Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 28

In the twenty-eight hour of Dragon Age: Origins, Y’ALL ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DO THIS TO ME. I AM NOT OKAY. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to play Dragon Age: Origins.

Hour Twenty-Eight

I admit that I haven’t played that many video games. I haven’t! So coming from this sort of background, I really don’t have much to compare this particular story in Dragon Age to aside from the first Silent Hill game, a few parts in the Fallout games, *that* twist in Uncharted, and the brain-melting conclusion to Bioshock. I tried playing Dead Island just after it came out, but there were a lot of elements of gameplay that were just too frustrating for me, and I never ended up finishing the game. (One day I might return to it!) So I am admittedly very ignorant when it comes to the intersection of horror in video games. I think what’s ultimately so upsetting and frightening about the entire Dead Trenches storyline is that it comes so far out of right field that you didn’t even know the game would go there. I DIDN’T KNOW, OKAY? Oh my god, this fucked me up.

Let’s first start out with all FIVE videos I made for this hour, four of which are courtesy of one of my editors, Ryan Lohner, who commissioned me to film my experience in the Dead Trenches.

Part I: Searching For Branka

The Dead Trenches: Part 1

The Dead Trenches: Part 2

The Dead Trenches: Part 3

The Dead Trenches: Part 4

As you probably have figured out, if you add up how long each of the videos are, it’s over an hour. I COULDN’T JUST STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF FIGHTING THE BROODMOTHER, OKAY. I’m all for cliffhangering myself for dramatic effect, but that is too much to ask for. You will not hold this against me.

See, I wanted to film my experience finding Branka because I figured the writers for this game were hiding something from me. I was chasing after her ghost as far as I was concerned. Every time I thought I was getting closer to her, I’d only find evidence of her past. When I ran into Kardol and the Legion of the Dead, I assumed that they would direct me to the right place, but there were just as clueless as I was. So what exactly did Branka find down here, and why did she not return? Did the Anvil of the Void do something to her? Why would she risk facing all of the darkspawn down here?

The pieces weren’t adding up, and I had a feeling it was because I didn’t have all the pieces.

Searching Ortan Thaig and the Dead Trenches was occasionally challenging, and it was fun switching off between Morrigan and Roslin frequently. I know I can depend on Roslin to use her assassin skills to manage a battle, so I kept controlling Morrigan, using the Virulent Walking Bomb (HHHHAAAAYYYY UPGRADE TO SKILLS) to keep the enemy under control. Plus, I was consistently surprised by the various creatures and enemies the game made me face. But what the fuck was going on? It wasn’t until I’d gone through nearly every tunnel and into every cavern that I began to hear a poem. Yeah, this seems like something I should run from. But that’s the brilliance of what happens here: you expect Branka, but are instead greeted with someone named Hespith. In fact, by the end of this hour of gameplay, I STILL HAVEN’T SEEN BRANKA. Where is she??? What is she doing?

I don’t know how anything in this game can upstage what Hespith reveals to me. Like, I thought Ruck’s sad journey was bad enough; I thought the Abominations in the Tower were enormously fucked up. Hell, pretty much every single one of the main stories has some awful twist to it. But here, Hespith and Branka’s friend and companion was tainted with darkspawn blood/tissue and mutated into a thing called a Broodmother. SHE TORE HER HUSBAND’S FACE OFF, ATE IT, AND THEN DRANK HIS BLOOD. This is THE WORST THING IN THE WHOLE GAME AND I MAY NEVER RECOVER. Oh my god, if this happened to Laryn, what could possibly have happened to Branka? It appears that Hespith commits suicide out of guilt, so Branka is the only one left.

Y’all, I was truly not prepared for this. I AM VERY UPSET. So enjoy the videos of me exponentially losing my shit, and you can thank Ryan Lohner for making this happen. I have no words left, it’s 11:50pm, and I’m going to have horrible nightmares about this shit. FUCK.

