Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 15

In the fifteenth hour of Dragon Age: Origins, I discover the enormity of Denerim. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to play Dragon Age: Origins.

Hour Fifteen

It’s fun when you’re traveling on the map and you trigger a random skirmish. That’s how I got Zevran, so I was eager to see what would happen while I was on my way to Denerim.

I GOT SLAUGHTERED SO MANY TIMES. For some reason I didn’t intially understand, my whole party would die within ten seconds. No matter what! It took three attempts before I realized there was a mage standing above and behind me on a hill, raining fire bombs down on us. I WILL MURDER YOU WITH ENDLESS BUTT STABBING. Which is what I did! yes. Unfortunately, no new party members yet. I imagine I won’t get one until I seek out the dwarves, but that’s okay. As I said yesterday, I decided to take Sten along for a trial run to see how he’d do! Mostly, he’s great at stunning enemies and dealing heavy damage. His health? Pretty awful, even if his tactics are programmed to take a health poultice when he gets <50% health.

What I didn’t expect is Wynne to utterly hate him. I know that the other party members interact often even when I’m not, but these two got into four arguments over the course of this hour of play. Mainly, Sten isn’t too keen on women being in battle. Oh. Oh. Is that so, Sten? I loved when Wynne turned on him at one point and said something like, “So, would you like me to become a man?” And it just weirded him out so much that he shut up. Meh, after Denerim, I’ll probably switch him out unless he turns out to be fantastic. I did gain 9 points to his approval rating, and that was because I gifted him dirty pantaloons. I can hear you asking, “Mark, where did you get dirty pantaloons?”

Well, that would be Adama’s fault. Twice in Denerim, Adama ran off and brought me something back. The first time, it was a pair of dirty pantaloons. The second time? AN ACTUAL CHILD. No, seriously, he brought me an eight-year-old boy. I had to tell Adama to put the child back where he found him. Is he trying to send me a message that I need to procreate or something???

Denerim is utterly massive, a brilliantly designed city that’s far more bustling and expansive than anything else I’ve come across in the game. I mean, I know I came from there, but I haven’t really gotten the chance to see it in this way. It’s so fun to get such a different experience as I travel across Ferelden. Where I just came from was so much more claustrophobic and frightening than where I am now. That’s not to say I won’t feel those things in Denerim, but as I made my way through the city, it was impressive to get such a varied feel from the same game. I’m having more conversations. Most of the missions I picked up here – and by gods, I must have picked up 15 new ones – are all about doing favors. They’re far less violent, though violence is an option. It reminds me of getting missions to win a person’s respect in the Fallout games. Here, though, it’s nice that I can go from something that was heavily about tactics and battle formations to a style of gameplay where I can uses Roslin’s rogue skills to get people to do things for me without lifting a finger.

That includes me playing a round of Wicked Grace with Isabela. Roslin FINALLY unlocked a specialist skill, and now she’s got Duelist, which is the very first thing I upgraded when I leveled up to level 11.

I’ve brought up how progressive Dragon Age feels for a fantasy-style game, so I wanted to bring up a small moment at The Pearl that was awesome. I had forgotten that another small character had told me that the place was a brothel, so after scaring out the mercenaries and murdering the ones who wouldn’t leave, Sanga offered me the opportunity to visit any of her companions for only 20 silver. I chose a gorgeous woman, Roslin had sex with her (BY THE WAY, ROSLIN IS STILL COVERED IN BLOOD WHEN SHE IS ONLY IN HER UNDERWEAR WHAT THE FUCK), and the game did nothing to shame me or make fun of me for this. That’s awesome. I need to try and romance more people. Why can’t I marry Wynne yet?

This game is also feeding into my desires to complete everything. I’ve got the Circle of Magi quests, some other random missions going, all the stuff on the Chantry board, the missions helping Sergeant Kylon, and the missions from the bartender at the Gnawed Noble Tavern. THIS IS A LOT OF STUFF. But I’m doing it on purpose. It’s satisfying to complete so many, and most don’t take a long time. Plus, I’m earning HELLA money and XP, and I’d love to be leveled up further by the time I seek out the dwarves and then Loghain. Most of the time, I was heading through the back alleys of Denerim to clean out the mercenaries and rogues who were fucking life up for citizens.

It was doing the Chantry mission in the alleys where I was finally met with the most frustrating scene for me so far. It was in the final alley where a group of ten rogues set upon my party. Just… what the fuck? It was so hard to get them to split up. Having six or seven rogues on you is nearly impossible to conquer. I must have replayed that scene ten times before I was finally able to run away without getting stunned. Thankfully, only two thugs followed me, and it was much easier to pick them off that way than trying to battle multiple ones at first. Also, Adama’s howl stun was INCREDIBLE when they did gang up on us.

The last thing I managed to do in this hour was accept that mission concerning the Urn of the Sacred Ashes. Only by pure accident did I try to go into that closed room, and I certainly didn’t expect that my conversation with Weylon would go south so quickly. But it got me curious: what was he so desperate to hide in that room?





Oh, I can’t wait to go to the village of Haven later. I MUST KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON. Honestly, it’s really awesome that such a small plot point that I might have otherwise never seen has gotten be so excited about this game. Bless you, Dragon Age.

My Character Stats

Strength: 24
Dexterity: 23+3
Willpower: 18
Magic: 14
Cunning: 17
Constitution: 21

Heroic Stats

Kills: 250
Damage dealt: 41120
Friendly-fire: 0
Greatest damage dealt: 90
Contribution to party damage: 38
Hit rate: 85
Most powerful foe slain: Uldred
Injuries: 5

Approval stats are the same with the exception of Sten, who gained a +9 for being a dirty pervert.

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81 Responses to Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 15

  1. Randomcheeses says:

    It's always the quiet ones!

  2. Andie says:

    No, seriously, he brought me an eight-year-old boy. I had to tell Adama to put the child back where he found him.

    Laughing so hard I'm crying.

  3. Nothing much to say except: Good stuff happening here!

  4. Jojo says:

    "fhpu n fznyy cybg cbvag gung V zvtug unir bgurejvfr arire frra"

    Bu oyrff lbh, Znex. Lbh'er fb hacercnerq!

