Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 20

In the twentieth hour of Dragon Age: Origins, I LOVE REDCLIFFE SO MUCH OH MY GOD. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to play Dragon Age: Origins.

Hour Twenty

I think I’m close to the end of the game? I mean, I still need to save Arl Eamon, get the dwarves, kill Loghain, and then… that’s pretty much it, right? I guess I’m trying to gauge this sort of thing because I keep making hyperbolic, exaggerated statements about Dragon Age: Origins, and I’m sure they’ve all cancelled each other out by now. I have loved a good portion of this game, but sweet baby gods, there hasn’t been a single moment quite like the monster siege on Redcliffe.

A lot happened before that. I had to backtrack my way out of the caverns, passing Father Kolgrim’s followers along the way, and they just stood there??? Apparently, without their leader, they are nothing. I got alllll the way back to the beginning, where Brother Qunitivi was excited to see me. I agreed to let him open a museum of sorts. I think? I know he wanted people to visit and study the place, and I didn’t really see a problem with that. It pissed Morrigan off, so that must mean it’s a good decision. This started a pattern of Morrigan hating everything I chose to do so much, she actually dropped below a positive approval rating for me. Well, that is until I gave some sort of dragon scale necklace? Now she likes me! She is so easy to please and anger at the same time.

From here, it was time to finally head to Redcliffe to go take care of the Arl Eamon. I was there less than sixty seconds before I was approached by a guard who was severely upset. This game has followed a familiar pattern for each new place that I visit: I show up expecting one thing to happen, and I discover that the Blight has ruined every single one of my plans. In this case, Arl Eamon’s sickness isn’t the only worry I have. Turns out that “monsters” of some sort have overrun the castle and keep storming down into Redcliffe at night. I am needed to help save the day!

And so I set out to do just that. Every single time I took on a new mission, Morrigan’s approval rating of me dropped 6 points, and she’d throw another condescending comment my way about how much time I was wasting. If she wasn’t so close to getting Crushing Prison or I didn’t desire Animate Dead like my life depended on it, I’d get rid of her. WE’RE BEING BIG DAMN HEROES ON PURPOSE. MY CHARACTER HAS PUT ASIDE HER ANGRY CYNICISM TO BEAT BACK THE BLIGHT. Get with the program! At least Wynne and Alistair both gained approval points every time Morrigan disapproved of me.

Also, Teagan just reminded me of Tegan and Sara. I CAN’T HELP THE THINGS IN MY BRAIN.

I honestly expected to spend the majority of this hour of gameplay running errands and getting shit ready for the assault. I spoke to Murdock and insulted him for being a bigot; I got the blacksmith working again; I spoke with Ser Perth at the windmill; I killed Dwyn because he was being difficult and apparently that’s all you need to justify a murder; and then I lost my shit when Perth revealed that the ashes from the Sacred Urn could cure him. UM, HI, I HAVE THOSE. I HAVE THEM WITH ME. THEY ARE RIGHT HERE. Did I do something out of order? Why can’t I tell him I have them? Why is Alistair acting like he’s never heard of them before? OH GOD. WHAT. Don’t make me go back and get them again!

Also, please tell me that one of you managed to overhear Wynne and Alistair talking about a dirty sock. It was the weirdest conversation my party members have ever had without me. I DON’T GET IT.

Anyway, I talked to as many people as I could around town, hoping they’d join in the oncoming battle. I even found barrels of oil for Perth! I was happy, then, that I still had about 15 minutes until my hour was up because lord, I did not want to cliffhanger myself again right in the midst of some awesome shit. So I told Perth that I was ready for battle.

I wasn’t ready for battle.


no oh my god YOU DON’T GET IT. I LOVED THIS PART SO MUCH AND I HAVEN’T EVEN MADE IT TO THE CASTLE YET. I was sad that Murdock and Tomas both died. I wonder if it’s possible for them to survive? Perhaps I should have done a better job. Oh god, LOOK AT HOW MUCH FUN I HAVE. I know it’s bad that I don’t care that much that some of the defenders died, but whoops.

