Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 17

In the seventeenth hour of Dragon Age: Origins, I escape frustration by being IMMENSELY PRODUCTIVE. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to play Dragon Age.

Hour Seventeen

Seriously, I turned around my game so quickly that I was basically singing “I’ll Make A Man Out of You” while slaughtering darkspawn and taking out mercenaries.







  • I hightailed it out of the Deserted Building and headed straight to camp. I don’t care if that makes me a coward or a quitter. I accept these titles.
  • I went back to my tired-but-true party: Morrigan, Alistair, and Wynne. They argue, they bicker, they make fun of one another, and they fucking destroy. Frankly, I missed Alistair’s wit.
  • I decided to make my way to Haven by way of all the little side missions along the path!
  • I first went to the Kadan-Fe Hideout, where I cleverly tricked the mercenaries to only come out three at a time. I would tell my party to stay put, goad a few out, get them to come to us, then REPEAT.
  • shit yeah.
  • I should have noted their names, but I sent a group of mercenaries away. The Adventurers? Something like that.
  • Next, I went to the camp marked “Refugees” to help with the darkspawn problem. I’d actually forgotten how easy Hurlocks and Gemlocks were! Well, relative to how strong my party is. It was a cinch to defeat them!
  • I went to a spot marked “Civil War” and it was that battle with Loghain’s soldiers! It was also the first time I fought with allies, and it was awesome that the game marks them with blue circles instead of red so that I can tell them apart.
  • After this lovely affair, I traveled to the Lake Calahad Docks, where I took care of one of the deserters of the Blackstone Irregulars. I had hoped to talk him out of it, but he fought us. We slaughtered them because we are hot shit.
  • Ugh, why did I agree to be the bearer of sad news and inform women their husbands are dead? What a depressing quest. I’m sorry, Larana. :(
  • All right, after this, I headed straight to the village of Haven. Right from the start, I’m way into this. It’s like a winter forest! Lots of pines, very green, and extremely, extremely creepy. The guard is clearly hiding something, right?
  • oh
  • After this scene ended, Morrigan and Wynne got in a fight about the Chantry and I HAVE HAD IT UP TO HERE, MORRIGAN. STOP INSULTING MY FUTURE WIFE. If you weren’t so powerful and useful, I would leave you at home.
  • Oh great, I lost 2 approval points with Morrigan for talking to her and bringing up her childhood because apparently she hates being girly. WELP.
  • Oh my god, there are red things in my little compass thingy.
  • oh my god what happened to this place

i have cliffhanger’d myself this is totally internalized oppression now WHAT HAVE I DONE WHAT HAVE I DISCOVERED.

My Character Stats

Strength: 24
Dexterity: 23+2
Willpower: 18
Magic: 14
Cunning: 17
Constitution: 21

Heroic Stats 

Kills: 276
Damage dealt: 48280
Friendly-fire: 0
Greatest damage dealt: 90
Contribution to party damage: 37
Hit rate: 86
Most powerful foe slain: Uldred
Injuries: 7

I lost 2 points approval from Morrigan for bringing up a girly mirror from her childhood, and gained 1 point from Alistair for gifting him some boots!

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87 Responses to Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 17

  1. megotelek says:

    Oh my god, there are red things in my little compass thingy.

    They're coming toward the…green thingy. I think we're the green thingy.

  2. Araniapriime says:

    I'll have you know, Mr. Markypants, that it's your fault that I got Dragon Age Origins and am now playing it. Entirely your fault. LOL

    I have played Dragon Age II, and I'm going to drag that one out and play along with you. Although, unlike you, in neither of these games do I have to stop after an hour. Nyah nyah! ::D <3

    • biblioteknician says:

      So did you play 2 without ever having played Origins? Man, that must be a bizarre experience. What Origin did you pick? (Also, do you have the Ultimate Edition with Awakening? I ask because REASONS.)

      • Araniapriime says:

        I didn't know anything about Origins and I hadn't really played any games other than things like Civilization. I'd picked up DA2 after reading about the controversy of the romantic opportunities — I wanted to support such a progressive company.

        Because I didn't know anything about Origins, and because the story and setting of DA2 is different, it wasn't bizarre at all.

        I intend to play a couple of different origins. I'm starting with what I call a "basic" human female warrior. Hey, is there a keyboard command for "Attack"? Or do I have to keep right-clicking the trackpad?

