Mark Plays ‘Frog Fractions’

Many thanks to Sophie, who commissioned this one-off game from me. Let’s do this first before I get into spoilery talk!

The game can be played right hereI would highly advise you play this once for yourself before you watch my video or read the text below, as it spoils some very crucial stuff.

Here’s my video of my playthrough:


It honestly took me nearly ten minutes to realize that I’d been duped. I could not figure out how this game was teaching me ANYTHING to do with fractions, and once you got to the “wave” where you’re dealing with 2.45e-1 stuff, WHAT THE FUCK. Then the waves always said “1.” Then I had to type answers, which weren’t words at all. Then the insects started spitting debilitating spheres at me, and that’s when I finally decided to look around this menu:

Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 10.53.22 AM


Oh, you’re fucking with me, aren’t you?

Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 10.53.31 AM

Bless this game.

Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 10.53.40 AM

Now I’m curious if you can ever earn enough zorkmids to buy this.

Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 10.53.48 AM


Thank you, Sophie, for not spoiling this treasure. If you want to commission a one-off single game from me, you are more than welcome! I’ll record a video up to 30 minutes and make a post for any single sitting games you want for just $25. (Please don’t use this for any games that are multiple sittings because I’d like to keep those free for everyone in the future, you know? No one should ever have to pay for regular posts!)

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67 Responses to Mark Plays ‘Frog Fractions’

  1. mzh says:

    Oh Mark… you haven't yet played Frog Fractions.

  2. What… the hell… was that?
    I only got as far as the dragon (because holy cow warp drive costs 25,000 fruit) but seriously what a weird game that starts off slowly but then strangely becomes epic.

  3. adaptation says:

    I am so confused.

  4. Mark Does Stuff says:



  5. Mark Does Stuff says:

    Is this underwater part a trick to see how long i will follow passages until i ragequit

    is it

  6. Oh god. Clearly I'm going to have to devote more time to this masterpiece.

  7. Mark Does Stuff says:

    I'm stuck. HOW DO I FILL THE CHAMBER WITH PERFUME. The spigot is broke, it's out of order, and I have a coffee can. H E L P

  8. Ninjababe says:

    From the video and comments, I obviously need to go back and continue past the five minutes I played. Wow… Off to play some more…

  9. Mark Does Stuff says:

    i'm in court again WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS GAME

  10. Mark Does Stuff says:

    i'm president WHAT

  11. Mark Does Stuff says:
  12. Mark Does Stuff says:

    why am i in the bug porn production business

    i am questioning my life right now

    • Shiyiya says:


      [14:02:05] Shiyiya: what am I playing
      [14:02:08] Shiyiya: I understand nothing

      (which I think was while I was going through the passages like IS SOMETHING EVENTUALLY GOING TO HAPPEN)

      [14:18:44] Shiyiya: I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M DOING
      [14:20:36] Shiyiya: WHY AM I SELLING BUG PORN

    • The first day I sold my porn for something like 1/100 of the cost, because I forgot how much it cost to produce. OOPS.

    • Elexus says:

      Well, that's a sentence you probably didn't imagine you'd ever say three years ago. Or yesterday, tbh.

  13. Mark Does Stuff says:

    holy crap i beat the game


  14. Peter says:

    oh my God what. WHAT IS THIS? I just wanted to play for a little bit AND NOW I CAN'T TURN AWAY OH GOD WHAT

  15. Chrysalisis says:

    YESSSS. This game is the best. The moment I got to the grkg nqiragher part, I knew I was in love. And this liveblog of it just totally made my day. XD

    • Mark Does Stuff says:

      And that part of the game is done SUPER WELL. Like the gameplay suddenly becomes REALLY WELL DONE.

  16. sundriedrainbow says:

    I obviously have to play this after I work out tonight

  17. Thank you for introducing me to this.

    Even if I spent a ridiculous amount of time stuck in the text adventure part. FFFFFFFF

  18. adaptation says:

    The comment liveblog was unexpected.

    I played for like 5 minutes and got mad because I kept dying.

  19. Eliestav says:

    You know I spent forever on the first bit before realizing you could go down and get all the apples.

    Instead I got an extended sequence where the lock on/not lock on options argued about the relative merits of such, and decided to go buy waffles.

    This game.

  20. rydiaroads says:

    That was AWESOME! I was confused at first because I couldn't understand why someone would pay Mark to play a random kinda boring repetitive shooter educational game.

    For a few minutes I thought I had to eat the correct bugs to make my score be a big fraction… or a small one… or something.

    And then I had to type words. And there were log thingys instead of fractions.

    And then I bought a dragon.

    And then I accidentally moved too far down and suddenly I found a treasure of fruit and HOLY CRAP THIS IS AWESOME!

    I rocked at the dance game bit. I used to play stuff like that. I feel too proud at that.

    And at first I was gonna quit cuz the bug porn had, like, real math in it. Boooring. But then I realized I could just have them mint all the money I wanted. Have my successor deal with inflation, hell ya!

    That was AWESOME! I want to show it to all my friends now. SO COOL THANK YOU THANK YOU

  21. Ninjababe says:

    This game was… Wow. I finished with just enough time to throw my work clothes on, turn off my computer, and run to work. I had to go look up the solution to get to the area of the picture posted here of the bed of fruit. Oh, duh. Then, the game didn't just go sideways, it went perpendicular.

    I loved this game. My favorite part was the text adventure. So well done, and not too hard. Now, I want to go play more text adventures… I'll have to add it to the list after the games I'm playing, and Mass Effect, and Thief, and Bastion, and Sam & Max, and… and… Man, do I have a long play list!

  22. dragonblossom says:

    So happy I read the comments for this! Half the review is really in the comments and I would've missed out otherwise. I must check this out tonight and share it with my friends! Thank you to the commissioner.

  23. curagas says:

    oh my goodness i just beat this game AND I STILL FEEL I UNDERSTAND NOTHING

    speaking of: did anyone else notice the merman watching TV during all that underwater exploring…

  24. celestineangel1 says:

    No, bugs, stop with the Poo of Indignity! D: I can't get to any of the other awesome stuff because the bugs pelt my frog with Indignity Bug Poo!

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  26. Oh my god what is this game.

    Now I want to find my old copy of 3 in Three.

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