Oh fuck, what the hell is in the castle? This should be fun.

My Character Stats 

Strength: 26
Dexterity: 23+2
Willpower: 19
Magic: 14
Cunning: 18
Constitution: 23

Heroic Stats

Kills: 342
Damage dealt: 64423
Friendly-fire: 0
Greatest damage dealt: 90
Contribution to party damage: 35
Hit rate: 84
Most powerful foe slain: Uldred
Injuries: 8

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77 Responses to Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 20

  1. BornIn1142 says:

    Huh, so the game doesn't have dialogue for the eventuality of getting the Urn before heading to Redcliffe? That's disappointing.

    Do you realize what this means? Bioware wasn't prepared for Mark.

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    • Andie says:

      Lrnu, vf vg rira cbffvoyr gb orng guvf tnzr va haqre sbegl ubhef?

      • Zl orfg cynlgubhtu cebonoyl ena ng whfg haqre 50… naq V qvqa'g unir nyy gur qyp ng gur gvzr (whfg fgbar cevfbare).

      • ferafaces says:

        V qvq 27 bapr, ba pnfhny naq fcrrqvat guebhtu rirelguvat V pbhyq. Ab fvqrdhrfgf hayrff V ernyyl qvqa'g tb bhg bs zl jnl, cer-QYP. Lrnu. V jnf vzcerffrq. Ohg Znex'f abjurer -arne- gung. V'yy or fhecevfrq vs ur vf orybj 50, vs ur qbrf rirelguvat.

        • V'z thrffvat 60-70 hayrff ur ernyyl qvgpurf n ybg bs fvqr dhrfgf. V'z ernyyl guvaxvat ur jnf tvira fbzr vapbeerpg vqrnf nobhg ubj guvf tnzr jnf jura ur fgnegrq vg yby.

        • Fajen says:

          Naq vs ur qbrf fxvc n ohapu, gurer'f ab jnl ur'yy or noyr gb orng gur nepuqrzba. Zl sevraq gevrq vg ng yriry 17 bapr. Lrnu, vg qvqa'g tb jryy

          • Jbhyqa'g gung or gur terngrfg gentrql bs nyy? Znex fcrrqf guebhtu gur tnzr gura pna'g orng vg. Jryy gur tbbq arjf vf gurer'f cerggl zhpu ab jnl ur'f rira trggvat gb gur nepuqrzba ng yriry 17 fvapr ur'f 13 orsber rira svavfuvat erqpyvssr be rira gbhpuvat bemnzzne.

      • Dent_D says:

        Lrf, gubhtu V qbhog lbh'q unir n irel tbbq rkcrevrapr bs vg! Gur Fcrrq Qrzb Nepuvir unf n eha cbfgrq jurer gur cynlre orng gur Nepuqrzba jvguva 36 zvahgrf. B_B Gura ntnva fcrrq ehaavat vf na ragveryl qvssrerag ornfg pbzcnerq gb fvzcyl fxvccvat dhrfgf.

        • pal_sch says:

          Lrnu, ybbxvat ng gung eha gurl hfrq nobhg svir znwbe tyvgpurf (ng yrnfg gjb bs gurz V xabj unir orra cngpurq) gb onfvpnyyl trg gb yriry 16 jvgu 400 zntvp naq 100 jvyycbjre ng Bfgntne. Gura fxvc nyy guerr bs gur gerngl dhrfgf va gurve ragvergl.

          V qbhog lbh pbhyq trg gur pheerag cngpurq irefvba zhpu haqre 5 be 6 ubhef. Jryy, znlor gbby nffvfgrq. Gurer ner fgvyy n snve srj tyvgpurf gung pna or rkcybvgrq cerggl rnfvyl. V fghzoyrq npebff na vasvavgr zbarl tyvgpu jvgubhg rira gelvat.

