Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 21

In the twenty-first hour of Dragon Age: Origins, HAHAHA OH MY GOD THAT IS NOT WHAT I THOUGHT REDCLIFFE WOULD BE ABOUT. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to play Dragon Age: Origins.

Hour Twenty-One


Oh my god, y’all, this shit is fucked up. I know I’ve said that numerous times, but I am continually surprised by how awful everything is in this fictional world. For real, this might be the most morally ambiguous situation I’ve been presented with yet. SWEET BABIES, I NEED HELP.

So, let’s start with my lovely video for this hour of gameplay. Use this as your guide as I chronicle what exactly happened to me in Redcliffe:

  • All right, so I was ready to go with Perth and Teagan into the castle!
  • AND THEN ISOLDE JUST SHOWS UP. Okay, this is convenient!
  • No, it’s a trap.
  • Teagan, this is a trap.
  • Teagan, she is literally telling you in front of everyone that you have to come alone and she is being very nervous about it. 
  • This is the textbook definition of IT’S A TRAP.
  • If you look real closely next time, Admiral Ackbar falls off the cliff behind Teagan during this scene. He almost had a chance to warn you!
  • Oh, so we’ll split up and I’ll go through your secret windmill passage way?
  • This seems like a bad idea.
  • Look, when I finally feel like I’ve caught on to some ulterior motive, then you know it’s obvious as all hell. TEAGAN, DON’T GO WITH HER.
  • Oh, it’s Jowan! I didn’t expect the mage that Isolde spoke of to be so… nice? Like, he seems genuinely sorry!
  • Fuck it, I let him out of the cage. Wynne wasn’t happen, Alistair wasn’t happy, so I had to gift them things so that they still liked me. They’re a temperamental bunch, aren’t they?
  • All right, off to explore the castle! My god, the map is GIGANTIC. Well, at least it seemed that way. Lots of the recently risen dead. There are doors for a courtyard, a basement, a dungeon, and the main floor. Ugh, why are there so many choices? WHERE SHOULD I GO?
  • Definitely the basement. Start at the bottom, work my way up, right? That makes sense, right?
  • Oh. There’s not much of anything in the basement. Huh.
  • Oh, the courtyard looks empty, too. I’m confused. What’s going on?
  • Why would there be two empt–
  • OKAY ATTEMPT #2 HERE WE GO: I use stealth to sneak up the archers on the steps, deal a critical blow to one of them, cut him down in one more strike, take out the other archer as my party begins to attack the Revenant and the two corpses he’s got next to him. The two corpses are down in mere seconds, and then ALISTAIR, WOW, THAT BEAUTIFUL SHIELD BASH JUST TOOK HIM DOWN, SWEET MERCIFUL LORD, LET ME LOVE YOU FOR THAT. WOW. THAT WAS JUST GREAT.
  • WOW.
  • All the Revenant dropped was a Greater Ice Salve? Fuck you, asshole. FUCK YOU.
  • Time to go in the Main Hall!
  • wha
  • what the
  • what is Teagan doing
  • why is he dancing
  • what the fuck
  • Oh my god, Isolde was lying to me. Connor is like HALF ABOMINATION NOW. Oh goddamn it.
  • And thus I am given one of the most difficult moral choices in the entire game: Do I agree to go after the demon hurting Connor, ostensibly killing the boy to save Arl Eamon, or do I allow Jowan to use blood magic to allow one of my mages to enter the Fade BY SACRIFICING ISOLDE????? In both options, I’ll upset someone in my party and someone will have to die.
  • Jesus, y’all were not kidding. I was horrifically unprepared for this fucking game.
  • I decided for purely selfish reasons that I wanted to go back into the Fade again. Also, Morrigan’s Walking Bomb power is currently my favorite spell in the whole game, so I wanted a chance to use her and have people explode gore all over the place.
  • i need a nap after this. fuck.

My Character Stats

Strength: 26
Dexterity: 23+2
Willpower: 19
Magic: 14
Cunning: 18
Constitution: 23

Heroic Stats

Kills: 363
Damage dealt: 69665
Friendly-fire: 0
Greatest damage dealt: 90
Contribution to party damage: 35
Hit rate: 84
Most powerful foe slain: Uldred
Injuries: 8

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98 Responses to Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 21

  1. TrampyMcBitca says:

    Mark, did you open the gates to let the guards help you in the courtyard?