My Character Stats

Strength: 27+4
Dexterity: 25+8
Willpower: 21
Magic: 14
Cunning: 21
Constitution: 25

Heroic Stats

Kills: 541
Damage dealt: 115444
Friendly-fire damage: 0
Greatest damage dealt: 90
Contribution to party damage: 30
Hit rate: 86
Most powerful foe slain: Revenant
Injuries: 18

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63 Responses to Mark Plays ‘Dragon Age: Origins’: Hour 28

  1. Ryan Lohner says:

    Dance, precious, dance! I actually got my request email in very shortly before Sandy took out my power, so it's pretty darn lucky I decided to check back at that moment and these videos now exist. And it's everything I could have hoped for. By the way, can I use your line "Goddammit, Ryan" in my videos? I don't have any plans for it right now, but I'm sure I'll think of something.

  2. adaptation says:

    This + Feed chapter 26 = awful awful day of weeping

  3. Eliestav says:

    you can thank Ryan Lohner for making this happen.

    Thanks Ryan!

  4. celestineangel1 says:

    Thanks, Ryan!

    Also, oh gods oh gods oh gods whyyyyyyy. Broodmother. Whaaaaaat are you? I was so not prepared for this the first time around, and I still consider it the most messed up are of the whole game. SERIOUSLY.

  5. BettyTheThird says:

    Finally we meet the broodmother, my favourite character in the game!


    Nightmares forever. D:

    • TrampyMcBitca says:

      Yeah. When Hespith says "Broodmother" just before you turn the corner and actually see her…


  6. Koryd says:

    favourite part : "How does that feel ? Oh you can't tell me cause you're dead!"

  7. cogsandcurls says:


    Ugh, BROODMOTHER. Actually the most horrifying creature in videogames ever, in my opinion. The concept is SO awful, but the pacing of this whole thing, the way the tension slowly builds up and you've been in the Deep Roads alone (or with the Legion of the Dead) for SO LONG in the dark, and THEN the poem starts….the reveal is just masterful. It would be a gut-punch reveal however you did it, but the way that they did just makes it that much more effective.

    Also, Branka and Hespith – hello, first indication of Bioware's LGBT-inclusive leanings in Mark's game? I mean, what happened to them wound up being many different shades of fucked up, but I do love the fact that their relationship is sort of casually mentioned in the conversation with Hespith and then not lingered on at all (OR causally linked to the fucked-upness in any way), as if it's something entirely not noteworthy (which, of course, is as it should be).

    • Ryan Lohner says:

      And somehow it didn't come up at all in Mark's playthrough. Though I imagine he wouldn't be too happy about this being the game's big portrayal of homosexuality besides the optional stuff at the Pearl.

      • cogsandcurls says:

        Well, there's also Jnqr naq Ureera naq Yryvnan naq Znewbynvar, cyhf fbzr irefvbaf bs Yryvnan naq Mriena'f ebznaprf. Naq Vfnoryn, cbgragvnyyl.

        But you're right, I just realised that the way Mark's game is set up means that he's not going to see/experience most of these.

      • BornIn1142 says:

        Er, big portrayal? Nera'g Oenaxn'f yrnavatf whfg n sbbgabgr pbzcnerq gb gur fnzr-frk eryngvbafuvcf jvgu Yryvnan naq Mriena?

      • Mark Does Stuff says:

        You know, it wasn't until Oghren later brought it up that I full processed that Hespith was Branka's lover. It totally went over my head. I thought they were like…. super close BFF's!!!!


        • TrampyMcBitca says:

          Hespith: "I was her captain, and I did not stop her. Her lover, and I could not turn her. Forgive her… but no, she cannot be forgiven. Not for what she did. Not for what she has become."

          LOL, look at 6:31 of Part 3. You covered your eyes when Hespith says "Her lover". No wonder you missed it. :)

  8. TrampyMcBitca says:

    I think that face you are making from The Dead Trenches: Part 3 screencap, is what my face looked like for this entire area.

  9. Eliestav says:

    Is anyone else suddenly rather excited for when Mark Plays Amnesia? Cause I have a spare copy on steam that I'd totally be willing to gift if that moves it up the list.

  10. Ryan Lohner says:

    I'll repeat one of my Youtube comments here:

    You know who's good with traps? Leliana.

    Is this your typical frequency for accidentally talking to your team members? Because I had that problem too.

  11. accidentalbeard says:

    I had played this game before. I remembered the Broodmother and the Dead Trenches. I knew what was coming.

