Mark Plays ‘Elf Bowling’

Hello, friends! Read this all the way to the end, as it will have info on what posts you can expect in the near future on this site. HUZZAH. Anyway, the lovely April commissioned this game from me, inspired by my Frog Fractions post. (Which, I should remind you, will not give you a complete review experience unless you read the comments.) She wanted me to play a classic, and that means of course I hadn’t played it. At this point, aside from the three games I always mention in half my reviews, I’m pretty sure this site would take the longest to get through my list of suggestions. There are so many video games out there!

All right, I’m getting off track. After a bit of trouble with some emulators and ROMs, I was able to get a copy of this game that worked beautifully, and thus my first experience with a round of Elf Bowling was born.


I am happy to report I scored a 168, which is 8 points higher than a beautiful game I bowled in December. (You shush about those gutterballs, I GOT A LOT OF STRIKES, TOO.) Coming off of Frog Fractions, this game was deliciously simple and silly. And it got me thinking about how much gaming has changed over the years. Like, for real, sit me down with Duck Hunt and a bowl of popcorn, and I could be occupied for HOURS when I was a kid. Now all I want to play are super complex RPGs! Oh god, what have we become.

The game jogged my memory, though, because despite knowing I’d never played it, I could swear I’d seen something recently about it. That’s when I remembered early this morning that someone on my Tumblr dashboard posted the Elf Bowling trailerTrailer. They wanted to make a movie out of this game, and I’m warning you: this trailer is bad. Horrible. Terrible.


Anyway, I have time this weekend that I’ll be devoted to play The Walking Dead, so I should have no problem getting a post or two up about my progress. On top of that, I have commission coming through for a game called RE: Allistair that I’ll be completing this week, too, so there’ll be a post for that. YAY!

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