things, because I tend to play a good, moral character and STILL end up getting Morrigan to like me.

    My own replay is just kicking off, and I think I'm going to start with the Circle quest, because WYNNE. I cannot fathom going anywhere without her.

    • Inky says:

      Oh man, I remember in my first playthrough I played a City Elf who was an eternal peacemaker and idealist who wanted to help everyone–not to mention an odd elf that actually followed a weird version of the Chantry's religion!–so she and Morrigan clashed a LOT. But between my Warden actually treating Morrigan with respect and bribing her with a lot of gifts they actually ended up being really good friends, despite having a lot of disagreements. Jura V tbg gb gur raq naq Zbeevtna tnir zl Jneqra n fnq "snerjryy" V arneyl pevrq. V qvqa'g rkcrpg gb trg fb nggnpurq gb ure.

      • Gillyweed says:

        I always play as a good elf, and max out my friendship with everyone, I can't help it, I just can't be mean.(DA2 spoilers: V rira znkrq zl sevraqfuvc jvgu Naqref, naq V UNGR Naqref).
        but the moment when Morrigan pnyyf zr n fvfgre is one of the most rewarding things any game has ever produced. I just love all the characters in Origins.

        • Inky says:

          Haha, I'm the same way. In DA2 I came the closest I ever got to playing a character who was a "bad person" but even then she was more of a chaotic neutral and usually helped out people (particularly if they were offering a reward)–she just was really snarky about it. The only thing she did that I can think of that was particularly bad was fhccbegvat Naqref' greebevfz orpnhfr fur jnf fb va ybir jvgu uvz fur qvqa'g jnag gb ybfr uvz, cnegvphyneyl nsgre ure snzvyl jnf xvyyrq be pncgherq.

          Oh, and I tried playing a thief-type in New Vegas, but I felt guilty for even doing THAT…gah.

      • biblioteknician says:

        Oh goodness, have you played Witch Hunt? Ng bar cbvag V ebznaprq ure nf na rivy oybbq zntr, naq V'z n fragvzragny vqvbg naq arire unq uvz gnxr ure evat bss gur ragver tnzr, naq gura jber vg nyy guebhtu gur QYP naq V jnf whfg FB SHYY BS RZBGVBA jura ur sbhaq ure naq fur fnj ur fgvyy unq vg. Naq gura ur sbyybjrq ure orlbaq gur Ryhivna gb envfr gurve rivy fcnja naq or gbtrgure sberire be jungrire vg vf fur'f qbvat orlbaq gung qbbe.

        …. Basically I love her way too much.

        • Inky says:

          Sadly I haven't, although I'm kicking myself for not playing it yet! My first playthrough was on the 360, and after I beat DA:O I put off doing Awakenings until DA2 was coming out…I planned on doing Witch Hunt after Awakenings, but I didn't finish Awakenings before DA2 came out, and after I got spoiled on Naqref oybjvat hc gur Punagel I just gave up on finishing Awakenings and jumped into DA2 so I wouldn't get spoiled on anything else.

          BUT I've got the Ultimate Edition of DA:O for my PC now (as well as DA2–I got them in a bundle during an Amazon sale) and just started playing through that, so I plan on finally seeing all of the DLC and finishing Awakenings this time around. My brother took the 360 and our copies of DA:O and DA2 with him when he moved out, so I was going to have to play through again to have a save for DA3 anyway, so it all works out.

          • biblioteknician says:

            Oh, man, that is like the worst spoiler ever. I was utterly unspoiled for that entire game, so that moment shocked the hell out of me. … Ohg V pna'g rira yvr, obgu zr naq zl Unjxr jrer fb hggreyl va ybir jvgu Naqref ng gung cbvag gung zl ernpgvba jnf onfvpnyyl, "JUNG. JUNG. NAQREF JUNG UNIR LBH QBAR. Lbh OYRJ HC GUR PUNAGEL JUNG UNIR LBH QBAR?!? …. Npghnyyl. Jnvg Arire zvaq. Gur Punagel jnf hggreyl hfryrff naq whfg fng ol juvyr zntrf jrer bccerffrq sberire naq npghnyyl guvf vf NZNMVAT. Bu zl tbq V ybir lbh fb zhpu."

            Easily my favorite character in the entire series. I just have so many feelings. Nyfb, jura V jrag onpx naq ercynlrq Njnxravat, nyy bs Naqref' uvynevbhf fanexl pbairefngvbaf jvgu Whfgvpr fhqqrayl jrag sebz uvynevbhf gb hggre jbr.

          • Inky says:

            It was totally my fault for reading FandomSecrets after the game came out. That was just tempting fate! I managed to stay somewhat unspoiled for most of Mass Effect 3 though. I was proud of myself for that one.

            V unir n ybir/ungr guvat jvgu Naqref–nofbyhgryl ybirq uvz va Njnxravatf, ohg unir zvkrq srryvatf nobhg uvz va QN2. V guvax V birenyy yvxr uvz gurer, gubhtu, rira vs V'z gbb tbbql-gjb-fubrf gb fhccbeg rirelguvat ur qvq. V ERNYYL yvxrq ubj vg jbexrq bhg jvgu zl Unjxr, gubhtu–ure ehaavat bss jvgu uvz ng gur raq bs gur tnzr svg jvgu ure punenpgre qrirybczrag ernyyl jryy. Vg sryg cerggl betnavp gb zr. Fb V qba'g erterg ebznapvat uvz svefg.