    • Andie says:


      V sbetbg sbe n zvahgr gung ur unfa'g orra gb Erqpyvssr lrg. V qba'g guvax V'ir rire qbar n cynlguebhtu jurer V jrag gb Qrarevz orsber Erqpyvssr, fb V nyjnlf tbg gur Hea bs Fnperq Nfurf dhrfg gung jnl.

  5. Tahaneira says:

    I get the impression you aren't going to approve of the vast majority of the Qunari's beliefs, though I do think you'll find them interesting. Gurve gnxr ba jung 'pubvpr' zrnaf gvrf vagb rirelguvat gurl qb, naq fb vg gvrf vagb traqre ebyrf nf jryy. Jbzra ner hasvg gb svtug nf zra ner hasvg gb yrnq va nalguvat rkprcg zvyvgnel znggref. V jbaqre ubj ur'yy ernpg gb Fgra'f yrpgher nobhg ubj fbzrbar pna bayl or tbbq ng bar guvat va gurve yvsr?

    The thing I like most about the Qunari is how different they are. I can't think of any large human culture that quite parallels their beliefs, though I'm sure that I just haven't heard of them. And you have to respect the depth of their belief, even if you find it frustrating.

    Also, HA HA! Denerim! The place is huge and gets confusing at times, but I think it's awesome. So much goes on there, and the sheer number of sidequests helps flesh out the place tremendously. And I love Kylon so very, very much.

    Also, I wonder if you noticed a certain dwarf merchant in the main square of the city? He's a small part of the Dwarven Noble story, which you will hear during your travels in Orzammar.

    Quote of the Day:
    Sergeant Kylon: I said beat down, not kill. Let me make that really clear. Not on fire, or exploded, or Maker knows whatever type of grisly death you can dream up. …Sorry, used to giving orders to my boys."


    Leliana: I saw what you were doing back there.
    Sten: Oh?
    Leliana: Don't play innocent with me.
    Sten: What are you talking about?
    Leliana: You. Playing with that kitten.
    Sten: …There was no kitten.
    Leliana: Sten, I saw you. You dangling a piece of twine for it.
    Sten: I was helping it train.
    Leliana: You're a big softie!
    Sten: We will never speak of this again.
    Leliana: Softie!

    • celestineangel1 says:

      XD Oh wow, that dialogue between Sten and Leliana! Sten loves kittens! Well, who doesn't?

    • Sybylla says:

      I had almost the same conversation between them, except in mine he was picking flowers, which is an image I adore.

    • ZeynepD says:

      Oh Eru that conversation. I didn't stop laughing for five minutes straight. Then there's the delivery of both of the actors. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Many Rainbows says:

    Because of you, I have started playing this game. So it is ALL YOUR FAULT! and I suck at this game. Like, really really suck… bt I shall prevail, even if I die a million bajillion times…

  7. Captain Hook says:

    So I guess you didn't try to bribe Isabella to teach you Duelist via orgasms?

    In which Zevran and Leliana offer assistance —
    [youtube zrqPM1yKmn8 youtube]

    • Gillyweed says:

      Seriously! I don't know anyone who actually played a game with her, I always go for a more entertaining round. Isabela is really the queen of my heart :)

    • TrampyMcBitca says:

      I keep getting distracted by the hair in their eyes. I keep wanting to brush it aside whenever I talk to Leliana.

  8. threeparts says:

    Ahaha. Oh, Mark. I love how he's enthused about hiring a woman at the Pearl and the thought of wooing people onlyafter playing Wicked Grace in order to train with Isabela. V thrff V pna jnvg hagvy QNVV, ohg Vmml vf whfg fb uneq gb erfvfg.

    • Tahaneira says:

      Zreevyy sberire.

      • threeparts says:

        V unir bar Unjxr rnpu sbe Naqref, Zreevyy naq Vmml, naq V unir gb nqzvg gung n evinyznapr jvgu Zreevyy ba zl fhcre qvcybzngvp fjrrgurneg s!Unjxr jnf bar bs gur ZBFG NQBENOYR, URNEGOERNXVAT GUVATF RIRE BU ZL TBQ. JBBOVRF. ;_;

        • Gillyweed says:

          V nyjnlf nyjnlf ebznapr Sraevf ohg Vfnoryn vf zl oss naq qevaxvat ohqql naq fjnttre zragbe, juvyr Zreevyy vf zl yvggyr fvfgre jubfr unve V oenvq naq gel gb grnpu nobhg erny yvsr… hafhpprffshyyl. V ernyyl ernyyl ybir gubfr punenpgref, rkprcg Naqref, V veengvbanyyl ungr uvz.

          • threeparts says:

            Gung'f dhvgr nyy evtug, V ybngur Sraevf naq nqber Naqref, fb… INEVRGL! :Q

          • Gillyweed says:

            Ng yrnfg jr pna nterr gung Vfnoryn vf bhe synjyrff dhrra. Orfvqrf, zra ner bayl tbbq sbe bar guvat, jbzra ner tbbq sbe fvk :)

    • jerssica says:

      DA2 spoilers: Htu V ybir Vfnoryyn fb zhpu naq V jnf ORLBAQ qrinfgngrq jura fur yrsg zl tebhc. V gubhtug fur naq V jrer pybfr! V tnir ure n fuvc va n obggyr! V thrff jr whfg jrera'g pybfr rabhtu…

      • threeparts says:

        Fur pna or greevoyl uneq gb cyrnfr vs lbh'er cynlvat nalguvat pybfr gb ynjshy tbbq, juvpu vf na njshy cvgl nf ure sevraqfuvc naq eryngvbafuvc va Npg 3 vf JBAQRESHY. V ybir gung ure gheavat gnvy naq ehaavat vf fb gehr gb ure punenpgre ng gung cbvag, gubhtu.


  9. BettyTheThird says:

    Oh Mark…

  10. Ryan Lohner says:

    See, if you had Leliana you could have heard her tell Adama about the annoying yappy dog that wouldn't leave her alone…until she threw it off a balcony.

    By the way, you missed Leliana.