    • biblioteknician says:

      I didn't figure out that was an option until my third playthrough. WHOOPS.

      • celestineangel1 says:

        You do have to talk to Perth, first, though. He'll tell you he'll be at the gates. If you don't, he won't be there (at least, he wasn't for me… so either you have to talk to him, or my game glitched… yay glitching).

      • Andie says:

        I didn't figure out that was an option until right now.

    • Peter says:

      yeah people had mentioned this in rot13 earlier, but I for one had NO CLUE you could do that when I played Redcliffe. So I had the fight the Revenant sooooo-many-times before I actually beat him. OH THIS GAME. It can be tedious, but I do love it.

    • tethysdust says:

      I remember that fight so well. I died many times. Then I finally succeeded, turned around, and noticed the locked gates with eager-looking friendly guards behind them. I think that was my biggest facepalm moment of the game.

  2. Oh boy. Your reaction this this is everything I'd hoped it would be :)

  3. Passing by says:

    There is a third option. Unfortunately, with the way the Circle of Magi debacle ended, I guess that's not really all that viable anymore.

  4. BettyTheThird says:

    hahaha oh Mark you are not prepared

    like seriously, for some reason this post has me laughing like hell
    Ur nyernql qvq gur zntr pvepyr ohg qbrf abg trg gur bcgvba gb gb trg uryc sebz gurer? Jung, jung?
    Ur xvyyf Vfbyqr! Tbbq evqqnapr!
    Jul qb V trg gur srryvat gung Znex unf nyy uvf pbzcnavbaf ng yvxr 0-15 nccebiny? Ng guvf cbvag va gur tnzr, V nz hfhnyyl funttva NG YRNFG bar bs gurz!

    This is all greatly amusing to me today, I don't even know why.

  5. Shiyiya says:

    I dunno if this counts as spoilers or not (alternate ways this could have played out), so erring on the side of caution:

    Naq guvf, tragyrsbyx bs nyy traqref, vf jul lbh qba'g naahy gur Pvepyr.

  6. Is this a good time to tell you that you could have gone to the Circle to get help for the ritual instead of sacrificing anybody?

    • BornIn1142 says:

      Naah, he couldn't have. Not enough of the Circle left.

      • celestineangel1 says:

        Same here with my playthrough. I didn't even manage to save Irving. :( (Did so on my second playthrough, though! Figured out how to use the Litany of Adralla! WHOO HOO!)

      • Andie says:

        Correction: he could've gone to the Circle for help if he hadn't killed them all.

        This is why I make it a point to do Redcliffe first in all my playthroughs now. I don't like when Alistair is mad at me. :c

    • Killer of Bambis Mom says:

      Yeah, I brought up this option, and Jowan was like YEAH YOU CAN'T DO THAT. Or maybe Alistair said it? Someone casually reminded me of my unfortunate murder spree. :(

      • Bookman230 says:

        Too bad. You could've gone
        Full Circle.

      • snapsnzips says:

        That'll teach you to kill all your playmates. actions…consequences….

        I've always wanted to go through the Isolde and Connor both die scenario, but I just can't bear Alistair's disapproval, as much as I can't stand Isolde's accent.

  7. biblioteknician says:

    I was sitting here wondering why you didn't try to save Isolde AND Connor

    and then I remembered

    You let all the mages die. :(

    Hello, welcome to Dragon Age, home of the unexpected consequences, enjoy your stay

  8. celestineangel1 says:

    Oh GODS Redcliffe. Redcliffe is PAIN AND SORROW. AND SADNESS. FOREVER.

    First playthrough, I chose to kill Connor. It's awful. Isolde is screaming the whole time and holy gods her voice actress really puts some feeling behind it, doesn't she? Also, Celestine was a mage, so she was not having any of Jowan. Left his ass locked up.

    (Second playthrough, with my rogue, chose to go into the Fade and kill Isolde. Yay, Morrigan!)

    THE REVENANT. NOPE. Killed me so many times. NOT FUN.

