Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 14

In the fourteenth hour of Dragon Age: Origins, my party battles the Sloth Demon, Drake, Edward Cullen, wins by failing, wants to kill their mother, gets an enchantment? Enchantment!, and otherwise is awesome. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to play Dragon Age: Origins.

Hour Fourteen

It was time for me to travel to the Inner Sanctum to escape the Fade. I knew that fighting this particular boss wouldn’t be easy, but I did not expect rage-inducing levels of difficulty. I was stoked that my party was eager and willing to fight, and talking to the Sloth Demon was H I L A R I O U S. He shakes his head side-to-side when he sasses you!

AND THEN HE KICKS THE CRAP OUT OF ME. Okay, I know you’re going to laugh at me, but the first time I faced this demon, all my party members died except Morrigan. Then I proceeded to run around his little area, avoiding him until her spells and hexes recharged, then I’d do two quick little attacks, then run away, then access those Lyrium Veins if I needed health, and this was the only way I could stay alive against him. Was it repetitious? Oh, certainly. I’m sure you can see the mistake I made. See, he was in his sloth form, so once I defeated that form, I ASSUMED HE WOULD DIE. Nope, he had a FOURTH form waiting for me.


So I was much, much smarter about my party in attempt #2. Roslin was set up behind him to butt stab, Alistair had a proper tactics menu set up and was using Shield Bash to stun him, and I had the other two mages using spells that would stun and harm him. Basically, I needed to stun him to keep from moving around and fucking us up. And this worked! It worked beautifully.

And then that son of a bumblebee cast his fucking BLIZZARD. What the fuck is that thing??? In just a matter of seconds, he annihilated my entire party. Oh, so that’s how you’re gonna play this thing?

What made this section so entertaining is the fact that the game forces you to rethink the same part over and over again. It’s like a fighting puzzles. Where do the pieces go? What techniques work best? Where can you place your warriors and your mages? And honestly, I know Dragon Age isn’t the first of its kind, but I’ve never played a game like this before. It’s fun! It’s challenging without it being so difficult that I want to stop playing.

So, after utilizing the Golem to stun the hell out of the Sloth Demon and destroy him, I discovered that Niall could no longer come back with us. The demon had literally used up his body while he was in the Fade. He gifted me the Litany that would protect me against the blood mages, and then it was time for me to destroy Uldred. OH, THAT’S RIGHT. HE’S THE REAL BOSS.

It was weird being out of the Fade, and I instantly missed my shapeshifting abilities. Ugh, I had gotten used to them over the past few hours! WHERE WERE THEY? Oh, lost in the dream world with bigot demons. :( :( :( Still, there was a lot to experience back in the Tower. First of all, I had to fight a dragon named Drake, and all I could think of was Jimmy from Degrassi. Sorry! This is now my headcanon. As I got closer to Uldred, there were more bodies and body parts spread about the halls. Ew. Then there were dragonlings!!!! Noooo, why do I have to kill them? They’re so cute. Why can’t I have one as a companion???

I was utterly confused by my conversation with Cullen. (Edward Cullen SORRY I CAN’T HELP IT.) This game really likes giving me horrific moral conundrums, and I am all for it. It’s not often that a game makes me think so hard about the implications of my actions. Do I kill all the mages because of their potential for evil? Do I only kill Uldred? What if the blood mages attack me? What if I spare some of the maleficarum, but then they escape and cause more havoc?

Ultimately, when I faced Uldred, I really tried to spare the mages. My character, being an elf, tends to err on the side of compassion. But I was even more conflicted when the Abominations would gang up on my party, nearly killing us all. In the end, I did end up killing everything up in that room, though I didn’t feel good about it. Greagoir was, at the very least, grateful that the entire tower was rid of these abominations, and he’d start rebuilding the Circle as soon as he could.

High five, Wynne, for choosing to stay with me. I mean, I was super nice to her because I want to marry her forever. But she’s a great addition to the party, and I wanted to keep her around. Morrigan, on the other hand, was rather pleased with what happened, and I gained +12 to her approval of me because I killed the mages. Well, damn, getting approval from a religious bigot isn’t all that great, is it? Still, as conflicted as I am about her since she apparently likes nothing, she’s staying on my party. For now.

I took a brief detour to take care of the Reaching side quest and fought Shah Wyrd, who was super easy to defeat. And he gave me three runs, three gems, and a super huge health poultice. After this, I headed back to my camp to buy more supplies, get some enchantments, and chat with all my part members. As soon as we got there, Morrigan revealed that she’d read her mother’s grimoire.





Okay, OKAY WHAT. WHAT???? But I liked Flemeth!!!! NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Ugh, I can’t believe this plot twist was just casually handed to me. Morrigan asked me if I’d go kill her, and I was SO CONFLICTED. I liked Flemeth a great deal, Morrigan’s gotten a little trigger-happy lately, and it didn’t seem right. But I ended up agreeing to it solely because I’m not into body stealing. No matter how annoying Morrigan can be about her beliefs, I’m not letting her get her body stolen away from her.

I took some time with Sandal to swap out my enchantments. Now, I’ve got Oathkeeper with a +5 electricity damage, +1.5 armor penetration, and +10% to healing effects. I bought Beastman’s Dagger from the Templar in the lobby of the Circle of Mages Tower, and it has TWO spots for enchantments, so I enchanted it with +3 fire damage and chance to reduce movement speed. It also has +10% to BUTTSTAB DAMAGE. FUCK YES. Oh god, THIS IS SO EXCITING.

Camp now has TWO Emissaries in it, one from the Dalish clan and the other from the Circle of Mages. OH MY GOD THIS IS AWESOME.

So, I decided to change things up. I’m going to head up to Denerim to do some of the Circle of Magi side missions, so my party is now Wynne, Adama, and Sten. I really want to spend time with Sten because he’s the only member at camp who feels entirely indifferent about my whole existence. Sten, I will get you to love me, just you wait and see.