  3. Gillyweed says:

    Can we talk about his hotness Bann Teagan for a moment. My City Elf Warden shamelessly flirted with him and he seemed to like it, but I still couldn't romance him, such a shame.
    I managed to save everyone in my latest playthrough, but only by making Wynne heal everybody, I can't stand failing someone. I even helped Yyblq and I can't stand him.
    There's something else I want to talk about but I'll save it for tomorrow.

  4. Tahaneira says:


    I love how you're starting to use Morrigan's approval and disapproval as sort of a moral barometer. Morrigan's pissed at me? Yay, I'm doing the right thing! Morrigan's happy? Dammit, how many of those monsters were just babies in costumes?

    I'm not surprised you went to Redcliffe right after, and had to laugh when you discovered you did things out of order. You have no idea how much we were laughing at you in the comments, Mark. So very, very unprepared, you were. And are.

    And tomorrow it will be time for another Origin story.

    (By the way, for those of you who are wondering, Assassin's Creed III is pretty awesome.)

    Quote of the Day:
    Alistair: Yes, it seems like you've had your own troubles. What are the odds?
    Funyr: Is anyone surprised? Anyone?

    (Yes I know those are quotes from two separate parts of the game, but I had to.)

    • BornIn1142 says:

      Hmmm. Have you finished AC3? A friend of mine, who actually introduced me to the series, said he's rather… disappointed with the ending.

      • Tahaneira says:

        The way I play, I won't be finished for a week. MUST COMPLETE EVERYTHING. So we'll see, I suppose.

  5. Peter says:

    First Time Gameplay

    I will be the first to admit that I am SLOW when it comes to RPGs – I like to take my time. I'm currently completing the fourth main quest (Brecilian Forest in my case, and it's the fifth main quest if you are supposed to count Sacred Ashes as a separate main quest, I don't know), but I'm 57 hours in. So I know that I'm slow, but Mark, you definitely seem to be FAST. I'm really surprised that you've done so much in 20 hours!

    Redcliffe is great. I love it when Bioware puts their twist on all of the classic narrative tropes – here the horror trope of the small town beset by the undead. It hadn't really occurred to me because my Warden is male, but when watching your video, and thinking of Alistair as a character based on Xander, I definitely picked up some Buffy vibes. Just, the neverending hordes of undead descending on a small town? This is doing it right.

    I also really appreciated that fulfilling things like finding the oil, and talking to the Revered Mother on behalf of Ser Perth (Mark didn't mention that, or did I miss it?) ended up having an effect on the battle. I did Redcliffe MANY HOURS AGO and I don't remember completely, but I think Murdock survived for me, and Ser Perth definitely died (I didn't have the persuasion prowess yet to convince the Revered Mother to bless him). All in all, I loved that the game took into account the completion of those sidequests just to influence the outcome of this one battle. Usually when video games have a system like that (and I'm thinking of gur Znff Rssrpg gevbybtl), there isn't a payoff until the very end of the game).

    "Oh fuck, what the hell is in the castle?"
    Not. Prepared.

  6. Dr. Facilier says:

    It is in fact possible to complete the zombie horde with no casualties, in which case, you get a special helm. Very handy early in the game, probably not as much now. You can bet that I kept repeating the zombie horde till I got it though.

    • Fajen says:

      Can you use Wynn to revive them and still get it?

      • Dr. Facilier says:

        i don't think revive works on non-party members. Heal and other associated magics work though, as well as her cleansing aura.

      • Gillyweed says:

        I used heal all the time and kept them all safe, Taunt helped a great deal too.

    • pal_sch says:

      Not getting the barrels of oil seems to help. In my run I stood between the Templars and fire and let all the enemies die that way. Then during the last wave the Templars all charged into the flames and burned themselves to death.

  7. Mikka says:

    I wonder, are you going to go for any of the available romances?