    Also… I… am I the only one who got the distinct impression that Isolde and Teagan had or were having an affair and that Connor might possibly be his son, and not Eamon's? Look, I don't know where I came up with this, there was just something about the way Isolde and Teagan spoke to each other, and it is now my headcanon.

  9. Cleo says:

    If it makes you feel better Isolde is the woman that caused Alistair to be sent to the chantry and made his life hell as a kid. I adored Alistair, so I kind of wanted her dead already.

    • Killer of Bambis Mom says:

      WOW. Okay, I feel less bad? I mean, at least she offered herself up and I didn't force her. STILL.

  10. SLynn says:

    I'm going to err on the side of this being a spoiler, but the first time I played this through with different results…

    V unq ab vagragvba bs xvyyvat Pbaare, be Vfbyqr, ohg unqa'g lrg svtherq bhg lbh pna pbzcyrgryl bowrpg naq tb gb gur Pvepyr. V guvax gur bcgvba jnf fbzrguvat yvxr, yrg zr guvax vg bire. V nyfb yrnearq gung Pbaare jnf yvxryl hcfgnvef fb V jrag gb tb frr ubj ur jnf, zbfgyl bhg bs phevbfvgl. Fb V tb, jr unir n avpr gnyx, zber guna rire V'z qrgrezvarq gb abg xvyy uvz be uvf zbz vs V pna, jura zl fperjrq hc frafr bs qverpgvba V raqrq hc urnqvat gbjneq Rnzba'f ebbz, vafgrnq bs onpx bhg gur jnl V pnzr (gur xrl gb qbvat guvf pbairefngvba naq abg pbasebagvat gur qrzba) naq unq gb xvyy Pbaare naljnl. V guvax Vfbyqr gevrq gb vagreirar naq qrznaqrq gung fur ng yrnfg qb vg naq V jbhyqa'g naq rirelbar va zl cnegl gubhtug V jnf rivy qrfcvgr gurz orvat gurer naq xabjvat vg jnf na nppvqrag. Onq gvzrf.

  11. Tahaneira says:

    Ohhhhh boy. It is going to be interesting from here on out.

    And I did promise you an Origin story, didn't I? Well, here goes.

    Meet Jowan, apostate, maleficarum, and longtime friend of the Mage. The Mage, a distant relation to the Amell noble family of Kirkwall, had spent pretty much their entire life in the Circle Tower. One of the most promising students seen in a long time, First Enchanter Irving had even given them special tutoring, and so all were eager to see the Mage succeed when time came for their Harrowing. They passed, with flying colors, correctly identifying the demon attempting to tempt them, and emerged victorious. Even the Templars were relieved they wouldn't have to chop the Mage's head off.

    Later, Jowan asked his friend to meet him on the sly; he needed their help. He revealed that he was in an affair with a sister in the Chantry in the tower, and planned to escape with her. Only problem: the phylacteries. See, when a mage comes to the tower, the Templars take some of their blood and store it in a vial. If the mage attempts to escape, they use the blood to track the mage down. Jowan's lady friend could escape just fine, but he would be tracked down and caught quickly after. So Jowan asked his friend's help in breaking into the basement of the tower and destroying the phylacteries. The Mage agreed to help their friend. The break-in went swimmingly, a few tussles with magically automated statues notwithstanding. The phylacteries destroyed, the group returned to the surface… only to find Templars waiting for them. Panicking, Jowan slashed his palm and blasted the Templars aside, fleeing from the tower.

    Now this is where things get murky. The priestess, horrified that she'd helped a blood mage to escape, willingly submitted to Greagoir's judgement, likely getting sent to the prison of Aeonar where rogue mages and their accomplices are sent when they aren't being executed. The Mage, however, is a different story. They might have been sent to Aeonar as well, where they would have been possessed and died in time, or made Tranquil on the spot. Some think that the Mage had told Irving about the plot beforehand, and Irving stepped in to protect his pupil. Whatever happened, after Uldred's coup, the Mage was never heard from again.

    So ends the story of the Mage, the Warden that could have been.

    Quote of the Day:
    Alistair: It's just like being home again. Except with more undead.

  12. Eliestav says:

    First time
    Svavfurq gur nyvrantr, naq xvyyrq gur fynir oybbq zntr.