  7. Why can’t I just sit and play for 40 hours straight???
    Because now playing video games is your job! DANCE FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT!

  8. Koryd says:

    Part of the Dragon Age Experience is fangirl/boying over the characters :D It also gives a better view on what kind of character Roslin is, depending with whom she is the friendliest or the ones she can't stand in her group.

    I'm so so happy you didn't miss Zevran ! After the Leliana "debacle" I was super scared you would miss another awesome character !

    I personally want to slap Morrigan sometimes. I mean, girl, I'm trying to raise an army here. If I let them die in fire because you think they are not worth your time, I'm not sure how big my army would be if I followed your opinion. You should listen to your mother more often. (and this is how I deduce that Morrigan is probably still in her "rebellion phase" :p ). Plus if I'm not starting to protect those people now, why should I care about fighting the Blight ?

  9. Passing by says:

    Wait a minute, I he travelled to redcliffe first, then immediately went to the Circle of Magi, doesn't that mean that ol gur gvzr ur pbzrf onpx, Erqpyvssr jvyy or pbzcyrgryl qrfregrq/xvyyrq?

  10. rav3style says:

    you killed leiliana, no dragon age playthrough is complete without her, shes the best character in the game

  11. Ryan Lohner says:

    First Time Gameplay

    First off, Mark, you're really not on sidequests here. Right now, the main plot IS you doing whatever you have to to convince these four groups to fight with you. Also: I've learned that one major meme connected to this game (besides the ladder line) is that Morrigan disapproves of EVERYTHING. She may or may not also have taken an arrow in the knee.

    I'm so glad you picked Zevran up; after skipping Leliana you need all the good rogue help you can get (we are never going to let this go, are we?)

    Ernqvat lrfgreqnl'f pbzzragf, V jnf tynq gb frr vg jnfa'g whfg zr, naq Bemnzne ernyyl vf n pencgba ybatre guna gur bgure guerr znva cynprf. Nygubhtu V sbhaq vg bqqyl uvynevbhf gung nsgre tbvat guebhtu nyy gung uryy, gur svany svtug jvgu Ouryra vf n pbzcyrgr wbxr.

    V unir abj qrsrngrq Ybtunva. Naq V xvyyrq gur onfgneq. Npghnyyl, V yrg Nyyvfgnve qb vg, abg guvaxvat nobhg ubj guvf zvtug fperj hc gur zneevntr V'q cnvafgnxvatyl frg hc, ohg ur arire jnagrq gb or xvat naljnl fb vg jnf na rnfl pubvpr. V'z npghnyyl xvaq bs pbashfrq ol gur jnl gur fprar cynlf bhg, gubhtu. Vg frrzf yvxr jr'er fhccbfrq gb pbafvqre Ybtunva nf n thl jub jnfa'g ernyyl rivy, ohg whfg znxvat uneq pubvprf gb znxr fher gur xvatqbz fheivirq. Ohg vs gung'f gur pnfr, gura vg jnf n ovt zvfgnxr gb chg va gung jubyr dhrfg nobhg uvz fryyvat gur ryirf vagb fynirel. Nsgre gung, gurer'f ab jnl gb frr uvz nf nalguvat ohg n ivyynva. Fb lrnu, V xvyyrq uvz, naq V'z tynq, naq V'q qb vg ntnva.

    V'z nyfb engure pbashfrq nobhg gur cbegenlny bs Naben. Vs lbh pnyy ba ure gb rkcynva gur erfphr, fur orgenlf lbh, znxvat vg frrz yvxr fur'f jbexvat gbtrgure jvgu ure sngure gb trg evq bs lbh. Ohg vs lbh fheeraqre naq gura rfpncr, fur'f ba lbhe fvqr. Vg srryf yvxr n ernyyl njxjneq ovg bs jevgvat, jura gurl ernyvmrq gur Jneqra jbhyqa'g whfg fheeraqre, ohg gurl fgvyy jnagrq lbh gb tb guebhtu gur rfpncr frdhrapr, fb vs lbh erfvfg lbh'er envyebnqrq vagb na vzcbffvoyr svtug. Ng yrnfg, gung'f jung V vzntvar jvgu ab npghny xabjyrqtr bs jul gurfr jevgvat pubvprf jrer znqr.

    • misterbernie says:

      (we are never going to let this go, are we?)
      Is Zhao voiced by Jason Isaacs?

      • Tahaneira says:

        Nope. He will never live it down. He will finish the game, and we will say it. He'll finish DA2, and we will say it. He will start a completely different game, and we will say it.

    • BornIn1142 says:

      Ol "vzcbffvoyr svtug," ner lbh ersreevat gb Pnhguevra? Orpnhfr lbh pna npghnyyl jva gung.

      V jrag guebhtu terng, TERNG rssbeg gb orng ure naq ure zra – nyy bs juvpu jrag gb jnfgr jura V ernyvmrq V'q or zvffvat bhg ba n eryngviryl fvmnoyr cybgyvar. V erybnqrq.

