Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 19

In the nineteenth hour of Dragon Age: Origins, this is so much more fucked up than I anticipated AND THERE IS VIDEO EVIDENCE OF IT THIS TIME AROUND. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to play Dragon Age: Origins.

Hour Nineteen


Oh lord, Haven, you are so terribly messed up. Like, this is a stunning commentary on giving one’s self over to the power offered by a cult, as well as a fascinating chance to test the resolve of your party. I want to replay this game with a billion other characters just to see how they react to what Kolgrim offers. I decided that I wanted to try out another fight with Father Kolgrim before going the route of ash desecration. I will be smart about this, I told myself. Just take the mages out and you’ll have no problem.

Easier said than done. Observe my glorious and truly pathetic attempt to take down Kolgrim:

Clearly, I am the best at this game.

So I gave in. I had to. My party wasn’t strong enough or leveled up to where I wanted them to be. (OH GOD, I NEED MORRIGAN TO HAVE CRUSHING PRISON ASAP PLEASE.) Plus, I figured that the game wouldn’t force you to put blood in the ashes; for the most part, this game is all about choice. That choice heavily factors into the story you get as well. But even as I started to go down the path of agreeing to help Kolgrim, both Wynne and Alistair were having NONE OF IT. And I agree with them personally, despite that I made Roslin be more pragmatic. We couldn’t fight these assholes, so we had to trick them into letting us in with a false promise.

Roslin is being very rogue-like here, and while I do enjoy making her companions approve of her, my own personal meta/headcanon takes precedent. As I’ve said before, it’s just so goddamn fun to build your character this way. I know a lot of you approach the game in the same way, and I can finally say that I understand you. This game is so fun when you create a person’s entire behavioral system, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I was followed Kolgrim to the Mountaintop, where I tried to betray him extremely early, and I quickly learned that this was an awful, awful idea. Why on earth did I think that fighting him before was terrible, yet doing it five seconds later is suddenly a stunning bit of brilliance? I don’t know what I was thinking, and I permit you to laugh at me. So, after accepting Kolgrim’s offer and getting the blessing of a dragon OH THAT’S RIGHT THESE PEOPLE WORSHIP DRAGON’S AS SOME WEIRD SUBSTITUTE/GO-BETWEEN FOR ANDRASTE. Oh god, what the hell is going on? Do these people seriously think that’s what dragons are? Or, rather, these dragons??? Eager to figure out what the fuck was going on, I headed into the Gauntlet. I am pretty sure that despite being a fairly ignorant video game player, I am well aware that entering a room called “The Gauntlet” is basically asking for trouble. Great, what was I going to face here?

(Note: This video is an experimentation with a voiceover instead of a picture-in-picture.)

NONE OF THIS IS WHAT I EXPECTED. First of all, the Guardian wasn’t evil, which was the first sign that Kolgrim and his followers were full of shit. Wait, what am I saying? This was the BILLIONTH sign that something was deeply wrong with all of them. And then the Guardian started asking really personal questions. Holy shit, is this the Gauntlet? Well, I’m uncomfortable right now. How the fuck do you know about Shianni WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? Oh my god, he really does get straight to the goddamn point, doesn’t he? I think Wynne’s response to his questioning was my favorite, both because she called him out for his shitty way of asking leading questions and because she was so honest. Wynne, for real, when is our wedding ceremony?

Morrigan’s getting on my last nerve, but lord, she’s really happy with me. This whole mission is like her favorite thing I’ve ever done. And you know, as an atheist myself, I do love subversive takedowns of religion, but Morrigan’s dedication to being totally amoral about this isn’t my favorite thing in the world. I was glad the Guardian simply let her go past so we could get started.

As you can see, I was shocked by this line of questioning, and then I was UTTERLY STOKED to answer some riddles. Well, I wouldn’t exactly call some of those things riddles. Perhaps I’m just being bigoty because I clearly couldn’t figure out the first few. But I think I got half of them! YES!

I didn’t film the bridge part because… well, I may have taken a long time. Like, a really long time. Like HALF AN HOUR TO FIGURE OUT THE LOGISTICS OF THAT FUCKING PUZZLE. I spent most of the time thinking that if I aligned all four of them perfectly, then it would appear as a solid and then EVERYONE WINS. It wasn’t until I realized that only three solid pieces could appear at a time that I came to the conclusion that one character had to walk across the bridge. WHOOPS. Then I messed it up once when I accidentally had the wrong character get off their block and then LOOK OKAY. I EVENTUALLY FIGURED IT OUT. That’s all that matters! Apparently, I can beat Portal 2 rooms in five minutes, but this one simple puzzle nearly ruined me.