    Jrag gb gur Ynaqfzrrg, juvpu V jba rnfvyl, ohg…thlf V'z gbea.

    Svefg V unq Nyvfgnve qhry Ybtunva fvapr vg frrzrq gurzngvpnyyl nccebcevngr, naq ur xvyyrq Ybtunva, juvpu zrnag Naben qvqa'g jnag gb zneel uvz nalzber, naq gur tnzr jbhyqa'g yrg zr pubbfr gb zneel Nyvfgnve nsgre fhttrfgvat Naben.

    Fb V erfgneg. er-qb gur jubyr guvat, naq guvf gvzr V svtug Ybtunva, naq npprcg uvf fheeraqre. naq Nyvfgnve ybfrf uvf fuvg, rfcrpvnyyl jura Evbeqna fhttrfg znxvat uvz n terl jneqra.

    Ohg guvf vf jung V qb va tnzrf. Vs fbzrbar bssref gur punapr gb fheeraqre, V gnxr vg, rfcrpvnyyl fbzrbar nf hfrshy nf Ybtunva. Naq vg'f abg yvxr gur tnzr yrg zr gnxr onpx uvf fheeraqre nsgre Terl Jneqra jnf bssrerq. Naq gura V tb hc gb Nyvfgnve'f ebbz naq nfx nobhg hf, naq ur fnlf "Gurer vf ab HF. Gurer'f zr, naq gurer'f gur jbzna jub yrg Qhapna'f zheqrere tb serr."

    …Gung ernyyl uheg, lbh xabj?

    Fb V guvax gur unccvrfg raqvat jbhyq or zneelvat Nyvfgnve, abj gung V xabj gung'f na bcgvba, ohg V cebzvfrq Naben gur pebja, naq fur fhccbegrq zr va gur Ynaqfzrrg. Orgenlvat ure abj, qbrfa'g srry evtug.

    • Andie says:

      I'm sorry you're in that position. :c. THIS GAME IS SO UPSETTING.

      How to fix your problem spoilers: Lbh pna'g. Gurer'f ab jnl gb znxr rirelbar unccl urer.

    • celestineangel1 says:

      Lrrnnnu, V jnf fcbvyrq, naq xarj gung Nyvfgnve jbhyqa'g fgvpx nebhaq vs lbh nyybj Ybtunva gb yvir. Fb V qvqa'g qb gung. V onggyrq Ybtunva zlfrys (YBY, abg ernyl snve, n zntr ntnvafg bar ybaryl jneevbe… rfcrpvnyyl jvgu Pryrfgvar'f Pbar bs Pbyq fcryy), ohg yrg Nyvfgnve xvyy uvz.

      V qba'g xabj jung V'z tbvat gb qb jvgu zl frpbaq cynlguebhtu… Xvreana'f vaibyirq jvgu Mriena, naq Nyvfgnve nyernql qbrfa'g yvxr Xvreana irel zhpu. Fb V zvtug whfg unir Xvreana fcner Ybtunva whfg gb frr jung unccraf.

      • biblioteknician says:

        Spoilers on ways that can go down:

        Vs lbh qba'g uneqra Nyvfgnve, ur yrnirf lbhe cnegl sberire.

        Vs lbh'er n pbzcyrgryl njshy gjvfgrq crefba yvxr V nz, lbh pna uneqra Nyvfgnve qhevat uvf crefbany dhrfg, trg uvz gb nterr gb zneel Naben, naq gura yrg Ybtunva yvir. Nf ybat nf Nyvfgnve vfa'g gur bar gb qhry Ybtunva, lbh raq hc va n jbeyq jurer Ybtunva vf Nyvfgnve'f sngure-va-ynj. Vg znqr zr ernyyl unccl. Va na "Bu zl tbq V nz n onq crefba" fbeg bs jnl.

        • celestineangel1 says:

          I like you. :D

          • biblioteknician says:

            I do try. :D

            Also, Awakening spoilers:

            Vs lbh qb gur evghny jvgu Zbeevtna naq yrg Ybtunva yvir…. Naben gnxrf terng cyrnfher va beqrevat uvz nebhaq gb qb Jneqra-l guvatf. Vg'f. Uvynevbhf.