    But SOMEHOW during my recent playthrough (beat the game last night, on to Awakenings!), I thought it would be a great idea to hit the Dead Trenches late at night. Bad, bad idea. Don't do that, folks.

  12. xyliane27 says:

    Bioware managed to completely desexualize boobs using sheer amounts of Broodmother-flavored horror. They deserve awards just for this.

    The only worse point of DA-verse ughdonotwant is (DLC spoilers) gur Zbgure va Njnxravat. Jura ure zbhgu evcf bcra ng gur raqtnzr, V znxr oyhoorel abvfrf rirel fvatyr gvzr.

  13. ensignkt says:

    I'm always accidentally talking to Morrigan, too. Gubhtu gung jubyr "guvf tnzr vf gelvat gb frg zr hc jvgu ure" yvar unq zr ynhtuvat bhg ybhq, tvira gur raqvat. Bayl znyr Terl Jneqraf sbe gur evghny, gubhtu.

    I always bring Wynne with me to the Deep Roads now, but my first time playing the game I was using Morrigan for a change of pace. That was my first big problem, as I had less healing. And there just aren't that many healing potions in Orzammar. I'd pretty much bought the place out.

    By the time I got to the Broodmother, I was almost out, I think, and I wasn't about to trek all the way back to Denerim or something to buy more. So I just kept dying and dying (and keep in mind I was playing on Casual, as always!)

    Eventually I actually had to download the cheat system to be able to heal my characters. I think that's the only time I ever had to use it, being prepared on subsequent gameplays, but there was no way I could have gotten past the Broodmother without it on my first time.

  14. BornIn1142 says:

    The battle with the Broodmother was among the very hardest fights I had in the game – even harder than the Uvtu Qentba and Fre Pnhguevra. I ended the fight with all three party members except my PC dead, every usable resource I had in my experience expended, and my dual-wielding fighter forced to resort to chipping away at the Broodmother's last bits of HP at a distance with a bow I'd never used before, while also trying to micromanage my stamina to take out her minions as soon as she created them. It was pretty intense, but despite my frustrations, I ended that fight with a very satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

    • Passing by says:

      I too remember having a very hard time with that fight. It's been a while, so I cannot say anything substantial on how it went.

      I'm not sure I would say the Qentba was easier, at least not to me. The Qentba might not be able to summon any minions, or tentacles, but it is much more mobile, and has these nasty mass knock-down effects.

  15. ferafaces says:

    Okay, the first time I did Dead Trenches, I had the subtitles turned on. So for the very first line of the poem, I was more freaked out by the sudden appearance of words (because you have to admit, it's a very very freaky part in general). But omfg. I can't wait to be able to watch these videos because they will be pure gold. :]

  16. I confess that I'm watching Part 3 (starting at about 2:58) with a huge, open-mouthed grin on my face.

    I might not be a good person.

  17. Eliestav says:

    First Time Awakening

    Lbh xabj, V cebonoyl fubhyq'ir thrffrq gung gur zbgure jnf n oebbqzbgure, tvira jryy, rirelguvat, ohg abcr. Vg'f nabgure bar. Naq vg gnyxf. Ybiryl.

    V yvxr whfgvpr, ohg V pna'g uryc srryvat harnfl nobhg gur jubyr cbffrfvat n pbecfr guvat. V zrna, haqre abezny pvephzfgnaprf, gur fnapgvgl bs n cerfba'f erznvaf arire srryf nf vzcbegnag nf urycvat bguref gb zr; gung ur'f fgvpxvat nebhaq gur fnzr nern nf xevfgbcuf jvsr, nf jryy gur cerivbhf qrzbavp pbaabgngvba guvf frggvat unf vf fgevxvat n areir jvgu zr. naq V pna'g svther bhg jul pbafvqrevat Whfgvpr unf n evtug gb yvir, naq hayvxr gur qrzbaf, ur unf ab qrfver gb gnxr nalguvat sebz nalbar.

    Njxjneq V thrff. Znlor vg jbhyq or orggre vs fbzrbar ibyhagrrerq gb evqr nybat jvgu Whfgvpr nf Angunavry fhttrfgrq.

    Nyfb V tnir uvz gur fragvary nezbe, naq gung ybbxf yrff yvxr Whfgvpr, naq zber yvxr Iratrnapr. guvf nzzhfrf zr sbe fbzr ernfba.