(Note: This video is an experimentation with a voiceover instead of a picture-in-picture.)

Actually, that’s a lie. See, Shianni appears next, confuses me, and then I reach what will probably be the most difficult thing this game will ever give me: I had to fight myself.

Fuck this. Fuck it forever, and may I never have to do it again forever and ever and ever. I died thirty-seven times before I came up with a solution. I went over my allotted hour, and I was so mad and frustrated that I refused to stop. I was going to break my own rule purely out of spite. No matter what technique I tried, I got slaughtered on a level I still can’t even comprehend. Did those mage-ghosts of Wynne and Morrigan have unlimited mana? How were they able to cast spells so fast??? And how come Alistair was all of a sudden the tank I wanted him to be?

So I say this with absolutely no shame: I changed the difficulty to Casual just to make it past this part.

I truly don’t care. I refuse to let a massively complex and challenging part of the game ruin this for me. This is new to me, I’m not that good, and by gods, I wanted to see how Haven ended. Everyone wins this way.

Truthfully, they did! I beat the weird dopplegangers in less than 30 seconds. I felt satisfied. I immediately changed the difficulty back to normal once I passed this and saved the game, and then I faced my final challenge: nudity.

Well, partial nudity. I love that when Roslin takes off her clothes, she’s stained with the blood of her enemies. I’ve heard that’s good for your skin. Anyway, how pleasant is the end of Haven??? No big boss battles or anything! Of course, I didn’t pour blood into the ashes because fuck that. And when Kolgrim angrily confronted me outside the temple, I simple cut him down. Wow, he’s not so hard to beat when he doesn’t have the worst mages ever surrounding him, right?

All in all, this was a goddamn treat, despite that I nearly rage-quit at one point. I WILL NOT LET THIS GAME RUIN ME.

So!!! I can now take VIDEO COMMISSIONS for this game and any other game that I can play on the PS3! You can purchase a video for only $25 in my store, and once I get a receipt that you’ve bought a video, I will email you to ask what you want. Now, I realize that this site brings with it a precarious situation. Some games, like this one, don’t have defined levels, so it won’t be easy to tell me what you want filmed without spoiling me. In the case of Dragon Age, you can tell me the name of any DLC you want me to film. If it’s a specific part I’ll have to complete, try to be vague? Hahaha, this is absurd, I KNOW, but I promise it’ll work out! For example, you could say that you want me to film my final confrontation in Haven, or the Proving in Orzammar, which are all things that don’t spoil me simply by saying the name because WHAT DO THOSE MEAN. Make sense? Awesome!

If you are worried that I’ve gotten to a part already (since I write posts 4-5 days in advance), feel free to email me at markreadsandwatches [at] gmail to ask me where I am! ONWARDS TO VICTORY!

I have also compiled all my Mark Plays videos (including the Portal 2 ones) into one playlist, so all future Mark Plays videos will go there!

My Character Stats

So, in the midst of making five videos, I FORGOT TO TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF MY STATS. Oh gosh, I’m sorry, y’all, but have five videos instead??? ILU.

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69 Responses to Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 19

  1. Ryan Lohner says:

    I immediately looked up the bridge solution online, because fuck that. I literally do not care a single bit about figuring it out myself; just let me see the rest of the story! V qvq gur fnzr guvat jvgu gur fyvqvat oybpxf gb trg Funyr.

    The Immortal's question to Zathran is quite interesting. And I imagine even if you romance him, you never quite find out what he was talking about. It's probably better that way.

    Does the Immortal ask the mabari anything? Because that would be awesomely hilarious.

    • Killer of Bambis Mom says:

      I hope he asks the mabari about his weird underwear fetish or his propensity for fetching small children.

    • Dr. Facilier says:

      I'm fairly certian that it's the same assasination he talks about if you're approval is high enough. Gur bar jvgu evaan

      My favorite is leliana's question, where it's revelaed that Yryvnan'f ragver zbgvir sbe wbvavat zvtug whfg unir orra znqr hc sbe nggragvba, znlor? Pregnvayl sbhaq Gung vagevtvat.

      Oh that's right. mark didn't recruit Leliana, did he? Such a shame.

    • Gillyweed says:

      I hate puzzles! Seriously the point of the game is kicking Archdemon's butt not walking over a damn bridge.
      Dragon age 2 Legacy spoilers: V'ir ernpurq gung qnzarq cvyyne chmmyr naq fhqqrayl V qba'g jnag gb cynl nalzber. V UNGR VG! Rira jvgu lbhghor fbyhgvba V unir gb cnhfr rirel srj zvahgrf gb frr zl arkg zbir orpnhfr vg'f fb oybbql uhtr. Crefba jub qrpvqrq GUNG jnf n tbbq vqrn fubhyq or fubg. V jnag gb fcraq gvzr jvgu zl ONZS Terl Jneqra fvfgre abg xvpxvat cvyynef nebhaq.