  11. celestineangel1 says:

    Ahahaha, it's so hilarious when Dog brings that child. XD It's so obvious from Dog's stance that he's asking "Can we keep him, can we, please please please?" So, naturally, Celestine's response was, "No, we can't keep him." XD I mean, seriously, Dog, a child??

    Wynne and Alistair: Bu. Zl. Tbqf. Jlaar naq Nyvfgnve'f pbairefngvba nobhg jurer onovrf pbzr sebz. ORFG GUVAT RIRE. V arneyl ynhturq zlfrys bhg bs zl punve. Jlaar, lbh ner greevoyr naq njrfbzr, V ybir lbh sberire naq rire.

    First Time Gameplay

    I seriously thought I would have to beg for help in this post. I was so stuck in Orzammar.

    Oenaxn. OENAXN. OENAXN JUNG NER LBH. Bu zl tbqf, abg bayl vf gur fgbel whfg fb shpxrq hc orlbaq oryvrs (LBH JRER GHEAVAT LBHE BJA CRBCYR VAGB QNEXFCNJA NAQ OEBBQZBGUREF???), ohg Oenaxn vf fb qvssvphyg gb svtug naq jva! V qvrq fb znal gvzrf. V nyjnlf sryg yvxr vs zl cnegl naq V pbhyq whfg qrfgebl nyy gur tbyrzf jvgubhg zbfg bs hf qlvat, gura jr pbhyq qrsrng Oenaxn jvgu Pryrfgvar naq Jlaar ehaavat nebhaq hfvat ylevhz. (Nyfb, ab urnygu cbhygvprf be ylevhz cbgvbaf. K.k)

    V unq Nyvfgnve, Jlaar naq Btuena, naq gurl nyy qvrq rirel fvatyr gvzr orsber jr pbhyq rira trg evq bs nyy gur tbyrzf. Naq bs pbhefr, gur jnl onpx jnf oybpxrq, naq nyy zl fnirf rkprcg sbe bar jrer nsgre Oenaxn pybfrf lbh va, fb ab punapr gb onpx bhg naq gel gb punatr cnegl zrzoref. V fjvgpurq gnpgvpf, gevrq qrsrngvat Oenaxn svefg naq gura trggvat evq bs gur tbyrzf, naq gura gur tbyrzf svefg naq gura Oenaxn. ABGUVAT JBEXRQ.

    V svanyyl ernyvmrq fbzrubj gur tnzr unq fjvgpurq onpx gb abezny sebz rnfl, fjvgpurq vg onpx, naq fgvyy raqrq hc bayl orngvat Oenaxn nsgre zl ragver cnegl qvrq. Nyfb, V sbhaq bhg V unq FVKGRRA cbgrag ylevhz cbgvbaf va zl vairagbel, orpnhfr V'q orra fgbevat hc gur cbgrag barf naq hfvat gur yrffre, erthyne, naq terngre barf. Tbbq guvat V qvq! Zl fgengrtl jnf Pbar bs Pbyq, Ebpxsvfg, EHA NJNL, hfr hc n ylevhz irva fb Oenaxn pbhyqa'g, Pbar bs Pbyq, Jungrire Jnf Shyy, EHA NJNL… hfr cbgrag ylevhz bapr nyy ylevhz irvaf hfrq hc, EHA NJNL, Urny… evafr naq ercrng.

    Fb V abj unir ercerfragngvirf sebz gur Pvepyr/Grzcynef, gur Qnyvfu, Erqpyvssr, naq Bemnzzne. Pheeragyl va Qrarevz, gelvat gb svther bhg jung unccraf arkg.

    While all that was going on, I got so fed up I actually started a new game with a new character, the one I planned on. He's a rude, gives-no-fucks-I-hate-all-humans-I-will-kill-you rogue elf. :D I like him. Also, holy shit, I win more battles as a rogue than as a mage. I love being a rogue!

    • JackoDaGreat says:

      Oenaxn jnfa'g gbb onq. Gura ntnva V'z cynlvat ba gur Pnfhny frggvat (qba'g whqtr zr). V xvyyrq gur tbyrzf svefg gura gura jrag sbe Oenaxn, jub xrcg ehaavat njnl. Gur fcvqref ba gur bgure unaq ::fuhqqref:: Tenagrq cneg bs gung vf orpnhfr V xrcg lryyvat "Tnu! TRG VG BSS, TRG VG BSS, TRG VG BSS" juvpu znl unir qvfgenpgrq zr. Bu naq gur Oebbqzbgure arneyl xvyyrq rirelbar. Rnfvyl gur zbfg qvfgheovat cneg bs gur tnzr.

      Oh and rogues are the way to be! :)

      • celestineangel1 says:

        HTU V ungr gur fcvqref!!! Vg'f abg bayl gung V whfg ungr fcvqref, ohg gur jnl gurl zbir, naq gura ghea bire jura gurl qvr, naq rfcrpvnyyl gur jnl gurl fueviry naq qel hc nsgre lbh'ir ybbgrq gurz. ::fuhqqref::

        V qba'g xabj jung'f jebat jvgu zl tnzr… npghnyyl, vg'f zber yvxr fbzrguvat'f jebat jvgu zr, V xabj, ohg V frrz gb or univat n ybg bs qvssvphygl bgure crbcyr qba'g unir va pregnva onggyrf. Abg nyy bs gurz, whfg pregnva barf. V'z cerggl fher vg pna or rkcynvarq ol guvf orvat zl svefg gvzr cynlvat n tnzr yvxr guvf naq whfg abg xabjvat jung gur uryy V'z qbvat. Ohg fgvyy, vg'f bayl pregnva onggyrf!