  8. RadagastWiz says:

    "Also, Teagan just reminded me of Tegan and Sara. I CAN’T HELP THE THINGS IN MY BRAIN."

    I wholeheartedly approve of your mental process. Tegan and Sara should be on one's mind at ALL appropriate occasions.

  9. Andie says:

    So I take it you're not spending much time at your party camp, huh, Mark?

    • BettyTheThird says:

      I am wondering this too, as that is the place where I tend to hang out for about 50% of my playthroughs….

      but then I always go to Redcliffe first, so what do I know ;)

    • TheDMG says:

      My first play-through I couldn't figure out how to get back to camp until 3/4 of the way through the game. I'm beginning to wonder if Mark's been back to camp since the beginning.

      • Killer of Bambis Mom says:

        A few times! It's in the reviews in the past couple weeks. That's how I got all my party's weapons enchanted. I usually visit camp after each town that I conquer. I think I've been there about six times now?

        • Ursula says:

          Well, you're apparently not doing what we expect you to do there *vagueness*

          • TrampyMcBitca says:

            Vf vg jebat gung V nyjnlf tb onpx gb gur pnzc whfg fb V pna fyrrc jvgu Yryvnan?

          • stormwreath says:

            Mark's playing a female character…
            naq gur bayl ovfrkhny srznyr vf Yryvnan, jub vfa'g va gur cnegl. V'z abg fher ur'f vagrerfgrq va gur cbffvovyvgl bs n ebznapr jvgu Nyvfgnve be Mriena.

            Will there be a "here's all the stuff you missed" postfest (with YouTube clips) at the end of the playthrough? :)

          • Mikka says:

            Jnvg, vfa'g Zbeevtna nyfb n ov-frkhny bcgvba?

            Naq V qhaab, V guvax ur zvtug trg n xvpx bhg bs gur urgrebfrkhny ebznaprf, whfg orpnhfr gur qvnybthr vf cerggl qnza jryy-jevggra. Be znlor abg, V guvax ur fnvq orsber gung ur'f abg zhpu bs n "fuvccre" jura ur qvq Znex Ernqf… Jub xabjf?

            Lbh xabj jung V'z ERNYYL jnvgvat sbe?

            Gur jubyr "tb naq pbaivapr Nyvfgnve gb znxr zr n onol" fghss jvgu Zbeevtna ng gur raq. Jvgu gur jnl ur srryf nobhg Zbeevtna abj, V whfg pna'g jnvg gb frr uvf snpr jura ur unf gb qrpvqr!

          • stormwreath says:

            Jnvg, vfa'g Zbeevtna nyfb n ov-frkhny bcgvba?

            Ab. Fur'f fgenvtug, nf vf Nyvfgnve.

            Ovbjner punatrq guvatf jvgu QN2, jura gurl znqr vg cbffvoyr sbe nyy gur ACP pbzcnavbaf gb unir n eryngvbafuvc jvgu gur cynlre punenpgre ertneqyrff bs frk – va rssrpg, gurve frkhnyvgl vf qrgrezvarq ol cynlre pubvpr. Va QN:B, gubhtu, vg jnf svkrq ol gur fpevcg.

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      I tried to get my dad to play Dragon Age Origins once, and I spent pretty much the entire time yelling:

      "But I just talked to them five minutes ago!"

      • jackiemreuter says:

        Ha! Nice. I've spent entire hours doing nothing but talking to people in camp. Turns out, that's a GREAT way to make Morrigan fall in love with you AND keep everyone else (Alistair and Wynne for instance) happy by making the *right* decisions. And the stuff with Dog are just…just hilarious.

        • cogsandcurls says:

          This is how it generally works out with me with regards to Morrigan, too. I tend to play "good" characters, but she's usually not in the party, so my party generally approves of most of my decisions and then I build up a bond with Morrigan mainly by catching up at camp and giving her gifts.