My Character Stats

Strength: 24
Dexterity: 23+1
Willpower: 17
Magic: 14
Cunning: 17
Constitution: 19

Heroic Stats

Kills: 238
Damage dealt: 37782
Friendly-fire: 0
Greatest damage dealt: 90 (BOOYAH)
Contribution to party damage: 39
Hit rate: 86
Most powerful foe slain: Uldred (TAKE THAT, ASSHOLE.)
Injuries: 4

Currently, all my party members have mid- to high-range approval ratings of me except Sten, who utterly does not care about me. Adama loves me so much that his bar cannot go any higher. That’s right.

SOME MORE GOOD NEWS! Thanks to all the wonderful support y’all have given me, I was finally able to afford some tech gizmos that will allow me to record my gameplay WITH voiceover commentary! I will test out with all of my gameplay for next week’s posts, and as long as it comes out fine, I’ll start taking commissions for Mark Plays videos.


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80 Responses to Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 14

  1. Randomcheeses says:

    Cullen actually has quite the fangirl following. Mostly because if you play as a female mage he starts off with a crush on you. It's cute. It also makes returning to the Circle as a female mage really freaking awkward. Or maybe that was just me.

    Love the new banner!

    • Tahaneira says:

      Well, he does guvax gung lbh'er nabgure qrzba funcrfuvsgrq vagb lbh sbez fb nf gb gbegher uvz jvgu gur ybir ur uryq sbe lbh gung ur arire qnerq gb nqzvg be npg hcba. That has potential to be awkward.

  2. ensignkt says:

    My first time through in the battle with Uldred I couldn't figure out how to use the Litany of Adralla, so I ended up killing all of the mages due to that.

    I liked the Fade bit a lot of the first time. It was dramatic and it made me feel my character was badass for killing all of those demons alone. (I wish the main character could bring that up afterwards in casual conversation.) But additional times through the game it kind of drags a bit long, as others have said. Same with the werewolf ruins.

  3. So the fade and the circle tower… are not my favorite part of the game. I mean I like the tower on the whole more than the Brecilian Forest (why does my brain always think Brazilian Forest???) The Fade just never becomes fun. The idea of the shapeshifting is fun and the shapeshift on their own ARE fun but they end up being a hassle. And going back to all the different sections and keeping track of what you've done just sucks the fun out of the whole thing. The good news it isn't very hard so at least there's that.

    I tend to play mean characters who slaughter all the mages. I'm really thinking on my next playthrough I'll play with someone who is super nice to everyone and loves flowers and puppies.

    • biblioteknician says:

      That's the total opposite of the way I play. I just feel so GUILTY if I am a mean person. No matter what game I play, I always have to have my first playthrough as a good, kind, puppy-loving person. But something about reassuring myself that good outcomes CAN happen let me play as mean the second time around. And oh lord, was my Blood Mage ever an ass.

      • I have noticed as I'm getting older (relatively speaking since I'll be 30 in december) that I'm not as mean in games as I used to be. My first DA:O playthrough 3 years ago I was BRUTAL and awful. These days my mean playthroughs I tend to be nice to my companions because they are my frieeennnnddss. That said I find it really really hard to be super nice. I'm not sure what that says about me. I'm about 99% sure I wouldn't actually do all the things I make my characters do and in general I am non violent and would like to think myself kind and tolerant.

        • Eliestav says:

          I always tend to be the good guy is rpgs. I mean, if I have a choice of two option, one good, and they both have roughly the same rewards, the evil option feels irrational, and silly, and making characters I've grown attached to sad, makes me feel guilty.

    • Cylena says:

      I agree with you on the mage tower, ugh. I'm still debating with myself whether to install the "skip the fade" mod or not… Idk, I didn't like the fade last time I played it, but that was over a year ago, and modding it away feels a bit like cheating. Naq V srne vg jbhyq pnhfr zr gb trg n "fxvc gur qrrc ebnqf" zbq gbb, vs vg rkvfgf. Tnu ubj V ungr gur qrrc ebnqf. Vg'f ybat, vg vf njshy, naq V unir n pnir cubovn juvpu gur qrrc ebnqf graqf gb gevttre (lrnu, vg'f jrveq. V tbg n urvtug cubovn gbb naq npghnyyl tbg iregvtb gur svefg gvzr V zbhagrq n sylvat zbhag va JbJ… qba'g xabj vs vg'f n tbbq fvta bs zl vzzrefvba pncnovyvgvrf be gung zl cubovnf ner jbefr guna V pner gb nqzvg gb zlfrys…)

      Playing my first evil character now, so I plan this to be the first time I'll slaughter the mages. Mmmm, achievements. Though I do find myself breaking my own principles abit both by not always taking the evil route, and by bribing my companions with gifts. Had Alistair down to -30something approval a while there… Va n ybiryl eryngvbafuvc jvgu Zbeevtna jvgubhg zhpu rssbeg ba zl cneg ubjrire, fb guvatf ner tbvat nppbeqvat gb zl cynaf; ebznapvat ure jnf gur bayl ernfba V perngrq n znyr punenpgre. Ovbjner, tvrs zr zbne unjg yrfovna eryngvbafuvcf, qba'g sbepr zr gb cynl n znyr punenpgre :(

      • V unir zvkrq srryvatf nobhg gur tvsgf naljnl. Vg whfg frrzf jrveq gb or noyr gb bireevqr gurve srryvatf nobhg gur guvatf lbh qb ol tvivat gurz tvsgf. V zrna V fhccbfr vs gur tvsgf JRERA'G va gurer gura n ybg bs cynlref zvtug raq hc jvgu n cnegl gung ungrf gurz.

        Crefbanyyl V ybir gur qrrc ebnqf naq gur bemnzzne naq gur qjneira cbyvgvpf ner cebonoyl zl snibevgr cneg bs gur tnzr. V zrna V'yy nqzvg gur qrrc ebnqf qb tb ba n yvggyr ovg gbb ybat ohg V'z fgvyy cerggl xrra.