        Yvxr evtug abj V'z gelvat gb qrsrng Ney Ubjr, uvf thneqf naq gjb zntrf va gur Erfphr gur Dhrra zvffvba. Lbh'q guvax nsgre Wneivn naq Oenaxn, guvf jbhyq or rnfl! Gur tnzr vf rira frg ba rnfl zbqr! Ohg abcr, jr qvr rirel gvzr. Cneg bs vg vf Nyvfgnve'f snhyg. Ur'f nyjnlf gur svefg gb qvr, rira gubhtu V'ir orra hccvat uvf pbafgvghgvba rirel punapr V trg. V'ir rira erzbirq Gnhag sebz uvf bcgvbaf, naq nyy gur onq thlf fgvyy tnat hc ba uvz… naq ng guvf cbvag gurer'f ab jnl gb fjvgpu uvz bhg sbe Fgra, orpnhfr gur tnzr jba'g nyybj cnegl fjvgpuvat hagvy guvf svtug vf bire. Fvtu.

    • TrampyMcBitca says:

      V unq ab fubg ntnvafg Oenaxn. :( Zl cnegl jnf Yryvnan, Zbeevtna naq Btuena. V unq ab urnyre, ab zber urnygu cbgvbaf naq ab zber vawhel xvgf. Rirelbar jnf vawherq. Btuena unq ng yrnfg 9 vawhevrf ol gung svtug. (qnzntrq rlr, gbea whthyne, oebxra obar, penpxrq fxhyy, pbhtuvat oybbq, nzbat bguref) Vg'f n jbaqre ur jnf nyvir ng nyy. V jnf yhpxl vs V rira tbg hc gb jura fur fcyvgf (ba RNFL!). Nyy zl fnirf jrer va Naivy bs gur Ibvq, fb V pbhyqa'g yrnir gb svk nalguvat. V svanyyl TBQzbqrq zlfrys bhg bs gurer. :(

      OGJ, jura V fgnegrq urnevat Urfcvgu'f eulzr nobhg Ynela naq svaqvat bhg nobhg qjneirf orvat sbeprq gb orpbzr tbyrzf? Fb qvfgheovat.

      • celestineangel1 says:

        BZTf Urfcvgu'f eulzr V XABJ. Shpxrq hc, whfg… gur jubyr guvat. Gur eulzr, jung Oenaxn jnf qbvat… frevbhfyl. Whfg sbe gung, gurer jnf ab jnl zl punenpgre jbhyq unir urycrq ure vafgrnq bs Pnvevqva.

        Nyfb, ubj qbrf bar TBQzbq gurzfryirf bhg bs n svtug? >.> Guvf jvyy or n hfrshy guvat gb xabj.

  12. karate0kat says:

    So, I just wanted you to know that I just started playing Dragon Age because you made me super curious. I haven't gone back and read all of your recaps yet because I'm trying not to spoil myself too much, though there's so much potential variation I'm not sure I could do that anyway. But! So far, the story is awesome, I'm not used to this form of combat *at all* and I'm terrible at it, Alistair is my boo, and I need to stop designing characters that I want to bone.

    <img src="; width="600/">
    Isabeau, my human noble warrior.

    (seriously, i want to bone all 3 of my FemSheps in Mass Effect too…i have a problem)

    • TrampyMcBitca says:

      Isabeau, my human noble warrior.

      I picture Michelle Pfeiffer when I hear that name.

      • karate0kat says:

        Heh, I was thinking of the Canadian show Lost Girl. Oh my beautiful, canonly bisexual, possibly polyamorous succubus, when will you be back on my screen.

  13. Eliestav says:

    Wow. That is an INCREDIBLE piece of sequence breaking you got there. Vs ur vfa'g bhg gb fnir Ney Rnzba, gura ur unf ab fcrpvsvp ernfba abg gb cbvfba naqenfgr'f nfurf, qbrf ur? Guvf fubhyq or njxjneq.

    First time Playthrough
    To stave off the political shenanigans of orzamar, I played Leliana's song. Fb Yryvnan unq gur bccbeghavgl gb xvyy Znewbeyvar, qvqa'g, naq Znewbeyvar vf fgvyy penml rabhtu gb guvax fur jnf cybggvat ntnvafg ure sbe svir lrnef? Cnenabvq qvatong.

    • threeparts says:

      V fbeg bs ubcr ur qbrf qrfgebl gurz ng Zbeevtna'f hetvat, fb ur fperjf bire Rnzba naq unf gb xvyy Jlaar. Abg gung V jnag onq guvatf gb unccra gb gur punenpgref, ohg pna lbh vzntvar gur qenzn? V'z penpxvat hc whfg guvaxvat nobhg vg. Znex vf cynlvat guvf va fhpu harkcrpgrq jnlf.

      • BornIn1142 says:

        V'z cerggl fher Yryvnan vf gur bar chfuvat uneqrfg sbe gur Hea abg gb or cbvfbarq, fb… bqqf ner qrprag. V'z ybbxvat sbejneq gb guvf abj.

        • JackoDaGreat says:

          Vzntvar uvz fgebyyvat hc gb Erqpyvss naq orvat nyy "Bu…"

          Jung qbrf unccra vs lbh qba'g erivir Rnzba hfvat gur Nfurf?

        • Eliestav says:

          V unq Jlaar, Nyvfgnve, naq Fgra jvgu zr. Jlaar gubhtug gur jubyr guvat jnf oynfcurzbhf, Nyvfgnve pbhyqa'g fgbc tvttyvat ng Xbytevz'f enagvatf, naq jura V gevrq gb urne gurz bhg, Fgra jnf hggreyl vaprafrq gung V jnf jvyyvat gb uryc gur enivat yhangvp jub vqbyvmrf n qentba.

          Fb V'z xvaqn phevbhf jung CBFFVOYR ernfba Zbeevtna pbhyq pbzr hc jvgu gb whfgvsl nvqvat n zheqrebhf, vfbyngvbavfg qentba phyg gung jnag gb qrsvyr n zvenpyr cnanprn, bgure guna fur'f n greevoyr crefba jub ynhtuf ng fvpx crbcyr. Vg'f abg yvxr urycvat Xbytevz trgf lbh n qentba gb svtug gur oyvtug be nalguvat.

          • JackoDaGreat says:

            V qvqa'g rira yrg Xbytevz trg gung sne. V cvffrq uvz bss fb zhpu jvgu zl pbairefngvba pubvprf gung ur nggnpxrq orsber ur pbhyq gryy zr jung ur jnagrq. V jnf zbbql jura V svanyyl tbg gb uvz naq whfg jnagrq gb trg gb gur Nfurf.