          3 playthroughs in and she loves all my Wardens to bits (Rira zl nofbyhgr tbbql-gjb-fubrf Nyvfgnve-ebznapvat Nrqhpna. Gurl jrer yvxr fvfgref).

  10. ferafaces says:

    V jbaqre vs Znex vf tbvat gb tb guebhtu gur zntr'f jnl gb trg evq bs gur qrzba va Pbaare. V ybirq gung cngujnl sbe fgbel fnxr. Fefyl.

  11. Dr. Facilier says:

    First time
    Landsmeet's been called.
    Gbbx eriratr ba Ney Ubjr, naq erfphrq gur crbcyr va gur qhatrbaf, (rkprcg Onaa inhtua. Rkgbegrq zbarl bhg bs uvz vafgrnq.)Fb gunaxf gb Naben orvat gur bccbfvgr bs urycshy, V tbg pncgherq nsgre ybfvat na vzcbffvoyr svtug. Naq Zbeevtna jnf gbgnyyl fnffl jura Naben gevrq gb rkcynva jung unccrarq. Bu Zbeevtna, lbh ner zl svsgu snibevgr.

    Fb V fhttrfgrq Mriena naq Btuera gb erfphr zr, orpnhfr V svtherq gung jbhyq tnva nccebiny naq gurl unq gur ybjrfg naq…Bu zl fjrrg ybeq, V pbhyqa'g fgbc ynhtuvat ng gur oenzb oebguref sebz gur nagvin pvgl pvephf.

    Mriena: Ubj pna lbh fnl gung? Jr ner Gjvaf! Abg vqragvpny gjvaf, ohg gjvaf abaguryrff!
    Btuera: V'z gur cerggl bar.

    Pyrneyl v arrq gb xrrc gurz nebhaq zber.

    • Gillyweed says:

      Btuera naq Mriena ner zl snibhevgr va gur cnegl, yvsr vf arire obevat jvgu gur gjb bs gurz nebhaq.

      • Dr. Facilier says:

        Mriena V xabj vf terng, ohg nf n qhny jvryqvat ebthr, mriena shyysvyyf gur fnzr avpur va zl cnegl, fb V arire xrrc uvz nebhaq hayrff gurer'f ab frevbhf pbzong. naq V pbzcyrgrq Bemnzne ynfg, qhevat juvpu btuera jbhyqa'g tvir zr gur gvzr bs qnl. Vg'f bayl nsgre uvf pbzcnavba dhrfg gung V unir na nccerpvngvba sbe uvz.

        "Ubj qbrf bar ybfr gb n cbg ebnfg?"

        • Gillyweed says:

          V hfhnyyl gnxr uvz be Yryvnan fvapr V nyjnlf cynl nf n jneevbe V arrq gurve purfg fxvyyf. Gura V arrq Jlaar orpnhfr uvf onagref jvgu ure ner cresrpg.
          Nf sbe Btuera, ur unq zr ng: "Ner lbh fher lbh'er abg n onxre? Pnhfr lbh'ir tbg n fbqqvat avpr frg bs ohaf." V qba'g xabj sbe fbzr ernfba V svaq uvf pehqrarff raqrnevat.

        • JackoDaGreat says:

          "Vg jnf n fbqqvat tbbq ebnfg."

    • celestineangel1 says:

      HTU NABEN. V UNGR LBH. Bxnl, znlor gung'f n ovg fgebat sbe n svpgvbany punenpgre, ohg JUNG VF GUVF LBH ORGENL GUR CRBCYR JUB ERFPHRQ LBH.