    • klmnumbers says:

      lol me too. I just got irritated and youtubed that.

    • Shiyiya says:

      Puzzles always get me murderously frustrated so yeah I too was like I GIVE NO FUCKS SHOW ME TO THE WALKTHROUGHS.

  2. Dee says:

    I have a confession, I usually play the game first on casual just so I don't have to stress so much on fighting and can enjoy the story. Then I replay it the normal way and skip the things I don't care to see a second time. Whoops.

  3. Peter says:

    First Time Gameplay

    Mark Plays videos. I think my life is now complete. UGH THIS IS WONDERFUL.

    Also I think that Haven is my favorite part of this game. It was honestly so much fun. I loved it all, the riddles, the Guardian's character revelations – this whole sequence is so damn creepy, but in addition to revealing the twisted nature of this cult and all cults, it's such a classic Holy Grail/quest story that I couldn't help but love it!

    Also, on the way up to the Gauntlet, I had fought and defeated Kolgrim (after a tragically high number of attempts), and I was able to waltz out onto the mountaintop, and then Wynne warned me not to disturb the dragon after we saw it. SO CLEARLY IT WAS A GOOD IDEA FOR ME TO HIT THE BIG GONG THAT HAPPENED TO BE THERE. I quickly learned that this was not an enemy that is *supposed* to be fought, at least not on my low level. Maybe I will be supposed to go back there again later?

    In other news, that puzzle was really hard. Eventually, I stopped trying to figure it out and just randomly sent my companions to different panels until the bridge solidified. It worked… eventually.

    So I really loved the Gauntlet, even though it was hard. Mark, I am glad that you have ~learned the ways~ of switching the difficulty to Casual when it gets too hard! Actually, I'm not glad, because I personally don't like doing that and I have vowed to stop, but sometimes this game's combat mechanics are just too tough. I personally am going to go ahead and blame the non-Bioware studio that ported the game to consoles, because I saw a gameplay video of what it looks like on the PC and the interface (and ability to scroll all the way out) made much more sense to me.

    And now I'm just going to reiterate my enthusiasm about Mark Plays videos because they are amaaaaazing and I am so excite!!!!

  4. So entertaining to have the video to go along with the review.

    So that bridge part pretty much broke me in the first playthrough. I'm pretty sure I spent an hour trying it out then just looked up the solution. Today I can happily do it with ease (even so I still get nervous before I get there because of memories.)

    I love this part of the game so much. And I'll always remember the urn for being the place where I had to fucking kill Leliana in my first playthrough.

    V svaq vg xvaq bs uvynevbhf ubj Znex vf nyy guvaxvat gurer'f ab svany obff jura ur'f nobhg gb unir gb svtug gung qentba. Ng yrnfg V guvax ur vf. V'ir arire yvrq nobhg chggvat gur oybbq va. Va nal rirag ur'f nyernql cynlrq vg ohg gurer ner bguref jub zvtug abg unir fb Ebg13 vg vf.

  5. »Paula« says:

    It's so interesting to see you just *fight* your way through a fight. I pause after every second hit and check on all the characters involved. This way, it takes much longer, but I hardly ever have to repeat a fight.

    I found the voiceover videos easier to watch, despite the strange echo. And it was sooo much fun watching you! :D Also, just be glad you didn't pour blood into the ashes, because [rot13ing this, just in case you don't want to know what could have happened] vs lbh unq, Jlaar jbhyq unir yrsg lbh sbe tbbq.

    • pal_sch says:

      I'm on the PC which might make it a bit easier, but my tendency is to play straight through and only pause when I really need to. That varies between battles and how well my default tactics work out in a given situation. Some of the time I feel like I need to micromanage the AI of all four characters, other times I just sit back and let them slaughter their way through wave after wave of enemies and I feel my being forced to directly control one is holding back our killing potential.

  6. guest_age says:

    I play the game on easy almost exclusively, Mark (I got about 50% through the first time on normal and then I got to a boss I just couldn't defeat, switched to easy in order to get past that, and then decided to keep it that way) because…well, I care more about the story than I do about kicking ass. Not that kicking ass isn't fun, just…STORY.

    So rock on, sir. I, for one, wouldn't be phased if you wanted to play the entire rest of the game on easy, although I think you do enjoy the challenge to a certain extent? (Please correct me if I am wrong!) But yeah. No shame, sir. None.