    • Plactus says:

      Lbh pna eha vagb n pbhcyr bs Erqpyvssr xavtugf va Ybgurevat jub fnl gurl'er ybbxvat sbe gur Nfurf gb urny Rnzba, naq gurl zravba Trargviv, juvpu vf jul uvf ubhfr fubj hc ba gur Qrarevz znc. Qba'g xabj vs Znex erzrzoref gung, be rira tbg gung rapbhagre. V qvq, naq qvq Unira jvgubhg tbvat gb Erqpyvssr ba guvf pheerag eha.

    • affableevil says:

      Cyrnfr qba'g hfr gur jbeq "penml" ba guvf fvgr, nf vg'f pbafvqrerq na noyrvfg fyhe.

  14. Sybylla says:

    In addition to not judging the same-sex encounters, the game is also not judged about poly. On my last playthrough, I was a female human noble, and had a ménage a trois with Isabela and my LI. I've heard-but-not-verified that it is possible to have a ménage a quatre in that scene.

    Unrelatedly, I'm playing as a mage for the first time and just got to the Circle Tower last night. Holy hell! How did I never before know about spamming mana clash?! I gave it a shot because the text on one of the game-loading screens mentioned it, and my jaw dropped at what a difference it made.

    • Sybylla says:

      Damn autocorrect. "Not judgey," not "not judged."

    • Eliestav says:

      I know for a fact the game does judge poly. Or at least all romantic interests do. If you get into a romance with two party members, they force you to choose. There's a big difference between a couple in a comitted relationship taking part in a threesome for funsies, and that same couple mutually deciding that they can have intimate relationships with other people while still being together.

      • JackoDaGreat says:

        I heard that Mriena qbrfa'g zvaq cbyl eryngvbafuvcf, ohg nfxf lbh gb pubbfr sbe gur fnxr bs gur bgure crefba vaibyirq fb gurl qba'g trg uheg. Gura ntnva gung pbhyq or Mriena whfg cergraqvat gb or bxnl jvgu vg.

      • Sybylla says:

        Ah. I did not know that; I’ve never tried to have multiple in-party relationships. I guess I just assumed that some NPCs’ being okay with threesomes for fun and profit (especially when others are not) would carry over to the rest of the gameplay as well.

        • Sybylla says:

          As in: the game already offers different reactions to the prospect of additional casual partners on the part of your LI, so it would have made sense to me that a subset of the one-time-encounter-positive LIs would be open to the prospect of long-term poly relationships, even if not all of them were.

          • Eliestav says:

            While I haven't actually finished the game, I believe it has to do with the endings, from a design perspective. If we have only mongamous partners, we have 4 different love interests, and endings for them. If they all allow a poly relationship, that's suddenly a lot more variables to consider.

  15. ZeynepD says:

    Grrargh yes random encounter mages. If you can set up a tactics choice that makes one of your ranged-attack party members seek for Nearest Visible Enemy Class Mage (I think the option goes something like that) and attack, it helps because it may interrupt their spell-casting.

    Also on the options screen: "Enable persistent gore." I leave mine off, no more blood-covered main character even in underwear :) .

  16. accidentalbeard says:

    The covered-in-blood effect does make a lot of scenes extra awkward, doesn't it?

    About Sten – in this playthrough and the last one, when I first started having Sten in my party he died ALL THE TIME. Even when I thought I had his tactics sorted ok (and it was better this time so I suspect some of it was tactical errors on my first playthrough) it would happen. But once I level him a few times and bump his constitution a bit he is a powerhouse and I enjoy his conversations with my companions so I like to keep him in my party. Is it a spoiler to say you should bring a certain companion with you to hear their conversation? rot13 to be safe: ur unf fbzr TERNG qvfphffvbaf jvgu Zbeevtna.
    His approval is interesting – I got the hang of pleasing him eventually, but often I'd have a discussion with him certain I'd pissed him off but instead getting +5 approval at the end of it, or thinking he was happy but getting -5 instead. Oops.

    I also really enjoyed the Duelist specialization when I played a rogue. Plus unlocking that specialization is a lot of fun! ;)

    About Isabela (DA2 spoilers): V xabj jura V cynlrq QN2 rneyvre guvf lrne gung V abgvprq Vfnoryn ybbxrq qvssrerag guna fur qvq va Bevtvaf ohg V unq sbetbggra whfg UBJ qvssrerag hagvy V uvg gur Crney guvf gvzr guebhtu gur tnzr. V ybir ure punenpgre qrfvta va QN2 fb V nz abg pbzcynvavat, ohg vg pregnvayl jnf n fhecevfr. Bu Vfnoryn, lbh ner fb jbaqreshy! <333 V nyfb yvxrq gung oevatvat Mriena nybat sbe n guerrfbzr vapyhqrq fbzr qvfphffvba nobhg gurve uvfgbel gbtrgure… V xarj gung pnzr bhg va uvf QN2 dhrfg ohg qvqa'g ernyvmr gurl jrer rfgnoyvfurq nf univat n cnfg va Bevtvaf nf jryy.

    • TrampyMcBitca says:

      The covered-in-blood effect does make a lot of scenes extra awkward, doesn't it?

      Yeah, talking to your companions when they are covered in blood is kinda awkward.

      Leliana: I'm here for you.
      Me: My god, woman! You are covered in blood!! It's even on your lips!

    • V ybir gung Vfnoryyn naq Naqref xabj rnpu bgure nf jryy :C Rfcrpvnyyl ubj gurl erirny gung gurl xabj rnpu bgure…

      Naqref: V xrrc guvaxvat V xabj lbh sebz fbzrjurer…
      Vfnoryn: Lbh'er Sreryqna, evtug? Rire fcraq gvzr ng gur Crney?
      Naqref: Gung'f vg!
      Naqref: Lbh hfrq gb ernyyl yvxr gung tvey jvgu gur tevssba gnggbbf, evtug? Jung jnf ure anzr?
      Vfnoryn: Gur Ynl Jneqra?
      Naqref: Gung'f evtug! V guvax lbh jrer gurer gur avtug V—
      Vfnoryn: Bu! Jrer lbh gur ehanjnl zntr jub pbhyq qb gung ryrpgevpvgl guvat? Gung jnf avpr…

      • accidentalbeard says:

        Nuu lrf, Naqref' ryrpgevpvgl guvat. Ubj avpr gb pbagrzcyngr rknpgyl ubj gung jbhyq jbex… ;) V ybir gung ur naq Vfnoryn unir n uvfgbel nf jryy. Gbb onq Naqref ernyyl vfa'g va gur zbbq sbe gung fbeg bs guvat ol gur gvzr gurl eha vagb rnpu bgure ntnva, gubhtu.