        Yes, I have Awakenings!

        • biblioteknician says:

          Man, I guess I'm just so used to all the background of the Blight that is all over DA2 that the idea of…. just playing it without knowing what happened is just… weird to me. :P But I guess it really wouldn't be all that hard to get into that world, would it?

          Yaaaay Awakening! I'm genuinely curious how you're going to react to that, having played DA2 first.

          And um. I don't know! I play on my Xbox. I've attempted to game on computers before, and I am just unendingly bad at it. But maybe this will help?

          • guest_age says:

            Jumping in to say that while I played DAO before DA2, I haven't played Awakening yet and I was good to go with 2. From what little I know of it, I imagine it will be an…interesting experience to play Awakening after having already played DA2, but we shall see. Eventually I'll get tired of replaying DAO and move on to Awakenings, heh.

          • biblioteknician says:

            Awakening is not my favorite thing ever, but I love the characters to pieces and thus I keep playing it. :)

            Spoilers for Awakening and DA2 characters (I don't know what you know of Awakening… if you're really unspoiled, don't decode)

            V ybirq Naqref sebz uvf irel svefg ragenapr. Naq Whfgvpr nf uvf bja cynlnoyr punenpgre jnf whfg tybevbhf gb zr. V ybirq univat gurz va zl cnegl ng gur fnzr gvzr naq urnevat gurz onagre jvgu rnpu bgure. V arire va n ovyyvba lrnef jbhyq unir rkcrpgrq gb tb ba gb 2 naq svaq gung gurl unq zretrq, naq vg tnir zr fb znal SRRYF gb guvax gung Naqref' entr unq punatrq Whfgvpr, naq gung Whfgvpr unq va ghea punatrq Naqref, naq onfvpnyyl V pbagvahrq gb ybir gurz obgu rgreanyyl. Vg jnf n trahvar ceboyrz.

          • guest_age says:

            Bbbu, V qvqa'g xabj gung gurl jrer frcnengr va Njnxravatf (V qba'g zvaq orvat fcbvyrq, gubhtu! Gur bayl guvat V pna guvax bs va guvf frevrf gung V jbhyqa'g unir jnagrq fcbvyrq vf Naqref oybjvat hc gur Punagel va 2. Rirelguvat ryfr, V guvax V'q unir rawblrq vg whfg nf zhpu rira vs V xarj jung jnf pbzvat) ohg gung'f snfpvangvat. Vg ernyyl chgf uvf punenpgre va 2 va n arj crefcrpgvir sbe zr gb xabj gung. V yvxrq uvz va 2 rira jvgubhg vg, ohg V guvax V'yy qrsvavgryl unir zber srryf gur arkg gvzr V cynl, guvaxvat nobhg gung!

          • biblioteknician says:

            Lrf, gurl ner frcnengr punenpgref, naq bu zl tbbqarff, gur punenpgre qrirybczrag sbe Naqref orgjrra gur gjb vf nfgbavfuvat. V zrna, V ybir uvz gb cvrprf va obgu tnzrf, naq V nz bar bs gubfr crbcyr jub jvyy sberire fhccbeg uvz va nyy guvatf, fb V nz qrsvavgryl ovnfrq. Ohg ur vf whfg… fb zhpu unccvre va Njnxravat. Naq V cynlrq gung orsber 2, fb gur svefg gvzr, V whfg gubhtug vg jnf qryvtugshy, rfcrpvnyyl uvf onagre jvgu Whfgvpr. Ercynlvat vg cbfg-2 gubhtu? Rirelguvat gung unq penpxrq zr hc whfg znqr zr fb, fb fnq. Vg'f n ernyyl pbashfvat rkcrevrapr, nf n sna bs obgu punenpgref.

          • [Awakenings & DA2 spoilers: BZT! Nyy gur Naqref naq Whfgvpr srryf! V'z abg fher vs V pna unaqyr cynlvat Njnxravatf nybatfvqr Znex nsgre univat cynlrq QN2. Rkprcg V qb zvff Fvteha! V fb jvfu fur pbhyq unir orra va QN2 nf jryy. (Naq ebznapr-noyr).