        • accidentalbeard says:

          Gung rivy cyna vf rknpgyl jung V whfg qvq guvf cynl-guebhtu! Nyvfgnve vf ABG ORFG CYRNFRQ jvgu zr ng nyy naq vf fhcre-penaxl, ohg jungrire qhqr, vfa'g vg orggre gb unir nabgure Jneqra nebhaq? (Rfcrpvnyyl fvapr V cyna gb ershfr Zbeevtna naq yrg Ybtunva unaqyr guvatf ng gur raq; bgurejvfr V thrff gung jbhyq or Nyvfgnve va uvf cynpr!)
          Ur naq zl zntr Jneqra ner abg cnegvphyneyl ohqqvrf va guvf tnzr ohg V vzntvar zl Jneqra jevgvat uvz fbzr yrggref qhevat gur pbhefr bs Njnxravat gb fnl "url oeb V xabj lbh jrer ernyyl cvffrq, ohg va uvaqfvtug pna lbh frr ubj guvf jnf n ernfbanoyr qrpvfvba?"

  13. Bookman230 says:

    There are times when I wish I wasn't the goody-goody perfect character, who always tries to find that third option that is best for all. I always saved the Circle Tower before Redcliffe, then enlisted their help with Connor, easily sidestepping this moral issue. Kind of takes the fun out of it. But on the flip side, making sure everybody lives Rose, just this once, everybody lives is pretty satisfying, considering how other parts of the game go.

  14. cogsandcurls says:

    I know that this is a heart-rending part of the game (I know most don't care for her, but I feel really bad for Isolde :( ) , but at the risk of sounding completely flippant all I really have to contribute to this post is MAAAARRRRMALAAAADE

    • celestineangel1 says:

      This is the second time I've seen "MAAAAARRRMALAAAAADE" in the comments and am I missing something? What is this in reference to? Will it even make any sense to me?

  15. klmnumbers says:

    V nz qlvat gung Znex unfa'g zragvbarq nal b gur pbzcnavba dhrfgf be nalguvat lrg. V srry yvxr abar bs gurz ner ng nalguvat nobir +40. Va snpg, ur fnvq Zbeevtna jnf artngvir jvgu uvz?? V nyjnlf cynl sbe ~~tbbq, ohg Zbeevtna ybirf zr nf V fubjre ur jvgu tvsgf.

    Qb jr guvax ur'f tvivat tvsgf gb gur jebat crbcyr naq abg gnyxvat gb gurz ng pnzc?

    V qba'g jnag gb fnl nalguvat gb uvz, ohg ur'f zvffvat bhg ba n UHTR cbegvba bs gur tnzr ol qbvat jungrire ur vf qbvat, naq V jnf ernyyl ybbxvat sbejneq gb frrvat uvf ernpgvbaf gb n ybg bs gur pbzcnavba dhrfgf/ebznaprf, rgp.

    May I just lol @ Mark responding below this comment.

  16. Mark Does Stuff says:

    Wheeee, I just bought Stone Prisoner! I will play it as soon as I'm done Orzammar, WHICH IS FUCKING COOL AS HELL, Y'ALL. I just defeated Wneivn and V tbg znq ng Nyvfgnve orpnhfr UR GEVTTRERQ RIREL FVATYR SVER GENC VA GUNG YNFG EBBZ, vapyhqvat bar NSGRE JR QRSRNGRQ RIRELBAR. Nyvfgnve, SVER OHEAF. RIREL GVZR.

    Also, more spoilers for next week's posts, mostly concerning inter-party stuff, no plot spoilers: Cerggl fher Zbeevtna vf yvxr… snyyvat va ybir jvgu zr??? Ure nccebiny vf nyzbfg cresrpg naq fur'f ERNYYL AVPR GB ZR, naq V xrrc gnxvat gvzr gb gnyx gb zl cnegl zrzoref va orgjrra onggyrf naq fur erfcbaqf gur orfg gb rirelguvat V fnl. Vf guvf yvxr n guvat???? V QVQA'G XABJ LBHE CNEGL ZRZOREF PBHYQ SNYY URNQ-BIRE-URRYF VA YBIR JVGU LBH.

