Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 18

In the eighteenth hour of Dragon Age: Origins, I discover how truly fucked up the village of Haven is. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to play Dragon Age.

Hour Eighteen

LIKE WHAT IF I HAD NEVER PICKED UP THE MISSION FROM WEYLON? I know that Haven has been on my travel map for a while now, but seriously, a story this incredible that’s not part of the Blight mission IS RULING MY LIFE.

I started my journey through the village outside the village shop, where I discovered one of Arl Eamon’s knights mutilated in the back. Okay, what the fuck is going on? Actually, that was a common theme for my journey through this part of the game. I kept coming upon some new detail, and it would leave me more bewildered than before.

For example: WHY ARE THERE REAVERS IN THIS GAME, AND WHAT ARE THEY? Oh my god, it’s Firefly now. Okay, just teasing, but for real, what was going on in Haven? Why were they decimating bodies? Why are they cultists?

As I came upon the Chantry, all I could think was, “WHY DO I HAVE TO GO IN HERE. THIS IS A REALLY BAD IDEA. CAN WE NOT DO THIS?” I even searched around the sides of the building to see if there was anywhere else to go, but nope. This was it. I had to go inside. So I did. And my brain just turned to mush.

SO ANDRASTE IS ALIVE? OR CAN BE? OR MIGHT BE? What the fuck are these people doing in Andraste’s name? Why does this priest keep saying we need to protect her?

I like a good mystery in my video games. I do! I mean, look, how fun was the story in the first Uncharted game? (Obligatory mention that the gameplay itself is borderline racist as fuck.) How great were many of the side quests in both of the recent Fallout games? WHAT ABOUT BIOSHOCK oh my god my brain hurts just thinking about it. I didn’t expect anything like this from Dragon Age. The story is set before me so plainly: gather an army, fight the darkspawn. There didn’t seem to be room for any sort of mystery or pervasive creepiness. I WAS SO WRONG.

I found Brother Genitivi and took him with me into the temple, which is EASILY the creepiest place in the whole game. It’s full of snow, icicles, and… well, I’ll get to that. I left Genitivi behind so he could be scholarly, and he said my absolute favorite thing when he was talking about the use of religious metaphors:

After all, no one wants to hear: “Willy toiled for many a year to perfect the curious mechanism that would send a sharpened spike up the arse of the unwary intruder.”

God, I love the dialogue in this game.

And so I left Genitivi and began my exploration of the Caverns. They’re FUCKING HUGE. Oh god, it was like entering the sewers in Fallout 3. Some times, they’d go on forever. This map in particular feels like the biggest, most expansive place I’ve explored. Generally, I explored every hallway and tunnel I could, and when it opened to the main caverns, I stuck to the right whenever I met a fork in the road. By the time I got to the “end” and my brain promptly gave up from being plot twist’d too many times, I’d actually explored the whole cavern. I managed to notice the following things:

  • WHAT THE HOLY FUCK IS A BRONTO AND SINCE WHEN WERE DEMONIC RHINO THINGS ALLOWED? Oh my god, he nearly obliterated my party, but Wynne’s Group Heal is a lifesaver. Literally.
  • There are so many Cultists. Nearly every turn provided five to ten more enemies to fight. Generally, they were easy to defeat, especially those without armor. But I was surprised by how prevalent they were.
  • OH MY GOD ASH WRAITHS. This is ridiculous.
  • Seriously, there was a room with five chests in it, and as you opened each chest, two Ash Wraiths would pop out. Of course I opened every chest. Would you expect anything less from me?
  • Hey, I got to level 12 because I killed so many things!
  • This room is called the “Wyrming Lair.” I am all out of fucks to give. DO I HAVE TO GO IN THERE? YOU ARE NEVER SUPPOSED TO ENTER A ROOM THAT SAYS “LAIR.” THAT’S JUST SCIENCE.
  • I lost count of the number of times that Wynne expressed Taylor Swift levels of surprise at the existence of dragons. “Unbelievable! A dragon!” You just fucking saw one two minutes ago. “I’ve never seen one this large!” Wynne, that’s a dragonling. Stop. Stop it.
  • Wait, why am I fighting the Cultist Overseer already? Is this the boss room? But I still have like a third of the map to cover!
  • Oh shit, I killed the Overseer on top of his nest of dragon eggs. How poetic!
  • Dragon breeding!
  • Goat eating! Poor goats. :(
  • What is the LIFEDRINKER? Oh shit, if I was a blood mage, this would RULE.