        Naq vzb V jvfu nyy gur punenpgref pbhyq or ebznaprq ol rvgure traqre. V zrna gung zvtug abg or ernyvfgvp oynu oynu ohg vg jbhyq cebivqr zber bcgvbaf. V frr sne zber crbcyr jvgu srznyr punenpgref jub jnag gb ebznapr zbeevtna naq barf jvgu znyrf jub jnag gb ebznapr nyvfgnve. V zrna V ybir mriena naq yryvnan ohg gurer fubhyq or zber bcgvbaf. V unira'g cynlrq QNVV lrg fb V unir ab vqrn vs vg vzcebirf va gung tnzr.

        V'z cynlvat ba gur 360 pheeragyl ohg jura V qvq unir vg ba gur CP V jnf abg xrra ba zbqf. Va snpg JBJ jnf gur bayl gvzr V'ir rire cynlrq n tnzr jvgu zbqf (naq gung'f orpnhfr gurer jrer gbb znal zbqf gung frrzrq rffragvny.)

        • Cylena says:

          Lrnu, naq V'z xvaqbs qvffncbvagrq va zlfrys sbe hfvat gurz :/ V zrna, V qba'g rira pner gung zhpu nobhg Nyvfgre va guvf cynlguebhtu; V'yy trg Ybtunva naljnl naq vg qbrf znxr frapr gung Nyvfgre ungrf zl punenpgre fvapr ur bsgra vf n pbzcyrgr nefr guerngravat cevrfgf naq arrqyrffyl xvyyvat crbcyr. V thrff gur cybg eryngrq tvsgf unir n cbvag, ohg bgurejvfr… V qba'g xabj. Vg vf n ovg jrveq. Naq vfa'g gur jubyr cbvag bs cynlvat na ECT gung fbzr bs lbhe pbzcnavbaf nera'g tbvat gb nterr jvgu lbh, naq lbh nera'g tbvat gb or sevraqf?

          Naq, jryy, V qb yvxr gur qrrc ebnqf ng gur fnzr gvzr nf V ungr gurz. Vg'f whfg gung V'z abg xrra ba pnirf rira vs gurl ner whfg cvkryf, naq vg qbrf qent ba sberire naq rire. V ubaarfgyl arneyl tnir hc gurer gur svefg gvzr. Gubhtu V fhccbfr vg'yy or vagrerfgvat guvf gvzr fvapr vg jnf n srj lrnef ntb naq V jvyy nyfb trg gur tbyrzf, juvpu V'ir arire unir orsber orpnhfr zl bgure punenpgre juvyr abg orvat tbbql gjb fubrf jrer gbb xvaq sbe vg. (Zl zbfg nefrl punenpgre orsber guvf bar jnf n uhzna aboyr ebthr jub yheirq Yryvnan ohg ernyvfrq gung url, Nyvfgre jvyy or xvat fb yrg'f zneel uvz vafgrnq. Bu, naq fur jnf na rys ovtbg…)

          Va n jnl V thrff jr fubhyq or "unccl" gurl vapyhqrq gjb ovfrkhny nygreangvirf, ohg vg fgvyy ehof zr gur jebat jnl. V zrna, vs gurl ner tbvat gb unir urg punenpgref gurl pbhyq vapyhqr tnl ebznaprnoyr punenpgref gbb ohg V fhccbfr fbzr crbcyr jbhyq pbzcynva gbb ybhqyl vs gurl jbhyq unir gb cynl, yr tnfc, n tnl punenpgre -.- Ohg fgvyy, vg'f abg ernyvfgvp gung guerr crbcyr va n tebhc bs rvtug jbhyq unir gur ubgf sbe lbh whfg ol gnyxvat gb gurz. V qba'g xabj. V thrff jung V'z gelvat gb fnl vf gung fvapr vg jvyy abg or ernyvfgvp naljnl, gurl pbhyq whfg nf jryy unir znqr nyy ebznapr bcgvbaf ov. Nygubhtu rira nf V jevgr guvf V'z pbasyvpgrq, thrff vg'f whfg gur snpg gung V ungr ungr ungr cynlvat n znyr punenpgre sbe fbzr ernfba.

          Naq lrnu, JbJ jvgubhg nqqbaf vf n cnva hayrff lbh cynl irel pnfhnyyl. V erzrore onpx jura V jnf envqvat unepber naq gurer jnf n erdhverq yvfg bs nqqbaf gb wbva gur envq. Unira'g sbhaq nal gung arffrpnel sbe Qentba Ntr gubhtu.

          Jbj, whfg ernyvfrq V'ir jevggra n jnyy bs grkg, fbeel sbe gung. Nyfb, gung V unir ab pyhr ubj gb fcryy Nyyvfgre/Nyvfgre/Nyvfgnve'f anzr :C

          • Abguvat jebat jvgu n jnyy bs grkg.

            V'z whfg tynq ovbjner vf gelvat gb cebivqr qvssrerag bcgvbaf. V'ir nyjnlf orra qenja gb aba-urgreb cnvevatf va svpgvba. Guvf vf qrfcvgr orvat bfgrafvoyl n fgenvtug qhqr. V nyfb cersre cynlvat srznyr punenpgref. V'z abg fher jul guvf (naq V'z senaxyl abg fher V pner jul guvf vf yby.)

            Fb guvf zrnaf rirel gvzr V cynl qentba ntr V xrrc ebznapvat yryvnan. V arrq gb cynl n znyr punenpgre fb V pna npghnyyl ebznapr zbeevtna sbe bapr. V'ir ebznaprq mriena jvgu n srznyr orsber (gur bar gvzr V qvqa'g tb sbe yryvnan) naq V'z gelvat gb qb guvatf qvssreragyl. Bu naq vg'f Nyvfgnve :)

          • Sybylla says:

            Expectation spoilers for DA2: Nyy ebznaprnoyr ACPf ner ov (jvgu bar QYP-eryngrq rkprcgvba).