    • Tahaneira says:

      V guvax vg znxrf frafr pbafvqrevat ure punenpgre, npghnyyl. Gur guvat nobhg Naben vf gung fur'f n ovg frys-pragrerq. Abg pbzcyrgryl, ohg rabhtu gb nssrpg ure whqtrzrag. Va ure zvaq, trggvat urefrys bhg bs gurer jnf gur cevbevgl, eblnygl naq nyy gung, naq fnlvat gur Jneqra xvqanccrq ure jnf gur orfg jnl sbe ure gb jnyx serr. Nyfb, fvapr vg ybbxrq yvxr neerfg jnf tbvat gb unccra ab znggre jung, fbzrbar unq gb trg onpx gb Rnzba naq gryy uvz jung unq unccrarq fb gung lbh pbhyq or erfphrq yngre. Xrrc va zvaq gung, jungrire fur fnlf naq qbrf, fur'f eblnygl, naq irel hfrq gb cbjre. Fur vf ba lbhe fvqr, fur'f whfg irel znavchyngvir. Gung frys-pragrerq fgernx pbzrf bhg ntnva vs lbh qrpvqr abg gb znxr ure dhrra.

    • Inky says:

      V guvax Ybtunva'f fhccbfrq gb or n "whzcrq bss gur fyvccrel fybcr" fbeg bs punenpgre. Ur jnf n tbbq crefba, bapr, naq ur unf tbbq vagragvbaf, ohg ur'f fb bofrffrq jvgu uvf srne bs vainfvba gung ur'yy qb NALGUVAT gb shegure uvf cynaf. Naben'f fvzvyneyl ehguyrff, orvat uvf qnhtugre.

      Va trareny, Qentba Ntr vf hfhnyyl abg vagrerfgrq va punenpgref gung ner pbzcyrgryl tbbq be rivy. Tnvqre ybirf uvf funqrf bs terl.

    • Owl_In_Daylight says:

      Jung lbh unir gb haqrefgnaq nobhg Naben vf gung fur jnf envfrq va cbyvgvpf. Ab znggre jung unccraf, fur arrqf gb xrrc ure vzntr cbfvgvir gb frpher ure ervta bapr nyy vf fnvq naq qbar. Gung vapyhqrf Pnhguevra (ure sngure'f evtug unaq), fvapr fur qbrfa'g jnag ure sngure gb xabj fur'f fvqvat ntnvafg uvz hagvy gur Ynaqfzrrg.

      Rirelguvat lbh qb va Qrarevz evtug orsber gur Ynaqfzrrg vf onfvpnyyl cebar gb nssrpg gur ahzore bs ibgrf lbh trg (bar thl jvyy fvqr jvgu Ybtunva ab znggre jung, ohg gur erfg pna or crefhnqrq) vapyhqvat Naben'f.

      Vg cvffrq zr bss nf jryy, naq znal bs zl punenpgref qvq rknpgyl jung lbh qvq, nfvqr sebz zl uhzna aboyr. Fur cynlrq Naben whfg yvxr Naben cynlrq ure naq ure pbzcnavbaf.

  12. celestineangel1 says:

    First Time Gameplay

    D: D: D: D: D: GUYS.

    Erqpyvssr vf CNVA NAQ QRFCNVE. Zbfgyl orpnhfr V jnf univat abar bs Wbjna be uvf cyna gb gel gb qrsrng gur qrzba va gur Snqr. Ab gehfgvat Wbjna. Ab oybbq zntvp. Fb V unq gb xabpx Vfbyqr bhg naq xvyy Pbaabe naq RIRELGUVAT VF NJSHY.

    Gura… gura! NYVFGNVE. Lbh nyzbfg ybfg zl nqzvengvba! Lbh wrex, jung evtug qb lbh unir gb qb orengvat zr sbe xvyyvat gur xvq jura LBH JRER BAR BS GUR CRBCYR FNLVAT VG ARRQRQ GB OR QBAR. AB YBIR, NYVFGNVE. Jbefr, gur tnzr qbrfa'g rira tvir zr gur punapr gb pnyy uvz ba vg.

    Bu zna, guvf jnf jura V ernyyl haqrefgbbq jung Znex jnf fnlvat nobhg qvssvphyg zbeny qrpvfvbaf. D:

    • Passing by says:

      Lbh QB xabj lbh pbhyq'ir nfxrq gur Pvepyr bs Zntv gb fhccyl gur Ylevhz arprffnel gb ragre gur Snqr, evtug? (Nsgre qrnyvat jvgu gurve yvggyr qrzba-vasrfgngvba, boivbhfyl).

      • celestineangel1 says:

        Pbhyq unir, pubfr abg gb. V xabj vg frrzf jrveq gb synvy nobhg gur pubvpr V znqr, ohg, jryy, V qvqa'g rkcrpg gb srry yvxr synvyvat. Vg'f whfg n tnzr, nsgre nyy.

    • Inky says:

      On my first playthrough, zl Pvgl Rys jnf ebznapvat Nyvfgnve, ohg V nppvqragnyyl fperjrq hc gur Pvepyr dhrfg naq pbhyqa'g fnir gur urnq rapunagre, fb V raqrq hc univat gb xvyy Vfbyqr. Va sebag bs Nyvfgnve. Ur qvq ABG gnxr gung jryy, ehvavat gur ebznapr evtug orsber gurl fcrag gur avtug gbtrgure. V arire erpbirerq bhg bs gung cvg bs qvfnccebiny–V'q nyernql sbhaq zbfg bs uvf tvsgf naq qvq zbfg bs gur fghss ur yvxrq–naq vg'f nyernql ernyyl qvssvphyg gb unir Nyvfgnve fgnl va n ebznapr jvgu gur Pvgl Rys orpnhfr bs cybg fghss, fb va gur raq cbbe Ynvpbevry raqrq hc nybar naq sberire cvavat njnl nsgre Nyvfgnve.