            Whfg n qvfpynvzre: V unira'g npghnyyl svavfurq Njnxravatf, fb ab-bar qvfphff nalguvat nsgre gur cneg jurer gur jneqra onfr naq gur gbja ner orvat nggnpxrq naq lbh unir gb pubfr. Gung'f jurer V chg vg qbja ba zl svefg cynl guebhtu ntrf ntb naq gura yvsr tbg va gur jnl naq abj V'z jnvgvat gb fgneg vg ntnva naq cynl vg nybat jvgu Znex.]

          • biblioteknician says:

            Vs lbh ERNYYL jnag n Srryf Nggnpx, qb gur Oynpxznefu svefg naq gura xrrc Naqref naq Whfgvpr va lbhe cnegl sbe gur jubyr eha. Urnevat gurve ragver eha bs rkpunatrf vf n pbafgnag chapu va gur srryf. (Vg fbhaqf yvxr lbh snibe Fvteha- zl oo- ohg vs lbh guebj Angunavry va gurer bapr va n juvyr, uvf pbairefngvbaf jvgu Whfgvpr whfg znxr vg jbefr.

            Sberire n Qentba Ntr znfbpuvfg.

          • Gung'f jul V'z xvaq bs fpnerq gb qb vg. V qba'g jnag gb oehvfr zl srryf!

            Sebz zrzbel, Fvteha naq Naqref orvat phgr naq shaal ner tbvat gb tvir zr cyragl bs rkgen nathvfu gbb. Jura V cynlrq vg orsber, zl zbfg pbzzba cnegl jnf Naqref, Fvteha naq rvgure Whfgvpr be Inyraan jvgu zl ebthr jneqra. V nofbyhgryl sryy va ybir jvgu obgu Naqref naq Fvteha. Arkg gvzr V cynlrq V jnf tbvat gb tb Fvteha, Btuera naq rvgure Angu be Inyraan ohg gung jnf orsber V'q cynlrq QN2. V'z abg fher V'yy or noyr gb erfvfg gur punapr gb frr nf zhpu bs unccl naq pnerserr Naqref nf cbffvoyr, rira jvgu gur gentvparff naq nyy gur srryf.

            Jungrire unccraf, V'z cerggl fher nyy zl pbzzragf va Znex Cynlf Njnxravatf jvyy or ragveryl ebg13 naq svyyrq jvgu :'( Rfcrpvnyyl vs ur yvxrf Naqref be Whfgvpr (naq jul jbhyqa'g ur?)

          • Araniapriime says:

            Sebz jung V'ir ernq, V urne gung Naqref vf irel qvssrerag orgjrra gur gjb tnzrf, naq gung crbcyr jub cynlrq obgu cersre uvf crefbanyvgl va QN engure guna gur frdhry.

          • biblioteknician says:

            … V'ir urneq guvf nf jryy. V nz abg bar bs gubfr crbcyr.

            Crefbanyyl, V ybir uvz va obgu tnzrf. Ur vf irel qvssrerag va Njnxravat, vg'f gehr, ohg vg'f qhr gb uvf tebjgu nf n punenpgre va orgjrra Njnxravat naq 2. Ur unfa'g zretrq jvgu Whfgvpr lrg, naq ur'f n ybg zber fnepnfgvp. Ohg va gur ragver fpbcr bs uvf nep, V guvax vg jbexf fb jryy.

          • Araniapriime says:

            But that's a thing that's cool about doing DA2 first – learning about Darkspawn and stuff from a different perspective.

            Thanks for the Wiki link. I didn't know about that!

        • Dr. Facilier says:

          If you right click once, you will continuously attack the same enemy unless it moves away, or you switch actions.

  3. @undefined says:

    Spoilers for Mark Reads: V unira'g cynlrq Qentba Ntr fb V'z abg ernyyl sbyybjvat guvf, ohg rirel gvzr Znex gjrrgf nobhg Unira V'z yvxr "JUNG JURA QVQ JR TRG GB CEBGRPGBE BS GUR FZNYY"

  4. biblioteknician says:

    Is it spoilery to talk about how to tell which companions like which types of gifts? Orpnhfr lbh pna tb vagb gurve Pbqrk ragevrf naq frr jung gurl cersre. Vg znqr zl yvsr FB zhpu rnfvre gb unir n thvqr bs fbegf gb tnvavat rnfl nccebiny.