  4. biblioteknician says:

    Man, the first time I played the Circle I didn't save the mages because I didn't understand HOW. I was too busy being terrified of Uldred to hear Wynne telling me to use the Litany. I was sad forever.

    Oh, the Flemeth reveal! That's always fun. It's just so delightful to watch you discover this game.

    • JackoDaGreat says:

      Me too. I had every intention of saving the mages but I had no idea you were supposed to use the Litany on them.
      I kicked myself so much for that.

      Naq gura V tbg gb Erqpyvss naq sbhaq bhg gung gubfr zntrf jbhyq unir fbyirq n YBG bs ceboyrzf. Tee.

      • biblioteknician says:

        V jnf frag gurer SEBZ Erqpyvssr (V qvqa'g xabj jung gb qb fb V whfg gbbx Nyvfgnve'f nqivpr) fb… V guvax V jrag onpx naq ercynlrq gung svtug? V zhfg unir, orpnhfr V'z cerggl fher V bayl unq gb xvyy Vfbyqr bapr, naq gung jnf nf zl Oybbq Zntr. Ohg lrnu, V qrsvavgryl unq gb Tbbtyr vg naq gura V sryg fvyyl sbe abg svthevat vg bhg ba zl bja. Ohg whqtvat sebz gur pbzzragf urer, jr jrer irel abg nybar. Fb V srry n yvggyr orggre. :)

        • JackoDaGreat says:

          Frr gurl fhttrfgrq tbvat gb gur zntrf sbe uryc ohg gur pbairefngvba bcgvbaf jrer "gurl pna'g uryc hf" be "gurl jba'g trg urer va gvzr." Naq V unq qbar gur Pvepyr bs Zntv dhrfg orsber tbvat gb Erqpyvss. Ohg ng yrnfg jr'er abg gur bayl barf va guvf fvghngvba. Vg'yy or vagrerfgvat gb frr Znex'f ernpgvba.

  5. SpaceElves says:

    I managaed to save the mages by useing the litany of adrala when uldred started to transform them, which gave me a feeling of accoplishment. also good luck getting approvel from sten, i can not figire out anything about him except that he dislikes magic, so i can never get him to like me :(

  6. Peter says:


    I AM so excite! I already know what Mass Effect video I want to commission, but I suppose that'll be quite a while from now :)

    First Time Gameplay

    So my Xbox is going to be repaired, but it is still out of commission. But I'm interested to see what happens tomorrow, because I was in Denerim when my Xbox suddenly died.

    That being said, let's talk about the Sloth Demon. I have to say that I am ~seriously impressed~ that Mark managed to beat both the Sloth Demon and Uldred in one hour AND have time to talk to every companion back in camp! I don't actually know how long I spent fighting those bosses, but it felt like I was fighting just the Sloth Demon for a whole hour. Are you sure he only had four forms, Mark, because I feel like I remember five? I remember every time I defeated one of his forms, I though, "oh, this new one must be the final form! Almost done, I'm almost there!!!!!" but nope. It. never. ended. I was rapidly switching forms, Golem to stun, then Burning Man for Fireball, then human to shield bash and stun, and repeat, having Zevran buttstab, Wynne heal, and Sten hack and slash. Then I had to start adding Spirit form into the rotation in order to complement Wynne's healing, AND I hadn't forgotten about the lyrium veins – I just needed so much healing because I am ~not tactical~. But in the end, after many tries, I finally hacked him to death, with just Wynne and Sten surviving, I think. Sadly, I never found a way to work mouse form into my rotation.

    Mark, you mentioned only talking to Greagoir? Did Irving die? I'm assuming I can write about this since others have posted alternative outcomes before, but Irving lived in my playthrough (I didn't figure out how to use the Litany of Adralla until my third time trying to defeat Uldred, though. I realized Wynne was actually shouting at me at the right times for me to use the Litany, but I didn't hear it at first because my volume was turned down and there was so much other noise. And of course, once I started using the Litany, the battle became much easier, because I only had Uldred to deal with and none of his minion abominations. So I assume, if I'd beaten Uldred before I learned to use the Litany, that Irving and the other magi would all be dead, too?

    (Redcliffe Spoilers)
    Naljnl, V xabj gung Znex unf boivbhfyl qbar gur Pvepyr Gbjre orsber Erqpyvssr, fb abj V'z phevbhf: vs nyy gur Zntv ner xvyyrq va gur Pvepyr Gbjre, pna lbh ABG hfr gurz gb ragre gur Snqr va Erqpyvssr? Crefbanyyl, V qvq Erqpyvssr svefg naq unq gb hfr oybbq zntvp naljnl.

    • biblioteknician says:

      Lrnu, vs nyy gur zntrf qvr, gurer vf ab pubvpr ohg gb hfr oybbq zntvp gb fnir Pbaabe. Bu tbq, gung'f tbvat gb znxr Znex fb fnq :( Ohg rira vs lbh qb Erqpyvssr svefg, lbh pna yrnir naq pbzcyrgr gur Pvepyr dhrfg naq fnir Pbaabe.

    • Andie says:

      V graq gb yrnir gur Pvepyr Gbjre hagvy unysjnl guebhtu Erqpyvssr whfg fb V pna nibvq nppvqragnyyl fperjvat gung hc. V qba'g yvxr vg jura Nyvfgnve'f znq ng zr, fb V gel gb nibvq xvyyvat uvf abg-nhag naq abg-pbhfva.