    (As far as Haven, the first time I refused to desecrate the ashes, and the second play through I decided to do it. Both are interesting ways to go, I think.)

  7. ensignkt says:

    It's probably a sign that I've played WAY TOO MANY adventure games that I was able to get all of the riddles correct. I've literally never seen the Ash Wraith appearance thing. It's probably for the best, because I love hearing all of the Andraste lore.

    I like this part of the game (well, not the stupid bridge puzzle, which just slows me down) because it's origin-focused and provides good opportunity for character roleplaying, not to mention learning about your group.

    • I think my first time I got one riddle wrong and I was so angry. The only part of this that was seriously challenging for me was the bridge puzzle. That seriously broke me.

      • Gillyweed says:

        I missed one too, it was mercy one I think. I love riddles to be honest, it was my favourite part of the Haven, learning stuff from people who were actually there with Andraste.

    • »Paula« says:

      I just remembered what I hate so much about that bridge: even when I knew where to walk my characters would accidentally step on a wrong stone while heading to the right one, and I had to start all over. -_-

      • I personally think it feels easier to do on console as opposed to PC (not that I assume you play it on PC.) I just remember having a great deal of difficulty with it on PC but on Xbox it feels pretty simple.

        • EmberQuill says:

          I found it pretty easy to do on the PC. Just set your party members to stop following you, then walk them over to the right panels with the WASD keys.

          However, I always need a sheet of paper handy while doing the bridge, just so I can keep track of which panels affect which parts of the bridge so I don't accidentally move the wrong character.

    • celestineangel1 says:

      The only riddle I got wrong was the last one, which, the way I went through them, was the one where the answer was mercy.

  8. biblioteknician says:

    That self-fight! Oh god that self-fight. It always makes me feel like I fail at life for never being able to get my party to fight that effectively. But I've gotten to the point where I had my whole party take down whichever shadow mage is there, and it makes life easier.

    Also, it is reassuring that I am not the only one who nearly rage-quits multiple times. There was one fight (Syrzrgu) which was so awful I turned the difficulty down to easy and just kept it that way the rest of the game.

    Which I am not at all ashamed of, because now I'm at the point where I have to have it on Nightmare or I get bored. So.

    • Fajen says:

      It's really easy as a mage. You just have to be the first person to cast Mana Clash.

      • biblioteknician says:

        …. I have somehow managed to get through Origins AND Awakening on Nightmare without ever using Mana Clash.

        I'm not even sure what it is.

        …… Somehow my plan of "HIT THEM HIT THEM REAL HARD WITH EVERYTHING WE HAVE" has served me well.

        • Fajen says:

          Basically it does damage to mages and monsters equal to their mana, and then takes that mana away.

          Yeah. Blink and they're dead. If they actually had a bit more HP than MP, they just stand around waiting for you to kill them.

    • celestineangel1 says:

      UNUNUN V qvqa'g rira gel gb orng Syrzrgu, abg nsgre gur svefg gvzr fur xvyyrq zl cnegl. Nsgre gung vg jnf "abcr, abcr, yrg'f whfg yvr gb Zbeevtna." Nyvfgnve jnf n sna bs guvf cyna.

      • biblioteknician says:

        Zna, gur svefg gvzr V gevrq vg V tbg znffnperq naq V svanyyl znantrq gb xvyy ure jvgu bayl Yryvnan yrsg nyvir uvqvat oruvaq Syrzrgu'f uhg, uvggvat ure jvgu neebjf naq obzof.

        Abjnqnlf V fgbez ure jvgu n Nyvfgnve naq zl Jneqra juvyr Yryvnan naq Jlaar nggnpx sebz n qvfgnapr. Vg tbg n YBG rnfvre jura V ernyvmrq Syrzrgu pna'g zbir sebz gung envfrq nern. Nf ybat nf Jlaar pna gnxr ure synzr nggnpxf, V'z tbbq gb tb.

        V'ir arire npghnyyl yvrq gb Zbeevtna nobhg gung svtug. V tb vagb vg rirel gvzr jvgu fbzrguvat gb cebir.

        • celestineangel1 says:

          V jvyy unir gb gel gung ba nabgure cynlguebhtu… guvf jnf zl irel svefg, fb V qvqa'g xabj gb ohvyq hc Nyvfgnve nf n gnax, be onfvpnyyl ubj gb qb nalguvat evtug. Ohg vg'f tbbq gb xabj Syrzrgu pna'g zbir sebz gung fcbg!