    • The_Real_Lee says:

      Whfgvpr naq Iratrnapr ner gjb fvqrf bs gur fnzr pbva.

    • accidentalbeard says:

      Gurer vf fbzrguvat cerggl hafrggyvat nobhg gur vqrn bs na navzngrq pbecfr, ab znggre ubj sevraqyl, jnyxvat nebhaq. Qvq… qvq Whfgvpr fzryy shaal? V whfg fgnegrq n ercynl bs Njnxravatf ynfg avtug naq unira'g cvpxrq uvz hc lrg ohg V guvax vg'f zragvbarq gung Xevfgbcu'f obql vf fgvyy qrpbzcbfvat.
      V qba'g ortehqtr Whfgvpr gur evtug gb yvir ohg vg'f ernyyl bqq guvaxvat bs uvz orvat va n pbecfr be jvgu fbzrbar ryfr. V qba'g xabj gung V ernyyl guvax Snqr fcvevgf fubhyq fcraq zhpu gvzr bhgfvqr bs gur Snqr.

      • Eliestav says:

        Frr Whfgvpr vf na rabezbhf rkprcgvba orpnhfr ur jnf sbeprq bhg bs gur snqr ntnvafg uvf jvyy, naq qrzbaf bayl yrnir gur snqr orpnhfr gurl jnag gb srrq bss fbzrbar. Whfgvpr vf xvaq bs fghpx jvgu abguvat gb qb, naq ur qbrfa'g unir nal qrfver gb qvr.

        Gubhtu V guvax Jlaar'f fcvevg fubjrq gung n snqr fcvevg pna rkvfg va n flzovbgvp gung vf orarsvpvny gb gur uhzna ubfg.

  18. Tahaneira says:

    AHAHA BROODMOTHER. Oh dear God, you still haunt my dreams.

    This was a just a wonderfully done part of the game and your reactions are hilarious. I don't have much time to post this, so here is your comforting quote!

    Quote of the Day:

    First day, they come and catch everyone.

    Second day, they beat us and eat some for meat.

    Third day, the men are all gnawed on again.

    Fourth day, we wait and fear for our fate.

    Fifth day, they return and it's another girl's turn.

    Sixth day, her screams we hear in our dreams.

    Seventh day, she grew as in her mouth they spew.

    Eighth day, we hate it as she is violated.

    Ninth day, she grins and devours her kin.

    Now she does feast, as she's become the beast.

    Now you lay and wait, for their screams will haunt you in your dreams.

  19. adaptation says:

    Fubhyq fbzrobql gryy Znex ur pna ohl onpxcnpxf fb ur unf zber vairagbel fcnpr?

  20. Nanima says:

    Oh the Broodmother scared me so much. I got really sick when I first saw her *shudders*

    So now we know how Darkspawn reproduction looks like..
    The codex says that Dwarven Broodmothers give birth to Genlocks, Humans to Hurlocks, Elves to Shrieks
    and Qunari to Ogres (and that the reason Ogres are rare is that the Qunari arrived in Thedas only a few centuries ago, so they weren't able to turn that many.. Also the Genlocks are the most numerous because they have more contact with Dwarven women *is sick*).

    Naq gurl nccneragyl ybbx qvssrerag qrcraqvat ba enpr, gbb.
    Gur Zbgure jnf cerfhznoyl n uhzna jbzna bapr..
    Htu abj V'z gelvat gb xrrc zlfrys sebz vzntravat ubj Ryira Oebbqzbguref ybbx yvxr,
    be rira jbefr Dhanev (Fvapr Bterf ner fb uhtr gurl unir gb or cerggl znffvir..).

    Spoiler End

    But who would have thought that what looked like typical fantasy orcs would turn out to be THE WORST BEE HIVE EVER!!

  21. affableevil says:

    Broodmother aljfakdfjldajfd

    [youtube wBMKARtQReE youtube]

  22. AmaneSaiko says:

    Between the creepy poem and the Broodmother, I will have nightmares forever. I am not even kidding. I finished my first playthrough of this game YEARS ago and I still every so often have Broodmother related nightmares. It is just so fucked up.