      • Cylena says:

        V npghnyyl cynlrq gung cneg whfg gur bgure qnl naq fnpevsvprq Vfbyqr, naq fgvyy znantrq gb abg unir Nyvfgnve or cvffl nobhg vg. V qvqa'g guvax vg jnf cbffvoyl, ohg nccneragyl vs lbh pubfr gur bcgvba bs "V gvax gung jbexrq bhg engure jryy" (be fbzrguvat nybat gubfr yvarf) jura ur pbasebgf lbh ng pnzc, ur qbrf abg trg natel jvgu lbh. Va n jnl V'z qvffncbvagrq orpnhfr V jnf cercnerq sbe gung, ohg jub xabjf. Abg fher vs vg jbexf vs lbh xvyy Pbaabe gubhtu.

        Va nal pnfr, V'z npghnyyl qryvtugrq Znex unf gb znxr guvf pubvpr, nf ubeevoyr nf gung znl fbhaq. Vg vf n irel vagrerfgvat zbeny qvyrzzn, naq V'ir nyjnlf sbhaq vg n cvgl gung lbh pna whfg eha gb gur pvepyr sbe uryc (rira vs gung'f gur bcgvba V hfhnyyl cvpx).

  7. Mark Does Stuff says:

    Someone asked me on Twitter, so let me also confirm here that I will devote at least one post to EACH of the DLC missions available in the game, and one of them should come next week. SULCHER'S PASS OH MY GOD.

  8. Captain Hook says:

    Rofl you changed the banner again.

  9. Ryan Lohner says:

    It was such a hassle getting Wynne to not fight me after talking to Cullen. If I didn't pick absolutely the most bleeding heart option each time, she said I was only getting in past her.

    • Mark Does Stuff says:

      It's a good thing I've decided to play my character as a vicious bleeding heart, because good lord, Wynne is quite stubborn. She hates ALL of my other companions, especially Zevran and Sten.

    • snapsnzips says:

      I really don't like Wynne. She's got the self-righteous grandma vibe going on. As someone who already has one of those, I find her quite annoying. I tend to travel with Alistair, Zevran and Morrigan or Leliana if I'm already a mage.

  10. guest_age says:

    …Mark, I think you just spoiled me.


    I have played DA through twice and spent a lot of time with Morrigan both times and she has never told me that Flemeth steals bodies! I LITERALLY HAD NO IDEA. WHAT?! THAT IS TERRIBLE. Well there goes a complete retconning of both of them in my head.

    In other news, I finished my second playthrough and started a third. First time playing as a dude, first time playing as a warrior, and first time playing a Dalish elf. We shall see, we shall see.

    Mostly though: OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK, FLEMETH.

  11. accidentalbeard says:

    One sad thing about my current mage playthrough is that I really miss playing around with enchantments. Of course I'm enchanting my party members's weapons, but it's less satisfying than having my own fancy electric sword to buttstab with. My favorite runes were the ones with a chance to slow or paralyze the enemies. SO NICE for my dual-wielding/duelist rogue to have easy targets to hit. I gave my best slow rune to Zevran so he can buttstab in my place.

  12. Josh says:

    What DLCs do you have, Mark? Just the base game or the ultimate edition?

    • BornIn1142 says:

      He has the Ultimate edition.

      • Mark Does Stuff says:

        Actually, just the base game this time around. My copy for Steam on PC is Ultimate, but not PS3. I'll buy all the DLC through the PSN store, though. :)

        • BornIn1142 says:

          Oh, sorry then. :/

          Why'd you get the game twice? Are the recording tech gizmos for the PS3 or something?

        • Mark, I'm not positive but it "might" be cheaper to just buy the ultimate edition for the PS3 than it would be to outright buy all the DLC through the store.

          • Wow. Nevermind. For some reason the version for PS3 is $60 whereas the 360 version is currently about 20 bucks (I got it for 19.96 earlier this year.)
            That price difference… makes no sense.

          • biblioteknician says:

            I know, right? I was so excited to get all the DLC AND Awakening for so cheap. Why in the world is it so expensive on PS3?

          • Sybylla says:

            Huh. It wasn't before. I bought the PS3 Ultimate Edition 6 or 8 months ago, and it was $24 then.

  13. Gillyweed says:

    But… How? I always used litany ASAP, so to my knowledge I never killed a single mage. Wait, does this mean that ur pna'g hfr gur uryc sebz gur Pvepyr jvgu Pbaabe? Fb ur'yy unir gb rvgure xvyy uvz be Vfbyqr? Vf Veivat qrnq gbb? ;_;

    I never had this ending so I have no idea what's going on.

    I loved killing Uldred, Mages have enough trouble as it is, him being a royal evil jerk is not helping anyone.
    <img src=""&gt;
    Also I love Sten just because his approval is so hard to get, you just feel like you've earned every last bit of his respect and it's amazing.

    • Eliestav says:

      Really? half my conversations with him would jump like 20 points for nothing. usually a droll response tends to be more than enough. Nyfb xvpxvat uvf nff va unira qvqa'g uheg.

    • Deimos says:

      ur pna'g hfr gur uryc sebz gur Pvepyr jvgu Pbaabe? Fb ur'yy unir gb rvgure xvyy uvz be Vfbyqr? Vf Veivat qrnq gbb?

      Oh snap, I didn't event think of that! V'ir arire xvyyrq gur zntrf fb V'ir nyjnlf hfrq gur guveq bcgvba gb fnir Pbaare. V thrff guvf jvyy or vagrerfgvat….

      I think that's part of the reason I'm loving Mark Plays so much, for the complete uniqueness of each person's experience. I read along and am like, "he did that? really? wow, I've never done before!"

      On Sten: V ybir uvz orpnhfr ur erfvfgf be erohssf gung hfhny jnl bs trggvat gb xabj n cnegl zrzore ng svefg.

      "Crbcyr ner abg fvzcyr. Gurl pnaabg or fhzznevmrq sbe rnfl ersrerapr va gur znaare bs:"Gur ryirf ner n yvgur, cbvagl rnerq crbcyr jub rkpry ng cbiregl."