      • JackoDaGreat says:

        Qhqr, V whfg xvyyrq Syrzrgu sbe gur svefg gvzr ynfg avtug. V unq oebhtug zl ebthr, Jlaar, Nyvfgnve naq Btuera. V unq gb xrrc erzvaqvat Jlaar gb fgnl njnl sebz ure naq Nyvfgnve naq Btuera xrcg qlvat. V tnir hc gelvat gb fnir gurz naq whfg sbphfrq ba ehaavat oruvaq Syrzrgu jurarire fur zbirq naq fgnoorq ure ohgg. V jnf fb unccl jura fur svanyyl jrag qbja. Abj sbe zr gb tb bire gb Unira naq gnxr pner bs gung qentba. @_@

  9. Andie says:

    So when I was poking around on Youtube on Friday, this is what I saw.

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

    And when I clicked on it, it was all PRIVATE VIDEO HAHAHA.

    I spent my weekend refreshing it. I hope you're happy, Mark.

  10. Passing by says:

    Now that the truth is completely out, I can now un-rot13 what Ive been saying preciously.
    Iä, Iä! Andraste Ftaghn!

    Sorry, I'm in a bit of a Lovecraft mood. In a few weeks, I'll be running as DM for the first time ever, for my D&D group, and I've planned an Adventure that's basically The Shadow over Innsmouth, but taking into account that the protagonist(s) now can fight back. I just hope it won't ruin the alien horror.

    Exams are now in full swing now, so I wont be catching up in quite some time.

  11. celestineangel1 says:

    OMGs, Mark, are you me? Because I do the SAME THING when trying to decide which skills and things to settle on. There's so many options, and this is the first game of this sort that I've ever played, so it took me a while to figure out that really, you should build one character up as one thing. LOL I am slow.

    First Time Playthrough/Spoilers

    Fb, V svavfurq zl svefg cynlguebhtu ynfg avtug, grpuavpnyyl. Ohg V qvqa'g trg gur erfhyg V jnagrq (qhr gb fcbvyvat zlfrys), fb V jrag onpx gb gur svefg dhvpxfnir V unq juvpu jvyy nyybj zr gb erznxr gur qrpvfvba gung JVYY trg gur erfhyg V jnag. Juvpu zrnaf V'ir unq gb qb rirelguvat sebz trggvat zl punenpgre naq Nyvfgnve bhg bs Sbeg Qenxba bajneqf. Q: Jr'yy rira unir gb qb gur Ynaqfzrrg bire, ohg url, ng yrnfg V xabj jung V'z qbvat guvf gvzr nebhaq. Evtug?

    Nyfb, ab, Zbeevtna, Nyvfgnve vf abg fyrrcvat jvgu lbh! Sbe znal, znal ernfbaf! Vapyhqvat gur snpg gung nf njrfbzr nf lbh pna or, zl punenpgre qbrf abg gehfg lbh be jung lbh jbhyq qb jvgu n puvyq gung unf gur fbhy bs na Byq Tbq.

    V'z ubcvat znlor V pna svavfu hc ntnva gbqnl, naq znnnlor fgneg va ba Njnxravatf?

  12. Andie says:

    Also, I saw this at EB Games today.

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App"/>

    I'm still kind of mad I couldn't justify spending $200 on a Portal gun.

  13. SpaceElves says:

    the first rule of Dragon age. Go for the mages!!!! seriously and enamy mage will destroy your party. which is with my mage character i got the insta-kill mages spell, wich is awsome. also, in my opinion the force field spell you just gave morrigan is one of the most usefull spells in the entire game. oonce i figured out how to use it evey mage in my party had it. and also (yes im rambleing) did you get kolgrims horn? i didnt see.

    • Killer of Bambis Mom says:

      He didn't have the horn! BOOOOO.

    • Gillyweed says:

      That's why I always become a Grzcyne. I use pyrnafr nern naq ubyl fzvgr ba gur arnerfg zntr naq gura chavfure. Jbexf rirel gvzr. Fbzrbar hfvat pehfuvat cevfba ng gur fnzr gvzr urycf n terng qrny.

  14. Dr. Facilier says:

    First Time
    Finished Orzamar. BU TBQ GUR OEBBQZBGURE. JUNG JNF GUNG GUVAT. Raqrq hc hfvat Fgbez bs gur pragherl naq ybnqf bs ryrpgevp onyzf, ohg vg jnf fb tebff.

    Gur Oenaxn svtug jnf nofheq. Zl xavir jrer hfryrff naq V sryg yvxr V cbxvat gur tbyrzf jvgu guhzognpxf sbe nyy vg qvq. Raqrq hc hfvat rirel cbvfba V unq ba gung svtug, naq xrcg znxvat zber.