    • Stone Prisoner!!!!!!!! That's all I need to say :)

    • celestineangel1 says:

      Lhc, lbh pna ebznapr pregnva cnegl zrzoref, ohg V qvqa'g guvax Zbeevtna jnf ebznaprnoyr sbe n srznyr CP? Nalbar unir nal zber vafvtug vagb guvf?

      ORZAMMAR. Ubj ybat qvq vg gnxr lbh gb orng Wneivn? Gbbx zr SBERIRE. Qvrq fb zhpu. Naq gubfr fghcvq gencf. V'z cerggl fher FBZRBAR gevttrerq gurz bapr gur svtug jnf qbar sbe zr, gbb. Abg fher vs vg jnf Nyvfgnve be ab.

      • klmnumbers says:

        Ab, Yryvnan naq Mriena ner obgu ovfrkhny, ohg Nyvfgnve naq Zbeevtna ner fgenvtug. Gung jnf, rirelbar unf ng yrnfg gjb urgrebfrkhny bcgvbaf naq bar ubzbfrkhny bcgvba qhevat gurve tnzrcynl =).

      • Killer of Bambis Mom says:

        Jryy, fur zvtug abg or va ybir, ohg zl tbq, fur vf FB FGBXRQ ba zl rkvfgrapr.

        V bayl qvrq bapr svtugvat Wneivn! V'ir tbg n jbaqreshy frg bs grpuavdhrf orgjrra Ebfyva naq Zbeevtna gung ehyr. Zvaq Oynfg, Jnyxvat Obzo, Qvfbevrag, IVPVBHF OHGG FGNOOVAT, naq V pna eryl ba Jlaar gb urny naq Nyvfgnve gb abg haqrefgnaq gur zrpunavpf bs sver.

        • celestineangel1 says:

          V'ir arire tbggra Zbeevtna'f nccebiny hc gung uvtu… uzzz… V jvyy unir gb frr jung V pna qb nobhg gung. V jnag gb frr guvf unccl Zbeevtna!

          Bu zna, lbh cynl guvf tnzr fb zhpu orggre guna V qb, gura. KQ V pna'g erzrzore jub V unq jvgu zr ng gung cbvag, ohg V qb erzrzore Zbeevtna jnf abg va zl cnegl, naq guvf jnf orsber V unq fbzrbar grnpu zr nobhg nezbe naq ubj gb znxr Nyvfgnve abg fb syvzfl. Fb. YBY V guvax V znqr vg guebhtu zbfg svtugf ba furre yhpx.

    • klmnumbers says:

      zjhnununnnnnnnn. Svanyyl, ur gnyxf bs ebznapr! Gbb onq Zbeevtna bayl yvxrf oebf. Ur arrqf gb trg uvz syveg ba jvgu Mriena naq/be Nyvfgnve fb jr pna frr uvf ernpgvba gb gur fgrnzl frk fprarf..

      I've actually never gotten the DLC. When I first bought DA:O, I bought a physical copy. The disc wouldn't work, and I had to go through all this crap to get an on-line download. Mine was supposed to come with Awakenings and all of the DLC, but the on-line download they gave me didn't.

      Some part of me is just bitter that I'd have to pay for the DLC *again* to actually play them. To those who have played them, is it worth it? I'm doing my second playthrough of the game.. perhaps I should buy them.

      • Yes the dlc is worth it. Especially stone prisoner.

      • cogsandcurls says:

        I've got Stone Prisoner, Warden's Keep, Return to Ostagar and Leliana's Song, so can't comment on the others, but I would say, honestly, that Leliana's song is not worth the price (even though I love Leliana) and Warden's Keep is only worth it if you're really into getting good equipment and/or Warden lore. If you have any sort of strong bond with Wynne or Alistair (naq CNEGVPHYNEYL jvgu Ybtunva, vs lbh unir uvz) then Ostagar is worth getting, though.

        Stone Prisoner is, IMO, essential. And Awakenings is well worth it, too.

        • Gillyweed says:

          I agree, Leliana's song and Golems of Amgarrak you can skip. Ostragar and Awekening is awesome, and I was so sad for the lost potential of the Witch Hunt that I don't know if I could recommend it, it is… important kind of, but so.. I guess you need a second opinion.