    • Randomcheeses says:

      Hodgins!! <3

    • JackoDaGreat says:

      Oddly enough, Sten was the first person I maxed out approval on. Uryy V raqrq hc rneavat +38 cbvagf whfg sbe npprcgvat uvf crefbany dhrfg. Gung fjbeq vf ERNYYL vzcbegnag gb uvz.

      And in response to the mage question: Lhc, ur'f shpxrq va Erqpyvss.

  14. Eliestav says:

    First time playthrough
    currently on Orzamar, and I Qba'g xabj jub gb fhccbeg sbe xvat. V qba'g xabj jung rvgure bs gurz ernyyl fgnaq sbe fb V xrcg gelvat gb qb bgure dhrfgf va gur nern naq gnyx gb crbcyr gb svaq bhg bhg juvpu jnf gur orggre bcgvba. (Gur nafjre frrzf gb or Uneebjzbag, jfcrpvyyl nsgre cynlvat Qjnes Aboyr).

    In the meantime I played the Magi and Dwarf noble origins for a lark, (Dwarf noble being way more interesting, but it was cool seeing circle tower before it was obliterated). Xvaqn jvfu gung obgu Tbevz naq wbjna jrer cnegl zrzoref gubhtu. Rfcrpvnyyl Tbevz.

    Orzamar's all that's left though Nf V'ir abj urnyrq Ney Rnzba. Svanyyl gevttrerq gur pbairefngvba ertneqvat Nyvfgnvef cneragntr, naq vg ybbxf yvxr ur'f tbvat gb or xvat bs Sreryqra. Tbg fbzrgubhtugf ba Unira, ohg V'yy fnir gurz sbe jura Znex trgf gurer.

    • Gillyweed says:

      Vg ernyyl vf hc gb lbh, bar bs gurz tvirf zber bccbeghavgvrf gb gur pbzzbaref fb yvfgra gb crbcyr gnyxvat va Bemnzzne Pbzzbaf, juvyr gur bgure bar vf zber vagrerfgrq va xrrcvat gr guvatf gur jnl gurl ner, naq urycvat aboyrf, lbh fubhyq urne uvz orvat zragvbarq va Qvnzbaq Dhnegref zber.
      V ernyyl qba'g jba'g gb fcbvy lbh, ohg gur bayl jnl V jnf noyr gb znxr gur qrpvfvba jnf nsgre ernqvat nyy gur cbffvoyr nsgreznguf.

      • Eliestav says:

        Qba'g trg zr jebat, v guvax Ouryra vf orggre ng gur Tnzr bs guebarf, naq gur jvxv fnlf gung Ouryra pnerf zber nobhg pnfgryrff evtugf, ohg V unir lrg gb frr guvf sebz gur tnzr vgfrys, naq gur bar aboyr va Gncfgref gnirea jub npghnyyl pnerf sbe gur evtugf bs pnfgryrff frrzf gb fhccbeg uneebjzbag.

        • Gillyweed says:

          Bu V haqrefgnaq, pubbfvat orgjrra gurz jnf gur uneqrfg va tnzr qrpvfvba sbe zr. V guvax gur cbvag vf gung Bemnzzne zhfg unir n xvat, ab znggre jub vg vf.
          V pubfr Ouryra orpnhfr bs rcvybthr bayl. Lbh tb jurer lbhe urneg gryyf lbh, be jurer lbh guvax lbhe jneqra jbhyq tb. Gung'f jul V ybir QN fb znal qvssvphyg, terl pubvprf.

          • Eliestav says:

            Gb dhbgr zlfrys ba Znff rssrpg 3'f raqvat jnl onpx va Ncevy, "Pubvprf ner zrnavatyrff vs V qba'g haqrefgnaq jung gur pubvprf zrna" Gb gnxr gur Qnyvfu ryirf dhrfg nf na rknzcyr, jura V trg gurer, Gur ryirf ner orvat nggnpxrq ol jrerjbyirf, fb V cebzvfr gb uryc xvyy gur jrerjbyirf. Juvyr nyy gur vasb vaqvpngrf guvf vf obgu plavpnyyl naq vqrnyyl gur orfg bcgvba, vg vf gur bayl bcgvba fb sne fb vg'f zbbg. Gura V svaq bhg gur jubyr fgbel. V pna qrpvqr ng gung cbvag gb xvyy nyy gur jbyirf naljnl,xrrcvat Mngunevna nf yrnqre; Xvyy nyy gur Qnyvfu, gurerol univat na nezl bs jrerjbyirf ng zl orpx naq pnyy; Be gel gb pbzr gb fbzr zhghnyyl orarsvpvny pbapyhfvba gung obgu cnegvrf jbhyq svaq nterrnoyr. Ng gur cbvag V unir gb znxr gur qrpvfvba, V unir vasbezngvba gung V pna qrpvqr juvpu bhgpbzr rvgure orfg urycf zr orng gur Qnexfcnja, be pbeerfcbaqf gb zl zbeny inyhrf.

            Urer vg'f gjb qhqrf V xabj abguvat nobhg, naq guhf V qba'g xabj jung n pubvpr orgjrra gurz zrnaf, naq guhf gur pubvpr vf zrnavatyrff. Nu jryy. Cebonoyl tbvat jvgu Uneebjzbag nf n Uhzna Aboyr jbhyqa'g or fb xrra gbjneqf ertvpvqr.

          • Sybylla says:

            Zl svefg cynlguebhtu jnf nf n qjneira pnfgryrff, naq V *ntbavmrq* bire gur Ouryra/Uneebjzbag pubvpr. V xarj jung zl punenpgre jbhyq qb onfrq ba gur bevtva fgbel (Ouryra nyy gur jnl), ohg V qrfcrengryl jnagrq gb pubbfr gur bgure jnl orpnhfr V crefbanyyl sbhaq uvz gb or fhpu n ercgvyvna wrex.