And then I reached the final chamber. Father Kolgrim. He wants me to put Andraste’s blood in the Urn of the Sacred Ashes. Like, okay, Wynne and Alistair were extremely quick to point out that this is a bad, bad, bad, VERY BAD idea. And I agree! Given what I’ve seen in Haven, clearly these people are worshipping something horrific. Why would I help them with that?

So I said no! And Father Kolgrim’s forces slaughtered us. Oh my god, we were dead before I could even properly react. Goddamn it, I’ll give this a few more tries in my next hour, but I really don’t want to say yes to this man just to get past him. I DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS.

Oh my god, this storyline is SO FUCKED UP.

My Character Stats

Strength: 24
Dexterity: 23+2
Willpower: 19
Magic: 14
Cunning: 18
Constitution: 22

Heroic Stats

Kills: 323
Damage dealt: 57311
Friendly fire: 0
Greatest damage dealt: 90
Contribution to party damage: 37
Hit rate: 83
Most powerful foe slain: Uldred
Injuries: 8

Everyone got along, so I actually have no changes to report in terms of approval rates!

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57 Responses to Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 18

  1. celestineangel1 says:

    Wynne is amazing. That is all.

  2. megotelek says:


    RIGHT? I have to admit I got a little sick of the endlessly twisting caverns in the temple. I'm right behind where you are in my current playthrough on my rogue, and she's having a great deal of fun (and XP!) disarming all of the traps in there.

  3. Langaren says:

    "gur Pnireaf. Gurl’er SHPXVAT UHTR. Bu tbq, vg jnf yvxr ragrevat gur frjref va Snyybhg 3. Fbzr gvzrf, gurl’q tb ba sberire. Guvf znc va cnegvphyne srryf yvxr gur ovttrfg, zbfg rkcnafvir cynpr V’ir rkcyberq."

    bu ubj v ybbx sbejneq gb znex svaqvat bhg gur HGGRE YNPX BS INEVRGL va QN 2 (jvpu jnf, va zl bcvavba, bar bs gur ovttrfg synjf va gung tnzr)

    • Shiyiya says:

      Htu, lrnu. Gung jnf vaperqvoyl sehfgengvat naq qvfnccbvagvat. PYBFVAT BSS ENAQBZ QBBEJNLF QBRF ABG ZNTVPNYYL ZNXR VG N ARJ NAQ QVSSRERAG NERN naq nyfb gur shpxvat zvavznc qbrfa'g vaqvpngr gur cnegf lbh pna'g npghnyyl trg gb juvpu jnf ERNYYL NAABLVAT.

      Naq ubarfgyl rira orsber V uvg gur 'rirel ohvyqvat vf gur fnzr ohvyqvat' guvat V sryg yvxr QN2 whfg ybbxrq ernyyl… trarevp.

    • biblioteknician says:

      Hetu. Gung znqr zr ernyyl fnq. Vg jnfa'g rira gung V jnf bccbfrq gb univat bar pvgl or gur ubzr onfr- V engure yvxrq gung! Vg znqr Xvexjnyy trahvaryl srry yvxr ubzr sbe zr. Ohg jura yvgrenyyl rirel pnirea znc naq Enaqbz Ubhfr znc naq Bu Url N Fnaql Nern znc ner vqragvpny, vg trgf byq dhvpx. :/

      Vg qvqa'g fgbc zr sebz cynlvat QN2 zber gvzrf guna pna ernfbanoyl or pbafvqrerq urnygul, gubhtu. V unir Qentba Ntr CEBOYRZ.

  4. enigmaticagentscully says:

    Oh my god, Father Kolgrim absolutely slaughtered me when I first played this game. I mean he and his group killed me over, and over and over and over…

    I think I had Leliana, Alistair and Wynne with me, but in the end I had to trek ALLLLL the way out of the map and back to camp to swap out Leli for Morrigan, because she wasn't doing enough damage.

    And then I went back and they killed me over, and over, and over, and over…

    I don't even remember how I defeated them in the end – I think I just got lucky. And it's still really hard even when I play the game now, though I've done it a bunch of times.

    But since I always play a real goody-two-shoes type, there is NO WAY I was agreeing to their defilement of the ashes. Also, I love Alistair, Leliana and Wynne, so I basically just do whatever they tell me. ^^

    • biblioteknician says:

      But oh goodness, it is so fun to play an apologetically evil asshole!

      Nyfb, gur Ernire novyvgl lbh tnva sebz qrsvyvat gur Nfurf znxrf cynlvat jvgu Fgra naq Btuera zber sha sbe zr.