      Awakenings and DA2 spoilers: Fur sryy sbe Naqref n yvggyr, nyzbfg rabhtu gb trg bire Nyvfgnve, ohg bs pbhefr gurl arire tbg gbtrgure naq Naqref raqrq hc ebznapvat zl Ynql Unjxr vafgrnq. Ohg Ynvpbevry jbhyq'ir orra qrinfgngrq ol nyy bs gur fghss Naqref qvq va 2, fb whfg nf jryy V thrff.

      • celestineangel1 says:

        V pbhyqa'g fnir gur urnq rapunagre, rvgure, ohg Phyyra ibhpurq sbe rirelguvat orvat fnsr. Vf gung jung lbh zrna? Cebonoyl abg, orpnhfr znlor gur Pvepyr cybg vf qvssrerag sbe n Pvgl Rys. :/ Qba'g gryy zr vs vg vf!

        Naljnlf, lrnu, Nyvfgnve vf fgvyy vagrerfgrq va Pryrfgvar fb sne, fb V znantrq abg gb unir uvf qvfnccebiny snyy gbb ybj. Unira'g znantrq gb trg uvz va zl grag lrg, gubhtu!

        • Inky says:

          I don't think it's very different for a City Elf, and that sounds about right! V erzrzore gung rira gubhtu V pbhyqa'g fnir Veivat, V znantrq gb fnir rabhtu bs gur Pvepyr gung gurl qvqa'g nyy trg xvyyrq VVEP.

    • cat says:

      Htu, gung fprar fbherq zr uneq ba Nyvfgnve gbb. V zrna, vg'f haqrefgnaqnoyr orpnhfr ur vf npghnyyl irel lbhat, ohg juvyr ur'f fjrrg naq V ybir gb unir uvz nf zl sevraq, V'ir arire orra noyr gb ebznapr uvz nyy gur jnl guebhtu orpnhfr ur unf fbzr zbzragf bs (zl vagrecergngvba) frysvfuarff naq frys-pragrerq vzznghevgl gung ernyyl oht zr, rfcrpvnyyl vs lbh nera'g cynlvat n anvir lbhat ynjshy tbbq, juvpu V nyzbfg arire qb. (SPECIFIC SPOILER FOR A LINE I GOT ROMANCING ALISTAIR AS COUSLAND) V npghnyyl tbg uvz gb orq naq gura eriratr-qhzcrq uvz va gur unefurfg jnl V pbhyq jura V cynlrq zl Ynql Pbhfynaq, jub V'q cynaarq gb unir ehyr Sreryqra nybatfvqr uvz, orpnhfr ng bar cbvag ur fnvq fbzrguvat gb ure nobhg ubj fur pbhyq ~*arire haqrefgnaq uvf cnva*~ ng univat ybfg Qhapna naq gur Jneqraf, univat ~*arire ybfg nalguvat yvxr uvz*~. YVXR, FNL, URE RAGVER. SHPXVAT. SNZVYL. Vs gurer jnf n "thg guvf zbgureshpxre yvxr n svfu" bcgvba ba gur qvnybthr gerr V jbhyq unir gnxra vg gb fgnl va punenpgre. (/SPECIFIC SPOILER)

      V'z gnxvat nabgure eha ng uvz evtug abj jvgu n cngvrag naq tbbq-urnegrq zntr, svatref pebffrq, ohg nf bs abj V guvax V'z bar bs gur bayl aba-Nyvfgnve ybiref ba gur fvgr, YBY.

      • celestineangel1 says:

        Fb sne, guvf vf gur bayl ernyyl ovt zbzrag gung naablf zr. Naq vg'f zber zr orvat naablrq ng gur cebtenzzref, orpnhfr gurl'er gur barf gung cebtenzzrq guvf ulcbpevfl vagb uvz naq qvqa'g obgure gb tvir zr na bcgvba gb fnl "Url, jung nobhg lbh, lbh fnvq vg jnf orfg vs jr xvyyrq Pbaabe! Va snpg, Yrvyvnan jnf gur bayl bar jub fnvq ab!" Be, lbh xabj, fbzrguvat gb gung rssrpg.

        V'z gelvat gb cynl n cerggl haqrefgnaqvat crefba, fb fur qbrfa'g pnyy uvz bhg ba vzznghevgl gbb zhpu. Naq gur jnl V haqrefgnaq zl punenpgre, fur ernyyl qvq guvax xvyyvat Pbaabe jnf gur bayl bcgvba ng gur gvzr. Fur qbrfa'g gehfg Wbjna rabhtu gb yrg uvz cresbez oybbq zntvp ng nyy, be gb or vaibyirq rira vs gurer jrer rabhtu ylevhz… naq fur qvqa'g jnag gb tb vagehqvat ng gur Pvepyr xabjvat jung gurl'er gelvat gb erohvyq (svavfurq gung dhrfg orsber svavfuvat Erqpyvssr). Orfvqrf, jung Pvepyr? Zbfg bs gur zntrf jrer xvyyrq.

        Fb… V whfg jvfu gur tnzr unq na bcgvba sbe gur cynlre punenpgre gb gryy Nyvfgnve ur'f orvat n ulcbpevgr.