          • TrampyMcBitca says:

            V'z n Qjnes Aboyr, zl pubvpr jnfa'g gbb qvssvphyg sbe zr. Znl gur Fgbar erwrpg lbh Ouryra!

    • Eliestav says:

      Also regarding this post, I never really had any trouble with the sloth demon, (Golem, Spirit repeat) but Uldred gave me some trouble till I realized how the litany works. Mark says there's a rep from the circle, but how can that be if the circle is dead? Also, if the circle is alive, I don't understand why that means the templars can't help. And I still don't get why Morrigan sides with the templars here. Sure the circle serves the chantry, but the Templars ARE the Chantry.

      Speaking of Morrigan, Qbrf syrzrgu ernyyl obql fgrny? V zrna, lrnu Zbeevtna fnlf gung ohg Syrzrgu vzcyvrf bgurejvfr, naq Zbeevtna'f abg rknpgyl gur zbfg ubabenoyr crefba. Naq Funyr envfrq na rkpryyrag cbvag ba n erprag pbairefngvba: Gung obbx vf va na haxbja ynathntr naq vg whfg unccrarq gb or va pvepyr gbjre. Vg pbhyq irel jryy or n pbbxobbx sbe nyy V xabj. naq V'ir nyernql fcbvyrq zlfrys gung Zbeevtna vf cynaavat fbzrguvat, rira vs V qba'g xabj jung gung fbzrguvat vf.

  15. enigmaticagentscully says:

    EEEEEE Mark Plays videos! EXCITE. :D

    I'm glad you're taking Wynne along, because she is basically the most awesome ever to awesome.

    Regarding Flemeth: Tbbq shpxvat yhpx Znex. Vg gbbx zr n zvyyvba nggrzcgf gb xvyy qentba!Syrzrgu gur svefg gvzr nebhaq, naq gurfr qnlf V hfhnyyl qba'g obgure. Fur whfg xvpxf zl nff rirel gvzr.

    • BornIn1142 says:

      V gubhtug Syrzrgu jnf tbbq cenpgvpr sbe gur ernyyl gbhtu qentba onggyrf.

      • Eliestav says:

        V gubhtug Syrzrgu jnf uneq hagvy V ernyvmrq fur pbhyqa'g zbir. Yryvnan, fgnaq bire gurer, gnxr gurfr vpr neebjf, naq sver ng ure bhgfvqr ure enatr. Jlaar, fgnaq bire gurer naq urny bhgfvqr ure enatr. erivir vs arprffnel. nyvfgnve, gnxr guvf jnezgu onyz, urny jura arfprfnel, naq qvfgenpg ure. Naq…tb.

  16. Tahaneira says:

    Aww, Irving is dead. Much sadness. :( Understandable, though; it took me two playthroughs before I learned how the Litany of Adralla should be used. But still, Irving was pretty awesome. Sassy old man who spoke quietly and could flash-freeze an army at will and all that. But, life goes on, and at least you did try to save them. Still, sadness.

    Well then, since you didn't get to talk to Irving and you didn't mention talking to Wynne, I think you missed out on another piece of backstory. This may seem as random as the Brecilian Forest and the Dalish, but it's tied into the main plot in a much larger way. See, Uldred was one of the mages at Ostagar. In fact, unless I remember wrongly, he was the mage at the war council. He was one of the ones who escaped the slaughter, and one of the first to return to the Tower. And as it turns out, while he was at Ostagar, he spent a lot of time talking to… wait for it…


    Everyone who didn't see it coming raise your hands.

    Anyways, apparently Loghain promised Uldred that if the mages supported him in his little coup, he would free the Circle in Ferelden from the authority of the templars forever (not sure how he was planning to do that without severely pissing off the Chantry, but thinking things other than battle plans through doesn't seem to be Loghain's forte). Uldred came back from Ostagar and demanded a meeting of the senior mages. At the meeting, he tried to convince the others that supporting Loghain was the way to go and they would be able to live free and study magic and sacrifice virgins to gain ultimate power and all that. Most of the others disagreed. At this point, Uldred panicked and revealed another aspect of his character: not only was he a treacherous backstabbing jerk, he dealt with demons as well. So he and his cohorts started summoning demons left and right but, as always, they were completely surprised when the demons attacked and possessed their summoners instead of docilely following their every whim. The demons then proceeded to attack everyone in the tower whether they were Uldred's allies or not.

    So there you have it. That's how the fall of the Circle Tower went down. And once again, Loghain was responsible. Not directly, but he was certainly one of the catalyzing factors.

    Also, poor Cullen. I always feel sorry for him. He has a role in the Mage origin story…

    …which I will not be telling just yet. For those two of you who are curious, I'm planning to tell him gur Zntr fgbel jura ur ehaf vagb Wbjna va Erqpyvssr, gur Qjneira Aboyr jura ur zrrgf Ouryra, naq gur Qjneira Pbzzbare jura ur ehaf npebff Yrfxr va Wneivn'f cevfba. Which leaves the Dalish Elf origin story, which I'm kind of conflicted about. Nothing about that one ever gets mentioned until Jvgpu Uhag. Should I wait until then, or find some other point before to tell him?

    And obligatory (from me) HELL YEAH STEN. You're gonna have fun in Denerim. :)

    Quote of the Day:
    Alistair: I don't think [Cailan] cared much about my existence. I didn't mean anything to him. Anyway, to answer your original question, no, we never spoke. Well, maybe once. Maric and Cailan had come to Redcliffe to visit the Arl. I was very young then. We were introduced. I believe I said, "Greetings, your Highness." He said, "Ooh! Swords!" and ran off to the armory. So, yes, that was the extent of our relationship. We drifted apart after that. Very sad.

  17. celestineangel1 says:

    First Time Gameplay

    I missed the shapeshifting abilities when I left the Fade, too! All I kept thinking was "GAH I wouldn't be dying here if I could still turn into a golem, or if I could blast everything with a fireball!"