  23. kartikeya200 says:

    Yeah, all that pre-launch talk Bioware did about how they were making a dark fantasy RPG. Pff, I thought. It's Bioware. I'm going along through the game and thinking 'hah, I guess it's dark for Bioware. BLOOD JOKES HURR'.

    And then the Dead Trenches scarred me forever.

    On an entirely different note, Legion of the Dead armor is my absolute favorite looking armor in the game. I always wear it even if my character isn't built for heavy armor.

  24. I finished this part a couple of years ago and I believe I only died a couple of times with the Broodmother…I dread to think about my 2 playthroughs this time, I'm sure it'll be much harder. Partially because in my Evil Game I killed Wynne. :( Well, that's not good.

  25. Peter says:


    Except to remind you, Mark, that you thought you were prepared for the dwarf quest.

    All of the nuns.

  26. @LJmysticowl says:

    Hespith's story melted my brain the first time and, honestly, it's not any better. I still think it's all horrible and creepy as well and FUCK BRANKA. Glad someone pointed out the "lover" thing in the comments already, I was worried Mark would miss it altogether. Because it just lifts the entire thing to a new level of brain-melting evil.

    The Dwarven Cycle in general contains some of the most ingeniously fucked up writing in Bioware gaming, I think.

    V zrna, V'z fgvyy zneiryyvat ng jung gurl znqr zr qb va gur raq. Pubbfr fbzrbar jub xvyyf snzvyl, ohg vf orggre sbe gur qjneirf' shgher, be pubbfr fbzrbar ubabhenoyr jub jvyy ghea gurve shgher vagb n oyrnx, qnex sngr.

    V pubfr gb znxr Cevapr Shpxsnpr xvat, naq V guvax V cebonoyl jvyy vs V ercynl gur tnzr gung sne ntnva orpnhfr V whfg pna'g vzntvar ybpxvat nyy gubfr cbbe qjneirf haqretebhaq jvgu gur qnexfcnja naq ybpxvat gurz vagb gur pnfgr flfgrz.

    • accidentalbeard says:

      Lrnu, V onpxrq Uneebjzbag guvf gvzr *naq* yrg Oenaxn xrrc gur Naivy, naq V jnf pbzcyrgryl oybja njnl ol gur rcvybthr pneq gung gnyxf nobhg Uneebjzbag yrggvat Oenaxn znxr tbyrzf gb uryc uvz rfgnoyvfu cbjre OHG gung fur fgnegf fgrnyvat uhznaf naq ryirf sebz gur fhesnpr bapr qjneira ibyhagrref eha bhg naq guvf vf tbvat gb gevttre n jne orgjrra gur qjneirf naq gur fhesnpref. V srry yvxr V hggreyl shpxrq bire gur qjneirf guvf tnzr. =(

      • @LJmysticowl says:

        Yeah, I'd like to make different choices on the next playthrough, but in this instance, I don't think I can bring myself to, V srry gur Oenaxn/Uneebjzrag bhgpbzr vf whfg gbb pehry gb gbb znal crbcyr.

        • accidentalbeard says:

          V xarj Uneebjzbag ghearq bhg gb or n qvpx ohg V unq AB VQRN ubj onq vg jbhyq or gb yrg Oenaxn unir gur Naivy. Bbbcf. Pna'g tb svk vg abj, ohg V'z fnq nobhg vg. V cynlrq n qjnes pbzzbare bevtva zl svefg gvzr naq V unir n uhtr fbsg fcbg sbe qjneirf va guvf tnzr. Guvf cynlguebhtu V gevrq gb qb nf znal guvatf qvssreragyl nf cbffvoyr whfg sbe inevrgl, nygubhtu V pbhyqa'g orne gb rkgrezvangr nyy gur zntrf va gur gbjre be fvqr jvgu gur jrerjbyirf (nygubhtu V qvq unir Mnguevna oernx gur phefr guvf gvzr vafgrnq bs xvyyvat gurz). Zl svefg eha jnf pybfre gb jung V pbafvqrerq "orfg" pubvprf, V guvax.