    Specific gift spoiler: Nyfb, V qvqa'g ernyvmr lbh PBHYQ tvir gubfr obbgf gb nalbar ohg Mriena. V gubhtug tvsgf gung gevttrerq phgfprarf pbhyq bayl or tvira gb fcrpvsvp cnegl zrzoref…. Yvxr, bgure cnegl zrzoref syng-bhg ershfr gurz?

    • GenGinger says:

      Hahahaha yes my immediate reaction to this post was GRYY ZR LBH QVQ ABG TVIR GUR NAGVINA OBBGF GB NYVFGNVE. GUBFR NER SBE ZL ONOL MRIENA.

      V nterr, V gubhtug V'q urneq gung lbhe pbzcnavbaf ner fhccbfrq gb ghea qbja tvsgf gung ner fcrpvsvp gb nabgure punenpgre? Ohg znlor gung qbrfa'g jbex sbe Mriena orpnhfr ur'f bcgvbany? V qba'g xabj, ohg vg'f znxvat zr fnq.

      • biblioteknician says:

        V zrna, gur Jvxv fnlf vg'f fcrpvsvp gb Mriena, naq qbrfa'g zragvba orvat noyr gb tvir vg gb bgure cnegl zrzoref be rira yvggyr ohtf. Znlor vg vf orpnhfr Mri vf bcgvbany, ohg jub xabjf?

        • Tahaneira says:

          Znlor gurl jrer fbzr bs Yryvnan'f fubrf? *favss*

        • Dr. Facilier says:

          Orvat n tvsg sbe fcrpvsvp cnegl zrzoref whfg zrnaf qbhoyr gur nccebiny lbh jbhyq abeznyyl trg. tvivat gurz gb bguref tvir abezny nccebiny.

          • biblioteknician says:

            Jryy, V whfg frnepurq gur Jvxv, naq vg fnlf gung cybg-fcrpvsvp tvsgf- tvsgf gung gevttre phgfprarf- ner fhccbfrq gb or ershfrq ol nalbar ohg gur pbeerpg cnegl zrzore. Juvpu unf unccrarq gb zr orsber (V guvax V gevrq gb tvir gur zveebe gb Yryvnan? Orpnhfr Zbeevtna naq V unqa'g unq gung pbairefngvba lrg) naq vg fnlf gur obbgf ner fhccbfrq gb or cybg-fcrpvsvp sbe Mriena. Vg zhfg whfg or ohttl.

  5. Tahaneira says:

    And you thought this was just a little sidequest, eh? This may be a tired phrase, but reading your reactions, you really are not prepared.

    V pna'g jnvg gb urne jung ur guvaxf bs gur Hea bs Fnperq Nfurf. Vg'f tbvat gb or rfcrpvnyyl vagrerfgvat jvgu uvf pbzcnavbaf pbafvqrevat ur unf, lbh xabj, snveyl eryvtvbhf jneevbe, eryvtvbhf zntr, naq, jryy, Zbeevtna. V nyfb guvax ur'f tbvat gb yvxr Oebgure Travgviv. V'z nyfb n ovg jbeevrq gung ur'yy punetr fgenvtug bss gb Erqpyvssr nsgre guvf naq abg uvg Bemnzzne hagvy gur raq.

    That said, isn't Haven creepy as fuck? Every time I go through there, I get chills. And I always try to do my damnedest to prolong the atmosphere, trying to find as many of the weird clues as I possibly can. 'Come come Bonny Lynn' and all that, right?

    And yeah… Morrigan has… issues. If you hadn't noticed. But again, BioWare game. There is, if you're lucky, one party member per game who does not have a hideously tormented past or present, or some kind of major personality or mental disorder.

    Quote of the Day:
    Zevran: Ah, quiet, insular communities. There's always something nasty going on behind closed doors. I hope it involves chains. I hope they ask me to join in.

  6. BettyTheThird says:

    yes Haven! Sacred Ashes! Cannot wait! You are -not- prepared!

    Speaking of approval ratings, I've been thinking…I think I need a dating sim game from Bioware. Yes.

    • accidentalbeard says:

      YESSS. I feel like I'm always saying this! If Bioware made a dating sim I would be all over that.

  7. Passing by says:

    I think Mark has now weathered enough of Morrigan's legendary dissaproval that I can afford to use this picture without the threat of spoiling:

    Haven! Vä Vä! Naqenfgr Sgntua!