      • »Paula« says:

        V qvq vg svefg naq gura ybfg Jlaar. Anghenyyl, V jnf cvffrq. :P

        • biblioteknician says:

          Ol gur gvzr V jnf ernql gb cynl na rivy nffubyr Jneqra, V jrag gb gur Jvxv gb qvfpbire ubj gb trg Oybbq Zntr naq Ernire naq yrnearq vs lbh qb Unira orsber trggvat Jlaar, lbh qba'g unir gb jbeel nobhg ybfvat ure. :) Fb V jnf na rivy oybbqzntr jvgu guvf fjrrg byq ynql sbyybjvat zr nebhaq, pbaprearq nobhg zl eryngvbafuvc jvgu Zbeevtna. Vg znqr zr fzvyr.

          Bar qnl bgure punenpgref jvyy pnyy lbh bhg ba orvat n oybbq zntr. BAR QNL.

    • stumpoman says:

      gunaxshyyl v unq svtherq bhg ubj gb qb fgbez bs gur praghel ol gung gvzr. va uvaqfvtug v hfrq vg gbb zhpu gb trg cnfg uneq cnegf.

    • SpaceElves says:

      I either lie to him (it's funny the number of ficticus characters dont get the concept of lieing to someone so that they will do what you want and/or not kill you.) otherwise i just have morrigan and allistair keep him frozen/terrified/stuned/otherwise disabled till i can kill the rest fo his minions; then i go after him (i still die alot tho)

  5. Tahaneira says:

    …V pnaabg jnvg gb frr jung unccraf jura ur gevrf gb svtug gur uvtu qentba.

    Naq ur fgvyy guvaxf guvf vf haeryngrq gb gur znva dhrfg! Ubj phgr. V pnaabg jnvg gb frr ubj ur ernpgf jura ur ernyvmrf ur'f fhccbfrq gb gur gnxr gur Nfurf gb Ney Rnzba, gubhtu V fgvyy jnag uvz gb uvg Bemnzzne svefg orpnhfr BTUERA naq qehaxra yrpurebhf uvynevgl. Bu, naq zvaq-jenpxvat ubeebe naq qvfthfg nf jryy.

    Yeah… Alistair, Wynne, and Leliana pretty much all object to the defilement of the Ashes. Strenuously. Guess what my favorite party is! And guess what I usually do! Of course, it helps that I can never play an evil/mean character even if my life depends on it.

    Also, I would like, at this point, to state one of the most basic RPG gaming laws:

    In order for something to be done, something else must be done first.

    Fact. Incontrovertible. You can't argue with that, it's physics.

    Oh, the next hour is going to be so fucked up.

    Quote of the Day:

    DAMMIT MARK YOU STOLE MY QUOTE. I had it planned out and everything! Meanie.

    Sten: And I thought your Chantry was strange when they weren't dedicating temples to corpses.

  6. enigmaticagentscully says:


    …lbh jbhyq unir tbggra vg nsgre gur jubyr 'Erqpyvssr' guvat

    n fgbel guvf vaperqvoyr gung’f abg cneg bs gur Oyvtug zvffvba VF EHYVAT ZL YVSR.

    …rkprcg vg gbgnyyl vf, ohg znxrf n ybg zber frafr va pbagrkg.

    Bu Znex, V ybir lbh, ohg lbh ner cynlvat guvf tnzr va ragveryl gur zbfg pbashfvat beqre cbffvoyr. V whfg ubcr gb tbq ur svanyyl tbrf gb Erqpyvssr nsgre guvf!

    • klmnumbers says:

      I actually just started a replay of the game, and I'm trying to decide which way to play.. like what order to go in. I just finished all of the beginning and got to my camp to get my flirt on with Alistair… haha I'm tempted to go in Mark's order. =)

      • EmberQuill says:

        Znex'f beqre vf fb uvynevbhfyl gjvfgrq. V npghnyyl pna'g jnvg gb frr jung unccraf jura ur tbrf gb Erqpyvssr jura ur nyernql unf gur nfurf, orpnhfr V'ir arire qbar vg va gung beqre orsber ohg V'z nyernql gbb sne vagb zl bja cynlguebhtu gb gel vg.

        • klmnumbers says:

          V qvqa'g rira guvax bs gung. V zvtug checbfryl tb gb Unira svefg whfg fb V pna qb gur fnzr. V qrpvqrq gb tb nurnq naq tb gb gur Pvepyr bs Zntv svefg.. zbfgyl orpnhfr V ybir/arrq Jlaar va zl yvsr sbe urnyvat.