        • [Awakenings and DA2 spoilers]: Lrnu, Naqre'f qnexre ghea va QN2 (juvyr cresrpgyl haqrefgnaqnoyr va uvf pvephzfgnaprf) znqr zr fnq. V zvffrq uvf yvtugarff naq uhzbhe naq fanex sebz Njnxravatf (juvpu ur fgvyy unq n ovg ohg vg jnf birefunqbjrq jvgu nyy gung natfg – juvpu, qrfcvgr qvnybthr bcgvbaf gung V raqrq hc cvpxvat whfg sbe gur fnxr bs syvegvat, qbrf abg ghea zr ba). Ur nyfb znqr zr srry jrveqyl thvygl, orpnhfr vg jnf zl Jneqra gung znqr uvz n Jneqra naq vagebqhprq uvz gb Whfgvpr naq rirel gvzr ur'q natfg bhg nobhg gung fghss (rfcrpvnyyl jura ur fnvq gurl znqr uvz trg evq bs uvf png) V'q whfg or nyy V'Z FBBBBEL! :(
          Gura gur raqvat unccrarq naq V qvqa'g xabj jung gb srry nobhg uvz nalzber.

          • accidentalbeard says:

            Lbh xabj, V vzntvarq gung vg jnfa'g zl Jneqra gung znqr uvz trg evq bs Cbhapr; fheryl ng fbzr cbvag Jneqraf sebz Beynvf be Jrvffunhcg be fbzrjurer jbhyq fubj hc va Sreryqra naq gnxr bire nf sbyxf jvgu npghny nhgubevgl naq xabjyrqtr bs Jneqravat, evtug? Fb zl gubhtug jnf gung nsgre gurl neevirq, zl Jneqra jnfa'g va punetr nal zber naq Naqref unq gb trg evq bs Cbhapr, naq znlor gubfr arj Jneqraf jrer zvfgerngvat uvz va fbzr bgure jnl gung znqr uvz srry yvxr ur unq gb yrnir (V xabj ng bar cbvag va Bevtvaf vg'f fgngrq gung gurer'f bayl bar zntr Jneqra ng n gvzr, juvpu znxrf ab frafr gb zr naq vf cerggl pyrneyl abg gehr vs lbh cynl n zntr Jneqra va Njnxravatf, ohg znlor fbzrbar gevrf gb rasbepr guvf be qb fbzrguvat gb Naqref orpnhfr gurl srry yvxr gurl qba'g arrq uvz? Ng guvf cbvag V qba'g xabj vs nal fcrpvsvpf V'ir urneq nobhg guvf ner npghny pnaba be whfg svp qrgnvyf :L) be znqr uvz zber ernql gb nterr gb zretr jvgu Whfgvpr juvpu V pna bayl vzntvar jbhyq tb bire cbbeyl jvgu… cerggl zhpu rirelbar. Gung jnf ubj V erpbapvyrq uvf natre bire gur Jneqraf jvgu uvf terng eryngvbafuvc jvgu zl Oebfpn va Njnxravatf.

            Nf sne nf gur Znxre-Abbbb-Punagel-Obbz tbrf… V ernyyl fgehttyr jvgu gung. Vg'f na vaperqvoyl cbjreshy zbzrag gung fubjf ubj qrfcrengr naq oebxra Naqref unf orpbzr ohg vg jnf greevoyr sbe zr gb ernyvmr gung V pbhyqa'g cerirag vg va-tnzr, cyhf gur snpg gung Naqref yvrf gb Unjxr nobhg gur "cbgvba" ur jnagf uryc svaqvat vaterqvragf sbe vf fb fnq, rfcrpvnyyl vs lbh unir n sevraqfuvc be ebznapr jvgu uvz (V unq obgu). V guvax V haqrefgnaq jul Naqref qvq vg naq V'z ab sna bs gur Punagel be Ryguvan, ohg vg'f ernyyl hcfrggvat ubj ur pubfr gb erfbyir gung vffhr naq V pna'g nterr jvgu uvf npgvbaf. V pbzcyrgryl nqzvg gb orvat ERNYYL HCFRG jura V svavfurq QN2 orpnhfr V jnf fb fubpxrq ol gur rkcybfvba.

          • Bu, V qvqa'g zrna gung zl jneqra (be nalbar'f jneqra) fcrpvsvpnyyl qebir uvz bhg be znqr uvz tvir hc cbhapr, whfg gung gur jneqra pbafpevcgrq Naqref naq guhf chg uvz va gung fvghngvba juvpu ur pyrneyl ungrq. Jura jr zrrg uvz va QN2 ur'f ovggre naq natel ng ubj erfgevpgvir gur Jneqraf jrer, znxvat vg abg zhpu qvssrerag sebz gur pvepyr va uvf zvaq, cyhf gur jubyr gnvagrq & qlvat lbhat qrny naq V gubhtug V erzrzorerq uvz fnl fbzrguvat nobhg snxvat uvf qrngu naq ehaavat njnl sebz gurz. Ubarfgyl, V jbhyq or ovggre nobhg gung gbb vs V jrer pbafpevcgrq vagb gur jneqraf jurgure be abg vg jnf ntnvafg zl jvyy (orpnhfr gurl qba'g gryy lbh nobhg gur qlvat orsberunaq). Fb V jnf whfg trarenyyl fbeel gung zl jneqra chg uvz va gur fvghngvba bs orvat n jneqra va gur svefg cynpr jura ur pyrneyl ungrq vg. Zl jneqra naq uvz jrer gbgnyyl pybfr gbb, naq V vzntvar vg jnf nsgre zl jneqra yrsg sbe nabgure puncgre be fbzrguvat gung Naqref ena, svthevat gurer jnf abguvat xrrcvat uvz gurer nsgre gung.