        • cat says:

          Lrnu, gung'f n ybg bs jung naablf zr nobhg vg gbb, gb or ubarfg. Vg jbhyq or bar guvat vs lbh pbhyq fnl fbzrguvat nobhg fbzr bs guvf fghss gb Nyvfgnve naq frr uvz ernpg, znlor tvir uvz n punapr gb tb "v thrff lbh'er evtug, v whfg srry onq naq nz univat n uneq gvzr frrvat cnfg gung :(" ohg vg'f gbhtu sbe zr gb yrg tb bs fbzrguvat gung ehoorq zr gur jebat jnl jvgubhg univat gur bcgvba gb gnyx gb uvz nobhg vg. V nyfb ernyyl ungr gb srry yvxr V'z orvat envyebnqrq vagb nterrvat jvgu fbzrguvat V qba'g nterr jvgu. Jurgure gung'f orpnhfr gur cebtenzzref ner ynml be orpnhfr gur jevgref trahvaryl fnj ab ceboyrz jvgu Nyvfgnve'f orunivbe V'z abg fb fher.

          Vg'f abg gung V qba'g haqrefgnaq jurer Nyvfgnve'f pbzvat sebz zlfrys, V guvax V qb. Ur'f fbeg bs n lbhat vqrnyvfg tebjvat hc va n pencfnpx jbeyq, naq ur unf gb svaq n jnl gb pbzr gb grezf jvgu gur gbhtu pubvprf lbh naq ur obgu unir gb znxr. Ohg juvyr V yvxr uvz n ybg jura V cynl zl punenpgre nf na byqre oebgure be fvfgre svther gb uvz, V svaq n ybg bs jung V svaq haqrefgnaqnoyr va n cyngbavp eryngvbafuvc veevgngvat jura ebznapr vf vaibyirq, nf n znggre bs crefbany gnfgr.

          • celestineangel1 says:

            Lrnu, V'z fgnegvat gb frr jurer lbh'er pbzvat sebz, n yvggyr. V fgvyy guvax ur'f zbfgyl na nqbenoyr qbexsnpr… ohg V'ir tbggra uvz jurer ur'f zber guna vagrerfgrq, jurer ur npghnyyl pnerf nobhg zl punenpgre, fb uvf vzznghevgl vf orpbzvat zber boivbhf. Ur'f onfvpnyyl yvxr "V ernyyl yvxr lbh naq V'z tbvat gb fnl fbzr fjrrg guvatf orsber V pna fgbc zlfrys naq bu, pna jr whfg zbir cnfg gur zhful fghss abj orpnhfr V nz n 12 lrne byq obl naq zhful fghss znxrf zr hapbzsbegnoyr. Ohg xvffvat vf n-bx! :Q"

  13. Mark Does Stuff says:


    Is there anything else you want to see in each review aside from approval/disapproval ratings?

    • biblioteknician says:

      Who is in your party when you go on various quests. :)

    • Number of butts stabbed, roundness or lack thereof, whether you want them real thick and juicy.

    • ZeynepD says:

      Random conversation snippets you triggered (and maybe which conversations you had with your party members on purpose), so that we don't spoil you.

      • snapsnzips says:

        So folks who might not know: if you turn on subtitles for everything you can see (hear) your companions bantering with each other as you walk around places.

    • OneOnOne1162 says:

      I'd love to hear as much as possible about your interaction with your party members. You know the jist of your relationship with them and how you relate to them. I also definitely find it interesting when you talk about what you think of the world's lore.

      • Tahaneira says:

        Yeah, second that one. I've been itching to hear what you think about the dream aspects of the Fade, or the more muddy sections of the history of the Dalish.

  14. megotelek says:

    First Time Gamepl- Well, I've finished the game now, once, so technically I can't be spoiled for anything. So!

    The Circle! In my current playthrough as my human noble, I went to the Circle first right after Lothering to get Wynne (jryy, grpuavpnyyl V jrag naq tbg Funyr svefg, orpnhfr V qvqa'g trg uvz hagvy gur irel raq ynfg gvzr naq qvqa'g ernyyl trg gb cynl jvgu uvz ng nyy). Bu, nyfb? Jura gur ncceragvpr vf pbaprearq nobhg Jlaar orpnhfr fur jnf "uheg fb onqyl rneyvre", V jrag BZT GUNG'F JURA VG UNCCRARQ. V ybir orvat noyr gb cvpx hc ba gur sberfunqbjvat!

    The abominations are so creepy! And they explode! Which, as a melee character, is less fun when you're right next to them. I also did the Summoning Sciences in the library; the tab key to highlight all the actionable things in the room is a LIFESAVER.

    And Zevran! Yay, so glad you didn't kill him! This time through I'm working on getting approval with the companions I ignored the first time through, that includes Zevran. And Sten. I actually got +16 approval with Sten for a conversation which made me punch the air a bit. Naq ur tnir zr uvf dhrfg gb svaq uvf fjbeq!

    Nyfb, V'z fb tynq V tbg gur Fxvc gur Snqr zbq, orpnhfr guvf gvzr guebhtu V whfg uvg nyy bs zl pbzcnavbaf, qrsrngrq gur Fybgu Qrzba, naq QBAR. FB NJRFBZR.

