Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 13

In the thirteenth hour of Dragon Age: Origins, I am far more productive than the last hour, despite that I was sent into a rage rather quickly. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to play Dragon Age: Origins.

Hour Thirteen

Seriously, this is what my notes look like, which I jotted down during my game:

THEY ARE SO FUCKING HARD TO BEAT. I’m sorry, Uthkiel is the worst. Actually, right when I thought Uthkiel was the worst, Vereveel destroyed me five times in a row. Then I couldn’t figure out a good tactic to take down Yevena, and I was so angry at this game that I almost rage-quit it. Then I had to realize there was nothing wrong with the game. I just wasn’t that good at it. Anyway, on to the Fade!

Wynne’s Nightmare

Once I got two Fade areas in a row completed, the map now allowed me to travel to one of the three outside zones, which I now realize are where my three companions are being held as well. UM. THIS IS AWESOME. As it turns out, each character had their own specific nightmare that they had to deal with; this nightmare was tailored to their fears and desires so as to keep them imprisoned within the Fade. In that sense, it was easy to look at the entire Fade as one giant Nightmare room for Roslin. She’s terrified of being overwhelmed by the forces of evil, but she clearly craves the violence that comes with being a hero. (Hey, this is my own personal headcanon for Roslin! I can meta it up if I want!) She’s scared of being separated from her companions, and now they’re strung about an impenetrable palace. It’s incredible.

Rescuing Wynne wasn’t that difficult. My persuasion was high enough to get her to analyze the situation she was in, and then we both battled the demons that were holding her in this place. BUT THEN SHE JUST DISAPPEARED. What the hell? Where did she go??? Oh fuck, am I going to have to face the Sloth Demon in the center room of the Fade all by myself? BUT I WANT MY FRIENDS.

Templar’s Nightmare

Honestly, this section was surprisingly easy. What got me stuck were the Spirit Doors that I couldn’t pass through. I assumed that this meant I needed yet another shapeshift power that I hadn’t discovered yet. Damn it! So, like I did with the Burning Tower room, I left in search of an ability to allow me into the final room to defeat the demon that was in control of that realm.

Darkspawn Invasion

For the first time in the Fade, the physical arrangement of the room changed. The Darkspawn Invasion area was much more like a labyrinth. Long hallways stood parallel to one another, wrapping up next to themselves like a coiled snake. There were far less doors to open and a shit ton of darkspawn hanging out being goddamn bigots. Look, I’m just trying to kill you, why are you oppressing me?

Oh, right. Because you’re trying to stop me from getting the SPIRIT SHAPESHIFTER. Oh shit yeah. Now I can cast spells and go through Spirit Doors and nothing can stop me.

That’s what I thought until I got to Uthkiel.

Straight up, fuck Uthkiel. I don’t think I’ve ever been killed so many times by the same character in this whole game. He’d storm me, stun me, knock me to the ground, pummel me, and stomp me all within ten seconds and then I was a complete goner. I managed to stun him once as Roslin, but only got a quarter of his health down before he started all over again. Then I tried to change to Burning Man and light him on fire, but twice he resisted that attack. Then I tried to stun him with the Golem, and he’d pound me into the ground again. It took me the most time to finally figure out a way to destroy him: turn into Spirit, put him in that Crushing Prison, use Winter’s Grasp, turn into Roslin, stun him and then dual buttstab, then turn into the Golem and use Quake, Hurl, and Slam in rapid succession, then turn back into Roslin, stun him, dual buttstab, and then firebomb him with Burning Man. I had to hit all these changes precisely in order to pull it off, and you better bet that I felt proud by defeating him. HELL YEAH.

Templar’s Nightmare

Ah, fuck you, Vereveel. Goddamn it, do these demons get harder with each room? If I do not have my companions with me in the final battle against the Sloth Demon, I’m going to be decimated. I didn’t even count how many times Vereveel killed me. It was pointless. I had to quickly switch between my Spirit shape and my Golem shape to do magical damage to her and then withstand her ridiculous barrages. UNFAIR. I took great joy in slaying her, and I have no regrets.

The Raw Fade

I had one last thing to do before I rescued my companions: kill Yevena. I headed back to The Raw Fade to chat up Niall, who revealed that Uldred was behind this chaos. GREAT. AWESOME. I hope he’s still alive so I can gut him. I will take great joy in this. Look at this disaster he’s created! I had to fight goddamn Yevena and her goddamn weird fairy bug things who zapped me to death the first time I got through to her room because… okay, that’s not Uldred’s fault. I may have gotten disoriented and just gone the wrong way around that giant ship in the shallow lake, so I never actually saw Yevena before I died. HEY, WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES. NO JUDGING. This is a no-judge zone.