    Wynne is amazing, and she can be pretty hilarious, too. :D I love Wynne. V'ir tbg Jlaar jvgu gjb-unaqrq qnttref naq ubyl fuvg, fur vf nznmvat jura jr xvyy bterf. QNZA.

    Oh, Flemeth… V… hu… gevrq gb tb xvyy Syrzrgu sbe Zbeevtna, ohg fur VF N TVNAG QENTBA. Naq… V'yy nqzvg V qvqa'g gel irel uneq. Fur xvyyrq zl cnegl bapr, naq V jnf yvxr "Jryy… abcr." Fb V gbbx gur tevzbver Syrzrgu bssrerq naq yvrq gb Zbeevtna vafgrnq. Fb sne, fur qbrfa'g frrz gb unir qvfpbirerq gur yvr. &gt;.&gt; Nyfb, lrf, Nyvfgnve, lbh ner n onq, onq zna sbe jnagvat gb sbby Zbeevtna gung jnl. Nyfb, Zbeevtna yvxrf zr abj, ohg zbfgyl orpnhfr V xrrc tvivat ure cerggl guvatf.

    Fgra gbgnyyl guvaxf V nz gur fuvg, naq nyy V unq gb qb jnf tvir uvz n Dhnanev Obbx bs gur Qrnq. Nyfb, abg gnyx gb uvz. Gehr fgbel.

    Bxnl fb abj V'z va gur Zvarf bs Zbevn–V zrna, gur Qrrc Ebnqf sebz Bemnzzne–gelvat gb svaq Oenaxn. Ubyl FUVG THLF. Gur svtug jvgu Wneivn. V QVRQ FB ZHPU. Ohg, guvf jnf gur cynpr jura V svanyyl svtherq bhg ubj gb gryy zl cnegl gb ubyq cbfvgvbaf, naq gung urycrq n ybg. V fgvyy qvrq nsgre, ohg vg qvq znxr svaqvat n tbbq fgengrtl rnfvre. Nyfb, V guvax gung cynlvat n zntr punenpgre, naq univat fb znal zntrf va gur cnegl jub pna pnfg sebz n qvfgnapr, urycf. Naq bs pbhefr, Jlaar jvgu ure fcvevg urnyre novyvgvrf.

    Nyfb, qrrcfgnyxref. V ybir gurz. Gurl ner fb rnfl gb xvyy. V qba'g xabj vs vg'f gur pbzovangvba bs punenpgref V unir evtug abj (zl uhzna zntr Jneqra, Nyvfgnve, Btuera naq Jlaar), be gur snpg gung V unir gur nznmvat Pbar bs Pbyq novyvgl gung znxrf gurz fb rnfl gb xvyy.


    I have already decided that my next character will be a rogue named Kiernan (a character of mine) who gives absolutely no fucks… he and Morrigan will probably be besties by the time the second playthrough is over. <span class="idc-smiley"><span style="background-position: -12px 0pt;"><span>:D</span></span></span>

  18. Josh says:

    I actually just went on Morrigan's Anit-Flemeth mission right before work.

    V nz n yriry 9 zntr naq gur bayl gvre 4+ V'z hfvat vf gur oybbq qentba frg ba Nyvfgnve naq na vpr fgnir.

    Vg qvq abg tb jryy.

  19. Plactus says:

    Now that Mark's through the Fade and I can talk about it without spoilers…

    The first time through, I somehow managed to be able to walk through the fires without Burning Man form. That made it considerably less annoying than it would have been otherwise (once I had three forms, I started wondering what the fourth could possibly be… then I realized I probably shouldn't have been able to just walk through fire without any consequences…), but I still felt the Fade sequence went on too long.

    When I did it again last Sunday… really, it wasn't so bad. Gather some forms, use them to pass through barriers, rescue my friends, laugh at Morrigan telling whatever Fade spirit it was that it's doing a horrible impression of her mother (I brought Morrigan instead of Sten or Funyr for this reason alone; three mages seems a bit overspecialized), beat down the sloth demon, and party. Maybe it was that I was expecting it to suck, but I think it was just not as bad as I remembered. (V'yy trg gb grfg guvf gurbel ntnva ba gur Qrrc Ebnqf…)

    As for where I am now, I haven't played much in the last week. About all I've done is xvyyrq rirelbar (rkprcg gur cevfbare) va Unira, jbexrq zl jnl guebhtu gur Grzcyr bs gur Fnperq Nfurf, xvyyrq n frpbaq qentba, erfvfgrq gur hetr gb nafjre gung bar evqqyr jvgu "pbpbahg," phefrq jubrire qrfvtarq gur gvyr oevqtr chmmyr, naq pynvzrq gur Nfurf. V unira'g qrpvqrq jung gb qb arkg; onpx gb Qrarevz, V guvax, gb trg Jnqr gb znxr fbzr nezbe sbe zr, gura ba gb Erqpyvssr gb hfr gur Nfurf.

    Oebgure Trargviv: "Ab bar jnagf gb urne 'Jvyyl gbvyrq sbe znal n lrne gb cresrpg gur phevbhf zrpunavfzf gung jbhyq fraq n funecrarq fcvxr hc gur nefr bs gur hajnel vagehqre.'"

    • Ryan Lohner says:

      "The first time through, I somehow managed to be able to walk through the fires without Burning Man form"

      So you just let it burn?

  20. snapsnzips says:

    I'd just like to show off Rowan, my Dalish Elf. She's just barely onto the first floor of the Tower of Ishal because LIFE keeps getting in the way of my pop culture funs. Just wanted to throw her out here anyway. I am glad I pulled out the DA:O for another go round and I'm enjoying the reviews and the comments even though I'm not very visible right now!

    <img src=""/&gt;

  21. Shiyiya says:

    Jnvg, fb Znex naahyyrq gur Pvepyr? Fb… ur'f tbvat gb unir gb xvyy rvgure Pbaabe be Vfbyqr. BBCF.

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