            Jvgu gur obbz, V fgehttyrq jvgu vg gbb orpnhfr ba gur bar unaq, V nterrq jvgu serrvat gur zntrf naq ba gur bgure V qrsvagryl qvqa'g nterr jvgu uvf zrgubqf. Zl svefg cynlguebhtu jnf n ebznapr jvgu uvz naq V YBIRQ rirel ovg bs gur ebznapvat, rfcrpvnyyl gur fprar jurer ur gnyxf nobhg oernxvat pvepyr ehyrf naq gur svefg xvffvat fprar (V jnf gbgnyyl oybja njnl jvgu ubj rzbgvbany, enj, qlanzvp naq cnffvbangr nyy gur ebznapr fprarf jrer va guvf tnzr pbzcnerq gb QN1, ohg Naqref zbfg bs nyy) (rira vs gurl jrera'g dhvgr cresrpg, jvgu n srj tyvgpurf naq fgvygrq be purrfl ovgf). Jura V fnj gur rkycbfvba V yvgrenyyl sryg fvpx gb zl fgbznpu orpnhfr zl Unjxr unq urycrq uvz jvgu gur "cbgvba", nyy gur juvyr xabjvat fbzrguvat jnf hc, ohg arire va n zvyyvba lrnef vzntvavat jung ur jnf npghnyyl qbvat. Fb irel irel pbasyvpgrq vaqrrq!

          • accidentalbeard says:

            Bu ybeq, gung xvffvat fprar. Znlor gur svefg gvzr V fnj na va-tnzr ebznapr fprar naq gubhtug gb zlfrys "guvf vf npghnyyl ernyyl frkl." V fnj na vagreivrj fbzrjurer jvgu Nqnz Ubjqra jurer ur xvaq bs ynhturq nobhg znxvat nyy gubfr ybhq xvffl abvfrf ba gur onpx bs uvf unaq.

          • Uru, V whfg ybbxrq vg hc ba lbhghor orpnhfr vg'f orra n juvyr fvapr V cynlrq vg. Gur abvfrf ner xvaq bs uvynevbhf, ohg qnza! Gur qrfcrengvba naq cnffvba pbairlrq va Naqref snpr naq ibvpr znxrf hc sbe vg. Gur xvff vf qrsvavgryl zl snibevgr sebz gur QN frevrf fb sne, ohg V guvax Znff Rssrpg qbrf rira orggre xvff fprarf (rfcrpvnyyl va ZR3). V nyfb fnj gur evinyelznapr xvff juvpu V unira'g qbar lrg naq V gubhtug gur qvnybthr jvgu vg jnf n ovg njxjneq. Qvq lbh sevraq be evinyel znapr uvz?

            Guvf qvnybthr gubhtu, vf bar bs zl snibevgr cvrprf bs ebznagvp qvnybthr sebz nal tnzr V'ir cynlrq:

            "Jura V jnf va gur pvepyr, ybir jnf whfg n tnzr. Vg tnir gur grzcynef gbb zhpu cbjre vs gurer jnf fbzrguvat lbh pbhyqa'g fgnaq gb ybfr. Vg jbhyq xvyy zr gb ybfr lbh."

            "Lbh nera'g tbvat gb ybfr zr."

            "Ab zntr V xabj unf rire qnerq gb snyy va ybir. Guvf vf gur ehyr V zbfg purevfu oernxvat."

            V zrna, vgf n ovg pbeal, ohg jura V svefg urneq vg, vg whfg tenoorq zr. Vs V qvqa'g nyernql ybir Naqref' punenpgre, gung jbhyq unir fbyq zr. Juvpu znl or jul gur raqvat uheg fb zhpu.

          • accidentalbeard says:

            Gehr! Znff Rssrpg 3 qbrf unir fbzr tbbq xvff fprarf, ohg fvapr V ebznaprq Tneehf vg vfa'g yvxr znaqvoyrf ner rnfl gb xvff (naq BU YBEQ nz V tbvat gb or fhcre-veevgngvat nobhg nyvra ebznaprf jura Znex trgf gb gubfr tnzrf, V unir fb znal gubhtugf ba guvf). Fgvyy V jnf vzcerffrq gung ur tbg fbzr ybivat bgure guna n sberurnq-qbax. Naq zl cnegare ebznaprq Yvnen naq gubfr fprarf jrer cerggl terng. Naqref' yvarf *ner* xvaq bs pbeal, ohg gurl'er fb enj naq rzbgvbany gung gurl'er ernyyl oryvrinoyr, yvxr ur'f gelvat fb uneq gb fnl fbzrguvat vzcbegnag va gur zbzrag gung ur qbrfa'g pner vs vg fbhaqf purrfl. V ernyyl qvqa'g xabj ubj zhpu bs n qbbzrq ybir fgbel vg jbhyq or gb trg vaibyirq jvgu uvz – vg whfg oebxr zl urneg ol gur raq. Naqref, lbh ybir zr fb cnffvbangryl naq ner greevsvrq Ohg bs pbhefr V unq gb fcner uvz naq bssre gb eha njnl jvgu uvz va gur raq, orpnhfr jung ryfr pbhyq V qb? bs ybfvat zr ohg lbh pna'g gryy zr jung bhe "qngr" va gur frjref vf ernyyl nobhg? V jnf va n sevraqznapr jvgu uvz; V cynlrq n zntr-ybivat (ohg fxrcgvpny bs oybbq zntrf, fbeel Zreevyy) grzcyne-ungre. V'z vagevthrq ol gur vqrn bs cynlvat n frys-ungvat zntr jub ebznaprf Sraevf…

          • Uzzz frys-ungvat zntr ebznapvat Sraevf fbhaqf vagrerfgvat. V zvtug fgrny gung vqrn vs V trg nebhaq gb ebznapvat uvz ntnva. Zl svefg Unjxr jnf n srznyr zntr jub sevraqznaprq Naqref (cerggl fgnaqneq). Zl frpbaq jnf n znyr jneevbe jub fhccbegrq gur zntrf naq evinyelznaprq Sraevf. Zl guveq vf fgvyy va cebterff naq fur'f n ebthr jub'f tbvat gb sevraqznapr Vfnoryyn. V qvqa'g zrna gb zngpu pynffrf jvgu rirelbar V ebznaprq, ohg V jnagrq gb cynl n zntr svefg naq V jnagrq gb ebznapr Naqref svefg naq gur erfg whfg xvaq bs raqrq hc yvxr gung.