Alistair’s Nightmare

OH MY GOD. HE’S WITH HIS FAMILY. HE’S HAPPY. Oh my god, is the Sloth Demon seriously Jasmine? IT HAS TO BE. Like, for real, he easily had the most heartbreaking nightmare. I also found that he was the hardest to break from it. I could not persuade him to leave, so I had to talk to the demon tricking him to get them to fight me. Only then did Alistair realize what was going on. Then he disappeared, too. Son of a motherless bumblebee.

Morrigan’s Nightmare

Morrigan gave absolutely no fucks about the nightmare, knew she was being fooled from the start, and joined me in attacking the vision of her mother gleefully. BLESS YOU. BLESS YOU SO MUCH.

My hour ran out just as I freed Morrigan and she disappeared, so I’ve got one place left: the center of the Fade. Oh, this shit is on.

My Character Stats

Strength: 24
Dexterity: 23+1 (booo I want my +16 back)
Willpower: 17
Magic: 14
Cunning: 17
Constitution: 19

Heroic Stats 

Kills: 228
Damage dealt: 34654
Friendly-fire: 0
Greatest damage dealt: 61 (FUCK YEAH)
Contribution to party damage: 39
Hit rate: 86
Most powerful foe slain: Abomination (This cannot be true UTHKIEL WAS WAY MORE POWERFUL THAN AN ABOMINATION)
Injuries: 4

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54 Responses to Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 13

  1. Ryan Lohner says:

    Huh, I just turned into a golem and beat the shit out of everyone. Maybe it's just because I was in easy mode.

    Zevran was very easy to snap out of going through the Crow trials again. Just remind him that he's already a Crow, and the job's done. Sten was the really tough one.

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      SAMMMMME but I always play easy mode too so…yeah.

      Being a golem is the most fun ever,

      • Owl_In_Daylight says:

        Not entirely certain, but I think the differences in easy mode are pretty specific. No friendly fire, pots and spells heal you for more, stuff like that. And enemies are less likely to use advanced spells, like Crushing prison. I think this is the reason I hated Fireball so damn much x.x It was either that or Crushing prison the SECOND those Emissaries spotted me. At least CP can be dispelled, Fireball takes FOREVER to recover from.

        Which is why MY favorite form was Burning Man =D I spammed the shit outta that Fireball spell. Stealth, run in the middle of a group, turn into Burning Man and BOOM!

    • Bobbwin says:

      It's really easy if you just fight as a Golem and then whenever your health drops below half, turn back to a human (or elf or whatever you are); your health will be full again. Then turn back into a Golem and you'll be a Golem with full health.

      • celestineangel1 says:

        This is amazing I will remember it on my next playthrough thank you!

        (Also, I still miss these forms, and I completed this quest a while ago, in game time. I wish I could turn into a golem ALL THE TIME.)

        • Bobbwin says:

          I mean it's kind of cheap I guess, but the fade is by far the most tedious part of the game IMO.

  2. Man just when I knew what I was going to talk about… you're not done with the fade. Not that I want to discuss spoilers or anything. So I guess I save the fade and the circle tower for monday.

  3. misterbernie says:


  4. biblioteknician says:

    Mark, you are a much clever-er person than I am, because the Templar's Nightmare was the bane of my existence my first playthrough, Well, that and your clever tactics to kill Uthkiel. I have to admit, my entire strategy when dealing with him is to turn into a Golem, stun him, punch him, and then RUN AWAY RUN FAR AWAY until my stun ability recharges. It is not glamorous at all, but at least he never gets the chance to knock me down and massacre me.

    • Dee says:

      That was pretty much my plan. Hit hit run run run hit hit RUN. IMO it's a legitimate fighting strategy. >.>

    • Owl_In_Daylight says:

      It's how I beat the Ogre in Ostagar xD I somehow managed to get aggro (good job, Alistair >____>) and just started kiting him around the room, while the others nuked him down with spells and arrows. It's how I missed the fact that there was an ULTRA COOL, SLO-MO OGRE FINISHING MOVE until much later, when I watched somene else go through that fight. D'oh.

      • megotelek says:

        Hahaha, the slo-mo finishing move. When it happened, at first I thought something was wonky with my video card and the game was about to crash. And then I noticed Alistair stabbing the ogre in the face.