      … fb, V haqrefgnaq jung lbh zrna ol Naben orvat yrff guna urycshy. =.=

      UNUNUN MRI NAQ BTUERA JUL QVQA'G V GUVAX BS GUNG??? Bu, evtug, orpnhfr ba zl svefg cynlguebhtu V qvqa'g unir Mri. Q:

    • accidentalbeard says:

      Gur qbt (nxn Fabhgl) qbrf na rkpryyrag wbo nf n erfphre! Ur npgf fvpx naq gur thneqf qb abg jnag gb qrny jvgu n tnttvat Znonev fb gurl jnir uvz guebhtu. V unq Mriena oyhss bhe jnl guebhtu gur svany thneq ohg Fabhgl jnf n tbbq obl naq tbg uvz zbfg bs gur jnl gurer. :)

  12. cogsandcurls says:

    I got everybody killed in Redcliffe the first time round. Literally every single militia member that could die (apart from Dwyn, who refused to come out and wouldn't fight with me) got killed. I felt so incredibly guilty about it. :( I did better the next few times but I've never ever managed to save everybody. There are just too many waves.

    Mark, I know Roslin has the buttstabbing covered, really, but are you ever planning to take Zevran out for a spin in your party? He's an absolute hoot.

    V ernyyl jnag Znex gb trg gb xabj Mri orsber gur Gnyrfva rapbhagre gevttref. Cnegvnyyl orpnhfr V jnag uvz gb unir n svtugvat punapr bs trggvat uvf nccebiny uvtu rabhtu gb cnff gur yblnygl purpx, ohg NYFB orpnhfr V'z fbeg bs jbeevrq gung jvgu gur nzbhag bs vagrenpgvba Znex unf unq jvgu Mri fb sne gur rapbhagre vfa'g tbvat gb pneel gur shyy nzbhag bs rzbgvbany vzcnpg gung vg pbhyq. V'q ungr gb frr Znex frr Mriena orgenl uvz jvgubhg rire xabjvat gurer jnf zhpu zber gb uvz guna gung :(

    • accidentalbeard says:

      V nz xvaq bs jbeevrq nobhg nal bs gur pbzcnavba dhrfgf gevttrevat ng nyy! Gurl nqq fb zhpu gb gur aneengvir naq V'q ungr gb unir Znex svavfu gur tnzr jvgubhg rkcrevrapvat gurz.
      V nz ebznapvat Mriena guvf cynlguebhtu naq gur rapbhagre jvgu Gnyrfva cyhf vgf nsgrerssrpgf ba gur eryngvbafuvc ernyyl znqr zr yvxr Mriena n ybg zber.

      • JackoDaGreat says:

        V'ir unq gur fnzr pbaprea. V zrna V haqrefgnaq vs Znex qbrfa'g jnag gb chefhr gur ebznaprf, ohg fb zhpu bs gur fgbel vf pneevrq ol gur qvnybthr lbh unir jvgu gur pbzcnavbaf. Cyhf gurer'f gur dhrfgf.

        • Mikka says:

          Lrnu, V'z nyfb fgnegvat gb ernyyl jbeel gung ur'f tbvat gb zvff bhg ba FB ZHPU orpnhfr ur qbrfa'g ernyvmr gung zber vagrenpgvba jvgu uvf pbzcnavbaf naq zber gvzr jvgu fbzr bs gurz vf tbvat gb nqq FB ZHPU GB GUR TNZR BZT.

          Znex, cyrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnfr!

  13. BettyTheThird says:

    On my current dwarven-casteless playthrough I flirted with Teagan for the first time, so it is my head-canon now that Teagan is totally into dwarves….yeah

    V guvax V’z pybfr gb gur raq bs gur tnzr? V zrna, V fgvyy arrq gb fnir Ney Rnzba, trg gur qjneirf, xvyy Ybtunva, naq gura… gung’f cerggl zhpu vg, evtug?

    -trg gur qjneirf-

    Lrf, vg jvyy or ernyyl fvzcyr. Whfg tb naq trg gur qjneirf….BU ZNEX!

  14. Fajen says:

    Mark, are you going to do the other origin stories (the mage, the human noble, etc.)? They do get interesting, and you get achievements! Shiny, shiny achievements!