        • megotelek says:

          V xabj, evtug? Yvxr, jura Onaa Grntna vf gnyxvat gb lbh ol gur zvyy naq zragvbaf gur dhrfg, jvyy ur trg gur bcgvba bs fnlvat, onfvpnyyl, "Bu, lbh zrna gurfr nfurf? Ab ovt." Naq jvyy Onaa Grntna'f urnq rkcybqr? V ARRQ GB FRR GUVF.

          • EmberQuill says:

            LRF. V PNA'G JNVG.

            V ernyyl ubcr ur trgf fbzr xvaq bs pbairefngvba bcgvba yvxr gung. Orpnhfr vg jbhyq or UVYNEVBHF.

  7. biblioteknician says:

    I can't even begin to explain how many times Kolgrim massacred me. This was easily one of the top 3 hardest fights for me the first time I played this game.

    Genitivi makes me smile.

  8. Ryan Lohner says:

    Okay, I'm really curious: what is so racist about the Uncharted series? I'm asking as someone who's never even heard of it outside this site.

  9. Passing by says:

    I see no word of it here, did you find out who/what this "living Andraste" is during this hour? I believe Kolgrim was pretty clear about it =/

    • Dr. Facilier says:

      V Xbytevz, naq V unq ab vqrn gurl jrer jbefuvcvat n qentba hagvy gur Thneqvna rkcynvarq vg gb zr. V whfg svtherq ur jnf gelvat gb qrfgebl n zvenpyr cnanprn, arrqrq ney rnzba'f nffvfgnapr, naq qvqa'g frr gur orarsvg va urycvat gur zheqrebhf phygvfgf.

  10. Dr. Facilier says:

    First time playing.

    So something I found interesting that I forgot to mention a few posts ago. Jura V gnyxrq gb uneebjzbag, ur rkcynvarq gur riragf bs gur qjnes aboyr bevta. V svtherq gung bhgfvqr uvf bja bevtva gur Qjnes Aboyr arire rkvfgrq, ohg vg frrzf ur qvq, naq gur qvssrerapr jnf Qhapna jnf abg va Bemnzne ohg va pnfgyr Pbhfynaq. Fb qbrf gung zrna vs gur Qjnes Aboyr jnf pnaba, ntngun pbhfynaq jbhyq'ir qvrq va ney Ubjr'f znffnper? Vg jnf irel vagrerfgvat gb zr naljnl.

    Abg zhpu ryfr unf unccrarq. gur qrrc ebnqf ner ovt l'nyy.

    Vs Znex gevrf gb svtug gur qentba jvgu uvf yriry frg V jvyy ynhtu.

    • EmberQuill says:

      V guvax nyy gur bevtvaf ner ng yrnfg frzv-pnaba gb gur tnzr. Gur riragf ner n ovg qvssrerag fvapr Qhapna jnf bayl vaibyirq va gur bevtva lbh cvpxrq, ohg gur bgure bevtvaf fgvyy unccrarq.

      Lbh pna rira svaq gur qrnq obql bs Qjnes jub zvtug unir orra gur cynlre punenpgre sebz gur Qjnes Pbzzbare bevtva va n pryy jura qbvat gur Wneivn'f Uvqrbhg dhrfg va Bemnzzne.

    • Tahaneira says:

      Lrnu, nyy bs gur bevtva fgbevrf npghnyyl unccrarq va gur tnzr. Lbh pna svaq nyy gurve genprf va gur onpxtebhaq. Vg'f whfg gung Qhapna jnf bayl cerfrag sbe bar bs gurz, naq fb pbhyq bayl erfphr naq erpehvg bar crefba.

    • BornIn1142 says:

      Nf sne nf V pna gryy, rirel cynlguebhtu bs gur tnzr cerfhzrf gung gur svir bevtva punenpgref lbh qvqa'g cvpx raq hc qrnq orpnhfr Qhapna'f bayl gurer gb fnir n cnegvphyne bar.

      • Dr. Facilier says:

        Jryy gur zntv vf abg va nal vzzrqvngr qnatre ng gur raq bs ure bevtva. Fur zbfg yvxryl whfg tbg fynhtugrerq ol oybbq zntrf be orpbzr na nobzvangvba.

        • Tahaneira says:

          Abg ernyyl. Gur vzcerffvba V tbg jnf gung gur zntr jbhyq unir orra ohaqyrq bss gb gur fnzr cevfba nf gur fvfgre, jurer gur Irvy vf fb guva gur zntr yvxryl jbhyq unir orra cbffrffrq naq xvyyrq jvguva n zbagu. V'q pnyy gung qnatre.