        • My Warden jumping on the ogre's face to finish him off (as a Dwarf) was pretty awesome to watch, and the first moment (of many) I declared FUCK YEAH DWARVES on my first playthrough :D

      • biblioteknician says:

        I don't remember how I got past the ogre my first time at all. I think I did my first playthrough on easy, so that might be it, but I may not have decided to make it easy until gur Syrzrgu svtug jurer V xrcg trggvat ZNFFNPERQ. But yeah, somehow I pulled it off and saw the finishing move, and it was basically my FAVORITE THING EVER.

  5. Peter says:

    First Time Gameplay

    That does sound like a productive hour in the Fade! I guess I got better as I went on but I still think I spent around four hours there, and it seems like Mark's almost done after just half that time. So major kudos on that one, Mark!

    I didn't have Morrigan with me, but I feel like it stands to reason that she would straight not give a fuck about demonic nightmares. I love you Morrigan (even if I do prefer Wynne!).

    I don't really have much else to say today other than that at this point, other than that Mark talking about the big ship in that lake really reminded me of how beautiful the level design is throughout this whole game. It's really a very creative and unique setting, I feel. There are little details in a lot of places that make Ferelden look very unique, I feel, and the Fade is especially well done, with its sense of creepy, ethereal beauty. The Black City, those statues and withered trees, not to mention the color palette, all contribute to this.

  6. dmol8 says:

    Hey Mark, will you be doing any strategy games? And if so will you try X-com Enemy Unknown in the future?

    Also ever heard of a book series called the Dresden Files? It is about another Wizard named Harry.

    Also when you are done with the Tortall books that are currently out (Tamora Pierce is still writing them there should be new ones out soon) could you read the short stories she wrote in between books? Also there is another universe Pierce writes about (she rotates between that one and the Tortall universe), will you be reading her work from that one after you are done with all the current books set in Tortal?

    Also do you have plans to watch the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series just started playing on Nickolodeon will you be watching it? Or the Young Justice series playing on Cartoon Network? Or the Transformers Prime series on the Hub?

    Or if nothing else your re-watch of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (I know you have seen some of this show at least and that you do not just do first impressions about a series, like your re-read of Harry Potter)?

    • Tahaneira says:

      He's heard of the Dresden Files, yeah, but he's not going to review them. Apparently, there's controversy over the series, with people saying Butcher is trying to glam up and whitewash Chicago. Haven't done any research, so I don't know if or how much of it is true, but Mark isn't touching them. I'm still hoping he'll decide to do Codex Alera, though.

      • dmol8 says:

        Thank you for the info on one of the questions.

        I am however wondering if you have info on any of the others.

        If you do please tell me, if not this was still very helpful.

    • dmol8 says:

      Facepalm. I just found the suggestion page(long story short I have issues with perception of the world: Stuff I notice most people don't and stuff I miss most people find effortlessly) and I will skip reposting the suggestions from this post there, but at least when I decide to add stuff to the suggestion box I know where it is now.

  7. TrampyMcBitca says:

    I absolutely loved Morrigan in her nightmare.

    • accidentalbeard says:

      Yeah, that was an amazing moment. I'm not sure how I would react to an Actual Morrigan in real life, but in the game her extreme sassiness and lack of ability to put up with anyone's bullshit is fantastic.

  8. Tahaneira says:

    Wow, you're just trucking along, aren't you? I think part of the reason most people take longer than this is because they feel a compulsive need to find all of the fonts. Of which there are a lot. Like twenty. Kind of excessive.

    The companion's dreams were interesting. They revealed a lot about the characters in question, and so, I cannot discuss them with you. DANGIT. I will say, however, that I found Sten's dream the most heartbreaking. He knew it was an illusion, a trap, but he decided to stay anyways because he was happy. Orpnhfr uvf pbzcnavbaf jrer fgvyy nyvir naq ur unq abg snvyrq, rvgure va ybfvat uvf fjbeq be ybfvat pbageby naq xvyyvat gung snzvyl. Fb ur gevrf gb trg gur Jneqra gur yrg uvz fgnl. Such heartbreak. :(

    Also, fun fact I believe you only learn from Sten's dream: Sten is not his name. It's his rank. You never learn his name, because qunari treat personal names the way we treat social security numbers.

    Also, Crushing Prison is the second best spell in the game. It will only ever be second best because first place is and always will be taken by VIRULENT WALKING BOMB. Most. Awesome. Spell. Ever. You can bet that Morrigan, Wynne, Irynaan, Naqref, Zreevyy, naq Orgunal all had it at the first possible opportunity.