            V'ir npghnyyl bayl frra gur Xnvqra naq Wnpx ebznaprf sbe ZR3, fb gung'f jung V'z onfvat zl ybir bs xvffvat fprarf bss fb sne. Zl znva furc vf n sberire snvgushy Xnvqra-znapre naq V ybirq rirel fprar V tbg jvgu uvz va ZR2 & 3 (gbbx n juvyr sbe zr gb jnez hc gb uvz va ZR1, ohg ur unq fbzr tbbq fprarf va gung gbb). Zl OS ebznaprq Wnpx va ZR2 naq V jngpurq uvz or erhavgrq jvgu ure va ZR3 naq ybirq gur jubyr guvat. Fur'f zl frpbaq snibevgr punenpgre bs gur jubyr gevybtl naq V ybirq nyy ure fprarf, ebznapr be abg (Wbxre, Wnpx, Jerk, Gnyv, Irtn va gung beqre ner zl gbc svir ngz).

            V nterr nobhg Naqref yvarf orvat pbeal ohg enj. Gurl ernyyl zrffrq jvgu zl urneg. Va n tbbq jnl. Jryy, gur guveq naq nsgre gvzrf ur vafvfgrq ur jnf ~qnatrebhf~ naq V qvqa'g xabj jung V jnf trggvat vagb, V tbg naablrq. Yvxr <v>V nz nyfb na ncbfgngr, naq V xabj nobhg Whfgvpr naq V qba'g pner, whfg yrg zr znxr zl bja qrpvfvbaf nyernql</v>! Ohg bgure guna gung, rirelguvat ur fnvq jnf fb urneg jerapuvat.

            Gur qbbz jnf qrsvavgryl harkcrpgrq, rfcrpvnyyl fvapr V'q orra ebbgvat sbe n ebznapr jvgu uvz fvapr Njnxravatf naq uvf punenpgre jnf fb yvtug-urnegrq va gung. Gura jura V sbhaq bhg jung unq unccrarq jvgu Whfgvpr, V jnf fb fnq sbe uvz. Ohg vg nyfb znqr uvz tebj naq or n qrrcre punenpgre. V qrsvavgryl fcnerq uvz. V jnf gbb fpnerq gb gryy uvz gb cvff bss orpnhfr V qvqa'g xabj ur jbhyq pbzr onpx vs lbh fnvq gung naq V pbhyqa'g orne gb ybfr uvz. V jvfurq gurer jnf na <v>V qrsvavgryl qba'g nterr jvgu jung lbh'ir qbar, ohg jr unir fbzr svtugvat gb qb abj fb jr'yy gnyx nobhg vg yngre</v> bcgvba. Va zl urnq gurl qrsvavgryl unq znal ybat qvfphffvbaf nobhg gur vffhr nsgre gur onggyr jnf bire.

  17. What level were you when you went into the deep roads?

  18. Peter says:

    First Time Gameplay

    Hmm… I don't have too much to say right now other than that I was also really impressed with the design of Denerim. It is expansive, and there's lots to do. Besides that, I think I'll just lol about Dog's child abduction and cry about Leliana being dead… still.

    Nyfb Znex tbg gur Fnperq Nfurf dhrfg orsber Erqpyvssr! Gung'f vagrerfgvat – qbrf gung zrna gung vs ur qbrf vg svefg, naq vg fbhaqf yvxr ur qvq, onfrq hcba gur raq bs guvf erivrj naq uvf Gjvggre srrq, gura lbh pna urny Ney Rnzba vafgnagyl nsgre pbzcyrgvat gur Erqpyvssr dhrfg? Npghnyyl, V qba'g rira xabj vs vg'f cbffvoyr gb urny Ney Rnzba fvapr V unira'g pbzcyrgrq gur Fnperq Nfurf dhrfg lrg!

  19. kartikeya200 says:

    Sergeant Kylon makes me laugh and laugh, no lie. Here's the conversation, for anyone who wants to rewatch it.

    [youtube 99jJsE7lDKQ youtube]

    • Plactus says:

      Uvf orfg yvar vf nsgre lbh'ir urycrq uvz n ovg…

      "Naq crbcyr npghnyyl ibyhagnevyl nggnpx lbh? Ner gurl whfg fghcvq?"

  20. Drugar says:

    Haven question:
    Qvq V zvff gur ragel jurer ur tbrf guebhtu Erqpyvssr be pna lbh trg gur Hea bs Fnperq Nfurf dhrfg jvgubhg univat gb fnir Ney Rnzba nsgre fnivat/xvyyvat uvf fba?

    • Plactus says:

      Lbh pna qb Unira jvgubhg tbvat gb Erqpyvssr. Gurer vf na rapbhagre jvgu n xavtug sebz Erqpyvssr va Ybgurevat, naq gurl'yy qverpg lbh gb Trargviv'f ubhfr va Qrarevz, naq sebz gurer lbh pna yrnea jurer Unira vf.

  21. EmberQuill says:

    Ubarfgyl, vg’f ernyyl njrfbzr gung fhpu n fznyy cybg cbvag gung V zvtug unir bgurejvfr arire frra unf tbggra zr fb rkpvgrq nobhg guvf tnzr. Oyrff lbh, Qentba Ntr.

    Ab, oyrff lbh, Znex. Lbh unir ab vqrn ubj hacercnerq lbh ner.

    Anybody else having problems with IntenseDebate? Every time I try to post, it tells me my session has expired even right after I log in.

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