          • Dr. Facilier says:

            Vs gung'f fhpu n qnatre, jul abg whfg znxr ure genadhvy naq xrrc ure va gur gbjre?

          • Tahaneira says:

            Rvgure jnl fur'f fperjrq. Uryy, fur zvtug rira or bar bs gur Genadhvy lbh erfphr ba gur frpbaq sybbe.

          • Plactus says:

            Ubjrire, gur zntr unf gur bcgvba bs jbexvat jvgu Veivat (vg nyy cynlf bhg zber be yrff gur fnzr), va juvpu pnfr, juvyr Terntbve'f abg guevyyrq jvgu uvz/ure, (f)ur yvxryl fhssrerq ab frevbhf chavfuzrag. Hagvy Hyqerq qbrf jung ur qbrf, naljnl.

          • Tahaneira says:

            Sebz jung V erzrzorerq bs gur Zntr bevtva, Veivat gevrq gb cynl gur 'fur jnf vairfgvtngvat ng zl erdhrfg' pneq ohg Terntbve bireehyrq uvz, ng juvpu cbvag Qhapna vagreirarq.

          • Plactus says:

            Univat erpragyl cynlrq vg, Terntbve'f ernyyl abg unccl naq juvyr Veivat onfvpnyyl chfurf gur zntr bhg gur qbbe jvgu Qhapna, gurer'f ab vaqvpngvba gung (f)ur'q or chavfurq vs (f)ur fgnlrq. (Jurernf vs lbh qba'g jbex jvgu Veivat, rvgure Veivat be Qhapna onfvpnyyl fnlf "Vs lbh fgnl, lbh'yy or Genadhvyvmrq.")

    • threeparts says:

      [Spoilers for the other origins] Lhc! Vs V erpnyy pbeerpgyl, abg pubbfvat gur bgure bevtvaf nyfb zrnaf gur Fhenan naq Nzryy zntrf cebonoyl trg xvyyrq ol nobzvangvbaf nsgre urycvat Wbjna rfpncr, gur Qnyvfu rys Znunevry qvrf sebz gur gnvagrq zveebe, naq Gnoevf, gur pvgl rys, trgf neerfgrq naq cerfhznoyl rkrphgrq sbe nggnpxvat gur uhznaf. Oebfpn, gur qjnes pbzzbare, fgneirf gb qrngu va cevfba, naq gurve obql pna or frnepurq jura gur Jneqra cnffrf guebhtu Bemnzzne.
      Onfvpnyyl, rirel gvzr lbh pubbfr na bevtva lbh'er pbafvtavat fvk bgure crbcyr gb qrngu. :Q

  11. So this is legitimately one of my favorite parts of the game. I think the existence of cults is the one of the scariest actual things that exist. And having known people who come out of them, even years later you can see that it has an effect that never seems to go away. Now the Cult of Andraste isn't as bad as a real life cult I suppose. Since there is magic and dragons and such. But seeing the blood stained altars is still pretty creepy.

    That all said I have to admit on my first playthrough I agreed to help them. Ever since I've happily fought against them.

    I can't wait to read monday's post. Should be interesting (depending on how much further he got.)

  12. Vf nalbar rire tbvat gb gryy Znex gung ur npghnyyl vf cynlvat bhg n znva fgbel dhrfg be ner jr whfg tbvat gb fvg naq ynhtu ng uvz?

    The Urn quest….. Oh man, the Urn quest.

    First: It's a very good thing you left Sten behind on this, because he actually flips out on you in Haven for dilly-dallying and not just going to stab the Archdemon in the eye. Apparently the Qun does not dictate its karasten study strategy. Strategy, my dear Sten.

    BUT THIS FUCKING TEMPLE. I just played through this quest last week and I had forgotten how HOLY FUCKING LONG this stretch of the game is. Maybe it's because it's xvaq bs n qrnq raq… Lbh'er pyvzovat hc gur zbhagnva naq unir gb ghea naq tb evtug onpx qbja bapr lbh ernpu gur gbc. And then it leads to bar bs zl snibevgr cnegf bs gur tnzr, gur Tnhagyrg.

    When, oh when, are you going to start making regular use of Zevran? You need him in your party you need him in your party OKAY?????????