    Quote of the Day:
    Warden: None of this is real, you know.
    Sten: I know.
    Warden: What do you mean, “you know?”
    Sten: This is a dream. I’m not a fool, Warden. V erzrzore frrvat gur xnenfubx gurer unir uvf urnq gbea bss. It’s a dream… but it’s a good dream.

    • Josh says:

      Mana clash is better.

      Seriously, I had Morrigan and my mage set to cast it as soon as they saw a mage-type enemy, and it's like there's 40% less monsters in the game.

    • GenGinger says:

      Not sure if this needs to be spoilerized, but: Mriena znl pbzzrag nobhg Fgra orvat n enax engure guna n anzr va enaqbz cnegl onagre, vs lbh unir gurz gbtrgure.

  9. megotelek says:

    BUT THEN SHE JUST DISAPPEARED. What the hell? Where did she go??? Oh fuck, am I going to have to face the Sloth Demon in the center room of the Fade all by myself? BUT I WANT MY FRIENDS.

    OMG YES. This was so frustrating for me, especially since, as a mage, I was SUPER SQUISHY. And I got golem form last. *facepalm* There was a lot of dying and a lot of pulling around corners and a lot of frantic kiting around and it was AWFUL. UGH. Once I got golem form though, there was a lot of gleeful SMASH going on, let me tell you.

  10. accidentalbeard says:

    The nightmares are maybe the best part of the Fade, for me. It's interesting to see how the companions all react: I think Morrigan's complete understanding of/irritation at the situation is spot-on and hilarious, but I found Alistair's really sad and touching (rfcrpvnyyl nsgre frrvat ubj Tbyqnaan npghnyyl gerngf uvz) and I was not at all prepared for how sad Btuera's nighmare was.

    Now I'm thinking about Niall, and I feel pretty bad for him – trapped in the Fade and feeling hopeless for so long. I can only imagine that it would *really* mess with one's mind to be there for any length of time, especially if you don't think there's a way to escape.

  11. BettyTheThird says:

    dammit mark you made me replay Dragon Age II and now I started another replay of DA:O…(Female Dwarven non-noble and LOVING IT OMG SHE SLAYS EVERYONE…or she would if she would not spend all of her time in camp asking her companions annoying questions, oops)

    well I have to blame you, otherwise it would just be me procrastinating hardcore instead of attending to the four papers I have to write…

    concerning the fade: thank god for that mod, use it every time and I regret nothing!

  12. enigmaticagentscully says:

    Awwww I love that you have a headcanon about Roslin being afraid of getting separated from her companions! I loathe The Fade for that very reason – my favourite part of this game is the banter between the other characters and the input they give you to any situation, and I really miss that when I'm running around getting lost in stupid ass mazes for a millions hours.

    So I totally use the 'skip the Fade' mod these days. :P

  13. guest_age says:

    Alistair's dream always makes me so sad. He's so GIDDY. Ugh, feels.

    Also is it weird that I went, "FUCK YEAH CRUSHING PRISON!" when you mentioned it? Because FUCK YEAH. My first playthrough, I played a mage and didn't realize that it was one of the spells you could eventually acquire. When I realized it on this, my second playthrough, I literally chose my ability arc just to get that one as soon as possible. Battles are easy as hell now. IT'S AN AWESOME SPELL, IS WHAT I'M SAYING.

    • Gillyweed says:

      Crushing prison is my favourite thing ever! I use it at the beginning of the battle combined with my Warden's Holy Smite, and I can't lose. I also fell in love with the Haraqvat Syheel from the Awakening.

  14. jerssica says:

    Ugh reading all of this makes me DESPERATELY want to replay all of Dragon Age. But I have so many other games that I've never played through that I should probably play first! (right now it's Bioshock and Assassin's Creed 2, because I'm perpetually 5 years behind in video games). Also, my roommates already sat through me playing this once, I doubt they'd enjoy me playing through it again just to make different choices (although my one roommate was super on board with me romancing Alistair and Xnvqra va Mass Effect. [Mass Effect spoilers] Fur jnf ernyyl znq jura V qhzcrq Xnvqra sbe Tneehf.)

    Oh and on topic, I recall loving playing the Fade and seeing everyone's nightmares. And I just wanted to hold Alistair and tell him everything would be ok.