      • biblioteknician says:

        Depending on your console (I have Xbox) you can get the Ultimate Edition for cheaper than it costs to buy the game, the individual DLC, and Awakening. If you sell back your original copy, that makes it a really good deal.

    • cogsandcurls says:

      Augh I am so glad you have Stone Prisoner! Completely essential DLC right there. It contains one of my favourite…things… in the whole game. Augh.

      Also ZBEEVTNA FVFGREUBBQ VF GUR ORFG. V ybir gung lbh'er gnyxvat gb lbhe cnegl zrzoref abj! Jr jrer jbeevrq lbh jrera'g tvivat gurz rabhtu nggragvba ng gur pnzc, ohg vg frrzf rirelguvat jvyy or svar :) Well, not fine, because Dragon Age is FULL OF TRAGEDY and HARD DECISIONS. But more fulfilling, at least.

      Oh, and I meant to say: when you next get around to doing a video (particularly if you happen to be at camp at any point), would you mind just going to your Character Record screen and flicking through the characters, so we can get the gist of what their approval ratings are? Pretty please?

    • Passing by says:

      Mark it is imperative you do Stone Prisoner BEFORE Orzammar.
      As to why, I can't really be too clear due to enormous spoilers.
      Suffice it to say it has to do with the character development/background of a certain personage in this particular DLC.

      In soipler heavy terms: Funyr vf n frysnjner Tbyrz, jub unf ybfg ure bevtva gb gur zvfgf bs gvzr.
      Lbh uryc ure svaq ure cnfg, naq ure byq anzr, ol gnxvat ure gb gur Naivy bs gur Ibvq, juvpu vf cneg bs gur Bemnzzne dhrfg.
      Gur Naivy vf hfrq gb perngr Tbyrzf ol vashfvat Qjneirf jvgu yvdhvsvrq Ylevhz.
      Jung n gjvfg!

      • Killer of Bambis Mom says:

        Don't worry, I've already been told this, so yes! It will happen ASAP! :)

      • celestineangel1 says:

        Lrnu, svefg cynlguebhtu, V gbgnyyl svavfurq Bemnzzne orsber npgvingryl Gur Fgbar Tbyrz orpnhfr V qvqa'g ernyvmr V unq gung QYP, naq V unq bar cynpr ba gur znc V unqa'g orra gb, naq V jnf tbvat gb fnir vg hagvy nsgre Bemnzzne naq… jryy. Lbh trg gur punapr gb tb onpx, ohg V vzntvar vg'f abg nf fngvfslvat nf univat Funyr jvgu lbh jura lbh pbasebag Pnevqva/Oenaxn.

        Nyfb, V vzntvar Funyr vf hfrshy va gung svtug, jurgure lbh'er svtugvat Oenaxn be Pnvevqva!

    • adaptation says:

      I am so excited.

      <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

      <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

    • ferafaces says:

      Sometimes I forget you haven't done a Bioware game before. :D

  17. adaptation says:

    I always make sure I have two mages with me so they can just keep bringing each other back to life when I inevitably get my whole party killed.

  18. celestineangel1 says:

    I need to fix Wynne's tactics. She never stays back and heals everyone like she's supposed to. Give her a chance, and she'll run right into the thick of things and hack and slash like the rest of us.

    • biblioteknician says:

      Do you set her tactics to Ranged? (OR is she an Arcane Warrior using the Spellsword? If so, give her two weapon sets- a staff and the Spellsword, and tell her to use the ranged weapon unless attacked by melee. It's wonderful. Just make sure you set her tactics to Ranged)

  19. Mikka says:

    Aaaaaah, I just cannot stand it anymore, I'm going to burst…

    Mark, Morrigan is really stoked with you, yes? And you wonder if companions falling in love with you is a thing? Go down that line of thought, pleeeeeasse?

  20. Fajen says:

    Maybe with Leli-oh wait.

  21. Peter says:

    First Time Gameplay

    Oh, I love Redcliffe. This was such an amazing part of the game, when shit got unbelievably real. I found the combat in Redcliffe village not to be hard at all, as Mark mentioned yesterday, but I had a MUCH HARDER TIME in the castle. I don't know why, really, but I died so frequently. Sucks.