  15. TheDMG says:

    Vg ybbxf yvxr yvxr zl dhrfgvba sebz lrfgreqnl jnf nafjrerq. Znex boivbhfyl qvq abg abgvpr gur tbat ba gbc bs gur zbhagnva… Vg'f gvzrf yvxr gurfr jurer V whfg jnag gb fnl, "Znlor lbh fubhyq tb onpx gb Unira naq rkcyber gur gbc bs gung zbhagnva n ovg zber."

  16. Here is the beautiful exchange you missed by not bringing Zevran with you to get the Urn, Mark

    Alistair: I didn't think anyone would find the final resting place of Andraste, but here…here She is.
    Morrigan: I stand in awe. Really.
    Zevran: Nice vase. I should get one for my house.

    srsly Morrigan and Zevran are my Lady Aeducan's favorite people with their deadpan sarcasm and their cynicism whereas Alistair just hates her for xvyyvat Vfbyqr and generally just thinking Alistair is an obnoxious man-child

    frankly i don't understand why you don't just bring Zevran with you to all the places considering HE IS THE ACTUAL BEST

    • Gillyweed says:

      I love if you take Zevran to the Hermit in the Brecilian Forest and ask him to steal from his stump.
      Zevran: Hmm When is the last time i slipped my hand into some dark hole hmm. Ah, I remember, long story that.
      I love him so much!

    • celestineangel1 says:

      Zevran is indeed the actual best. I am a new convert to the Way of Zevran.

      • Gillyweed says:

        Good to have you on board. You'll receive a welcome package containing loads of sexual innuendos, some dirty limericks, one earring and boots made from fine Antivan leather. Enjoy your stay.

    • Bookman230 says:

      Sten's reaction is pretty good too.
      Sten: Congratulations. You've found a waste bin.

      But Oghren's comment is the most interesting. Apparently, he senses that there's tons of lyrium contained in the mountain, providing an alternate explanation of the Ashes' magical properties.

    • rav3style says:

      and hes gay :D

  17. guest_age says:

    Ubhe Gjragl

    V guvax V’z pybfr gb gur raq bs gur tnzr?


    I love that this game has literally everything. Want dragons? Have some dragons. Want werewolves? Have some werewolves. WANT SOME FUCKING ZOMBIES? HAVE SOME FUCKING ZOMBIES. What more could a person ask for, really?

    • Deimos says:

      Yes to your rot13! I think many nuns are called for.

      V zrna, vg pbhyq whfg or zl zrzbel bs vg orvat snhygl, ohg V fjrne qbrfa'g Bemnzzne gnxr nyzbfg nf ybat nf gur Qnyvfu naq Pvepyr dhrfgf pbzovarq.

      Cyhf nyy gur qyp

      Cyhf nal bs gur pbzcnavba dhrfgf (juvpu ner irel fubeg, ohg fgvyy)

      Nf jryy nf ubjrire znal zber fvqrdhrfgf gurer ner…

      V'q fnl Znex fgvyy unf dhvgr n jnlf gb tb.

  18. celestineangel1 says:

    So I finished my first playthough, and I'm on my second, and I have Zevran, and look, Zevran is just… I love him. I love him more than Alistair. (Because Alistair can be a hypocrite, and maybe so can Zev, but at least he admits it and he's funny to boot.) I declare my everlasting love for Zevran right here and now!

  19. EmberQuill says:

    V guvax V’z pybfr gb gur raq bs gur tnzr? V zrna, V fgvyy arrq gb fnir Ney Rnzba, trg gur qjneirf, xvyy Ybtunva, naq gura… gung’f cerggl zhpu vg, evtug?

    Ahaf. Ahaf rireljurer.

    Gunax Tbq V'z qbar jvgu gur Qjneirf naq Bemnzzne naq gur Qrrc Ebnqf. Znex vf fb hacercnerq sbe ubj ybat ur'f tbvat gb fcraq va gubfr fghcvq pnirf. Nyy V'ir tbg yrsg vf gur Qnyvfu abj.

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