    • Killer of Bambis Mom says:


      • Yeah Morrigan disapproving of everything you do is a bit of a meme. I usually just keep her in the camp and give her gifts, because I tend to play goody two shoes sorts of characters but I still want Morrigan to be friends with me.

    • celestineangel1 says:

      YESSS. Morrigan disapproves of all the things. Even kittens, it seems. WHY, MORRIGAN, DO YOU NOT LIKE KITTENS??

  8. guest_age says:

    Ahhhh Haven, that place is so creepy.

    I think it's kind of hilarious to watch your reactions to the companions. You started out all "I'm just going to mock Alistair lulz" and "Morrigan and I will be sassy can I ship us?" and now you're like "I missed Alistair's wit" and "MORRIGAN WHY ARE YOU PICKING ON WYNNE?" and I just want to send you cocoa on the astral plane because of reasons. (Wait, is cocoa vegan? It has milk, right? Do they make soy cocoa? Don't mock me, I live in West Virginia and we have no vegan community and thus no vegan products so I genuinely don't know. WHATEVER, SENDING YOU SOME FORM OF COMFORTING VEGAN BEVERAGE ON THE ASTRAL PLANE. Because of reasons.)

    • accidentalbeard says:

      You can make it with soy or almond milk and it turns out great! =D

      • guest_age says:

        Ohhh, that makes sense. Ha, this is like the second time I've had to ask the Mark Does Stuff community about vegan things (last time it was the fact that I didn't know vegan chicken nuggets existed). I'm sure all the vegans are like “…you odd person how do you not know such things?” and my excuse is…I live in a hole. Vegans, beware and do not move here, for you will starve due to lack of available vegan products.

        • Killer of Bambis Mom says:

          Actually, you'd be surprised what is just vegan by default. I don't often eat things that are specially made for my diet. I just find awesome stuff that doesn't have dairy or meat or whatever. Like nearly every brand of Oreos is default vegan. UGH SO PERFECT.

          But to answer your question, some cocoa is vegan. If it's not a milk chocolate kind, it's surprisingly easy to find without dairy in it.

  9. SpaceElves says:

    for the berer of sad news quest you can hve your paty handle it for you which can be hiarios

    • celestineangel1 says:

      Oh gods. Alistair. I haven't done this, but I can say with absolute certainty that Alistair should never be allowed to do this, ever.

  10. Plactus says:

    Come, come, bonny Lynne, tell us, tell us where you've been…

    Haven's my favorite part of DA:O. I love the "this town gives me the creeps, there's something not right here" trope (boivbhfyl, fb qbrf fbzrbar ng OvbJner; frr nyfb, Srebf/Muh'f Ubcr va Znff Rssrpg naq gur pnaavony* vaa va Wnqr Rzcver) and it's done well here. My only complaint is it's too easy to stumble across the bloody altar or the Erqpyvssr xavtug'f obql and get the whole qentba cult pissed off at you without really having a chance to appreciate how totally pancaked up everything is.

    Update on where I am (not first time – includes mention of rather major spoilers):

    • Tbggra zlfrys onaarq sebz Jnqr naq Ureera'f fubc va Qrarevz.
    • Cybjrq guebhtu Erqpyvssr. Gurer jrer fbzr guvatf gurer V qvqa'g unaqyr cnegvphyneyl jryy (V xvyyrq gur oynpxfzvgu, sbe vafgnapr, naq gbbx urnil pnfhnygvrf qhevat gur onggyr). V jnf nyfb qvfnccbvagrq gung gur snpg gung V'q orgenlrq Wbjna (naq Yvyl) gb Veivat arire pnzr hc.
    • Zneeeeeznynqr!
    • Gbbx Nyvfgnve gb ivfvg uvf fvfgre. V'z abg guevyyrq nobhg gnxvat gur "or zber frys-pragrerq" bcgvba, ohg vg'f gur bayl jnl gb trg gur Ynaqfzrrg bhgpbzr V jnag (Nyvfgnve + Naben wbvag ehyr, Ybtunva pbafpevcgrq).
    • Jenccrq hc nyy gur bgure fvqrdhrfgf V pna qb jvgu jung V'ir qbar fb sne.
    • Qbar gur Erghea gb Bfgntne QYP. Gung'f gur ynfg cneg-bs-gur-pnzcnvta-cebcre QYP V unq yrsg gb qb. (Ynfg gvzr V qvq guvf jnf nsgre svavfuvat gur tnzr, fb V tbg gb oevat Ybtunva onpx naq unir Jlaar favcr ng uvz gur jubyr gvzr.)
    • Znkrq bhg nyy zl pbzcnavba'f nccebiny. Nyvfgnve jnf gur ynfg bar, orpnhfr V jnvgrq sberire gb oevat hc gur jubyr "yvpxrq n ynzccbfg va jvagre" pbairefngvba naq ur gbbx "fbeel, abg zl glcr" engure uneq (yvxr ur qvqa'g frr zl Jneqra naq Yryvnan znxvat bhg; V zrna, Jlaar cvpxrq hc ba vg nobhg gjb frpbaqf nsgre neevivat va pnzc…) (naq gung'f rknpgyl jul V jnvgrq sberire gb oevat hc fnvq pbairefngvba, ohg V jnf nsenvq V'q zvffrq gur erirny gung ur unq n pynvz gb gur guebar…).
    • Naq abj V'z bss gb Bemnzzne. Qrrc Ebnqf, lnl!