    So, about the big moral dilemma – I chose to kill Isolde, too. I actually don't hate her, because I feel so utterly terrible for the situation she's in, but she did bring it upon herself, her family, and the people of Redcliffe, for whom she is responsible as a local noble. So while her life obviously sucks, and I didn't just simply say, "okay, you're going to die," it was pretty clear that I would kill her before killing Connor. She willingly offers her life for sacrifice to make things right, and it's a nice redemptive action (demonic blood magic notwithstanding).

    Question – what happens if you play Redcliffe before the Tower, and you then leave Redcliffe at this point to do the tower quest and get the Magi to help you (and this assumes you actually save the Magi)? Is it possible to do the Circle at this point? I played Redcliffe first, but didn't want to abandon the quest in the middle, for fear that the Connor abomination might kill everyone.

    • cogsandcurls says:

      You can do the Circle at this point, yes. That's what I did the first time I played this – left halfway through Redcliffe specifically to get help.

  22. Gillyweed says:

    I watched the whole video desperate to see if you got that poor girl from the basement, I guess not :( On my first playthrough I didn't find her either and I felt so guilty when V sbhaq bhg ure sngure xvyyrq uvzfrys pnhfr V qvqa'g bcra n qbbe, that I replayed that part of the game.
    I honestly don't know what would I do if I didn't have the option to use other mages to help me, I do't know if I could kill Isolde.
    Also can someone who is not broke like me, request a video of Mark talking with people in his camp, again and again? That's the best part of the game, getting to know your companions, nyfb Mriena erpvgvat qvegl cbrgel gb lbh unf fbzr orarsvgf.

    • cogsandcurls says:

      Oh good lord. I've always got her out safe, I didn't know that could happen :C

      • Gillyweed says:

        Me neither. V pbhyqa'g svaq ure fb V gubhtug, V'yy trg ure yngre, ohg V pbhyqa'g naq V tbg gb Bjra naq gbyq uvz fur'f abg gurer, arkg gvzr V jrag gb fryy fbzr fghss arj thl jnf gurer naq gbyq zr. Fb V erqvq gur jubyr frdhrapr nsgre ragrevat gur jvaqzvyy.

    • Killer of Bambis Mom says:

      I totally made a video for someone of me talking with everyone in my camp! It'll be in next Tuesday's post!!! :)

    • celestineangel1 says:


  23. Killer of Bambis Mom says:




  24. ferafaces says:

    I dont know if this matters at all, but I really love the chronological type format you used in this post. It makes it a lot more fun to read. -shrug-


    So not prepared. :]

  25. JackoDaGreat says:

    Fun story about my experience in Redcliff (Alistair relationship spoilers)

    Fb V nppvqragnyyl xvyyrq gur zntrf ng gur Pvepyr naq pubfr gb xvyy Pbaare orpnhfr gur vqrn bs oybbq zntvp znqr zr areibhf.V'z svtugvat gur qrzba jura gur onggyr frrzf gb raq fb V fgneg ybbgvat pbecfrf. V thrff V zhfg bs pyvpxrq ba Nyvfgnve ol zvfgnxr orpnhfr ur fgnegf gnyxvat gb zr naq tvirf zr n ebfr (*snatvey fdhrr*). Vg gheaf bhg gur onggyr jnfa'g bire naq Nyvfgnve unq whfg tvira zr n ebfr QHEVAT N ZNWBE ONGGYR. V thrff Nyvfgnve qbrfa'g xabj gur zrnavat bs gvzvat.

  26. Inky says:

    Oh man, this mission. I tried to save the mage head master so I could solve this quest without anyone dying but didn't manage it, so I decided to sacrifice Isolde. Alistair HATED me for it and it completely ruined all chances of my Warden getting together with him since I'd already loaded him up with a ton of presents and had all of the conversations with him. Boooooo.

  27. snapsnzips says:

    The great part about watching the Mark Plays is that I don't really have any friends who play video games. I barely play video games. I've only ever played Bioware ones. But I don't have anyone I can urge to play this game and no one to really talk about it with, so it's AWESOME to watch someone else experience it and have the daily comment fest.

    • JackoDaGreat says:

      Same here. I moved across the country for school and I have no nerd friends here. This is a great way to get my nerd fix.

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