    • BettyTheThird says:

      obviously your taste is far better than your roommate's, Tneehf vf NYJNLF gur evtug pubvpr

      • Gillyweed says:

        V pbhyq arire ebznapr Tneehf. (V fnl arire ohg V bayl qvq ZR bapr, V'yy znxr gur fnzr pubvprf gur frpbaq gvzr fb ab cbvag gurer). V whfg YBIR uvf sevraqfuvc naq fhccbeg naq jnag uvz unccl jvgu Gnyv naq abg urnegoebxra bire zr. Ur'f nyjnlf orra gurer sbe zr, naq zl Furc jbhyqa'g trg gung sne jvgubhg uvf sevraqfuvc, fb fur frggyrq sbe Xrvqna. Nyfb "V'yy nyjnlf unir lbhe onpx", fbhaqf jnnnl orggre guna "Lbh'yy arire or nybar" VZUB.
        Fbeel V unir gbb znal Tneehf' srryf, V fjrne, gurer'f abg n fvatyr tnzr punenpgre V ybir zber!

        • BettyTheThird says:

          yby V nyfb unir gbb znal Tneehf srryf, ohg gurl yrg zr guvax zber nybat gur yvarf bs "Gnyv V ybir lbh, ohg fgnl njnl sebz zl zna", V zhfg nqzvg. Tneehf vf gur orfg.
          … nyfb Xnvqna nyjnlf qvrf ba Ivezver, phm Nfuyrl vf zl tvey

    • Inky says:

      [Mass Effect spoilers.] V ebznaprq Xnvqna va gur ortvaavat–cnegvnyyl orpnhfr ur jnf gur bayl thl V pbhyq pubbfr, ubarfgyl, nygubhtu V qb ernyyl yvxr uvz. Jura V sbhaq bhg Tneehf jnf ebznaprnoyr va ZR2 naq fnj fbzr fprarf sebz uvf ebznapr V jnf ernyyl grzcgrq gb zbir ba gb Tneehf, ohg V'q nyernql qrpvqrq gung zl Furcneq jnf ernyyl, ERNYYL nggnpurq gb Xnvqna naq V pbhyqa'g frr ure purngvat ba uvz, fb V pubfr abg gb.

      Va ZR3 V jnf npgvat nyy rkpvgrq gb "svanyyl trg gbtrgure jvgu Xnvqna ntnva" naq V rawblrq n ybg bs uvf fprarf, ohg…gura V tbg gb gur raq naq Tneehf ybbxrq ng zr naq fnvq "Gurer'f ab Inxnevna jvgubhg Furcneq" naq V whfg YBFG VG EVTUG GURER orpnhfr V unq guvf fhqqra ernyvmngvba bs "V–V qba'g ybir Xnvqna! V YBIR TNEEHF. V'IR ZNQR N ZVFGNXR."

      Naq gung jnf jura V gubhtug nobhg zl cnfg ebznapr pubvprf va bgure tnzrf naq ernyvmrq gung rirel gvzr V tb vagb n tnzr jvgu ebznapr bcgvbaf oyvaq, V NYJNLF cvpx n ubeevoyr pubvpr. NYJNLF. Guvf vf nccneragyl whfg n guvat V qb.

      /fgbelgvzr bire

  15. jerssica says:

    [Mass Effect spoilers:] Fur nyfb orpnzr nggnpurq gb Gunar ng bar cbvag. Ohg nf fbba nf Xnvqra lryyrq ng zr naq Tneehf fgnegrq syvegvat, V jnf yvxr "Gung'f vg! Xnvqra lbh ner QHZCRQ!". Fur riraghnyyl pnzr nebhaq jura fur fnj ubj nqbenoyr Tneehf jnf.

    Bu naq orsber V nppvqragnyyl fgneg nal fuvccvat jnef, V qb npghnyyl fgvyy ybir Xnvqra. V qb cyna ba riraghnyyl uvwnpxvat zl oblsevraq'f Furcneq cebsvyr naq znxvat uvz tnl sbe Xnvqra…

    • Gillyweed says:

      V ybir nyy ZR ebznaprf, rkprcg Qvnan Nyyref bs pbhefr, gurl nyy znxr zr jnez naq shmml sbe qvssrerag ernfbaf.

  16. THE



    Grieve for me, friends. Because I'm playing on my Xbox 360, I can't mod my game to skip the Fade.

    • Shiyiya says:


      After my second playthrough I found the Skip The Fade mod and THANK GOD. All those combinations of forms and doors and secret passageways and VERY ANNOYING TO KEEP HAVING TO DO AGAIN.