    * Nygubhtu grpuavpnyyl fvapr gurl'er yvggyr oyhr qrzba perngherf, gurl'er abg pnaavonyf. Evtug, Nyvfgnve?

    • biblioteknician says:

      V pna'g rira yvr, znxvat Ybtunva Nyvfgnve'f sngure-va-ynj vf zl zbfg snibevgr rivy guvat V'ir rire qbar. Vg whfg oevatf zr fb zhpu wbl.

      V nz n onq crefba.

  11. Deimos says:

    "They argue, they bicker, they make fun of one another, and they fucking destroy"

    …..I love this descriptor so much. Bioware could probably use it as a tagline.

    • Tahaneira says:

      Oh God yes. BioWare is very, very fond indeed of the 'band of misfit experts' trope in all of their games, and they don't all get along well with each other. But they will always kick serious ass.

  12. accidentalbeard says:

    So, I absolutely love stories where things start out feeling a little bit off and slowly get creepier and more sinister. Not that it takes *that* long for things to deteriorate in Haven, but it's the same sense of "this isn't right – wait, this is ALL WRONG" that I really like. That altar in the random house is really unsettling!
    I'm glad Dragon Age isn't actually a horror game but the scary moments are done really well (zl snibevgr vf Urfcvgu'f rkgerzryl perrcl cbrz naq gur ragver ovg yrnqvat gb gur Oebbqzbgure; gung vf fb shpxvat fpnel gung V jnfa'g rira cercnerq sbe vg ba zl erprag ercynl rira gubhtu V xarj vg jnf pbzvat).

  13. TheDMG says:

    The funny thing: I don't remember ever having too much problem with Morrigan disapproving of me. I guess that means I'm a bad person. Alistair, on the other hand….I remember one game where I was almost to the endgame and his approval was still hovering around 55% before I did everything I could to try to get his approval to a slightly better place.

  14. Oh man. I totally got distracted by Buffy finale day and forgot about Dragon Age. And Mark hightailing it out of danger is an absolutely perfect way to not die.

  15. Dr. Facilier says:

    yeah, earlier on I tried to shuffle the characters as much as possible to get unique conversations, but now the game requires a tank, a mage, and someone with high damage output (Which may be another mage) Also, I never bring Zevran to anything, because everything he can do I can do better. Also I need someone with survival so I can see the enemies up ahead and set traps. Not that I mind having to keep Alistair around, cause he is probably my favorite romance out of any bioware game, but I'm not playing the games for gameplay, which is nothing special; I'm playing for the characters, and the writing and such.

    Seriously, Bioware gets away with murder in that regard.

  16. jerssica says:

    I barely remember Haven right now. I remember really enjoying it and the big things that happen. So to avoid accidentally spoiling anything, I will keep my mouth shut and talk about other things!

    My go to party was always Alistair, Wynne and switching between Zevran and Morrigan. (Also occasionally Btuera, juvpu vf evqvphybhf sbe zr gb unir 3 jneevbef va bar cnegl. Zl tnzrcynl ynpxf fhogyrgl be nal pbzzba frafr.) Although Morrigan was always pissed at me for being so nice all the time and I would get frustrated at Zevran's inability to pick ANY LOCK. I cannot say how many times I heard him say "Let me get that for you." immediately followed by "I cannot do that." GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER ZEVRAN! You are very lucky I enjoy your sass!!