    Naq Funyr jnf n qjneira jbzna. V jnf npghnyyl fcbvyrq ol gung va nqinapr, gubhtu V qvqa rkcrpg ure gb or na vzcbegnag qjnes va gur jneevbe pnfgr.

    V oebhtug gur pebja gb Uneebzbag, naq rira ng gung ynfg cbffvoyr zvahgr, V pbhyq punatr zl qrpvfvba, juvpu ernyyl znxrf zr rira zber sehfgengrq jvgu gur jubyr "qjnes xvat" dhrfg, naq ubj havzcbegnag gur qvssrerapr srryf.

    Qvq Funyr'f pbzcnavba dhrfg, naq jr'er gbgrf ossf abj. Abj vg'f whfg Mriena naq Btuera jubfr nccebiny vfa'g va gur hccre avargvrf. Bss gb gur Ynaqfzrrg abj.

    • celestineangel1 says:

      Oenaxn. =.=

      V nz fgvyy va njr bs whfg ubj shpxrq hc gur jubyr Bemnzzne/Oenaxn fgbelyvar vf, naq gur Oebbqzbgure vf GUR flzoby bs guvf. FREVBHFYL JUNG.

      • Dr. Facilier says:

        Ubj qbrf gur Oebbqzbgure tvir ovegu naljnl? Vf vg yvxr na nag dhrra gung ynlf frireny qnexfcnja rttf? Orpnhfr vs gung'f gur pnfr, JUL QBRF FUR UNIR 8 FRGF BS OERNFGF? Qbrf fur zvyx gurz nsgre gurl ungpu? Vs fur yvir oveguf gurz, gura jurer qb gurl pbzr sebz?


      • Gillyweed says:

        Gung fbat vf gur jbefg cneg sbe zr, vg FGVYY tvirf zr perrcf.

        • celestineangel1 says:

          Ubbbb, lrnu. Vg vf sernxvat perrcl.

          Unir lbh orra guebhtu gur becunantr ng gur nyvrantr va Qrarevz?

          • Gillyweed says:

            LRF V QVQ! V unq gung "Ohg V'z qlvat Fre Jvyurz, Fre Jvyurz, va cnva" fghpx va zl urnq sberire.

          • celestineangel1 says:

            Bu lrnu. Gung naq: "Bar, gjb, Znevp'f eha guebhtu. Guerr, sbhe, gur xvatqbz'f ng jne. Rvtug, avar naq abj lbh qvr. (ynhtu)"

            Gur jubyr unhagrq becunantr vf whfg… sssssss. Naq gur qrenatrq orttne jub pnzr sebz gurer.

  15. kartikeya200 says:

    Hooray! I can now post one of the CG trailers that were released for this game (because I am a sucker for trailers and cinematics, but seriously fuck Bioware's marketing department and their determination to always show some random generic white dude as the protagonist. I WILL HAVE MORE TO SAY ON THIS LATER, OH YES.)

    Also that bridge puzzle beats me every single time.

    [youtube j5St9phiHHE youtube]

    • TheDMG says:

      I'm not sure if I ever saw this full trailer before. I think I'd only seen the "This is War" version that uses clips from this and presumably another trailer. I like it but I like the This is War version better because the song is just so epic in scale and really works for a game like this.

    • celestineangel1 says:

      I've never seen one of these before and THIS IS AMAZING. There are times I almost could believe it was live action–except the dragon.

      Morrigan is PERFECT… LELIANA!!! STEEEEN!!!!! I need to go on YouTube and find more of these!

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      I've always LOVED this trailer!

      LELIANAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! bb I miss you in Mark's playthrough :(

  16. Laurea says:

    Umm….I want to commission a video, but I have no idea how to describe the thing I'd like to see Mark play without sort of spoiling a gameplay thing. Could someone who has played the game give me some advice on this?

    V jbhyq ernyyl yvxr gb frr Znex cynl guebhtu n ebznapr. Ab cnegvphyne punenpgre cersrerapr. Ohg V unir ab vqrn ubj gb erdhrfg gung jvgubhg fcbvyvat uvz sbe ubj gb gevttre ebznaprf.

    Does anyone have suggestions? Or should I just give up and pick a book chapter?