      • elenuial says:

        I also did that in my latest run, with Dwarven Noble. V nhgb-fvqrq jvgu Uneebjzbag, orpnhfr abg bayl qvq ur ABG qvpx zr bire, ur nyfb tnir zr n xavsr juvpu V pbhyq hfr gb fhvpvqr yngre… KQ

        Cyhf, zl Qjneira Aboyr jnf xvaq bs n centzngvp wrexurnq, fb ur nyfb xrcg gur naivy. Zber tbyrzf! Naq nygubhtu ur gubhtug ur jnf cerggl terng, ur nyfb *xvaq bs* qvqa'g jnag Qjneira fbpvrgl gb fcveny vagb njshyarff. Ohg, lbh xabj, jura V ernq gur rcvybthr pneq, gur bayl ernpgvba V vzntvarq uvz univat jnf, "Jryy, V gevrq. Gung'f jung gubfr sbbyf trg sbe rkvyvat zr va gur svefg cynpr."

  27. @Ninjababe says:

    Imagine this… It's late December, 2009. Dragon Age has been out almost two months. I'm totally unspoiled.

    It's 3 in the morning. Everyone in the household, but me, were asleep. I'm playing with a 32 inch TV, so the game encompasses my full vision. The only illumination in the room is from my television (I like darkness). I'm wearing earphones give me the illusion of surround sound.

    Remember it was 3 in the morning? Totally dark? Only sound I can hear is the Dead Trenches?

    Yeah… That's when Hespith showed up in my game. That was my introduction to the Broodmother.

    Still think that's the creepiest thing every in any video game in my 25 or so years of gaming experience. The buildup of tension, the poem, then turning the corner. -shudder-

  28. biblioteknician says:

    The Broodmother is one of those things you never fully recover from. NEVER. D:

  29. biblioteknician says:

    Also: Mark, you only have 70 inventory? Haven't you been buying the backpacks at the shops?

  30. EmberQuill says:

    And now you know what some of the ROT13 was about once you got to Orzammar. The fucking Broodmother that scarred us all for life.

  31. Evalilith says:

    Ahaha and this is why I started crying when Mark said Orzammar was ‘less fucked up’ than the other areas of the game.

    Surprised this hasn’t been brought up yet, but I always feel this section is so much worse if you are playing a female Dwarven Noble Warden. Not sure how much we’re supposed to rot13 about other origins, so to be safe: Pbafvqrevat gung lbh trg onfvpnyyl guebja gb gur Qnexfcnja ng gur raq bs lbhe bevtva, vs Qhapna unqa’g orra ivfvgvat Bemnzzne be vs lbh unqa’g orra noyr gb trg gb uvz, LBH CEBONOYL JBHYQ UNIR ORPBZR N OEBBQZBGURE.

    My Lady Aeducan is more or less my main Warden, so I always get extra shudders here.

    • @Ninjababe says:

      I… I hadn't thought of that.

      Now, I can't stop… ugh!

    • ensignkt says:

      That's true, but what always gets me is Female Dalish Elf. L'xabj, gur barf jub npghnyyl UNQ gur qnexfcnja gnvag orsber gurl orpnzr n Jneqra? Vs abg sbe Qhapna, gurl'q nyzbfg pregnvayl or va gur fnzr fvghngvba…naq cebonoyl qvqa'g xabj nobhg vg hagvy guvf ybiryl vapvqrag.

  32. celestineangel1 says:

    Finally watching the videos: "This is the worst thing in the entire game."

    Yes, yes it is. I will have nightmares about Hespith and her rhyme for years and years.

    • @Ninjababe says:

      Yes, yes you will…

      When I hear conversation around me in games, I stop moving and just stand and listen. Usually, that's a good thing because then I get to giggle over companion banter or hear a quest, etc.

      I really wish I could take it back though. I didn't need to hear the entirety of Hespith's rhyme… The bits I heard before I met her was enough… -shudder-

  33. OneOnOne1162 says:

    I never quite understood how a health poltrice could heal a golem. I mean they have no metabolism. Do they even have a stomach?

  34. UGH I CANNOT BEAT THIS THING EVEN ON CASUAL *throws controller at tv*

  35. biking games says:

    here is something different from me instead of my usual kick starter articles, which may interest you, especially some of our younger readers

  36. Truck Games says:

    Oh the Broodmother scared me so much. I got really sick when I first saw her *shudders

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