    (V unq Zbeevtna, Mriena, naq Nyvfgnve va zl cnegl jura V sbhaq gur Nfurf, naq Nyvfgnve'f eryvtvbhf jbaqre pbagenfgrq gb Zbeevtna'f qvfqnva naq Mriena'f qrnqcna "avpr infr" znqr zl yvsr.)


    Reaver is a specialization subset for the warrior class, and they're kind of like the blood mage version of a warrior. After ingesting dragon blood (i think??), they gain occult-ish powers in battle. Their abilities include healing themselves by sucking away their enemies' life force and literally radiating a psychic aura of pain and terror.

    Reaver is probably my Dragon Age class.

    (Spoilers for DA2: ernire vf npghnyyl zl snibevgr pynff fcrpvnyvmngvba sbe Unjxr ebznapvat Zreevyy, orpnhfr V urnqpnaba gung ernire!Unjxr pna haqrefgnaq ubj Zreevyy pna hfr oybbq zntvp naq abg ybfr urefrys gb vg. Ohhhhhhhh FEELS.)

    • my FAVORITE dragon age class

      i can words

    • biblioteknician says:

      Frr, V nqber Zreevyy, ohg V'ir bayl rire evinyznaprq ure. Bar bs gurfr qnlf V arrq gb sevraqznapr ure, orpnhfr fur vf nqbenoyr naq whfg arrqf fbzrbar gb fhccbeg ure yvsr pubvprf.

      …. Naq sbe fbzr ernfba, cnegjnl guebhtu Njnxravat V fgnegrq tvivat nyy zl snibevgr punenpgref crg-anzrf gung V jbhyq hfr jura gnyxvat gb zlfrys qhevat onggyrf, naq V pnyyrq ure Qhpxyvat. V qba'g rira xabj. Fur'f nqbenoyr, Qhpxyvatf ner nqbenoyr. V unq whfg ernq Uhatre Tnzrf. Vg nyy znqr frafr va zl urnq ng gur gvzr.

  14. EmberQuill says:

    "gung’f abg cneg bs gur Oyvtug zvffvba"

    Bu Znex, lbh fgvyy qba'g trg vg, qb lbh?

    First of all, I love Haven and the temple. It's one of my favorite parts of the game. The creepiness of Haven, the weirdness of the cultists, etc. And then lbh svaq bhg gung "Naqenfgr" vf n Uvtu Qentba naq gura gur Thneqvna naq gur Tnhagyrg naq vg'f whfg nyy fb njrfbzr.

    First Time Playing (Sorta, explained in the ROT13 below)

    V'ir cynlrq QNB orsber, ohg arire orngra vg. Gur shegurfg V'ir tbggra cevbe gb zl pheerag cynlguebhtu jnf nebhaq gur ortvaavat bs Bemnzzne. V'ir cynlrq guebhtu nyy gur bgure znva dhrfgf naq zbfg bs gur fvqr dhrfgf hc gb guvf cbvag orsber (nygubhtu V unira'g qbar gur Oerpvyvna Sberfg lrg ba guvf cynlguebhtu), ohg V'ir arire svavfurq Bemnzzne. Fb hagvy V qb, guvf jvyy grpuavpnyyl or zl svefg gvzr cynlvat. Gura V'yy or bss gb gur Oerpvyvna Sberfg, juvpu V'ir qbar orsber, ohg nsgre gung vg'f nyy arj.

    Fb V'ir whfg svavfurq rkcybevat Pnevqva'f Pebff naq V nyernql ungr gur Qrrc Ebnqf. Abg dhvgr nf zhpu nf V ungr gur Snqr, ohg bs pbhefr, V'ir oneryl rira ortha gur Qrrc Ebnqf fb gurer'f fgvyy cyragl bs gvzr gb punatr zl zvaq. V'z nyernql trggvat gur srryvat gung V'yy or fghpx urer sbe n YBAT juvyr…

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    • biblioteknician says:

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      • EmberQuill says:

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        • biblioteknician says:

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          • EmberQuill says:

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    • klmnumbers says:

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      • EmberQuill says:

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        EDIT: ROT13ed! Whoops! Glad I caught that.

  15. @undefined says:

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    I just agreed to do what he said because I wanted to STOP FIGHTING ALL THE DAMN CULTISTS. Then V ershfrq gb tb guebhtu jvgu vg va gur raq, naq unq gb svtug uvz ba gur jnl bhg. Ohg vg jnf bx, orpnhfr V unq 2 znffviryl cbjreshy zntrf naq qvqa'g obgure jvgu gur qentba hagvy evtug orsber gur Ynaqfzrrg.

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