      • omg right fuck the fade it is the ACTUAL WORST DUNGEON EVER CREATED

        like those fuckers at bioware just got high and then had a contest to see who could design the worst dungeon ever

        the winner got free pizza and ice cream for a week

  17. Owl_In_Daylight says:

    Mark, having a character headcanon is the single best thing about this game! It's what makes multiple playthroughs so damn great. When your character is completely different than the one that came before him/her, it truly feels like you're playing a different game. True, a certain amount of railroading needs to happen (as in all storyline-heavy games), but I found it especially liberating to play an evil character.

    The only time I was really close to using prior knowledge and change my decision was [City Elf future storyline spoilers] jura V sbhaq Inhtuna (jnf gung uvf anzr? Gur nffubyr jub encrf ryira tveyf) va Ubjr'f qhatrbaf. V unqa'g cynlrq n Pvgl Rys lrg, ohg zl oblsevraq unq naq V erzrzorerq uvz. Htu, vg xvyyrq zr gb yrg gur qvcfuvg tb k.k

    • Inky says:

      I absolutely adore how much Mark is getting into the roleplaying part of this game. I thought I was pretty deep into it in Origins, but I didn't even go as far as to rationalize how heavily the Fade would affect my character the way he is!

  18. ps you only say Alistair's dream is the most heartbreaking because you haven't seen Zevran's

  19. celestineangel1 says:

    Don't know if this is considered a spoiler, so I'm going to rot13 it:

    V unq Nyvfgnve, Jlaar, naq Natry (zl znonev ybbx V nz abg irel perngvir, bxnl?)… Natry'f avtugzner vf… xvaq bs uvynevbhf va gur jnl gung vg'f whfg yvxr ur'f rawblvat n anc naq lbh jnyx hc naq jnxr uvz naq ur'f nyy yvxr "Url, uv, ubj ner lbh?" Naq gung'f cerggl zhpu vg. YBY.

  20. Gillyweed says:

    Oh the Fade demons. My strategy was basically: crushing prison, run, hit it with a rock, run, punisher, run, heal, run. It worked most of the time.
    I love my companion's nightmares though, you really get to know them thanks to those. My favourite is Sten's and Morrigan's.
    Thanks to Markplays, I finally got around to finishing all the DLCs, well almost. I just finished Awaklening, xvyyrq obgu gur Nepuvgrpg naq Zbgure, orpnhfr V'z 100% tbbq punenpgre, V ernyyl jnagrq gb uryc Nepuvgrpg ohg uvf zrgubqf jrer varkphfnoyr. Gur tnzr ohttrq va gur raq, nsgre gur rcvybthr vg fgnegrq gb ybbc Zbgure'f xvyyvat fprar, naq abj gung V'ir vzcbegrq gb Jvgpu Uhag V qba'g xabj vs vg'f cebcre vzcbeg nygubhtu V qvq trg na npuvrirzrag: Njnxravat.
    V ybir QN:B, ohg gur tnzr vf fb shpxvat ohttrq. Do people not using PC version have the same problems I always wondered.

    • Inky says:

      I haven't heard of that particular bug, but I've definitely heard that DA:O's pretty buggy overall. Particularly near the end. Juvpu pnhfrq fbzr ceboyrzf jvgu QN2'f genafsre flfgrz gunaxf gb fbzr bs gur syntf abg orvat frg evtug.

  21. sertaki says:

    w00t? why do so many people skip the fade?
    i think its one of the best parts of the game.
    feels like a freaking david lynch film :D (but with more action though ^^)

  22. Josh says:

    I had my first playthrough of this cut down cruelly by a red ring of death. I had gotten all my allies, all my companions, and was on my way to….something ROT13-y.

    I picked up the Ultimate Edition on some Steam a while back, during some special where everything was $5, I believe. But I never got around to playing it again; the red ring at that point kind of killed it for me.

    Until you started posting these, Mark. Not only did I start up a new character about a week ago, I also managed to get through downloading a ton of items for the PC version that make life happy, like more hair, eyes and color options, the ability to respec away the worthless talents that the auto-leveling saddles you with (herbalism is great – on a secondary character), the one that lets you skip the fade (seriously, once is enough), etc.

    And I am having a blast again.

    Thank you.

  23. Shiyiya says:

    I always feel so guilty breaking Alistair out. GOD HE'S SO HAPPY. BB.

  24. BradSmith5 says:

    Oh, there are even little lore tidbits on the weapons! Thank you for showing us, Mark; I love that kind of stuff. :)

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