    • Deimos says:

      V nyjnlf ybirq Btuera/Nyvfgnve be Btuera/Mriena onagre.

      My party usually consisted of Rogue!Me, Alistair, Wynne and usually Leliana, though sometimes I'd switch her out for Zevran or Morrigan.

      On Haven: I always love it when Bioware flexes their creepy/horror muscles, because when they go for it, they go for it. Znff Rssrpg, Yrivnguna, nalbar?

      Haven isn't really outright horror, and it devolves pretty quickly as another poster pointed out, but the Suspicious Village is fun to see in its different incarnations.

      • jerssica says:

        Ooooh I haven't played Yrivnguna yet! I really need to download that…

      • cat says:

        Gur perrcl cnegf bs gur tnzr ner nyy zl snibevgrf, nygubhtu zl snibevgr bhg bs nyy bs gubfr vf npghnyyl gur nyvrantr becunantr orpnhfr vg'f fbzrjung haqrefgngrq. Lbh qba'g ernyyl ernyvmr ubj zrffrq hc vg vf hagvy lbh fgbc naq ybbx nebhaq ng gur jnl gur obqvrf ner cvyrq oruvaq gur gnoyrf gurl gevrq gb uvqr oruvaq… D:

    • Herefox says:

      Whenever I use Zevran (often, because when I'm male I want my hot elf loving!) in my party as main thief I immediately start upping his lockpicking as fast as possible. Though I've noted that it's very rare that you find exceptionally good equipment in locked chests. My favorite party probably has been Morrigan, Zhevran, Alistair and my main character as a mage.

      Unlike most of the people here I don't care for Wynne much and I adore Morrigan. Once of the best romances in the game, I think, is the one with Zbeevtna nf vg znxrf gur raq tnzr rkprcgvbanyyl vagrerfgvat. naq jnxvat gur jvgpu rira zber raguenyyvat.

      • jerssica says:

        Yeah it's really all my fault that I wasn't putting the right points in the right place for Zevran. But I will still blame him forever!

        I still need to replay this game a million times and do all of the romances. You make an excellent point!

    • accidentalbeard says:

      Zevran is SUCH A LIAR. During the scene when you can recruit him, you can ask something like "why would I want to have you along?" and among his list of skills he mentions lockpicking… which he comes with ZERO points in. I just explain it to myself that he was bluffing so I wouldn't kill him, but come on! What kind of self-respecting assassin can't lockpick at least a little bit, anyway?

  17. EmberQuill says:


    Fb, fb, fb hacercnerq.

    Naq V ybir ubj Znex guvaxf gung gur Pvepyr Gbjre, Oerpvyvna Sberfg, naq gur Hea bs Fnperq Nfurf ner nyy fvqr dhrfgf. Nyy bs gur ahaf.

  18. Killer of Bambis Mom says:




  19. snapsnzips says:

    I always make Alistair bear the bad news to the wives with dead husbands. He does it better than I can.

  20. Going to Haven and finding that altar always makes the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

    V jbaqre jung pbafrdhraprf gurer ner sbe Ney Rnzba vs ur qrsvyrf gur Nfurf? V'ir arire tbar gung ebhgr. V xabj Jlaar naq V guvax Nyvfgnve jvyy qvr cebgrpgvat gur hea, ohg abg jung gung zrnaf sbe gur Ney.

    • Tahaneira says:

      V guvax gung ab znggre jung, lbh nyjnlf gnxr fbzr bs gur Nfurf orsber qrsvyvat gur Hea. Abg pregnva, ohg gung'f jung V oryvrir unccraf. Fb ab znggre jung, Rnzba vf pherq naq ba lbhe fvqr orpnhfr, yrg'f snpr vg, jvgubhg uvz, gur ragvergl bs raqtnzr jbhyq pbafvfg bs gur Jneqra fvggvat hafhccbegrq ng gur Ynaqfzrrg juvyr Ybtunva ynzonfgf gurz naq guvaxvat, "Jryy, fuvg."