    • Znlor vs lbh nfxrq sbe uvz gb qb n ivqrb bs gnyxvat gb cnegl zrzoref va pnzc, vapyhqvat fcrpvsvpnyyl Nyv naq Mri, naq whfg ubcr uvf gnyxvat gevttref ebznapr naq gung ur qrpvqrf gb tbrf sbe vg? V abgvprq ur unf Mri'f tvsg va uvf vairagbel naq ur gevrq tvivat vg gb n srj crbcyr. Znlor vapyhqr tvivat gur nagvira obbgf va uvf vairagbel gb Mri va gur gnyxvat gb uvf cnegl zrzoref pbzzvffvba vs ur unfa'g svtherq bhg gb qb gung nyernql? Gung'f abg rknpgyl fcbvyrel.

  17. TheDMG says:

    Nalbar ryfr jbaqrevat vs Znex vf qbar va Unira be vs ur'yy ernyvmr ur pna evat gung tbat….

  18. EmberQuill says:

    First time gameplay (more or less)
    Orzammar Spoilers

    "Svefg gvzr" zrnavat gung V'ir arire orngra gur tnzr, ohg V'ir cynlrq vg sbe n juvyr. V'ir arire qbar Bemnzzne orsber, juvpu V'z gnyxvat nobhg va guvf cbfg, ohg V'ir qbar gur Oerpvyvna Sberfg, juvpu vf hc arkg.

    V'ir svanyyl yrsg Bemnzzne. Ubyl penc, gung gbbx nofbyhgryl sberire.

    Bu Tbq gur Oebbqzbgure. GUR OEBBQZBGURE. Gung guvat jnf ubeevslvat va rirel cbffvoyr jnl, rfcrpvnyyl fvapr ol gur gvzr V sbhtug vg, V xarj ubj Oebbqzbguref jrer znqr naq jung gurl jrer hfrq sbe (Rjjjjjjjj…), juvpu whfg znqr zr rira zber dhrnfl.

    Naq Oenaxn. Gung svtug jnf FB uneq. V znantrq gb chyy n jva bhg bs abjurer ol puhttvat urnygu cbhygvprf naq trggvat gur erfg bs zl cnegl xvyyrq. Zl Pvgl Rys oneryl fheivirq ybat rabhtu gb tvir gur svany oybj jvgu gur erfg bs ure cnegl nyernql qrnq.

    Naq Funyr. V jnf fb QBAR jvgu gur Qrrc Ebnqf naq gur Qnexfcnja ol gur gvzr V qvq Funyr'f dhrfg, fb tbvat gb Pnqnfu Gunvt sryg yvxr fhpu n puber ng svefg. Ohg ng yrnfg vg jnf nyy terra naq xvaqn pbybeshy. N fznyy punatr, ohg fgvyy fbzrguvat zvyqyl erserfuvat. Ohg ol gur gvzr V jnf qbar jvgu gung, V whfg jnagrq gb trg gur uryy bhg bs gur Qrrc Ebnqf.

    Fcrnxvat bs gur Qrrc Ebnqf, gur NEPUQRZBA. Ubyl penc, V jnf ABG rkcrpgvat gb eha vagb gung guvat. Abg fher jul fvapr gur Qrrc Ebnqf ner jurer gur Qnexfcnja yvir naq vg fubhyq'ir orra boivbhf, ohg jura V fnj gung qentba-guvat V pbhyqa'g fgbc ercrngvat "Ab jnl ab jnl ab jnl!" sbe yvxr svir zvahgrf.

    V cvpxrq Ouryra va gur raq. Ur'f n pbzcyrgr nff, ohg zl Pvgl Rys rzcnguvmrf n ovg gbb zhpu jvgu gur Pnfgryrff, fb sebz na EC crefcrpgvir, ur jnf gur boivbhf pubvpr.

    Naq abj V'z QBAR jvgu Bemnzzne. Uheenl! V pna yrnir guvf fghcvq pnir! V whfg unir gur Oerpvyvna Sberfg yrsg gb qb.

    Naljnl, V pna'g jnvg gb frr jung unccraf jura Znex trgf gb Erqpyvssr. Nyernql univat gur Nfurf jvyy znxr guvatf fb zhpu rnfvre. Naq cbffvoyl uvynevbhf. V pna whfg vzntvar gur Erqpyvssr xavtugf qbvat n fcvg-gnxr jura gurl svaq bhg gung gur Nfurf unir orra sbhaq nyernql.

    • Dr. Facilier says:

      Nf V'ir fnvq cerivbhfyl, gur bayl vaqvpngvba gung Ouryra tvirf n penc nobhg gur evtugf bs pnfgryrff vf gur snpg gung ur'f fughccvat bar. Jura nfxvat nebhaq V pbhyq oneryl svaq nalguvat gb fhccbeg gung vqrn, naq gur bar aboyr jub frrzf gb pner nobhg gur pfngryrff vf ibgvat sbe Uneebjzbag.