  15. Eliestav says:

    First Time Playing
    Okay, I'm confused. I've already finished the elves, circle tower, and Redcliffe, as well as romanced Alistair into bed, and I have yet to trigger a conversation about his geneology. I mean, I sorta got spoiled for it regarding the Darkspawn chronicles, but I'd like to find out from the game itself.

    It annoys me how in Bioware games, saying nice things to party members makes them think we're an item. I accidentally walked into one with Zevran, and i can't break it off without losing approval. I mean, he's sassy, but…you know…
    <img src=""&gt;
    …I couldn't.
    Nyfb V sbhtug Syrzzrgu lrfgreqnl. Fur jnf uneq hc hagvy V ernyvmrq fur pbhyqa'g npghnyyl zbir, naq V unq Nyvfgnve gnaxvat ure sveronyyf jvgu n synzr fnyir, yrvynan favcvat sebz nsne, jlaar urnyvat, naq zr trggvat xvpxrq rirelgvzr V gevrq gb onpxfgno n qentba. Naq gura fur gunaxrq zr naq jr'er gbgrf OSSf abj. Jngpu gung unir ab vzcnpg ba ure shgher pbzcynvavat.

    • Nhtu V unq gung ceboyrz jvgu Xnvqra va Mass Effect naq V fcrag gur ragver tnzr jnagvat gb puhpx uvz bhg gur nveybpx orpnhfr TEBFF TEBFF TEBFF gur jnl ur jnf nffhzvat jr jrer ~gbtrgure~

      Vg'f znqr zr hasnveyl ovnfrq ntnvafg Xnvqra

      • Gillyweed says:

        V unq vg jvgu Yvnen, V'z whfg pbzsbegvat lbh nobhg lbhe njrfbzr zbgure, V qba'g jnag lbhe cnagvrf gunax lbh.
        It's what I like in DA2, ab bar sbeprf gurzfryirf ba lbh vs lbh qba'g pyvpx gur urneg guvatl.

        • Inky says:

          Actually (DA2 spoilers) V guvax vs lbh'er abg pnershy Naqref pna uvg ba lbh rira vs lbh qba'g syveg jvgu uvz, ohg gerng uvz avpryl (hfvat gur qvcybzngvp bcgvbaf). NSNVX vg'f whfg fhccbfrq gb or n punenpgre guvat–ur'f nyjnlf orra cbegenlrq nf cerggl syvegl naq QN2 znxrf uvz cerggl cebar gb orvat fhcre-nggnpurq gb crbcyr–ohg vg pnhfrq fbzr pbagebirefl ba gur bssvpvny sbehzf fvapr n ybg bs "fgenvtug znyr tnzref" sernxrq bhg bire Naqref uvggvat ba gurz.

  16. enigmaticagentscully says:


    I don't much care for Zevran, but WYNNE IS HERE AND EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL.

    I love badass old ladies! I'm glad you didn't listen to Morrigan because, though she is full of sass, it's pretty much canon that she hates everything.

    • BornIn1142 says:

      What do you have against Zevran?

      • Owl_In_Daylight says:

        Hahaha, is that the same guy who did DM of the Rings? He's hilarious.

        And yes, the programmers got lot of flak for this. In general, here were a lot of small issues that could've been corrected, like, say, changing the walk of the female model. I wasn't expecting my Warden to be sashaying all over the place, but walking with her hands held out like she had these bulging, invisible muscles? GURL, NO.

        It's pretty obvious it has to do with keeping an already huge game as small as possible, and at least they acknowledge it themselves within the game. Check out Zev and Wynne's party banter about her 'magical bosom' xD

  17. Alright! Finally remembered my intensedebate account and am slowly catching up on this blog. Phew.

    Last night I started a new Origins playthrough. Sereda Aeducan, since dwarf noble is the one origin I haven't played yet. She's swarthy and adorable and I still haven't made it past the prologue. Pics to come once I have proper internet in my house again and can hook my 360 up to BSN. But…wow. That origin prologue. Gur zbzrag jura gur qbbef pybfrq oruvaq zr naq V jnf genccrq va gur Qrrc Ebnqf yrsg zl purfg srryvat gbb-gvtug.

    I'm glad you got Zevran, especially since you missed Leliana. :( Npghnyyl V unq zl zbarl ba Znex ebznapvat Mriena vs ur cynlrq n znyr Jneqra, ohg…jryc, ur'f cynlvat n ynql jneqra.

    Juvpu vfa'g gb fnl ur jba'g ebznapr Mriena. Zl zbarl'f fgvyy gurer. V jnf whfg vzntvavat uvf qryvtug ng svaqvat bhg ur pbhyq ebznapr Mriena jvgu n qhqr.

    • Gillyweed says:

      V bayl ebznaprq Nyvfgnve bapr, rirel fvatyr gvzr vg jnf Mriena sbe zr. V whfg ybir ryirf jvgu gentvp onpxfgbel naq n urneg bs tbyq nccneragyl. Nyfb gung rnevat fprar, vs lbh ershfr vg… V pna'g.
      Awakening spoilers: V guvax V'z snyyvat sbe Angunavry naq V xabj gurer ner ab ebznaprf ohg zl jneqra vf frevbhfyl grzcgrq gb purng n ovg. V unir n guvat sbe ebhtrf nyfb V thrff. V qba'g xabj jung'f jebat jvgu zr.