    • biblioteknician says:

      Nyvfgnve jba'g npghnyyl svtug lbh ba qrsvyvat gur hea, gubhtu vg qbrf znxr uvz znq. Yryvnan jvyy, gubhtu.

  21. Peter says:

    Well I can't comment too much because I still haven't played Haven! But, that song, Mark. THAT SONG it's just too much. I would love it if musical songs (OR ANY KIND OF SONGS) were rewritten with lyrics specifically for Mark's projects! Someon should make this happen.

  22. celestineangel1 says:


    Is it a spoiler to say that in my opinion, guvf vfa'g rira gur zbfg shpxrq hc cneg bs gur tnzr? Boivbhfyl, vg vf n fcbvyre gb fnl gung Oenaxn naq jung fur qvq va gur Qrrc Ebnqf vf sne zber shpxrq hc nf sne nf V'z pbaprearq.

    First Time Gameplay

    Abguvat gb ercbeg, orpnhfr V'z fgvyy trggvat fynhtugrerq ol Ney Ubjr naq uvf thneqf/zntrf. Rirel. Fvatyr. Gvzr. Gur tnzr vf rira frg ba rnfl. ;_; V qba'g haqrefgnnnnnnaq. Ohg gung'f bxnl, orpnhfr gbzbeebj n sevraq vf yvgrenyyl pbzvat bire gb zl ubhfr sbe qvaare orpnhfr nsgrejneqf, fur vf tbvat gb cynl guvf onggyr sbe zr naq ubcrshyyl JVA sbe zr. V unir ab ceboyrzf va oevovat sevraqf jvgu sbbq va rkpunatr sbe jvaavat onggyrf sbe zr.

    Orpnhfr, nccneragyl, orpnhfr V QYrq sebz TnzrSyl naq hfr gurve pbafbyr, V pna'g hfr gur qrirybcre pbafbyr sbe purngf. :( V nz irel fnq. V jnf ybbxvat sbejneq gb hfvat gur XVYY RIRELGUVAT purng.

  23. kartikeya200 says:

    Video games have taught me that any place called 'Haven', Sanctum, Refuge, Sanctuary, Safe Sunny Spot, or any variation thereof should never ever be trusted. It will always turn out to be ENDLESS HORROR.

    • Tahaneira says:

      Fnapghnel va ZR3. Bu qrne Tbq Fnapghnel. Gung guvat jnf fpnel nf nyy uryy.

      I wonder what would happen if BioWare put their efforts into making a full-fledged horror game?

      • kartikeya200 says:

        Tvira pregnva ovgf va ZR3 naq bgure cnegf gb pbzr va guvf tnzr, V'z tbvat gb tb jvgu 'raqyrff avtugznerf sbe zr'.

      • accidentalbeard says:

        Fnapghnel! Lrf, fb qvfgheovat. Abg whfg sbe jung unccrarq gurer, ohg orpnhfr V jnf njner bs vg nf n ershtrr qrfgvangvba orsber vg jnf n znva cneg bs gur tnzr – vfa'g gurer n pbairefngvba lbh pna bireurne ba gur Pvgnqry nobhg vg? Fb nyy bs gurfr crbcyr ner shpxvat greevsvrq naq qrfcrengr naq gurl fubj hc gb jung ybbxf yvxr gurve ynfg ubcr… pna lbh vzntvar ubj ubeevoyr vg jbhyq or sbe gurz? V guvax n Ovbjner ubeebe tnzr jbhyq or cher rivy. V'q cynl vg gubhtu.

        • EmberQuill says:

          Lrnu, gurer'f n ovt ovyyobneq jvgu n pbhcyr crbcyr gnyxvat nobhg vg. Gur Ibyhf fnlf fbzrguvat nobhg ubj vg'f boivbhfyl n fpnz naq ur jvfurf ur gubhtug bs vg svefg.

          Juvpu vf n ovg hafrggyvat va uvaqfvtug, tvira jung Fnapghnel ernyyl jnf.

    • Killer of Bambis Mom says:

      This just reminds me of Vault 112 in Fallout 3.

      H E L P

  24. The best part about Haven is the little boy with the finger bone.

    Also? Alistair being massively weirded out by the idea of male priests. Bless this world.

    Mark you are not using Zevran enough I demand this change :( :( :(

  25. fiat 126p says:

    Why viewers still use to read news papers when in this technological world the whole thing is presented on net?

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