      Lrf gur rcvybthr nccneragyl fgngrf gung ur pnerf zber nobhg pnfgryrff, ohg vasbezngvba nsgre gur snpg fubhyqa'g vasyhrapr zl qrpvfvba juvyr V'z znxvat vg sebz na EC crefcrpgvir.

      • EmberQuill says:

        Jryy, V jnf xvaq bs ECvat na vzchyfvir, fbzrjung whqtzragny Pvgl Rys jub ubarfgyl ungrf cbyvgvpf. Fur fnj Qhfg Gbja, urneq nobhg gur jubyr Pnfgr flfgrz, naq sbhaq bhg gung Ouryra jbhyq or funxvat guvatf hc juvyr Uneebjzbag cersreerq genqvgvba, naq qrpvqrq gb fhccbeg Ouryra jvgubhg ernyyl ybbxvat zhpu qrrcre vagb gur vffhr.

        Jung pna V fnl? Fur'f sebz na Nyvrantr. Fur'f cerggl urnivyl ovnfrq.

        V jnf npghnyyl ntbavmvat bire gung qrpvfvba sbe n juvyr jura V jnf pbzcyrgvat fvqrdhrfgf va Bemnzzne. V unq ab vqrn jub gb cvpx. Fb gura V gubhtug "Jung jbhyq zl punenpgre qb, onfrq ba jung fur xabjf?" Naq gur nafjre orpnzr boivbhf. Zl Pvgl Rys ebthr jvgu dhrfgvbanoyr zbenyf jub vqragvsvrf n yvggyr gbb zhpu jvgu gur Pnfgryrff (qrfcvgr gur snpg gung Pvgl Ryirf ner cebonoyl orggre bss guna Qjneira Pnfgryrff) jbhyq boivbhfyl cvpx Ouryra bire Uneebjzbag orpnhfr fur'f gbb vzcngvrag naq vzchyfvir gb ybbx nal qrrcre vagb jung'f tbvat ba.

  19. ensignkt says:

    Oh, and for whatever it's worth, I think I prefer the voice-over only videos.

    I play all my games on Casual/Easy and have no shame about it. I only enjoy fighting if it's easy and dying frustrates me, so that control doesn't move. That said, Kolgrim still occasionally manages to kill me and there are a few tough fights for me in the game, so it's possibly I'm also just not that good at it.

    • celestineangel1 says:

      Yes, I prefer the voice-over only videos, but only because the box with Mark's head always covers up so much of the screen! I can't see Roslin, and she's lovely, so I want to see her.

    • Jumping in this thread to say, I don't mind too much either way but since I've played the game so many times and know pretty much what's going on, I'm more interested in seeing the frustrated and shocked faces Mark makes than the part of the screen that it takes up.

  20. Dr. Facilier says:

    Naljnl, ubj cyrnfnag vf gur raq bs Unira??? Ab ovt obff onggyrf be nalguvat!

    Jryy gurer VF gur qentba.

  21. klmnumbers says:

    I've never played it on a console – only PC. In the last video, did you actually loot the items from Adventurer's corpse in the room with the ashes?


    Also, are you going to update us on Roslin/companion relationships or if/when they throw surprising conversations at you? I'm surprised you haven't really said anything other than that Wynne is the best (bc she is), and Morrigan can get irritating (truth).

  22. snapsnzips says:

    This is the first time I've seen gameplay on a console and it's making me happy I play on a PC. It might not e as comfy to sit at a desk instead of on the couch but I don't think I could function on the console. I think the videos are an adorable addition to the Mark Plays and I like both the voice overs and the picture in picture.

    A few pieces of advice to any first time players:
    When you can't get any of your companions to accept a gift, it's generally because it has great personal significance to one of them. So keep trying to give away those boots. Also, I have found dexterity far more effective a stat for anyone over constitution. The DA world seems to favor not getting hit (dexterity) over being able to survive getting hit (constitution).

  23. JackoDaGreat says:

    There is no shame in causal mode. I turned on casual mode back in Ostagar against that damn ogre.

    • Yes, thank you. Casual mode is not cheating, or something to shamefully admit you do once or twice or a lot. It's a legal mode, part of the game for a reason. I understand that people can derive pleasure from gaming based on the challenge of the game play but a) some people don't give a rats about that and derive pleasure from other aspects of the game and that's just as legitimate as ~challenging~ gaming and b) casual is challenging for some people and there's nothing wrong with that.

  24. Clamarnicale says:

    Mark, if you were Bilbo in The Hobbit, Gollum SO would have eaten you after the first riddle.

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