      • cat says:

        V frr lbh naq V unir gur fnzr gnfgr va qnzntrq svpgvbany thlf, unun. Mriena vf arneyl n purpxyvfg bs guvatf gung znxr zr ernyyl ernyyl ybir n punenpgre, juvpu gbgnyyl oyvaqfvqrq zr jura V cynlrq gur tnzr gur svefg gvzr orpnhfr V rkcrpgrq gb svaq uvz fhcre naablvat. Naq ur jnf, hagvy fhqqrayl ur jnf grnevat zl urneg bhg naq chggvat vg va n whvpre.

      • lmfao crying v ungr Nyvfgnve'f ebznapr fb zhpu

        Fperj Angunavry, yrg zr ebznapr Fvteha!

        • Gillyweed says:

          V unira'g zrg ure lrg! Ohg fur fbhaqf nznmvat.

        • Lnl sbe Fvteha! V jnf n uhtr Naqref snatvey va Njnxravatf naq V jnf fb tynq V riraghnyyl tbg gb ebznapr uvz, ohg n Fvteha ebznapr jbhyq unir orra njrfbzr gbb. Naq n Ineevp bar juvyr gurl jrer ng vg! V svaq vg vagrerfgvat gung juvyr lbh trg gb ebznapr nf n qjnes, lbh arire unq gur bcgvba gb ebznapr n qjnes, rvgure nf n uhzna be n qjnes. V jbhyq unir ybirq gung naq Fvteha jbhyq or zl svefg pubvpr.

  18. etherealclarity says:

    So I just started playing the other day and I have to say, I don't think I've ever been more enamored with a video game character than I am with Alistair.

    I mean. He's gorgeous, nice, has an interesting backstory, and is super goofy and sarcastic and hilarious. EXACTLY MY TYPE.

    Normally in games when I can pick a character to romance I'm all "meh" about it or very indecisive, but I'm really quite decisive here. I am romancing the shit out of Alistair in my playthrough.

    • JackoDaGreat says:

      ME TOO! You know I was trying to figure out why I was obsessed with him, and then I read on the Dragon Age Wiki that he was based partially off Mal from Firefly. THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH!

    • Inky says:

      Oh man, Alistair. I love all of the characters but he's always been my favorite. Gaider sure knows how to write male characters that make me swoon…

  19. Dee says:

    I'd love to see your approval/disapproving rate with all the companions!

  20. JackoDaGreat says:

    First Time Playthrough

    I am coming out of lurking just to state that in the few weeks since Mark has started this title, I have not only gone out and bought the game, but have already played over 15 hours which is unheard of for me. I am thoroughly addicted and loving every minute of it. So thanks Mark!

    I am so glad that you've gotten to the quests I've played! The Circle of Magi quest was the first of the main quest lines I've completed. And don't worry, I missed out on Leliana too. Who knew that Lothering had a tavern?

  21. ZeynepD says:

    First Time Playthrough, about 75 hours in

    Circle Tower first: Yay! I don't have to rush through Orzammar just so that I can keep reading.

    Ah, yes, that headexplody.

    I remember, from all the conversations we've had and the reticence Alistair seemed to have about going to Redcliffe, that I was going to be walking into the middle of a bastard parentage situation—but I had pegged the Arl as the father. I mentioned that to friends who had played before, and they all went poker-faced. Again. And then that conversation happened and I went and looked at Cailan screenshots again and duhhhhhh.

    ROT13 is about how that situation develops, but I've not been to the Ynaqzrrg yet either so don't spoil me about it: Znex qbrfa'g frrz gb or ebznapvat Nyvfgnve (be trggvat vagrerfgrq va uvz). V, ba gur bgure unaq, unir. Naq ur'f orra cbxvat rirel bar bs zl zbgurevat vafgvapg ohggbaf, cyhf gurer'f uvf jubyr "V qba'g jnag gur erfcbafvovyvgl" guvat. V nyernql frr gung V jvyy unir gb znxr n cnvashy qrpvfvba pbzr gur Ynaqzrrg [1], orpnhfr juvyr Nyvfgnve qbrfa'g jnag gb ehyr, jung vs ur vf gur orfg bcgvba? Naq sebz gur pbairefngvba jr unir unq jvgu Ney Rnzba nsgre jr pherq uvz, Nyvfgnve _jvyy_ gnxr ba gur erfcbafvovyvgl vs vg'f pyrne gung vg'f uvf qhgl. Ohg gung jvyy erdhver tvivat hc… guvatf. Jr'ir _nyzbfg_ unq n pbairefngvba jvgu uvz va pnzc nobhg guvf, gbb, naq V sbhaq vg irel jryy-jevggra ubj ur'f nyy uryy-orag ba orvat va qravny juvyr jbeelvat nobhg vg fb zhpu.

    V jbaqre ubj qvssreragyl vg'f tbvat gb qrirybc sbe Znex, vs ur arire ebznaprf Nyvfgnve.

    The Mages' Collective quests and similar: The incomplete quest list I had was longer than my arm at one point. They resolve in their own sweet time, I've found.

    Zevran and Wynne's random dialogues: Snark overdose. Actually, Wynne's random dialogues with almost everyone: Snark overdose.

    Abominations: Somewhere between creepy and HATE HATE GO AWAY I DON'T WANT TO DIE AGAIN.

    [1] Yes, that was me making a prediction as if there's any way I can be more prepared than Mark. Let me be the first to release the wild nuns on myself.

  22. Inky says:

    Man, I've been having so much fun following this blog I actually figured out the issues I was having with Dragon Age: Origins on my PC so I could replay it. It's been long enough that I'd forgotten a lot of things (and I'm also doing an Origin story I haven't done before, Dalish Elf) so it's been a ton of fun so far.

    ALSO, you don't know how relieved I am that you didn't kill Zevran…

  23. sertaki says:

    Mark, i'm so glad you chose the mages next!

    That part was my favorite in the whole game.
    And guess what – YOU ARE NOT PREPARED :D

    Also, i like wrynn, she's like some nice old lady that gives you cookies :)

  24. Shiyiya says:

    Oh god you don't even want to KNOW how long it took me to realize that those explosions were from the dead abominations I HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO NOTICE I THOUGHT THE WORLD WAS JUST RANDOMLY THROWING FIREBALLS AT ME

    • Shiyiya says:


    • accidentalbeard says:

      I had that problem too! I kept wondering if I was setting off fire traps in the walls or something.

    • BornIn1142 says:

      I guess that delay before the explosions is supposed to be a grace period for the player to get away, but it makes things rather confusing.

  25. accidentalbeard says:

    Yay, Circle Tower!
    I enjoyed this part of the game a lot more on my current playthrough since I decided to play a Mage origin; the only part so far that's felt more changed is, unsurprisingly, rapbhagrevat Wbjna va Erqpyvssr. It was odd for my mage to come back to his home, especially since wasn't that attached to it in the first place (but wasn't actively trying to escape). It was what it was, but when it was threatened suddenly it became more important to him.

    Also, YAY ZEVRAN! He's not my favorite character in the game but I think life would be a lot less fun without him, plus I like his character development. On my last playthrough I was a dual-wielding rogue so I didn't bring him out much, but this time it makes a lot more sense to have him along.

    Companion quest question: fb jura V svefg jrag gb Qrarevz, V gbbx obgu Yryvnan naq Nyvfgnve gb erfbyir gurve dhrfgf. V unq gur hygvzngr tbny bs uneqravat obgu bs gurz whfg gb qb guvatf qvssreragyl sebz ynfg tnzr, cyhf V guvax guvf Jneqra jbhyq or yvxryl gb. Yryvnan jnf ab ceboyrz, ohg V PNAABG trg Nyvfgnve gb gevttre nal fbeg bs sbyybj-hc pbairefngvba gb uvf gnyx jvgu Tbyqnaan. Whfg bhgfvqr jr unq gur gnyx jurer V cvpxrq gur "rirelbar'f bhg sbe gurzfryirf" bcgvba, juvpu V xabj vf gur svefg fgrc, ohg V gubhtug ur'q riraghnyyl unir n pbairefngvba jvgu zr va pnzc nobhg guvf. V unir fvapr pbzcyrgryl svavfurq gur Hea cybg nep naq unir rkunhfgrq rirel bgure pbairefngvba bcgvba jvgu uvz, naq abguvat ryfr unf fubja hc. Yryvnan oebhtug hc Znewbynar gur arkg gvzr V gnyxrq gb ure va pnzc, fb gung jnf ab ceboyrz. Qvq V uvg n oht? Be qbrf guvf gevttre zhpu yngre naq V'ir sbetbggra? V jnag gb uneqra uvz orsber gur Ynaqfzrrg; V zvtug znxr uvz xvat (nygubhtu V unir vffhrf jvgu gung juvpu V jvyy cebonoyl tb ba nobhg ng yratgu jura Znex trgf gurer).

    • biblioteknician says:

      V guvax vg gnxrf hagvy lbh ernpu n pregnva nccebiny sebz Nyvfgnve? Vs V erzrzore pbeerpgyl? Ohg gung unccrarq gb zr, gbb, jura V jnf qrgrezvarq gb uneqra uvz, gur qvnybthr bcgvba qvqa'g gevttre vzzrqvngryl. Ohg vg qvq unccra riraghnyyl, fb lbh'er cebonoyl tbbq?

      • accidentalbeard says:

        Nu, gung znxrf zr srry orggre. Nyvfgnve vf ABG nf unccl jvgu zr guvf ehaguebhtu nf ur jnf ynfg gvzr (jura V jnf n qb-tbbqre qjneira pbzzbare jub ebznaprq gur cnagf bss bs uvz) fb V thrff vs lbhe nccebiny gurbel vf pbeerpg gung znxrf frafr. V unir fbzr fuvavrf V pna tvir uvz, gubhtu, juvpu zvtug uryc. =)

  26. ZEVRAN!
    <img src="; title="Hosted by" alt="" />
    <img src="; title="Hosted by" alt="" />

    Oh Mark you have no idea how glad I am that your warden is not a homicidal little jerkface and you went with helping the mages. I could not have loved her at all if she'd agreed with Morrigan on that bit.

    Bxnl, lrc, Mri vf abj qrsvavgryl gur sber-ehaare sbe frklgvzrf. Sbyybjrq pybfryl ol Znex jvyy fghss be abg trg nebhaq gb ebznapvat naq gura Nyvfgnve.

  27. tethysdust says:

    Hooray for Wynne, I love Wynne! My party here was Alistair, Wynne, Leilana and myself. So I also had 2 mages, a warrior and a rogue! I think that's just a good combination.

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